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"The Premium" by Italy's "The Antibody" by the second year of full-scale invasion
lking about it, musicians told me in Instagram. In the second anniversary of the full-scale invasion of the Prime Minister of Italy, George Melton, along with other world leaders, arrived in Kyiv by Poland. Anti-body musicians, which for seven months at the beginning of a full-scale invasion, were opening volunteers at Tero 130-Battalion's forces, met from Melon and presented her a gift. "Figuring out the occasion," Antibody "also decided to give a gift to the great second of Ukraine. An Italian player with a Ukrainian soul making -- an IMNL bottle that contains a song written by "Fort Bahumuth." Because Italian iron + Ukrainian courage = unbeatable match, "said the artists. Photo: Instagram had "Antibodies" in their words, the Reverend knows their creativity, because even the words of the song were quoted before. "President of Ukraine's visit to Italy about half a year ago," the Prime Minister of Italy, George Melon, "said that he was beginning his morning with the news of Ukraine, and he sang a song called Fortte Bahhoot," who fell in love with the festival in San Remo, and became a genuine fan of the music of the "Antibody," said, The Prime Minister has given Tooska a sign for playing the string of the hymn of Ukraine "Soul and Body," we will serve as our freedom "in Italian language: "DAREMO ANIMA E CORPO PEA NOOTRA LIBERTIONS." Photo: Instagram for "Antibody," Mrs. George gave Taras and the "Antibody" band for two years of Ukrainian resistance, "were shared" Antibody. " On Saturday, the 24th February, the former British Prime Minister and Sweden, the President of Europe, the Prime Italy, Canada and Belgium, to show their solidarity in the second year of a full-scale invasion, in February last year, the Antibody, became a special guest of the Sandomo-2023 festival in Italy, by a 20-million opening song by Fort Bathuth -
"We can turn on the USSR hymn." Like Octavian Bahale and the scandal won the first Olympic gold independent of Ukraine -- video
This is clearly 30 years ago -- 25 February 1994, the first gold medal in the history of independent Ukraine in the Olympics won the Osaan Baul figure -
Equals to win together: There was a multinational march on Krakow on the second anniversary of the RF invasion
The introduction of this will inform Ukraine's General Consulate in Krakow, and it is given that march begins with the wind at the city council. This is where the participants performed the hymn of Ukraine and the minute silence honored the easier defenders and defenders of Ukraine, the Celestial 100. Next to the present, the general consul of Ukraine has returned to Krakow Wyasivsky. He called out the Polish society and the international community to support Ukraine, an urgent support for the necessary military and amplification of sanctions against Russia and those who support it. "In the speeches also came the auditors and representatives of Ukrainian and Polish public organizations and volunteers: Teenna Goucher, Basil Heratamicek, Christian Potpeno and Gozgoc Kursky. After the time of many thousand march, we went to the streets of the city to the desert of Free Ukraine in front of the racial Consulate, "it is in a message. They also urged the international community to support Ukraine decisively on their way to win. Also, against the RFF Consulate in Poland, they put an installation on children's toys and clothes in the blood of the Discovery Children. It symbolizes the RF war, the crimes against humanity and thousands of killed and kidnapped Ukrainian children. The President of the World Congress, Paul Grod, told me that 24 February in the second anniversary of Ukraine's full invasion of Ukraine on the 7th continent, conducted over 1,000 shares in Ukraine's support - Equals to win together: There was a multinational march on Krakow on the second anniversary of the RF invasion
"Two years as Ukraine breathes the world": Western leaders to second anniversary of full-scale invasion
They wrote about it on their pages in social networks. The President of Robert Matzola's Parliament is two years easier under fire. Two years of extraordinary bravery for ordinary people. Two years as Ukraine breathes the world, "Matthew wrote. The chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz will survive because she's strong and strong and brave and because she has friends in Europe and in the world. We are proud to count ourselves to their friends -- today and in our common European future, "wrote Cheltz. The President of the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Annelen Berbek, in the second year of full-scale Berpk invasion, wrote the Ukrainian public address. "731 days of air anxiety, school lessons in the underground subway stations, destruction and death. We can't let Putin take the land of native land and freedom and stand on your side as long as you need us. As long as you can build your future in peace again, "she wrote. President of Latvia, President of Latvia, Eddard Reynolds, told us about his night in Kyiv 23 in February 2022, when he was in Ukraine as expected by the MTA, he writes "In the middle of the night, the air space closed, first over Kharkiv and some other Ukrainian cities. Then suddenly all of a sudden shut down the entire Ukrainian air space. We didn't really think about sleep anymore, everybody looked at what was going on in social media and TV, "said Ringechaz. He said that the situation in Kyiv was chaotic and complex. A lot of people just sat in their cars and went all directions out of town. It was a pretty chaotic, complicated situation, "said President of Latvia. The European Union has been together since 2004 February 2022: "It covers two years of full violent violence against Ukraine. The EU was on the side of the Ukrainian people with the tragic morning that changed Europe's history, but will not change its geography again. " The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands of Brussels, the Ministry to the second year of full-blown invasion claims that the Netherlands support will not be delayed: "The Netherlands is right next to you every step of this way." Two years into Russia's brother-in-law of # Ukaine, my message to our storm Ukainian family sample: Our sport will not branch. The Netherlands behind you all step of the way. # 24fbb2022 # StandWithUwaine / HuEDxfwEJB - Hanke Bruins Slot (@ hankeBrinsPlot) Funnel 24, 2024 Mansy Denmark made sure that the Ukrainians continue to support the struggle. The statement was given by David's video for support, including Mykolaiv Claus rebuilding. Stands with the Ukainian people and their fight for freedom and jeice???? field # 24Fb2022 # StandWithUkaine # SlavUkaini / QOtjJASnK2 - huh?????? (@ DansMFA) 124, US $24, US $12F (UPED), US $12F-12, US $12F-12, UMEM, UMV-12, US, US (UPED-12, UPED-12, US, US, UPED, US, US, US, US, US, US, UPED, US, US, UPED-24? -
