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MIDI Diesel Generators 100 KiB of PowerSol company

Aggregate autonomous sources of power for Ukrainian consumers are both as a never-relevant and important tool. When talking about industry, the ideal variant is the diesel generator per 100 kW, which is enough to power a small factory, a & # 8217; manufacturing program an object, a trading center, a store and other things about & # 8217; Items. And this technique is that the motor works on small defense. Because of this [# 8230;] ] - Дизельні генератори на 100 кВт від компанії PowerSol

a night-long evacuation in the underground areas of Herson. Video

Journalists from the Ukrainian Witness report became self-evident to the population evacuation in Hersons after undermining the Caschevsky. The DAlDS workers, the Nassas, and volunteers were saving civilians all night: A belt in cold water on their shoulders was responsible for elderly people, animals and things. You can see that the water arrives literally in front of the eyes. Ukrainian witness - an object created by the 25th February 2022 - to [# 8230; ] - Як проходила нічна евакуація у підтоплених районах Херсону. Відео

Japanese John Kennedy Mafh

Sixty years ago, John Kennedy's visit to West Berlin, who turned into a triumphal move, became the top of his reputation, a brilliant leader and the hope of the free world. He was murdered all six months later by the beginning of Kennedy's transformation on a recent liberal democracy of the sea exellence. But at the same time, historians have revealed the dark sides of the President of the United States, who was so charismatic, [# 8230; ] - Міф про Джона Кеннеді

The checked casinos online in Ukraine are license stations

The first thing you need to do when you choose online casino is to wonder if this license is required. The best casino in the https online: / / / working officially: Verst; Slotking; Vulkan Casino; PinUp These resources have permission to operate issued by KRAL. The validity of the official document confirms the reliability of the portal. The licensed casinos work with well-known software developers, ensuring rapid cash outputs, use newer personal encryption protocols [# 8230;) ] - Перевірені казино онлайн в Україні – ліцензійні гральні заклади

"Ireland is one of the greatest stories of economic success in Europe."

Ireland was neutral during World War Il. In recent articles about Irish neutrality you say that this position no longer matches Irish national interest. How do you rate the perspective of changing Ireland with its neutral status? After declaring independence, the Great Britain still occupied some of Ireland's island, [# 8230; ] - Джон ОʼБреннан: «Ірландія — одна з найбільших історій економічного успіху в Європі»

See Tom Cooper: "Moscow did not report the dam to the New Cafe."

In the last 16 months, I've been holding on to extreme charges. I tried -- and I'm trying -- not to be emotional right now. A serious analyst of any war -- like a bottle, a soul with it in time. You have to be self-restrained, or you can easily be lost in propaganda. But this morning & # 8230; oh & # 8230; Even I can't admit that input and ego [# 8230; ] - Том Купер: «Москва не попередила про підрив дамби навіть гауляйтера Нової Каховки»

"Query" is unspoken. How the world's largest conference in Asia was safe

The introduction of June 2 was the largest security summit in Asia by Shangri-La Dialogue 2023 organized by the British International Science Institute. The conference has collected safe and military resources and analysts from several dozen countries. The biggest intrigue was whether the private negotiations of the United States leaders of Lloyd Austin and his Chinese colleague Lee Shanghai. Also, [# 8230;] ] - «Діалог» без розмови. Як пройшла найбільша в Азії безпекова конференція

a Kachkowska GAC fan. How does Dnieper change the level of ecology and whether they're attracted to someone's responsibility

June 6, approximately 02: 50 Russian invaders (the term "terrorists") have been blown up by the inner structures of the Kahov HIS. Later, the Council of Defense Committee posted an operational help to the State of Justice about destroying the dam and the CAC Kahevsky reservoir status on 12: Yes, June 6. These are the key data from [# 8230; ] - Підрив Каховської ГЕС. Як зміниться рівень Дніпра, що таке екоцид і чи притягали когось до відповідальності за це

Why is Grete Tunberg's speech?

You stole my dreams and my childhood empty words. And yet I'm one of the lucky ones. People are suffering. People die. Entire ecosystems are being cut. We are at the beginning of mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money and eternal economic growth. How dare you! "--three years ago [# 8230; ] - Чому мовчить Ґрета Тунберг?

Vatican diplomacy and falsification of reality

June 5, June 5, Kyiv visited Matteo Zupz, the Pope Francis of peace issues in Ukraine. We offer readers to translate George White's column, Catholic theologist, philosopher and publicist, in which he thinks about why the peacekeeping mission of Vatican can fail and even make matters worse in Ukraine. A few days after the assignment, Matteo Zig's head of the Vatican [# 8230; ] - Ватиканська дипломатія і фальсифікація реальності

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