About public figures and content with them

Who are the famous people?

Famous persons are considered to be citizens and residents known to the general public, who are recognized in Ukraine or abroad. These include: singers, theater and film actors, writers and poets, TV channel hosts, public figures, athletes, politicians, etc. recognizable persons.

It is forbidden to publish content with celebrities

WE.UA users are FORBIDDEN to publish photos (or any other graphic materials), video, audio fragments that depict or imitate the face, image, or voice of famous persons, even if the material depicts the User (such as a photo - or a video-selfie with a celebrity), except when the User is a valid representative of the mass media, or carries out independent journalistic activities and can document this, as well as take full responsibility for the published material.

This ban on publishing materials with public figures and celebrities is a preventive measure to avoid WE.UA's responsibility for publishing unreliable, unverified, or deliberately harmful information about this category of citizens. Any claims regarding the nature and content of the information made public by the we.ua Users can be expressed directly to the Users themselves and only the Users bear full responsibility for it.

Questionable material that may cause reputational, economic, or any other damage to third parties may be removed without notification or consent of the User.

About "official" channels and pages

News channels on WE.UA cannot be used as official sources of information, but only relay it from public official sources with direct links to them (for example, the news channel of the Executive Power Administration based on RSS from a public official site). Issuing channels on WE.UA as official sources is a violation of the Laws of Ukraine.

User pages on WE.UA cannot be used as official websites or official pages of public figures and celebrities. They can only relay information with direct links from their official sites or official pages. If one of the WE.UA pages pretends to be the official page of a famous or public person (especially a representative of the government) and distributes unconfirmed or unreliable information - be careful, this may be a fraud! Report such cases to the support service [email protected].

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