API transaction messages

For Ukrainian businesses and private users, we offer the service of sending transactional (service) messages by mobile number, email, or nickname to the WE.UA messenger through our API.

This service is paid. Basic price: 5 kopecks. for messages up to 255 UTF-8 characters (including Cyrillic).

As part of cooperation with domestic providers of mailings and to ensure the guaranteed quality of notification to Clients, we can offer additional services:

  • "Duplicate SMS messages"
  • "Duplicate message to Email"

Thus, we can offer to pay up to 50% of the cost of the Customer's SMS message and add a short link with an invitation to WE.UA, or send an SMS without our invitation at partner rates (below market rates). The service includes the creation of an alpha-numeric name that resonates with your store or company.

This option will allow you to reduce the costs of transaction mailings by sharing the costs for them together with WE.UA, and we will get an additional channel for promoting the project among your customers. Win-Win in its pure form.

Ask your customers: Can you find them in the WE.UA app by mobile number? The more users install the application from WE.UA, the more you will save on the delivery of service messages.

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