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An example of what would happen to an organism if you swallowed a gum and not once

In fact, if you accidentally swallow a gum once, it won't affect health. If this happened three times a day, it might be difficult, it's written fine. "They say seven years may remain a chewing gum in your body if you swallow it. That's not true. This is old grandmothers' fairy tales, "said Simon Travis, a professor of clinical hastrology at Oxford University of Britain. A scientist doesn't know where this myth came from, but it suggests that someone wanted to ban their children's eraser. The erasing of gum is harmful only when you have too much consumption, for example, over three times a day. Usually the chewing gum passes through your stomach, goes to your gut and comes out of the body of the gut and goes from the body unaltered. "There are cases where the chewing gum that the baby was swallowing is causing a dissolution. But over the course of 30 years, I've never seen it like this, and the professor says. Now, here we go. Scientists have developed a bug that inhibits the spread of a coronary virus in general, if you accidentally swallow a gum gum and you don't feel inconvenience or pain, you don't have to worry. But in those who have problems in their stomach-shaped tract (eg; the Croana disease), it can lead to complications. So you should consult the doctor. If the gum drips down to her clothes, the best way to get her to clean up is to dry cleaning. There's a beach setting up special means and it'll be safe for tissues. But there are a few simpler ways, but there are test methods. The output of the gum can be cold and hot - An example of what would happen to an organism if you swallowed a gum and not once

