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Importing satellite photo of drone production plant in Iran after the night attack

The BRT result of the drone attack in the Iranian Isfahan Factory Shaked-136 and other BAL forces were not harmed. According to the previous information, the drone-mining factory and other drones were hit on the night since 28, January 29. This shows satellite imagery of his territory, written by the Depression Express. The official Minobrains of Iran reported only failed military attacks, adding that the mini-drones were used in three units, and the attack didn't succeed. Now, here we go. Israeli media wrote explosion in an armed factory in Iran at the same time on the SkySat satellite picture from Planet Labs, which was made after the attack of January 29 at 10: 10 local times, no destruction was detected. Note that Iran uses a specific time zone UTC + 3: 30. To compare maybe a snapshot from the 26th of November last year. And by the way, you can see that during this period, there were two other hangars built for entrepreneurship. The last is related to Iran trying to scale up the production of drones. And so satellite imagery is quite remarkable to say that now it's about destruction, or any significant damage to the Shaked-136 factory itself doesn't go. Iran had an unknown drone hitting a factory that makes ammo. The factories are in Isfahan, reporting Iranian media. Local authorities confirm the explosion. And at the same time, Iranian media reported several explosions in fuel factories, ammunition and factory collecting Shaheed drones. They also report explosion on several military bases - Опубліковано супутникові фото заводу з виробництва дронів в Ірані після нічної атаки

Zelensk: Russia hopes to make war

"The Polish aggression of the Russian Federation" hoping to make war and degrade Ukraine's forces. We need to accelerate the weapons of Ukraine. That's what President Vladimir Zielski said in the video, tells Gazeta.u. "Russia hopes to make war, stretch our forces. So we have to make our weapons time. We have to speed things up. Fast supply and opening of the necessary armed instructions for Ukraine, "said Zealand. It's done - Зеленський: Росія сподівається затягнути війну

Former Merkel advisor said there were fighters for Ukraine

The former adviser of Germany's Chancellor Mercel Christophe Hisgen has supported Ukraine's fighter support for protection from Russian attacks. Christopher Hoisgen head of Munich's security conference. About Ukraine's support he said on the ARD air. It's done - Колишній радник Меркель сказав про винищувачі для України

The total amount of F-16 needs Ukraine: Colonel ZU said

In order to successfully advance Ukraine, the F-16 minimal desired number is two aircraft squadrons. That's what "24 channels" said by the military expert, the instructor pilot and Colonel ZW in the west of Roman Springs. A pilot instruction said that F-16 is a flying platform, a multi-purpose fighter called 4 to 1. So this is a platform that can perform tasks: on Earth's support of troops, & ie; as a bomber; ♪ storming the earth ♪ Contractor missiles; A fighter in air combat versus enemy fighter and air planes. "So the transfer of this kind of platform will resolve a lot of problems and in the next and cover our sky. Let's have a plane on its own for four decades, but it had some type of modernization. Now, recent modernized planes can carry a whole range of weapons that are in NATO countries "observed by a military expert. Now, here we go. The analysts calculated how much it takes to close the sky over Ukraine's F-16 aircraft he added that the plane is adapted to all the elements of the injury that are there. The basic ones, if Psko, are the missiles like AMRAAM that NASA uses. And also IRIS-T it can carry by increasing its battle radius by a thousand kilometers plus some bomb package, air bombs, missiles, crisis rockets. As a facilitator, the minimum optimal number of fighters of this type are the airlines. It's two squadrons from 12 aircraft. About 24 planes is optimal for this plane, its exploitation, its engineering tax. "It makes sense to put certain technical-exploited parts on the airfields. At least you'll have to have two airfields core and some spare. These two aerial systems should be covered in the type of torriot systems. One battery is enough to cover this air base with two airfields, if they're nearby, "emphasized Celeste. He added that from 24 planes and more of our ZW Air Force could be exploited. "Of course, that's the minimal amount of aircraft we need to perform the offensive operations. One airlines cover one hull on pending action, "added a instructor pilot. In the Air Force, Ukraine declared a real need for multi-functional fighters that could provide security for Ukraine's air space. The Air Force assistant Yuri Ignorant has reported that for a reliable defense of language, we need at least five blocks, in each three squadrons, that would be the number of planes that can protect air space with the PO systems such a huge state as Ukraine - Яка мінімальна кількість F-16 треба Україні: полковник ЗСУ сказав

The notes that can get rich and forget the problems -- the horoscope a week from 30 January to 5th

