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PEMeta started testing at Threads two new functions
According to this, TechCrunch is written by the Instagram Adam Mosserian, and announced that both of the most wanted functions are available only by a small number of people. The first function is drafts, so the opportunity to write a post and save it without publication. Currently only one draft can be created, and will be displayed in the bottom bar with the apply. Also read: The war between Sugar and Masko: I don't know what Threads is and whether Mark Tuckerberg's new operation is going to take care of Threads. There's a camera label in the editor that shows up, which allows you to take a photo right away in use. However, it is not yet known to be available for the basic image editing, which is known about the use of Threads on July 4th of 2023 Mark Zuckerberg anonymous the launch of the Threads application, which will be the competition of the Twitter Island mask, and it has been advertised for several months. On July 6th, 2023, the Meta company still launched their Twitter analog -- using Threads. Over 10 million users were registered in the first seven hours. So he beat up the record of the chat-bot ChatGPT with artificial intelligence. The relationship is now available in over 100 countries, including iOS and Android users. Users of Threads can be authorized by their Instagram account and can publish to 500 characters using links, photos and videos for five minutes. In Threads, you can also adjust the privacy of your publications to answer them, only the people you are following are mentioned by the profile or any user. But on July 6th, 2023, it became known that Twitter would take a court ban on using their intellectual property for Meta, blaming her theft. In a letter that sent Meta after a few hours after Threads run, a Twitter lawyer Alex Spiro blames the company for "systematic, deliberate and illegal commercial secrets and other intellectual properties of Twitter." Later, in the use of Threads, there was a problem: removing an octopus automatically deletes the inagram page of the user. Meta has said that it works to fix it. On August 18, 2023, Threads has been able to set up privacy in its own publishing so they can only be answered by the people you are following, mentioned by profile or by any user. Later, they added a tab with sentences. Threads Mark Zuckerberg's founder claims that on October 27, 2023, the application has nearly 100 million users a month. He plans to develop the product - PEMeta started testing at Threads two new functions
Medical Battalion «Hospitaliers»
«Hospitaliers» is a volunteer organization of paramedics. It was founded by Yana Zinkevich at the beginning of hostilities in Ukraine in 2014. Then Russia annexed Crimea and started hostilities in the east of the country. The motto of our organization is "For the sake of every life." And Hospitaliers prove every day that these are not just words for us. - Medical Battalion «Hospitaliers»
According to NASA, the smooth hair and the cash was shown. Jennifer was given the prize to the 57-year-old actor Adam Sandler -
- Latio 1: 2 Bolonia. Italy. Series A. Video
ly. Series A Latio 1: 2 Bolonia Video Review of the 18-02-2024 match: (1: 0) 18′ Gustav Isaksen assistant Chiro Immobile (1: 1) 39′ Osama El-Azzuzi Assistant Giovanni Fabbian (1: (2) 78′ Joshua Zirkzi, assistant Victor Christiansen cards: 25′ Giovanni Fabbian (Prevention) 35′ Danilo Cataldi (Prevention) 46′ Osama Al-Azzuzi (Prevention) 78′ Adam Marusic (Prevention) 90’ +3 Michelle Ebisher (Prevention) More video reviews of matches [… ] Communication Latio 1: 2 Bolonia. Italy. Series A. The video first appeared on the FUTBOL PRO - - Latio 1: 2 Bolonia. Italy. Series A. Video
?? Fulham 1: 2 Aston Villa. England. Prime League. Video
England. Prime Minister Fulham 1: 2 Aston Villa Video Review of the 17-02-2024 match: (0: 1) 23′ Ollie Watkins (0: (2) 56′ Ollie Watkins Assistant Yuri Tilemans (1: (2) 63′ Rodrigo Munis Assistant Anthony Robinson Cards: 32′ John McGinn (Prevention) 74′ Alex Moreno (Prevention) 86′ Joao Palina (Prevention) 89′ Timothy Castan (Prevention) 90′ Sasha Lukić (Prevention) 90’ +3 Adam Traoré (Prevention) 90’ +4 Harry Wilson [… ] Message Fulham 1: 2 Aston Villa. England. Prime League. The video first appeared on the FUTBOL PRO - ?? Fulham 1: 2 Aston Villa. England. Prime League. Video
Supplemental Triggers Netflix, which holds the voltage to the last frame
The Video Universe of the movie has always been generous in the exciting stories that leave no interest in its viewers. A lot of people like tristers that can "tickle nerves" and capture attention from the first frames of the last ceiling. Regardless of whether you're part of a category of bright emotions and unexpected twists, or you just like to go into the exciting world of the movie, the best tristers always find their viewer. The Tep of the Netflix Triggers are these Netflix movies today at the expense of popular and high scores according to IMDb. Innoved jewelry (Uncut Genesis) Year: 2019 IMDb: 7.4 Genre: treller, drama, the terminal of "Uncharted Jewelry" is Benjamin and Joshua Sefdy's film, where the main role of the famous actor Adam Sandler. The story tells of Howard Ratner, the jeweler and the dealer of