English How to live to 100 years and more

The article in British edition The Economist People in rich countries can now fully assume that their lives will last much more than 70 years. The poor people are catching them. Every year since 1950, the average life expectancy in the world grew 18 weeks. Every year since 1950, the average life expectancy in the world has increased by 18 weeks, but there are two problems. First, increasing life expectancy seems to have a limit. The number of longevity, over 100 years, will grow and grow. The Pew Research Center predicts that by 2050, there will be 3.7 million centuries in the world, which is three times as many per capita as in 2015. But only one of 1,000 of them will live for more than 110 years. And there's no compelling evidence of human life over 120 years. The average life expectancy also increases, but is much smaller. The other problem is "life expectancy," healthy and complete life, doesn't go into the leg with a long life automatically. In hopes for longer and healthier lives, rich people in developed countries offer significant contributions to today's sorcerers of medicine and biotechnology who try to understand, slow down and, in the ideal, reverse the body aging and seating diseases. Peter Toll, the co-founder of PayPal, Larry Paige and Sergey Brin, Google co-founders, Jeff Byss, Amazon founder -- all of them invested and often played an important role in creating firms who are trying to extend lifespan and life expectancy. In March, Sam Altman, the head of the Open Al, announced that two years ago he invested $180 million in Retro Bioscience -- a company from Silicon Valley based to increase human healthy lives by 10 years. The startup group is working on drugs that can slow down or stop some aspects of aging. It's a little bit more of a popular idea to continue life and health by using the already available pills and potion in addition to, and sometimes, instead of traditional approach, which consists of diet, physical exercises and early sleep. There is also a culture of continuing life with its hands. At least in rich countries, with technical knowledge and technological arrogance associated with Silicon Valley. Now, here we go. "We have a new potential threat through North Korea" Alexander Mousenchio "and a lot of representatives of the official science and medicine are looking at all of this a little bit of goats. Of course, because the industry attracts farmers and charlatans, as well as people with more decent motives, and her story is full of breakthroughs that didn't lead to anything. The sanitation office is a quality of food and drugs in the U.S. doesn't recognize the aging disease, so I'm kissing for therapy. But there's a lot of evidence that this research might suggest something. Some cases of drug recognition actually continue to live, at least mice. It gives both the perspective of what they can do with people and some understanding of what happens. That research helps us with more and more ease, where you can edit genes, and even access to large amounts of gene sequences. The ability to make personalized weapons that remain young has discovered new therapeutic possibilities. And the new diagnostic tools are now offered to be able to calculate the biological age of bodies and organs and compare it to the actual calendar age. Basically, this allows longevity research to achieve compelling results. Growth seems pretty simple. The bodies are the machines, and the machines wear. But unlike most cars, bodies are built, and are repaired by themselves. So why don't they do it perfectly? Evolution is interested in our performance, not in longevity one of the answers is that machine creator is evolution, interested in our performance, not longevity. Life is about genes and environment, and the environment is in kind of accidents, predators and diseases -- what kills most creatures. Genes, the benefits that appear only for a longer period of life than the environment allows, and they hardly work particularly well if they don't give other benefits. Genes that provide successful and fruitful young people in wins compared to longevity. In fact, evolution is probably actively working against longevity. If a gene helps animals reproduce at a young age, but it's at risk at old age, it's a huge probability that it's going to spread. There are some evidence that one of the ways that a particular gene is responsible for Alzheimer's is providing reproductive benefits to young people. As an evolutionary point of view, a person is a machine to create a copy of genes, not a self-purpose. It's a tool to achieve goals that are rejected when it's no longer suitable for this purpose -- to reproduce genes in a general sense, an evolutionary view of genes involved, a person is just a way to create further copies of genes, not self-purpose. The mechanisms for restoring the body in perfect condition only make sense if it passes more copies of the genes in the next generation. If other use of these resources do better, it will repair the program. In this approach, a human being is a tool to achieve a purpose that is rejected when it is no longer suitable for that goal. This idea explains why there are many diseases like Alzheimer's or Parkinson's, regeneration of the second type, and different kinds of cancers that are rarely introduced in young but quite common in old age. Now, here we go. "Ukraine will reach its military objectives" by Peter Dickinson, the fact that evolution is not interested in supporting recovery systems is not possible. You just might need a trick. Most genes have options known as alleles that everybody works, but they can have different effects. Genetic manipulation with lab organisms and studies of human genes revealed the alleles of certain genes, which, as experimented, increase lifespan, as well as related to more time-long life. And it helps to shed light on processes based on aging organism. People who live for a very long time can live like this because they have a relatively rare form of defense from things that kill younger people of old age This can, for example, lead to an understanding of why, as a study showed, published in 2014 by Royal College, the longer people die of cancer or heart disease than people aged 80. This suggests that people who live very long can live like this because they have a relatively rare form of protection from things that kill younger people of old age. That could be very good news. But something does kill them. The study of the Royal College has shown that longevity are improportionately vulnerable to general weakness and "second old people" -- pneumonia. The other reason for hope for evolution to be heartless is that physiological details of aging become more clear. In particular, those who studied this question were able to divide the problem into small pieces, which in some ways can be solved by individuals. Some of these smaller ones, although often huge problems, are very appealing objects for intervention. For example, chronic inflammation or accumulation of aberrations (such as differences from normal construction, location or status. Gazetea. ua) proteins observed by Alzheimer's. Now, here we go. "The Chinese have put Putin to finish the war several times. They saw the weakness, "Colonel George Church at Harvard University, the guru of biotech, who is not afraid of the unorthodox approach, thinks he can offer more purpose and work on each component individually, and you might find out that they solved the problem entirely. Several groups have made lists of these fragments. One of the most widely discussed subjects developed by Carlos Lopez-Otin at the University of Oz in Spain and his colleagues. They offer 12 signs of aging chosen at age, accelerating aging, if they don't stimulate it, and maybe slow it down if they treat it. These traits are the instability of genes, the exhaustion of the final regions of the body, the epigenetic changes, i. e. the disorders that lead to the change in the gene expression level, the loss of the protein, the biological paths inside of the cells that control the binesis, the transfer and the distribution of proteins in the cell, the deregulation of the perception of the nutrients, the mitochondria function, the aging cells, and the change of intercellular communication. Now, here we go. At Kobzone's concert: How many generals lost their RF during the war if we deal with this dirty dozen, we can continue to live indefinitely and keep our health safe. At least that's how optimism looks. Autocology is already a well-developed area of research. This is a report by Lopez-Otin that does not directly apply to it. It doesn't mention diet, physical exercises, and a good night sleep necessary for longevity, but it also adds value to them. They remain as important as they were before. Instead, he's following progress, he's made progress on each of the 12 dimensions. It's not as neat as it would have been. Biology is a complicated, interdependent science, and many traits of aging are the same. Sometimes that means that intervention can benefit more than one area. In other cases, there could be compromises. But even working with the list will improve people's lives. translation - English How to live to 100 years and more

