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Ukrainian tanks work on a T-90 trophies. Video LCD

Force 5 separate assault regiment has shown work once Russian T-90 dance, which at the time of Zulu, captured at the Court. It's about this in the new video at the Ukrainian Witness. And the dancers also talked about their daily work. The military also said, [# 8230; ] - Українські танкісти працюють з трофейного Т-90. Відеорепортаж

Ukrainian media, politicians and public organizations run a massive information campaign against Ukraine

"The Centre for Disbursement" (CFSP) (CFSP) has posted reports that Hungarian media have launched a delegation campaign for Ukraine and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We decided to figure out who and who are the awards that spread. The most effective is the prototyping materials of the website, the media in the Hungarian language of the Zakopathy. According to the site, the publishing site is based in the Uzhgordi, it financed the foundation of Magyar Szív [# 8230; ] - Угорські ЗМІ, політики та громадські організації проводять масштабну дезінформаційну кампанію проти України

Aunt Discomfort

And when I look at the doctor, they ask me if I feel pain, I often say it's more discomfort than pain. Each of us has a sense of pain and a sense of discomfort, and often the boundaries between them are quite fuel. When I put the word "discomfort" in my dictionary, the dictionary did not find any matches, it offered to me [# 8230;) ] - Дискомфорт

Professor Sergei Petrov ("Bob Basset"): "I don't see a global difference between painting and training waitresses."

The Ukrainian artist, Sergei Petrov, world-renowned masks, co-founder of Bob Basset's art studio. There's a personal exhibition around the world (USA, United Kingdom, France, China, Canada, Austria, Peru, etc.). I've worked with Sponker bands, Metallica, Cochn and Redley Scott and Michael Bye. In 2016, Vogue International called Bob Basset one of the nine revolutionary Ukrainian designers. Recently [# 8230; ] - Художник Сергій Петров («Bob Basset»): «Не бачу глобальної різниці між живописом і майстерністю офіціанта»

The introduction of our story of XIV-16th centuries

The fourth story of the Mahilaryevsky historian from the "Light Years of Our History" cycle: Ukrainian land in XIV & # 8211; XVI st. "written for the study of the Skovoro auditorium. The images of history form texts. It's not very good. That's what we owe awareness of our past, and how it affected the perception of events from distant from us in time [# 8230; ] - Образ нашої історії XIV-XVI століть

2001-450 years of Warsaw Confederation: step towards the opposite of peace in the Things of Decesium

On January 28th, 1573, there was an unusual place in Warsaw. It was an unconventional thing to do when King Sigsund II Avogadro died in June 1572. For the totalitarian monarchy states, no master was the same as being plunged into chaos. In the case of the events of the Lost Book of the Polish Kingdom and of the Great principalities of Lytowski. Another feature of this safe is [# 8230; ] - 450 років Варшавській конфедерації: крок до міжконфесійного миру у Речі Посполитій

Germany: Emoticons Export

little greedy at first. Then empty promises to change. This is what the Eastern Germany looked like since 1991. Over the course of three dozen years, power in Bonnie, and then in Berlin, they became very cheap Russian power, and they were concerned about other countries about silicon imperialism. It was policy-driven by steam rhetoric on dialogue and negotiation. Politics has been good in the short run (in case [# 8230; ] - Німеччина: експорт ненадійності

Russian propaganda in France: dignity heats new heads

The fellow colleagues of Joseph Gebbels would eat from envy to their socks. A million euros on a new website, a generous platform for collective twenty media, rental office in a comfortable Paris-Billankur suburb, and also, as Le Monde writes, a video purchase and a computer technique, financing of mobile apps and long-term releases from Donbas, Armenia, Kosovo, & # 8230; "New Propagian Resource, Ethiopian [# 8230; ] - Російська пропаганда у Франції: гідра відрощує нові голови

re does "The Cookies" go?

The physical literature is very dramatic at changing its environment. But if poetry can instantly capture the impression and become the first witness of the event, it takes time. Here are the necessary reflexes, planning, long editing / adjustments, eventually some period of writing. So right now, almost a year after the beginning of a full-blown invasion, there are still transparent pieces of events of a number of years [# 8230;] ] - Куди заведе «Клич індички»?

Frank in Ukraine, Aka Feldguen: "Germany has pretty little experience of leadership."

The World Bank, "The World Bank," the Bank of the World Bank. And you'll also learn, & # 8211; As experience seen in Ukraine affects [# 8230; ] - Посол ФРН в Україні Анка Фельдгузен: «Німеччина має досить мало досвіду лідерства»

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