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These news items are translated using machine learning and machine translation technologies. We apologize for any inaccuracies or errors in the text. Switch to the Ukrainian language to read the news in the original.
few mines have been fired on the Danchis

Master Minergo has reported the demolition of three mines on Donchina because of the arrows

The Russians hit the Celedo missile: You hit the hospital and the mine, Climino

Four Russian rockets destroyed the hull of a hospital and settled in a mine and locked people under the ground

The Russians have been running for the day since they had all kinds of weapons

The RF army has 12 civilian casualties in the past 24 years. Or from aviation, BL, WPD, Hurricane, artillery

Sample number of victims in Seledo went up: Found the body of the third dead at the scene of the strike

An arrest warrant during the launch of a search-rescue mission has detected a body of another victim in the Selendova

Serhiy Prytula Charitable Foundation

Prytula Foundation purchases military equipment, equipment, medical supplies and transport for the military. Another area of our work is humanitarian aid. All funds that go to the accounts of the charity organization go into the general volunteer fund of Serhiy Prytula together with money from his other accounts, from Patreon and PayPal. With all these funds, the fund purchases aid for the needs of the Ukrainian military. - Serhiy Prytula Charitable Foundation
Sellar missile shot: The prosecutor reported details in the office

Russia, this night, killed one and wounded three civilians in the Selena Dunka city. The prosecutors are fixing the effects of the attack

Enchanted by the Danube: Two people died a day

In the course of the year, the rff army did 18 attacks on peaceful people. The Russians used aviation, the RSV Death, the Grand, the artillery, the tanks

Add your own food: How the Ukrainian people will live under the occupation of Russia

The officials in the occupation of the community complain about social media, that local authorities did not care about restoring heating in houses - Add your own food: How the Ukrainian people will live under the occupation of Russia
MS SBU has delayed the kernels of Lyman and Slovakia

The official Security Service has discovered another Special Forces Service Agency as a result of the counter-versionist activities in the Annunciation centers

Monday 4 December




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2.16 m/s

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