The ingredients affect mental health. Scientists said exactly what they said

They can protect them from depression. These conclusions were made by scientists during another study of Pennsylvania Medical College. Adding mushrooms to a diet can be more positive to identify in a mental state, it writes sciecedidirect. The mushrooms are an independent source of useful substances, but few know that they also improve the mental state of people. Scientists set up data on food and mental health mode in over 24,000 Americans in 2005 to 2016 and found that the mushrooms consumed were more likely to suffer from depression. The researchers note that it's probably all about amino acids called erbono, which is a strong antioxidant that can protect cells and tissue from damage. Now, here we go. The right way to taste caves. The trick that little people know about is that high levels of this matter can reduce the risk of oxidative stress, which can also reduce the symptoms of depression, said one of the writers of Gibrille Ba's study. At this excessive mushroom consumption, the effect didn't increase. Scientists didn't understand what the mushrooms were doing. Solved mushrooms can be saved for a long time. You can use them for a year. But you can't sew all the mushrooms, because not all have a dense structure, which after processing will not be broken by the most common species of mushrooms that dry white mushrooms, sub-butchers, donkeys, foxes, oils. Choose the fruits without visible damage - The ingredients affect mental health. Scientists said exactly what they said

Day in the morning, day or night: I don't know when eating a garden is the most useful

The Savas is one of the most delicious products among Ukrainians. But it's important to know when it's useful to eat. The doctors are advising us to use planting in the morning or in the evening. However, if you're in the active way of living and in the morning, it's in motion, so it's a good morning to eat. And vice versa -- if you haven't eaten anything for lunch, you can live for dinner, it says glavred. There are many vitamins in the salami A, D, E, and also violent fatty acids. What you need to eat in the morning, 10-30 grams of salami at this time of day is to help you get the necessary hubris for the beginning of the day. It also stimulates yellow production for better digestion. And you can eat in the morning before physical overload, for example, in the audience. And here's chronic disease. You can't eat salami. This breakfast is opposed to seeing people with obesity, aerosracism, liver disease, chronic panic and cholesterol exchange disorder. Use the green, vegetables, plant protein. First of all, you have to listen to your body. Some people don't carry too fat breakfast, others do, suffer heavily with "heavy" dinner. Why is it useful to eat the salami for the night? Some dithologists are advising to "spray" the salami dinner (up to 10 grams). Despite all the existing myths around this product, the canvas contains useful carbohydrates. If you overloaded your body in a day, you can add your body to dinner. Now, here we go. How to save the garden for a long time, however, at this time of day, you can only eat fresh salts. At the same time, you can't eat the roast for the night. Before the regular use of the sala, you should consult your doctor. For a lot of the gardens, there are daily patches. But not all are sure it can be used too often or too much. In the words of diet, the issue of sala was to approach as well as any other product. That is, you have to follow the golden rule as well as that - Day in the morning, day or night: I don't know when eating a garden is the most useful

Medical Battalion «Hospitaliers»

«Hospitaliers» is a volunteer organization of paramedics. It was founded by Yana Zinkevich at the beginning of hostilities in Ukraine in 2014. Then Russia annexed Crimea and started hostilities in the east of the country. The motto of our organization is "For the sake of every life." And Hospitaliers prove every day that these are not just words for us. - Medical Battalion «Hospitaliers»

Since mid October, there will be an aerial flu season and a coronary virus

Kyiv. September 27th. UN. A new epidemiological season will soon begin where Ukrainians face flu and crown virus. The telegrapher reported this to the health minister Viktor Shashu, writes NN - Since mid October, there will be an aerial flu season and a coronary virus

What is vitamin D?

