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The closest new map of the Milky Way reveals a remarkable mess in our galaxy

The Astronomers used the youngest objects in the Milky Way to build a new map of the spiral sleeve of galaxies, and the results were much more questionable than they expected. Despite the spiral arms, the galaxy looks staggering and exciting, stars are not much more dense than they are in the intervals between them. In a typical spiral sleeve, only about 10% more stars than on average, so spiral arms do not have more star concentration. Instead, the sleeve represent the area of the star more middle. These are the density waves, and they are caused by the gravitational interaction with the star satellites that move through the galaxy with their own velocity as the ripples in the pond. When the waves move, they increase the density in this region, [# 8230; ] - Нова карта Чумацького Шляху розкриває чудовий безлад нашої галактики

localRedmi 12 can debutt within the next 10 days

The Roedmi company has prepared a new device for its numbered series called Redmi 12. Recent leak has shown that design of this device is very similar to iPhone 14 Pro. Now there is a new report with detailed price information, color options and accessibility from Redmi 12. The Newton's Paras Gightly announced that Redmi 12 will have a price of about $155 on its base version, which offers 4 GB of memory and 128 GB memory. The lawyer also assumes that Redmii 12 can go to market and be available for the next 10 days. Also, reports that Redmi 12 will be represented in three attractive colors: strong, black and silver. These [# 8230;] ] - Redmi 12 може дебютувати протягом наступних 10 днів

oms of Dark Matter can form shadow galaxies with quick form of stars

Video Dark Matter, an invisible material, which is a vast part of the mass of the universe, can be collected by creating atoms, showing a new simulation. These "dark atoms" can radically change the evolution of galaxies and the formation of stars, allowing astronomers to understand this mysterious substance. Dark Matter is about 80% of the mass of every galaxy and cluster of galaxies in the universe. All of our observations show that Dark Matter is some new kind of particles that do not interact with any ordinary matter, not even with light. We can identify Dark Matter only because of its gravitational interaction with everything else, which is not Dark Matter, which is beyond our current understanding of physics. ] - Атоми темної матерії можуть утворювати тіньові галактики зі швидким утворенням зірок

Xiaomi 13 Ultra debutts all over the world, starting from Hong Kong, soon in Europe

Last successfully run by Xiaomi 13 Ultra in China, the Xiaomi fans from around the world are looking forward to seeing a long-term Xiaomi 13 Ultra model in their regions. The device was debuted on the Xiaomi Long Kong website in black and green colors. Device is available in one configuration of 12 GB of memory + 512 GB of memory at the price of 8999 Hong Kong dollars (1147 US dollars). The pre-commissioned Xiaomi 13 Ultra will open from 8 to 12 June, enabling clients to advance [# 8230; ] - Xiaomi 13 Ultra дебютує в усьому світі, починаючи з Гонконгу, незабаром — у Європі

The sample scientist found that artificial insulator can destroy DNA

The PL (sells as Splenda) is widely used and contained in the products such as Diet egalized drinks and gum. According to a new study, it's also capable of damage to DNA within our cells. Because DNA contains a genetic code that controls how our bodies grow and are supported, it's a serious problem that can lead to many health problems. The research worry is so serious that they now call the food-standard food review and normal sugar replacement status. The technical term for destroying DNA in this way is hypoxic, and research was seen as a theft-6-acetate. This chemical compound is generated when the spoilage falls into the body [# 8230; ] - Вчені з’ясували, що штучний підсолоджувач може руйнувати ДНК

Xiaomi 13 Ultra Global version seen on SG Bluetooth before starting

Xiaomi 13 Ultra is about to go to the World Market, but before the presentation of the 12th June, the future Flemish smartphone was spotted at the certificate website. Xiaori 13 Ultra Global with Bluetooth 5.3 for those who don't know, Xia13 Ultra is the world's top model of the Xiomi-Xia13 brand. But on the eve of the official global launch model 13 Ultra from the Chinese technical giant was spotted in the Bluetooth SIG certificate. In the online list of high-class high-class device device number 2304FPN6DG. Also, this certificate database also shows that the phone will come [# 8230; ] - Версія Xiaomi 13 Ultra Global помічена на Bluetooth SIG перед запуском

MS Apple Vision Pro works with Mac

Amarok Vision Pro is a separate hardware device with its own processors, which does not require a connection to Mac or iPhone, but it can interact with other Apple devices. For example, Vision Pro can serve as Mac's display. Apple says that there is a Mac Virtual Display function that works with Mac without wires. You can transfer your Mac display to Vision Pro and put it anywhere in the space. "You can view every Mac program separately, sort it in a convenient way for you. According to Apple, Vision Pro is intended to work as a "private portable 4K display" when using Mac. Under & # 8217; Connect as easy as looking at Mac compatible [# 8230; ] - Як Apple Vision Pro працює з Mac

official Oppo Reno 10 series confirmed to release in July

The long patent argument between Nokia and Oppo had significant implications for the Oppo commercial effort on individual European markets. According to it, Oppo decided to get out of markets like Germany and France, because of these restrictions. Such as Vivo, which also took part in the same patent argument with Nokia, decided to leave markets like Germany and Poland. However, the recent Oppo statement made rumors of Oppo's revolution, including the World Jam. Oppo claims decisively instigate rumors about leaving the Polish market by emphasizing his importance to the company. Oppo scheduled release for [# 8230; ] - Серія Oppo Reno 10 офіційно підтверджена до випуску в липні

Ssyche on its way to yellow startup to a rich asteroid metal

The series "Psychoche has a positive course to launch in October of 2023. The launch date is valid, and the total probability of the mission is high." This indicates Tom Yang, the head of an independent review for Psyche (IRB), during today's telephone briefing for the press. The council was called NASA last summer after running the Psychee & # 8217; mission s Jet Proculsion Laborator (JPL) recognized NASA that the spaceship will not be ready to run for rich asteroid metal with the same name as August 2022, as it originally planned. Psychoche, done by IRB, showed that the reason why the launch delay went far beyond the mission of Psychoche. In November last year, IRB introduced a report that [# 8230; ] - Psyche на шляху до жовтневого запуску до багатого металом астероїда

future collections of Samsung smartphones can be resistant to dust

Place Samsung is a leader in the market for complex smartphones, and the South Korean giant is now preparing for the Gallaxy generation of Pear Fear and Z Flash. Although until the release of the future complex phones from Samsung for a few months, details about devices continue to appear on the Internet, the latest development is that Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 can support dust protection. According to the user Twitter @ chov8888, complex smartphones of the next generation from Samsung will have IP58 rating that means protection from water and dust. So based on estimates, water permeability is going to be 1.5 meters deep down to 30 minutes. The devices of the current generation have IPX8 rating, offering only water permeability. From [# 8230; ] - Майбутні складані смартфони Samsung можуть бути стійкими до пилу

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