jewelry from New York, who's trying to pay off debt and solve financial problems, but he's going to go into a lot of trials because of his risk and dubious agreements. It's a different intense atmosphere, a fast movement of events and an amazing game of actors. Detected jewelry was received from critics and remains one of the most popular strippers in Netflix. Platform (The Platform) Year: 2019 IMDb: 7.0 Genre: And he's a Spanish movie that came out in 2019. This is a science-fiction treller that unfolds in the future where prisoners are held in an unusual multi-story building, through which a huge hole goes through. There's a huge food platform moving every day in this space. It falls down from the top level down, stopping on each floor for a few minutes. The prisoner on the lower levels should eat what is left after other speakers on higher levels. It studies the themes of social inequality, human nature, and survival in extreme conditions. It strikes the viewer with its intense atmosphere, its complex narrative and unexpected twists of events. Bird Crush (Bird Box) Year: 2018 IMDb: 6.6 Genre: (Laughter) The movie tells the story of the world, which includes a mysterious epidemic that spreads through visual contact and causes people to commit suicide. A major heroine made by Sandra Bullock, trying to survive with her children, avoiding contact with a mortal threat. They will leave in search of a safe place for life. "Bird cow" is an unpredictable turn to make the viewer breathe until the last minute of film. El Camino: Take the beach (El Camino: A breakout Bad Movie) Year: 2019 IMDb: 7.3 Genre: Reller, ashin, the crime of El Camino: Breaking the beach is the American 2019 film, which is the extension of the popular "Breaking shore." The director and writer of the film is Vince Gilligan, the original film creator. This film continues the story of Jesse Pinkman trying to find his place in the world after the World Series. Jesse escaped from justice and police, trying to save herself from the traps he was in because of the criminal world of drug traffickers. The devil forever (The Devil All The Time) Year: 2020 IMDb: 7.1 Genre: The psychological treller, the drama, the "Devil forever" crisis (The Devil All The Time) is an American 2020 film made by Antonio Campos in a uniform novel by Donald Ray Pollock. A movie tells a story about a large group of people in different time periods whose lives are intertwined through bloody events, faith, violence and loss. This drama treller unfolds in a small city of Ohio after World War Il. People continue to suffer against wars, and some of them are still trying to cope with psychological trauma. At the same time, crime grows in the city. A young guy named Arwin Russell gets a present for his father's birthday revolver. Soon, Arwin will understand that this weapon may be necessary because the city has dangerous events. Good nurse (The Good Night) Year: 2022 IMDb: 6.8 Genre: treller, drama, crisis, detective "good nurse" is an American film that came out in 2022, escaping a single book of Charles Gregber telling the story of Amy's single mother and Nurse Charles Callelia. He has a great reputation, a modest and responsible -- that's how they describe it. But Charles turns out to be a serial killer to the nickname "Angel of Death." The movie reveals details of his crimes, and the efforts of the investigation and Amy to apprehend and attract the killer to responsibility. Seven sisters (What Happened to Monday) Year: 2017 IMDb: 6.8 Genre: Three-year-olds are a science-fiction company of 2017 whose events are being deployed in the world, where for fighting the population of each family, only one child is allowed to have one child. The main heroine that Nomma Rapass played is not responsible for that rule, she has six twin sisters. In order to hide it from power and survive, they are one person in society. Every girl walks out on the street on her day of the week, whose name she has Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. But when one of the sisters disappears, they have to reveal a secret to save themselves and one another. The film studies the subject of totalitarian, personal identity, and the struggle for survival in the world, where it takes strict laws. Zodiac (zdiac) Year: 2007 IMDb: 7.7 Genre: So, the drama, the crisis, Detective Zodiac, is the American director of David Finch, who was released in 2007. The movie tells a story of actual events involving a serial killer known as Zodiac. He signed with his name when he sent encrypted letters to the papers and the police. The action is being deployed in San Francisco when the detective, the journalist and the swamped cartoonist are going to discover this case. It's amazing how we play the era and the realistic atmosphere, and it's also an exciting performance by Mark Ruffalo, Jake Jollenholm and Robert Downey Jr. Zodiac has been one of the most interesting things in its genre for over ten years. Snow society (Snow) Year: 2023 IMDb: 7.9 Genre: treller, an adventure of "The Snow Society" was based on the actual events that occurred in 1972. The tape was shot by Juan Antonio Bayon's director for the one-time novel by Pablo Viera, who was familiar with the real participants of those terrible events. During a plane crash in the mountains of the Ande, the surviving passengers remain with limited supplies of food and water, as well as without the possibility to contact the world. They have to unite and act together to keep life under difficult trials - Supplemental Triggers Netflix, which holds the voltage to the last frame