The eyes of Vitamin D belong to a group of fatty vitamins and are unique because it can be made in a human body by ultraviolet rays. It was called "sunvitamin." However, despite its name, vitamin D is not a vitamin in the traditional sense of that word. In fact, after its activation in the body, it acts like a hormone, & # 8230; The article of what is vitamin D? first appeared on curiosity - What is vitamin D?

Equals Sprain or hate: exposed deaf people's attitudes to healthy

The International Heavenly Day shows the last Sunday of September. This year it's September 27th. It started in 1951 after the creation of the International Federation of deaf people. She developed in the '50s, Gestapo' system. The hard language is not primitive. Yes, it's very different from the language of people who have hearing and communicate through voice. But this language is just like other people's language, it has its lexicotics and grammatics. The deaf language is a full language, and its emotional expressiveness and its functional content is not subject to verbal communication. According to statistics, hearing disorders suffer every nine people. He's lost as a result of injury or illness or innate prose. Abbot de L'Epe founded the first school - the Paris Institute is deaf (1760) in France. He was the founder of a mythic method, a great fan of gesture language. Many deaf people were great. For instance, Gogo is the author of Mount of Paris Mother. Beethoven is a great composer. Antonio Stalin is one of Italian artists. Janen is a French sculptor. Jean Jacques Russo is a writer. Now, here we go. "I'm talking to my parents in the language of gestures," or no, "Charderdy Deadie called us not the ones who hear us," but the ones who talk, "because from their eyes, we are only different from them because when we communicate, we move our lips. All the deaf, important tactical feelings, and the sensitivity to them is increased. Because of the lack of hearing, they smell more vibrations and react to them immediately. Also in the deaf are highly developed by light, so in the dark they can see even the slightest glimpse of light. So nature offends the lack of hearing and helps adapt people in the world. The Mirosław Slabochsksky Hotel won the 5th International Festival for the deaf movie and art in Toronto in "Best drama," says the National Anti-Commerist of Ukraine. The festival of the deaf movie and art in Toronto is once two years. He's one of the world's biggest artists in the art forum showing works that were created by the deaf and blind deaf artists - Equals Sprain or hate: exposed deaf people's attitudes to healthy

Russell developed a model for understanding the sudden death of epilepsia

The research researchers at Michigan developed a model to study one family epilepsy by opening the door to understanding -- and ultimately, targeted -- the mechanisms that cause disruption and related flying consequences. A study published in the Andes of Neurlio has already found important information about the interaction between breathing, heart rate and brain activity during flying attacks. The mutation in a gene called DEPDC5 is a common cause of the family's hearth epilepsy and raises risk of sudden unexpected death on epilepsy (SUDEP), a devastating consequence of epilepsy, which takes the second place after stroke in potentially lost years of life due to neurological illness. But scientists could not determine [# 8230; ] - Russell developed a model for understanding the sudden death of epilepsia

Looking forward to eating women for 40 to have a slender figure

The minute after 40 years, women have a period that is associated with psychological disorders and adventures. In addition to that, at that age, the representatives of the beautiful sex slow down metabolic, causing a gradual set of weight. The cholesterol and risk of cardiovascular disease rise. Elle's diet Nazi's interview was told which products should be in the cancer of women for 40 to remain plump and have healthy energy. Cyclolic products of calcium for bones and glycine to improve sleep. This is the seeds of kgnatus, the poppy and the nuts, the Brazilian nut, the Quilla, the cabbage and the greens. The entire fractures of the source of complex carbohydrates, food fibers, and group B vitamins. Now, here we go. What we need to have in the fridge is the loss of the fetish protein, the birds, the beanstalk, the beanstalk and the high-cost amino acids to support internal organs, muscle and collagen for the skin. Omega-3 fatty acids can also be added to the hair nut plant. Solybeans fithosters, be, peanuts, ice, berries, berries, green and black tea. Specialists add that you exclude sugar, heat and salt food from the menu. Restrict the consumption of caffeine and alcohol. Each person has his right height. So it's very important to know how to define the perfect weight of the body. There are several formulas that help us to understand: You have the perfect weight for your growth or surplus. Don't try to get back to the weight that was 18 years old. Every 10 years, a person gets better, about 10%, and it's 5 to 7 kilograms. That's why we need to lose weight - Looking forward to eating women for 40 to have a slender figure

