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Supporting the French bomb AASM Hammer: question in quantity
Canada needs more remote weapons, including AASM Hammer airbomb, which will pass France to. It will help to hurt the enemy. This is what RBK Ukraine reports from a link to an Air Force spokesman Zu Yaria Ignitant on the air of telemarathon. "As far as they are (AASM Hammer bombs, & # 8211; It's good to see the battlefield. No doubt provided by & # 8211; means & # 8230; The post Ignates of the supply of French bomb AASM Hammer: The question is, the numbers were first on the Natural Truth - Supporting the French bomb AASM Hammer: question in quantity
The Russian invaders have increased activity in the Limanan direction. Sergei Zig Column
The charges at the Gward Front next to the Steel Border act on Limanko-Coop. Ivan Sweeney, the commander of the 15 mobile border border border force, the colonel, has talked about enemy actions in their responsibility zone. "We do both battle operations on the collision line, and we monitor a certain area of the state border within the Kharkiv region. The situation here remains stable, the enemy continues to storm the position of the Force of Defense. Only over the last 24 hours the enemy did 27 attacks. In the Cuban direction, the most active enemy acted near a populated point in Sinnocka, "he said," Espresso "-- over half a year, the brigade itself is located in the Lemanko-Cubec direction. The combatants were involved in liberating Cincuscery, fighting under the Bahmutt, and now they're actively fighting people around Kopan. In the words of Shevowa, despite the weather conditions, the enemy's action tactics don't change. There are permanent shots of artillery in the positions of the Force of Defense, shots of border populations, and storming actions on the positions of the Force Defense, and now the enemy is actively using firewood and scout drones in Kharkiv land. Last month, the enemy was used to 20 drones a day, and now 50 to 60. Only in the past 24 years, the enemy has used drones of flying airplanes, namely firearms, 54 times. The establishment of Ukraine's territories of Plans, with 2024, with the Ministry of Defense, is the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Internal Affairs, and State of emergency services. A huge role will play the Ministry of Agriculture, which is always a joint effort to achieve goals. "" The constant is now defined over 500 hectares of senior land, which needs to be cleared and restored to exploitation during 2024, "said the assistant minister of Ukraine's economy, coordinator of the humanitarian establishment in the Ministry of Ukraine's Economist. This year is the first time the target for reimbursing, positioning, or positioning activities, which is the Minnesota program. It's going to be based on the fact that it's going to pay off farmers' expenses to place areas, and it's going to be the government's income, and it's mostly about paying labor and abolishing sanitation of the State Service of emergency situations and State Service of Special Transport. Support for international partners is mostly directed to a purchase of heavy technology, barbaric equipment, and support for DAlDS and DASS. New technological solutions to fast positioning processes, we're working on finding remote scanning, remote tracking technology. Now the most effective way to quickly review the territory, the identification of the explosive objects, is to analyze the high resolution images made by the satellite or by quadcopers, and therefore detect what lies on the surface. What lies in a high grass or buried under the ground is currently only possible to detect unmediated evidence, "said Dauntless. Today, a technical statement requires a statement, but is already at the final stage. So the pattern that we need to make a machine for is to respond to the characteristics and hold the blow on these explosive objects and the anti-tank brains. The question of the instructions required is on the final solution stage. A resignation of Yakerov's visit to France today has to be the head of the Defense Minister of Ukraine, Rosm Umrava, to France. It had to happen in the Artillar Coalition where the main role was taken by France, the United States, and it was already participating in almost 20 countries. It was canceled for security reasons. However, this armed initiative, of course, remains prioritized to provide more weapons for Ukraine, supply of arth systems, their repairs and services. The Minister of Defense of France, Sebastian Leorna, has shared a lot of things about the meeting. In particular, he mentioned the Waiter's assassins. The ZC is already using nearly 20 units of these anti-opponent technology to destroy it. France is able to produce 78 Gates of Katherine Lordon for Ukraine this year. At this point, Ukraine is willing to pay partially for production and have already acquired six of these facilities for its own money to launch this artillery initiative, and France will also increase the monthly amounts of ammunition that are shipped to Ukraine. They used to ship about 1,000 shells a month. The last February supply increased by 2,000 rounds per month. From February 2024, the supply will be 36,000 units for the ZW. In fact, it's 3 css-- it's a daily norm for our artillery. According to the experts, the average need for the ZPA is from 200,000 to 500,000 per month. France will give Ukraine an AASM aircraft Bombs every month, starting from February 2024, France will pass Ukraine 50 high-fidelity air bombs - the land of "AASM," which is 100 kilometers long, and a massive mass from 250 kilos to a ton, depending on which bomb is based on a technological set of equipment. The French defense minister said that the French were able to adapt these air bombs to use with Soviet models. Leviathan will be used with Michael-29, Soo-27, Soo-24, and then with F-16 - The Russian invaders have increased activity in the Limanan direction. Sergei Zig Column
Public organization «Sprava Hromad»
The Mission of «Sprava Hromad»is the support of our army. The key to victory at the front is the support of the army in the rear! Now again, as in 2014, the army needs our unity in matters of aid! Starting with basic things like clothing, and ending with high-precision equipment, such as optical-radio-electronic surveillance complexes, our community buys and supplies the troops with everything they need, which forms a new, more advanced army! In this process, we, Public Affairs, take over all the routine processes from "understanding what the military needs to beat the enemy" and ending with handing him the keys to the dream equipment! However, we can overcome this path only under one condition: only together with you! - Public organization «Sprava Hromad»
(under F-16)
The Minister of Defense of France (Sebastian Lekory) and Ukraine (Wemir) co-annexed the Artills Coalition for Ukraine. It aims to increase Ukraine's military support both in the short run and long term - (under F-16)
SM Hammer bomb: What they know about them, but what are the fighting characteristics
An example for an AASM Hammer bomb is developed by a special Hasas system that allows them to integrate into military airplanes across models - SM Hammer bomb: What they know about them, but what are the fighting characteristics
"smart" AASM Hammer aircraft. What is it and how to reverse the front?
The ASM Hammer, the French "intelligent" bomb to help Ukraine significantly in the battle field. And their ZNC can get quite a lot -
Friday 23 February




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1003 mm

7.1 m/s

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