The minute we're bad enough to welcome the loser and why believe the author -- five books about why it is, not otherwise
Mr. Anders Ganssen. Why don't we feel bad when everything seems good? Our format, 2023 from this book can finally learn why the brain works like this, rather than why we feel, but also what to do with the negative. In his study, "Why do we feel bad when everything seems like" Anders Hansen "is a Swedish psychiatrist, author of a bestseller called" Instral "-- actually answers the" uncomfortable "question that we've been worried about a long time ago. Because really, if we have the best condition in history, why aren't we always happy? Why are almost 300 million people on the planet diagnosed with depression? We're supposed to be happy and be ashamed of life, aren't we? A small spoiler alert: Because we are biological creatures that for thousands of years didn't have to be happy to survive. And another way to think about it is that you can learn from this book that we have knowledge with evolution, neurobiology and mental practice, and tells us why the brain works like this, but why we have feelings. Moreover, not only does the author explain why we feel certain states and emotions, but also give hints about how to influence our own feelings and live better. Do not always feel happy (again, sorry, spoiler): It's unrealistic, but life is full of life. Of course, in today's Ukrainian realities it's almost impossible because we're trying to survive again, but we're necessarily going to win without any spoilers, and then we'll definitely use the author's advice. Some of which, add, are now close to reality. "Because we're designed to compare our reality to expectations, we should totally abandon the pursuit of happiness, drive the author. The brain is constantly changing our emotional state based on signals from our bodies and our environment. So stop at the "happiness" mark from the brain's perspective as unrealistic as it is to assume that one banana will rape us for the rest of our lives. We're not built that way, even if we're convinced of it. " Matthew Sostral. Point of awareness. Vawatt, 2024, I'm just like you, starting the author of this book with my confession. My brain goes to autopilot. I'm nervous. I'm disappointed. Today, my practice is to observe these experiences, remembering: I can choose how to react. " So, as a reminder of our book "Practicality" by Matthieu Sokoil, our brain is always involved in sexual immorality, we're governed by habits and instincts, and we don't even know that we're always existing on the edge of the past and the future if we should be present here right now. I mean, living in the moment is worth a moment. Why? To think freely and unorthodox, to raise your self-worth and value of other people without being able to listen to value or stereotypes. Stay balanced in difficult circumstances. Do not ignore uncomfortable emotions and feelings. Taking care of stress, anxiety, panic attacks, physical pain, addictions. And the medical practice of awareness offered by the author gives freedom to choose how to respond to everything that's going on. "Before I accepted the awareness," continues the author, "my responses ruled by instincts and habits. But the more I developed consciousness was less slaves for my rapid thought and emotion. Instead, I can intervene, press the Pause button, calm down and safely cope with stressful situations. In a sense, practice awareness brought me free will. My deepest intention is to make these practices accessible to everyone who wants a more balanced way of life. " Sandra Nansen McClusky. Huminics. The new and old approach to economic science. Wellbooks, 2024, in the Soviet Union, have tried to create not a slave colony and a prison nation, as it really was, but socialism with a human face. The interesting thing about Western capitalism was that it was just "makeup," and now we're offered to put more "humane." In particular in his book, "Huminics." New - and old - approach to economic science "by Dale Nansen McCluski" advising both the light-view rations to understand where and when the economy did lose its face to become the science of the future. Why should we trust the authors when we're talking about former socialist capitalist race? It's simple because, first of all, this is a woman who is very little of nature's guardian of the house, and in this case, you have a lot of powerful books and articles from economics and philosophy, a recognized economic and leading expert in economic history. Second, it uses real life examples to explain complex concepts of economics and other scientific disciplines. Her books and articles were well known to their obvious and accessible by writing, allowing ordinary people to understand complex theories. She was interested in the question of equality and social justice and spoke against discrimination in all forms. She was actively supporting women's rights and facilitated career development for women in science and business. So