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2011 Euro-2024: Italy announced a list of football players to match Ukraine
This tells the official Federation site of Italy. In the final selection match, Euro-2024, Italy is playing against Northern Macedonia (November 17) and Ukraine (November 20). Collection Book of Italy: Enemies: Janleji Donworried (PSD), Alex Mart ("Nassae"), John Provedo ("Lasrio"), Hellimo Wikarrio ("Torim"); Protectors: Francesca Ashby ("Inter"), Alessandro Bastini ("Inter"), Alessandro Boonjoro ("Torriano"), Matteo Dwaran ("Inter"), Giovanni Dur and Lorenzo ("Napa"), Federico ("Inter"), Federico (")," Raphael Tarira (")," Rajana (") Semi protectors: Nikola Barrella ("Inter"), Jamo Bonaventure ("Firentine"), Brian Kristante ("Roma"), David Fritetus ("Inter"), Manuel Locotelli, Andrew Colica ("Monca"), Georges ("Arsemum"); Traitors: Domenico Belardi ("Sussulo"), Federico K for "Yustus," by Moses Keen ("Yustus"), Gimoo Rasparadari ("Nassak"), Janalka Skamarocka ("Avalita"), Nérillo ("Alston Villa"), Stefan El Shayagi ("Romahi"), Macao Póko Polo ("). Ukraine is founded in the EU-2024 countries launched a refunds campaign on March 26, 2023 in London against England. Under the leadership of the classroom, the main coach of Ruzna Royal, our team entered into account 0: In the black match, Ukraine led by Sergei Rebrov, who started a job at the head of a national collection with a victory over Northern Macedonia (3: 2) and Malta (1: 0. On September 9, Ukraine played the same thing as 1: One of England and the 12th of September went to Milan Italy - 1: October 2, 14, our team in Prague overplayed Northern Macedonia -- 2: 0. On October 17, Ukrainian T-shirts were defeated by Malta - 3: 1. The tournament table of Ukraine's collection group in Eeuro-2024 Ukraine has 13 points and takes a second place in the C.Liruviet group from 16 bars of England, which has eventually gone to the final part of Euro-2024. Italy is the third of 10 points. Macedonia have 7 points in the asset. The boy didn't get any holes. Italy, England and Northern Macedonia have one match in the west. The Redbrova team is playing against Italy. The final part of Euro-2024 will be two top teams out of the group. Photo: Photo: flash - 2011 Euro-2024: Italy announced a list of football players to match Ukraine
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