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The network got a photo of Oppo Find X6 engineering sample

The address of the famous Digital Chat Station was published in its blog on the Web Web Web Network by an engineering sample of Oppo Find X6. The Oppo Find X6 and Find X6 Proo, perhaps the following important thing to expect the flag after Samsung Galaxy S23. Online with & # 8217; Leaders were also live photos of smartphones, but this prototype looks really awful. Right, it's worth noting that this is the design of the main camera, rather than the final & # 8211;. Maybe the module will be round like & # 8217; images There were about two weeks ago, and here's the location of the camera sensors, which is exactly the same as those reductors. According to the previous data, the older Oppo Find X6 Pro model is based on SoC Snapdron 8 Gen 2, [# 8230; ] - У мережу потрапило фото інженерного зразка Oppo Find X6

Stephen Telescope Hubble has made a terrific image of the hasha nebula

The Chubble Space Telescope has made an amazing image of a small region of the Westerhout 5, also known as the Dusha Nebula, which is red. The melting of the red light is caused by the H-alpha radiation, which happens when very energetic electrons in hydrogen atoms lose energy by releasing this characteristic red light, written by Hubble representatives in the description of the image. This red light also reveals a series of exciting features, such as the free floating ball, which evaporates (fraEGG). This fraEGG, which is seen as a dark area in the form of a vesicle at the upper central part of the image, has the official name KAG2008 goloround 13 and J025838.6 + 604259. This and other frEGG are in a special class of gaseous gas, # 82GG, which is vaporized (# 8GGG) ] - Телескоп Hubble зробив приголомшливе зображення туманності Душа

Annotate ACC P3 Monitor with a diagonal to 34 inches and an update rate of 100 Hz

The anonymous line of AOC P3 monitors. New monitors have a size of 24 to 34 inches and offer a rate of updates to 100 Hz. AOC P3 series is a new line of professional monitors of three dimensions. There are seven models, and the best choice is AAC CU34P3CV with a display of 1440p, a 1500R crisis and a 100 Hz update rate. New AOC monitors have several common functions, but also different options. Only QW models are equipped with a built-in 2-megapix webcam with Windows Hello compatibility and stereo 5 W. CW Models are equipped with a 5-megapix webcam and the same sound architecture as QW models. CW monitors also have USB-C port to substitute hardware devices [# 8230;) ] - Анонсовані монітори AOC P3 із діагоналлю до 34 дюймів і частотою оновлення 100 Гц

New Fire-bolt Cobra - reliable monitor AMOLED

Place Fire-Bolt has a significant number of clocks on the Indian market, and the last one that joined it has a growing portfolio, is a Fire-Boltt Cobra. This is a new strong slingshot clock from a brand for active leisure. The device has strong constructs, AAMOLED display, IP68, and many more. Let's take a look at its prices and features carefully. Fire-Bolt Cobra has 1.78-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 368 x 448 pixels, light 500 nets and a frequency update of screen 60 Hz. There is also support for Always on Display. As mentioned, an intelligent clock has a strong structure. It has a three-dimensional protective screen and a strong construction to help sustain the heavy outer conditions. There is also a class [# 8230; ] - Новий Fire-boltt Cobra — надійний годинник із дисплеєм AMOLED

The Red Magic 8 Pro can already be spoken outside China

According to Nubia Technology, the Chinese ZTE Company, announced the beginning of receiving orders on a newer flagmanic smartphones from Red Magic 8 Pro in an international market. The open sale starts two February 2023, and so far for "early birds" began to act as a special supply. The producer offers to reserve the smartphone for 1 dollar (or euro for Europe) and get a 30 dollars / euro discount (USA and Europe respectively). So, the schedule is ranked from 619 dollars / euro for the Matte version and 769 dollars / euro version Void. Remember, the Matte version is based on 12 GB OZU and 256 GB flash memory & # 8217; Memory, while Void is 16 GB OZU and 512 GW flash-memory & # 8217; memory. They're visual too. [# 8230; ] - Red Magic 8 Pro вже можна замовити за межами Китаю