now, the car continues its intellectually playful, but severe analysis based on people, not institutions. Contrary to today's Neoinstitutional and behavioral economy, which gives you the advantage of looking at understanding, is that it defends the vision of the Dwarves based on Bart Wilson's work, Vernon Smith, and, first of all, Adam Smith. It's an economy that uses the universal understanding of human actions that goes beyond the bihaviantism. While the book is based on people who have the initial imagination of a modern state of economic theory, it's not overloaded by mathematics and it might be an interesting wide circle of readers. Like rolling your mind. The samurai handler. Monolithic-Bizz, 2023, this book will be useful for those who want to develop resilience and learn to cope with any trial, to release unused reserves, to focus on targets and to achieve them, to build harmonious relationships with others, to succeed and to be happy. So anyway, whatever you think about it, but increasing your own efficiency and success tends to be one of the people. And a collection of sarari as a procule mind called to help. Articles in a book on any independent taste. For example, the fact that the purpose is harmful, a serious attitude to life is like death, and success can be arranged. Or that selfish people in the world are much more useful for altruists who dream happiness are health and freedom. I mean, basically, you can't change the world, but you can change yourself as much as you decide yourself, because limits don't exist. They're just in your head like a frost that's not outside, and you can walk without a hat. Are you sick? All right. For example, Scott Adams calls himself the most unfortunate person in the world, and for confirmation, he puts a complete list of his subjects and life cycles that failed. And at the same time, he thinks he's happy and successful, and he's known as June 124; he loves around the world, he's going to make a man who lives, and he thinks he's going to have a few projects at the same time, and he's going to take some time to rest from 1254; hobby, how is it possible? The secret is the author's pond to failure. He believes that they are an important and mandatory element of success, and you must love them, wash them and cherish them. They change the character, they provide valuable experiences, help you get what you need, and make important decisions. Or let's say Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant are in their article "Plan B" about how to confront the trouble, to become lasting and to discover joy. Her car, losing her husband, turned to a psychologist, another author. And then what? "Adam convinced her that the main quality of the further overcoming human life is psychological resilience. Things have been going on, difficult times, lost. Does a person seem to be in a pressure situation often depend on the difficulty of what happened, but what she does right after the tragedy of the Uta, resilience is not an innate quality, but the skill that can be trained. " Maybe we should try. Halina Patouch. This is your destiny. Another page, 2024, in the new book of the Gal Puguetas, "This is your destiny" for still, much more in the philosophical scriptures of this car, you have to think on your own. And yet they are completely "folk," but magical realism in Ukrainian is still present. In particular, this book entered the "Creepy Cake" and "Lebedine," an aesthetic that had nothing to do with the symbol of the same Garakki Heracama in his metaphysical novel "1Q84," where the sun in the Paguette's narrative was two months ago. But the sun is not a month, although methane, combined with a national symbol, was beginning to bind both authors. So the narrative of the Gaul Puguetas is not as light and simple as it might appear at first. The symbolism, the metaphor, the knowledge of every word -- these are the things that hide these texts hidden under the narrative, the parable, the legend. Like this. "Cossack scouts drove their back to the sun, which was about to sit behind the horizon. One turned around and surprised to see that the sun was somehow two. One more, two less. Kozak smashed his mouth, but he drove the Elder next to him, so he didn't say anything, he didn't push over to show that miracle. I thought it might be his secret, because after they'd mentioned a lion in the ruins of a chainsaw palace, such as St. Mark's, it's hard to surprise someone. Which is true, on the face of the lion was smaller than the one they saw alive; - He escaped the beast, explained the eldest, and the winter wouldn't survive. Don't kill him because Saint Marco can get angry. " So, being a fanciful stylitic and skilled narrator, the author of this book is also fairly technical, or rightly borrowing itself in a modern literary process. Unfortunately, in "process," not in "literature," because otherwise interested in a reader, usually bold not just before historic, but to any other Ukrainian reading? To know whether or not this is the main "procedural" issue of today's culture of reading. But the author of the book moves in the right direction, successfully using the "Ukraine" story-phase-based brand, which is an interesting edge, which you can get from any modern reader - The minute we're bad enough to welcome the loser and why believe the author -- five books about why it is, not otherwise
