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What is "News Aggregator"?

This is a site that collects and accumulates news from publicly available sources.

The news aggregator in the WE.UA web platform works with open and publicly available data of RSS feeds from the websites of Ukrainian journalists and information agencies. We provide readers with a list (headlines and brief descriptions) of news with direct links to source sites for detailed article texts and other materials. To go to the source, click on any news headline.

Who owns the news?

We do not appropriate the materials of any article, leaving to their authors all rights and obligations to ensure the reliability, integrity and objectivity of the information presented. The data in our  News list may be updated based on data provided by news sites in public RSS feeds. Thus, over a period of time, the title or short description of the article may change if they are changed on the source site (clarification, refutation, etc.).

If the news at the link does not correspond to the title or short description in our  list of News , please send a complaint about such news through its context menu (From the dot to the right of the title).

We do not hide the affiliation of articles to various resources and directly indicate the name of the publication and accompany the name with a recognizable graphic image (logo), by which readers can quickly identify the desired source.

Subscribe to your favorite channels!

Each of the readers  of News on WE.UA can subscribe to an unlimited number of information channels and follow only the selected list of sources in the "Favorites" list . To do this, you can use the context menu of the news, or go to the source page at WE.UA

Such pages are called Channels, their addresses on WE.UA begin with the symbol @ (read "eta") - the symbol of affiliation. That is, everything published in this channel belongs to an official information resource that has a website and an RSS news feed.

We cannot make any changes, edit the text, or delete the news in the Channel. WE.UA only provides a convenient interface for reading the news of the Channels.

Leave comments on the news

All registered users can leave their comments on any article of news channels and involve their friends and acquaintances in the discussion around the published topic. The nesting level of comments is unlimited, but it is more convenient to read comments that do not have a large and extensive tree of answers.

All comments are sorted in reverse chronological order (newest at the top). How to find out that there are already discussions around a certain news item: a number with the number of comments left will be indicated near the comment icon at the bottom. Click on the icon and a list of sentences and biting jokes from contributors will be downloaded in front of you.

Remember that you can continue the discussion with the interlocutor from the comments in our  Social Network by establishing a connection with the User (add to "Friends") or subscribing to his/her updates.

We encourage contributors to be respectful and decency in the comments!

Comment only on articles that have been read in full on the source site, not just by title. Avoid overly emotional statements to the object of the news or to the interlocutors.

We have preferences)

In addition to comments, registered users of WE.UA can leave short graphic emotional messages, popularly known as "Likes". In the WE.UA system , there are several defined emotions with which Users can mark news in our  News list :

  • Ordinary (thumbs up);
  • Hearty, or "I like it very much";
  • "Very funny";
  • "Surprised", or "Wow!";
  • "It's a pity", "I sympathize";
  • Facepalm, or "What a shame ((");
  • Anger or Anger (preferably at enemies, not at each other).

We hope that one of the most common emotions will not be "What a shame" or "It's a shame", but a beautiful Heart.

Share, Share it baby!

Did you like the news? Spread the word! There is a tool for this in the lower right part of the news area.

It is possible to share the post in the following messengers and social networks:

  • Facebook (META);
  • LinkedIn (such a social network for showing off your work or finding employees);
  • Viber;
  • WhatsApp (META);
  • Telegram;
  • WE.UA (to your page in our  Social Network ).

When sharing, a link to the source will be used and the title, description and image will be pulled after it.

Search and filters

For users of desktop computers and owners of large screens, the entire news navigation is available to the left of the feed. There you can easily find:

  • text field if you want to find news by a specific word;
  • a calendar with a choice of publication date (a range of dates is available);
  • list of categories
  • channel list

On small screens (mobile phones, some tablets, etc.), this list of options opens in a modal window when you click on a special button with an image of sliders in the lower left corner of the screen. It is impossible not to notice the filters button, because after loading the page it has a flashing blue shadow and specially attracts attention. After selecting an option in the filter, click the "Apply filter" button at the bottom, or simply close the modal window (cross at the top).

Don't have a favorite source?

The list of  News on WE.UA contains news from proven and well-known information resources. We do not work with regional or local news. We are trying to find out and verify the ownership structure of female journalists in order to protect against pro-Russian propaganda in the Ukrainian information space. Also, we will do everything possible so that the list of our news does not include Sharia, ardent Regionalists and lovers of the Russian measure. Let us know if any media outlet gets caught up in pro-Russian rhetoric, we will immediately remove their channel from our public list.

If you have your favorite news channels, but did not find them in WE.UA News, please let us know by email: [email protected] .

Want to add your RSS feed?

To the owners of regional and local mass media, we offer solutions with private information channels on WE.UA The editor or responsible person can create his own channel on WE.UA in the appropriate section: 

In the private Channel settings, you can specify a link to the RSS feed of your site and, after our verification, regularly and automatically receive data from the provided feed. On the website of your mass media, you can specify a link to the "Read us in WE.UA" channel, as many mass media have done with Telegram.

We call on all Ukrainian mass media to abandon the use of Telegram and distribute their news from WE.UA

Stay safe everyone and consume news responsibly.

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