Three tips to pick a fresh cheese

And then we have the total amount of light that we have here. Before buying, make sure his choice is correct. Cheese can move fast, so you have to pick it carefully, it says eththis. Try cheese before buying it. This is in most cases to help you distinguish the bad product from high quality. Experts have been advised not to be ashamed of the store and to ask for different toilets at degradation. "I think it's important to allow customers and encourage them to do it. And clients must feel encouraged to try to make sure that they don't feel what blind investments do, "told the expert with Ser Catelyn Serriino. Ask the seller's recommendation, you can't be an expert on everything, so a seller can advise you the one that works best for you. In addition to what the salespeople know, how fresh cheese was said about it, how long it might be stored. Buy cheese, which is a good place for Syria to lie for years or mess up the summer days, depending on the quality of your cheese. But remember also to pay attention and to its expiration date on the package. Now, here we go. Like freeze eggs: The trick that will allow them to rise on the winter also experienced buyers to know that it's worth fear of the cheese that's been under the sun for a long time. Most of the cheese are wrapped in a special paper to reduce its composition by oxidation. Premium cheese is always needed to make sandwiches, shrimp or dessert. But few people know it can be made out of frozen cophires. It's worth keeping it in the ice chamber so the cheese can come out with a sour serum. We need less than a day to sell a cappier - Three tips to pick a fresh cheese

The following mile can be protected from the Crown

The best viral infections are child and 72 percent soap. And then there's also a coronary, and it's writing a capsith. "These are the kind of soap that contain the components that are carefully washed by viruses and bacteria. Besides, the children's soap fits perfectly like allergies, and people with very sensitive skin, "says the doctor-therapist Ludwig Lump. The nice one is the defectant, the more in fighting the crown, which, besides the protein capsid, has the left shell, explains the doctor. Now, here we go. In the world, there's a new Covid-Square threat: What the "wash your hands" symptoms need at least 20 seconds. After that, it would be nice to put a marble in the hands of the vitamin F, "said Lap. Covid-19 infection has gone into the category of seasonal disease. But at the same time, the peak of flu and Covid-19 could fall on October, which is a recent statement of the main state sanitation doctor Igor Kuzina. The coronary virus in Ukraine will now be treating flu and other seasonal respiratory infections. The coronary disease continues to register. Over a week in September, more than 1.2 million cases were registered. There are about 200 patients who have been hospitalized for over 50 years - The following mile can be protected from the Crown

The angle of the cloud can kill: How to recognize the deadly drugstore

College of Great Britain is over eight million people in the age of 30 to 69 years complaining about the attack of the pharmacy during sleep. Eighty-five percent of them don't even know the problem. If the breathing disorder doesn't treat, then the heart-vascular disease risk goes up 30% and 60% higher stroke risk is written by Sun. Some people stop breathing 60 times an hour they sleep. Most people who suffer this disease, the worm, don't know what they have until someone else sees them sleeping. "As you are very tired during the day, you may have a bad mood and a bad concentration. You might want to sleep in the afternoon. In the long run, we have people who are out of pocket sleep above heart disease, depression, stroke, and 140 percent higher risk of heart failure. It can also lead to diabetes two types, and the sick can develop an early dementia. People with this disease also get more often in the accident over the back, "said Dr. David Harley. When you sleep, the breathing pathways naturally constrict. Some people make the flow of air turbulence, which leads to the vibration of soft tissue, by causing the snoring. So when you have a breath of air, the air flows in the air so that the air flow is limited or the respiratory pathways are completely closed. Aging, drinking, smoking, sleep on the back and lack of thyroid glands increase the risk of breaking breath. It's more like men, and the risk is growing with age. Now, here we go. What sort of sleep is the best to keep you awake and to warn the appearance of the wrinkles "it's important to know signs that include loud worms, panting breathing during sleep, waking with dry mouth or early headaches, and having difficulty sleeping with the doctor," said the doctor. Often partners can determine that dangerous condition. "Humanity is a huge problem if you're in a relationship. Sometimes what happens in couples is what we call "a separation of sleep" when they sleep in different bedrooms. They won't go on vacation together because they don't want to sleep in one room. I saw people dragging their partners into a clinic, because for the neighbors on bed, it's often worse than the worms themselves, "he summed up Garrett. No diet can completely rid of the snoring. However, if you eliminate some of the food from the diet, you can reduce the food from the respiratory road and nose-pawns during the wake of the products that contain the latex. They can produce mucus in their nose and cause worms - The angle of the cloud can kill: How to recognize the deadly drugstore