See "Taste of passion": Thanks for watching the weekend
raditional video clip for the weekend from "Espresso." Of course, if you have this weekend. "The taste of passion in theater from the 15th February This historical melody taken by the motives of Marcel Ruff called one of the best 2023. In vain for the former Canadian festival, her director, Jan Aug Gong, got the award for a better filmmaker, and "Taste of passion" will compete for the golden statue of "Oscar" in the category "the best film of foreign language" from France. "It takes culture and memories to form taste," says the hero in the movie, "Sesar Bevel." What do you say to him? Like happiness is the desire for what you already have. In fact, in a duet with him with a fabulous and charismatic Juliette Beonche, who's in a different opportunity to say, "Strong is not one who can knock on his feet with one eye, but the one who can lift up with his knee." So the film that happens in France in 1885. For Dodee, food has always meant more than other people. He has a thin primer of fancy dishes, for over 20 years, worked by the chef named Elena, who completely responds to his apology taste. Many-year-old food has grown into both of them much more. However, the free beloved Elena once refuses to give up the offer of Dodee finally getting married. In the main years of Juliette Beonsch, Benoil Mangiel, Emmanuel Salaha, Patrick Jessusao, Galatea Bellejuji, Jan Heminger's New Image "on Apple TV + from the 14th American biographical drama TV series that his Todd A. Kessler built for Apple TV +. The movie is dedicated to the relationships of two great couches of the 20th century - Coco Chanel and Christian Diori. And, by the way, the role of Chanel is also by Juliette Beonch, and the role of Dean is Australian actor Ben Mendelson. In the series, we're talking about events during the Nazi occupation of Paris in World War Il, where Christian Diorah is driven by fashion to bring the world back to life, about his career as war and competition from Coco Chanel, not only in the world of high fashion. The first season of the series consists of 10 episodes, the first three of which came out at the same time, and others would go out once a week. In Juliette Brinsch's years, Ben Mendelson, John Malfoy, Mace Williams, Emily Mortimer, etc. "" Bob Marley: One love of theater from the 15 February B foundation of this musical drama put real events in the life of the most famous author of regga songs -- popular musical culture that emerged and developed on Jamaica -- Bob Marley. Despite the fact that this Hebrew musician who managed to gain universal recognition was not at 36 years ago in 1981 (he died of skin cancer), his music and now has a lot of followers. "His music freely flew across all parts of the world through the borders of state -- anonymous film. His sayings became popular and told from his mouth to his mouth. Bob Marley won popular singing about bright and inspired people who value freedom. Even as a result of his life, as a result of the severe wounds he got Rita's wife, he didn't scare him and made him abandon the disputed ideals. " What's interesting is that an actor who would be able to make Bob Marley's legendary act looking for a year to consider candidates all over the world. Until finally, they found the British Kingsley Ben-Ahole. Lashana Lynch, who played Marley's wife, also British. The main film shoot was in London in December of 2022. In the main years of the Kingeley Ben Astaire, James Norton, Lashana Lynch, Michael Ghandophini, "New Year 6," at Huu, from the 20 February American detective series, created by Alexi Hoyle for the "ABC" TV channel, about a man who decided to change his life. Every new season of this show, because not only did he keep in a lot of tension and a very realistic rendering of police work, but he had a lot of humor and funny situations, and the viewer was very excited. It wasn't the last way to think about it, either because the film group was able to make it not just entertainment, but also motivating. In Nathan Fellon, Allison Tolman, Richard T. Jones. Jones and in. "Madame Spider" in a movie theater from the 15 February Film With an Ez J. Clarke, who was very expected to be the fans of Spider-Man's Universe. But in its appearance, this film of Western criticism was blown to pieces by calling the worst one you could imagine. And yet, because Western media are already writing a big gap in statistics and spectators' grades, it's probably worth someone who loves these movies, but still go and look in person. The object began to develop in 2019, right after the end of the movie "Morbius." The Hand of the Web was first shown in comic books in 1980. This is a heroin movie that was approved by Dakota Johnson ("50-meter gray") on the movie screen for the first time. "The New York Cassie Webb is saving somebody's life every day, anonymous the movie. Very quickly she realized she was able to see the future. The three girls she's never met before are in danger. They all hunt down the mysterious sinister stranger. " In Dakota Johnson's years, Emma Roberts, Sidney World, Adam Scott, Isabel Mersede, Zasek Memphis - See
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