Swissair Schelphon Bant in Antarctica finally broke

The deck in February 2019, which covered most of the ice glacier in Antarctica, seemed to be ready to revive the iceberg, which was about twice as big as New York, and the question among scientists was not that the rising rose would end the neck and tear off, and when now, almost four years later, he did it. According to the British Altartic Service (BAS), the discharge occurred late on January 22, 2023 and became a new iceberg on the area of 1550 square kilometers (about 600 square miles). The National Ice Center of the United States called it Icyerg A-81. Glacier ice on the chilli draws away from the inner part of Antarctica [# 8230; ] - Шельфовий льодовик Брант в Антарктиді нарешті зламався

Peter OnePlus Ace 2 got an amazing result on AnTuTu

We expect OnePlus to investigate OnePlus Ace in February in China. Now given the message, we can say that Ace 2 will be the dominant version of OnePlus 11R 5G, the official presentation that's scheduled for February 7 during the global presentation. The pre-expected AAce 2 release with the PHK110 model number appeared in AnTuTu testing with impressive results. As you can see in the screenshot, OnePlus Ace 2 scored 1 149 494 points on AnTuTu. The list indicates that it will work on the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1, which includes the International 730 graphics processor. The device has 272 214 and 486 502 points in CU and GPU tests respectively. OnePlus Ace 2 Applied Operating Memory [# 8230; ] - OnePlus Ace 2 отримав вражаючий результат на AnTuTu

In return, the SOCS function through the iPhone 14 satellite saved two women in Canada

The Apple Emergency SOS function has been available for a while. This function has led to multiple survival stories, has nearly changed the rules of the game. A recent case confirms this because two women who have disappeared in Canada have been found using an emergency call through a satellite. See here for details. It was recently reported that two women were returning home after Alberta visited when they got lost to McDonald's, a small village in British Columbia, Canada, and unfortunately, when they tried to find their way back, they were in a car accident and stuck in a neighborhood where they didn't receive a mobile phone. They passed about 20 kilometers on the road before they hit the "wall of snow," pointing to where the plough stopped, [# 8230; ] - Функція SOS через супутник iPhone 14 врятувала двох жінок у Канаді

Archaeologists have discovered the oldest and most complete Egyptian mummies

An English employee announced on Thursday that the archeologists had found the oldest and most complete mummies ever discovered in Egypt. It is believed that this is the remains of a man named # 8217; I'm a Haccayadog. Archaeologists have found a 4300-year-old mummies in the ancient tomb near Cairo the fifth and sixth dynasties of the country that have been covering since 2500 B.C. BCE to 2100 the Minister for Old Age, it is a statement. "I stuck my head inside to see what's inside the sarcophagus: Beautiful mummies of man, completely covered in layers of gold, "said havas journalists at the site of luxury. A multi-vix mummy was found on the bottom of a 15-foot mine near the Pipppass pyramid in the Saxa neole, the Universal Consension of UNESE. Saxra, the "great masterpiece of architectural design," [# 8230; ] - Археологи виявили «найдавнішу» та «найповнішу» єгипетську мумію

cd First SSD with PCII support 5.0 10 GB / s found in sales

Speaking of CFD Ging, a few people have heard, and she has recently started selling in Japan a high-speed solid compression machine with PCI 5.0 interface support, not just online & # 8211; The device turned out to be on the sale point in the known Akiharan district (Tokyo). SSD actually introduced in October last year, and in sale, it was reliable in November. But something's pulling up. The device has three options for & # 8217; Memory is 1, 2, and 4 TV. To sell to a fraction of & # 8217; The average model came and asked for it $385! Price is decent, which is true, parameters are not average. So the speed of recurring reading and recording is 10 and 9.5 GB / respectively, productivity in random [# 8230; ] - Перший SSD з підтримкою PCIe 5.0  10 ГБ/с надійшов у продаж

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