From January 30 to February 5, wait until you make a decision to prevent yourself from harm. This is Gazeta. ua telling the astronomer Olena Maxim. "If you're looking for a slave, make a bet for youth, tells the astronaut. Don't expect things to be easy. If you want to do something, you don't have to touch it and work twice as much. This week, in Raki, the Dogs and Theresa will be able to get rich and forget the trouble. To avoid emergency situations, don't deal with bad technology. Give it to the time to repair the non-working toasters and the mushrooms. You can't tell the truth, say it. Avoid the problems at work. Nerve reflections can lead to a preventive state. " Owen (March 21, 20th) becomes the period of financial trials. You'll have to give up big buys. A lot of people reconsidered to go to the store, get their shoes and clothes they bought last year. The ring (April 21, 20th May) will call you on the payroll and be transformed into a new collective. Don't worry about the changes. You make more money and you make new colleagues feel comfortable. The Twins (May 21, June 21) the sooner you wake up, the better things will be done. You don't want to get yourself an enemy without borrowing your money on Thursday. Even if you ask for a close relative. The new love will come in your life on Tuesday. The dish (June 22, July 22) the money will go to your hands. Don't sing them into a new business. Losing the inevitable. Avoid provocations. You will be tried for a reason, and you will have to answer for it on your own. The lion (on July 23rd, on August 23) will be a deception of better financial suggestions, but you will be able to see the most attractive. The lovers will be proud of you. Be grateful for your support and trust. You guys stay home. The bed will be able to overcome the disease quickly. The virgin (24 August 23rd of September) The Stands with the lovers will stay on your initiative. Are you ready to please someone who uses you as a backup option? You should visit your parents on weekends. Ask them about your lineage. Now, here we go. Magnetic Storm: What threats and how many of them will be in February Theresa's 24th of September 23? This day will end with serious changes in life. Go to the front of the partner. Monday might lose a valuable thing. To find her, we have to rearrange the furniture in the house. The Scorpion (October 24th, November 22nd), every news you're going to take close to heart. Because of that, he mentions himself with insomnia. Children will go to school and return to kindergarten. You can spend more time working. Part of the responsibilities of the house translate into tests and freshmen. Sagittarius (November 23, 21st of December) Do not sing to change your work. Then there will be much better offers. Don't tell me about the issues in your personal life. Become the hero's gossip. It's hard to learn new courses. The memory will be doubled. On December 22nd, on January 20th, you will feel elevated. There will be a job on Tuesday, which had no time before. Beyond respect will remain the lovers' interests. Make them feel loved and protected. Prepare a birthday present for Valentine's Day. Aquarius (21 January 20th February) could not be achieved and made unexpected. Go to work. Right, distribute the family budget. You can get a sudden legacy from distant relatives. The fishes (February 21, 20 March) will return to their former lovers. It's a shame you agree to resume your relationship. Stand on the same tracks. Killing your own feelings will help a full dream. Things will go better in February. Tough period in the back. You can exhale with relief. The Astrology told us that four signs will never have a problem with money - Які знаки зуміють розбагатіти й забути про проблеми – гороскоп на тиждень з 30 січня до 5 лютого

Piño Pavenko

Vicar of Ukrainian poet, civil political action, Hera Dérro Pavenko. The writer died in '94. This was reported on Sunday by the head of the National speaker of Ukraine's Michael Sdorzewski's writers on Facebook. "Today, Dmitri Paul died. I was just told by Bogdan Gorine with a letter to the writer's daughter. A bright memory and kingdom of heaven, my dear and dear Dimra Vasilov, "wrote Sselaszewski. Now, here we go. Good-bye to Yarii Scheivich: The Treaty of Zeenski expressed sympathy for Dmitri Paul was born in the Sept village in John Francisco. In 1945, these paintings were incarcerated by the case of belonging to the Ukrainian insurgent army. There's an author of a bunch of poetry and poetry books. One of the organizers of the National Movement of Ukraine, the Democratic Party of Ukraine, the first head of the society of Ukraine's name T. G. Six. It's done - Помер Дмитро Павличко

Ashes and ashes: A new video has been shown from the destroyed by Russian mariners

Partly in the Manite Dunka region, which is one of the hottest points on the front, there is no whole building left. The video from a quadrotor published a journalist named Yuri Butuses. It was taken off on Saturday, 28 January. Now, here we go. Exiting from Soladar: "Adz" said the consequences of a full-blown war in the city were about 9,000 people. In November, Ukrainian law officials reported that they evacuated 100% of the civilian population from the front city. Russian invaders led offensive operations at the Lemansk, Bahmutian, Astadiwski, and Nowag. In other directions, the enemy is in control of early rubies. Ukraine's military forces have reported this. The invaders during this age were shooting 24 shots of firing fire systems. In particular, in the populated points that are not far from the collision line. There are wounded and dead among peaceful people - Попіл і руїни: показали нове відео зі знищеної росіянами Мар'їнки

Meanwhile, another narpe from the BAU held a mandate

The Treaty of Natural Departure has issued a statement about the assembly of a subtlety. It was reported on Sunday by Aleksei Gonzrenenko and "Ukrainian Truth." "The Heir of Lords of the BAU is a mandate," says Gonzenko. Now, here we go. At the SW, he suspected the former chairman of the chairman of the Oleg Lords had entered the Supreme Council at 9: 00 P.M. The Committee's head of the Committee of Ukraine's integration with the European Union. It's done - Ще один нардеп від ОПЗЖ склав мандат

The candidate was published by the name of Ukrainians, who was the victim of the terrorist in Israel

Citizen of Ukraine, Irina Coronov, is a shocked victim of the terrorist attack in the NBC. For information available, the woman was working outside. This is what Time of Israel wrote about. Now, here we go. There was already a third attack in Israel in two days until there was no information about her funeral. It was reported earlier that on the 28th of January in Jerusalem, there was no sign of shooting at the archaeological park of David City. Previously, the shooter was a 13-year-old boy, writes The Jerusalem Post. He was shot by two civilians with a license weapon. On the evening of January 27, the terrorist started shooting in the Nu-Jaak district at Jerusalem. At least eight people died and 10 more wounded. The police said the terrorist opened fire on people who went out of the synagogue after the night prayer. He was trying to run away from the car, but he was treated. As a result of the attack, the citizen of Ukraine died, the Embassy of Ukraine has been reported in Israel - Оприлюднили ім'я українки, яка стала жертвою теракту в Ізраїлі

The chief of Genstaff told us where the Russian invaders are focused

The Russian invaders led offensive operations at Lymanan, Bahmutian, Astadiwski, and Nowag. In other directions, the enemy is in control of early rubies. Ukraine's military forces have reported this. It's done - Генштаб розповів, де зосереджені російські окупанти

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