The International Health Center in Dnieper received the opportunity to operate too complex operations for those who suffered from war

Kyiv. The 26th of September. UN. In the Regional Health Center of & rsibreak; I'm in the Dnieper now being able to perform complex operating interventions, including the kind of endingment of the joints. Maybe it was because of the repair in the trauma op funded by the charities, writing NN - The International Health Center in Dnieper received the opportunity to operate too complex operations for those who suffered from war

Named distributed myths about contraception

The 21st of September, the world's day of contraception. The goal is to attract attention to the problem of unwanted pregnancy, and to expand the awareness of the population about methods and ways to plan families. There are 15 methods of contraception approved by the National Health Service in Great Britain, but none of them are reliable on all 100%. One of the most popular means of contraception. The infections that are passed on through the sexual path, the pregnancy at the same time. His efficiency is 98 percent, but in the case of proper use. According to the CHOICE study, 41% of people misuse condoms that reduce their efficiency. Now, here we go. The most reliable kind of contraception was called: There are 5 effects on condoms that have been distributed about condoms and condoms that have no expiration date -- that's not true. The condom package always has the end date. You don't have to use the contrast in the oral section. On the contrary, you have to because you have the risk of infecting diseases, as they enter the microcracks in the air, the lips. Use two condoms most often. I think the more, the better. But it doesn't work with condoms. One home is quite sufficient. Pregnancy is reliable, but not 100%. In terms of infections that pass through sexual means, a condom can't guarantee protection from all diseases either. Some viruses, for example, are not passed by herpes, but from skin contact - Named distributed myths about contraception

So how do we figure out that you're overweight

The estimated weight and the high percentage of living tissue in your body is quite dangerous and is increasing the risk of having health problems. To assess the weight and risk associated with it, with other reviews use the measure of body mass index (IMT) and the brushing of the waist, reported the Ministry of Health. "It's best to do this in a family doctor who will do a comprehensive assessment of your health and help if necessary, write." How they measure IMT IMT = weight (kg) & divide; This formula only works for adults in 18 years. It doesn't apply to pregnant people. How to interpret the result of the IT value less than 18.5 lack of weight. 18.5 to 24,9 is perfect. This is a healthy weight range. 25.5 to 29.9 over weight. 30.0 above obesity. Now, here we go. How to strengthen the immunity of the fall: Six simple I.MT tips themselves cannot testify to the condition of your health, they say in yours. Professional athletes that have evolved muscle can have a healthy weight, even if their IT is in an obesity range, because muscles are much more dense than fat. The Taliban of Polynesian fat in the stomach zone increase the risk of developing diseases with obesity. So another way to estimate the potential risk of disease is to measure the waist intercept. The ratio of the Taliban to the growth suggests this: SHT = bragging of the waist slightly above the & divide; height (cm). The ratio of the Taliban to 0.5 or more is that you have increased risks for the health care. "The idea of weight and obesity is a complex problem that often comes out of advice about reducing the amount of consumer food. Lightness reduces life expectancy on average for three to 10 years and increases the risk of many other diseases, "they say. So if you live with an extra weight, see your doctor. It's going to help you find the causes of excess weight and advice that you have to do to normalize it, and so lower the health risks, it's going to be lose. The Ministry of Health hurt parents as a child to avoid obesity. The poses that have sugar can hurt health. So the best drink is pure water. For the health of the heart, you need to minimize the use of salt and sugar. The cardiovascular system is particularly susceptible to alcohol activity. To say good-bye to alcohol, take a weekly break from his use - So how do we figure out that you're overweight

Teachers which four habits help wake up awake and in a good mood

The morning of waking up in a good mood. You need very little to do that. Put four habits into your life that will help you with this, you'll write the Ninjan psychology. If you want to sleep, you need some soothing rituals. Among the simple and clear supper / drink for two hours to sleep, the dull light and the refusal of serpents per hour to sleep. Don't put loud, aggressive melodies on the Provoly Building that make us awake sharply, can lead to increased cortisol and adrenaline by upsetting the natural cycle of sleep. Do not spend time in the alarm clock in the morning by moving the alarm to 10 to 20 or 30 minutes, you note your brain that at some point you have to wake up again. It doesn't come to sleep anymore, and you wake up even more tired. Don't worry about your devices for at least an hour, it will help to separate your social lives from your personal life and give you a real pleasure in the beginning of a new day. Now, here we go. From which food you refuse, if you want to sleep well from your early rituals, it depends on the mood for the future of the day. Think of your own plan of action and follow it, whether it's yoga, meditation, or walking on fresh air, caring about domestic plants, reading books or listening to music. Postal socks before sleep contribute to a faster hibernate. This effect can be explained by blood flow to tissues. When the feet are in the sock, there's another plus. These people are losing risk of assault with syndrome - Teachers which four habits help wake up awake and in a good mood

The amount of food you want to give up if you want to sleep well

If there is a need to sleep well, we should see our food at the evening. The British expert on Sheryl Litgo and Bendenen Heuth said what food is the worst to eat on the night if you don't sleep out, it says dailymail. "First, avoid stimulation, such as sugar or caffeine. They're not going to sleep at night, "says Sheryl Litgo. Although potato chips are often a favorite snack, experts are warning that they can make a dream terrible. The potato chips are rich with salt. It can make you even more hungry and make you eat. The excess use of salt also causes the loss of an organism to increase the delay of the water and create a very uncomfortable dream. Chocolate Much of chocolate is filled with caffeine, stimulation contained in such drinks as coffee and tea that do not allow them to sleep. Chocolate has a three caffeine, tetroamin and sugar that creates the perfect storm to sabotage sleep. The cheese of this comfort is considered one of the worst to use before bed, because it contains a lot of amino acids of tymine, which makes you feel cheerful. Consumption of strong cheese, such as vadder and parmesan, directly before sleep can increase heart rate, create a serious problem for the hydrae. Now, here we go. Anything to eat so you don't have to drink: Seven simple products of Cyprus can also be found in butcher sandwiches such as bacon and bacon and bacon, so avoid them overnight. But the best thing to do is limit this delicious meal to the day, if you suffer from bad sleep. Salt foods like ice cream and candy, first cause blood sugar to drop when you sleep. The fall of the sugar level in the blood gives the adrenal gland an emergency. It increases the cortisol level and awakens the body from sleep. No diet can completely rid of the snoring. However, if you eliminate some of the food from the diet, you can reduce the food from the respiratory road and nose-pawns during the wake of the products that contain the latex. They can produce mucus in their nose and cause worms - The amount of food you want to give up if you want to sleep well

Causes and methods of treatment of diseases of the male sex system

The male sex system is a complex mechanism that is prone to various diseases and disorders. Sexual diseases occur in men for different reasons, and understanding of these factors is important for informed prevention and effective treatment. The most frequent reasons are: Infections of the urinary system, such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis. They cause inflammatory processes and negative effects of reproductive function, up to infertility. … The statting of the causes and treatment of diseases of the male sex system was a consummation on Cycaust - Causes and methods of treatment of diseases of the male sex system

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