Gowler, Balicki, recognized the Council's deportation and suggested the execution of the occupation, --ISW
According to this, the Institute for Study of War, with a link to Balicki's interview. According to him, Russian occupational authorities sent out a lot of families... who didn't support special military operation or "Russia, such as Russian flag, hymn or President of Russia." Ballistics tried to justify these actions that are military crime, claiming that the violent delegation of Ukrainian families was done for their own gain, because the occupational authorities would have to deal with them in a much more rigid way, otherwise other Russian citizens would have killed them. Balicky claimed that the occupational authorities gave deporated families the opportunity to leave, but deported some power, "giving them a bottle of water on the border. And they said that the occupational authorities had to make the "extremely hard decisions that he wouldn't talk about" -- analysts were skipping that Balicki was suggesting that the Russian occupational troops executed Ukrainians without trial and investigation. It means that Russia is trying to destroy French, culture, history, ethnic belonging and identity, including actions that are violating the Convention of the genocide crime and punishment for it. "Balicki's quarters of Ukrainian citizens criticizing Russian occupation, indicate that the Russian delegation of campaigns partly aims to disseminate the population of the oscillation of Ukraine by using fear and analysis." The presentation of Ukrainian children to Russia: We know that in a full-blown RF invasion, Ukraine's massive deports of Ukrainian children with occupied regions of Ukraine. They're being taken to the occupied Crime, Russia, or Belarus, which is based on healing or recreation in camps. On May 13th, 2023, the President of Vladimir Zielski on a renegade in Rome with the Prime Minister of Italy named George Melon announced that exactly known about 193.,000 children who imported the Russians. And on May 29, the Executive Authority came to an informal meeting of Rafaindo United Nations on the question of kidnapping Russian children with occupied regions of Ukraine, and told them that RFF has intentionally changed legislation to prevent Ukrainian children returning to the country, and applies to it, including forced changes to their citizens in Russian. Also, the Lusitania said that Russia does not give any data about Ukrainian deported children -- not even where they are and where they are. June 8, the United States Senate Committee has supported a resonance which is convicted of the kidnapping of Ukrainian children Russia and calls the actions of genocide occupants. Later, evidence appeared to apply to Belarus to the demolition of Ukrainian children. On June 27, the Belarusian position passed to the International Criminal Court of Justice... to the presence of war crimes... by the president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko and his community. The President of the German International Bank called the United Nations to unify efforts and force Russia to return to Ukrainian parents of their children, taken against the will of the RF during the war in Ukraine. On July 29, the British ambassador in Ukraine, Melinda Simmons announced that the Russians kidnap Ukrainian children in order to destroy the next generation of defenders in Ukraine. Then the Russian authority from the child's rights by Mary Lviv-Bellev claims that at the beginning of a full-scale invasion of Russia, "said" about 4.8 million people of Ukraine, with them over 700,000 children. November 23rd, BBC wrote that the leader of the political party "Serious Russia" 70-year-old Sergei Mironov took a daughter kidnapped from Hersus the daughter of a 10-month-old child. On December 7th, 2023, the High Council has been authorized by the Rights of Man Dmitro LubinON, reported that it is officially confirmed by the deportation of Russia of 19 to 540 Ukrainian children. The Parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe on the plenary meeting of 25 January in Strasbourg has approved a resonate agreement which is for the delegation of Ukrainian children to the RF - Gowler, Balicki, recognized the Council's deportation and suggested the execution of the occupation, --ISW
Serhiy Prytula Charitable Foundation
Prytula Foundation purchases military equipment, equipment, medical supplies and transport for the military. Another area of our work is humanitarian aid. All funds that go to the accounts of the charity organization go into the general volunteer fund of Serhiy Prytula together with money from his other accounts, from Patreon and PayPal. With all these funds, the fund purchases aid for the needs of the Ukrainian military. - Serhiy Prytula Charitable Foundation
Gain in Russia. Like our battalion won the gold in Sochi-2014 after the gun shot in Europe -- the video
December 21, exactly 10 years from the day of the triumphal winning female collection of Ukraine from Biatol in the Eastol Olympics - Gain in Russia. Like our battalion won the gold in Sochi-2014 after the gun shot in Europe -- the video
G216 February in Ukraine: Connection and Day of Ukraine's military journalist. All about the holidays
The Court of Justice of Ukraine's military journalist, and this day in Ukraine, military journalists celebrate their professional celebration. It was initiated in 2018 by the defense minister of this order. The date was not chosen by any chance; this day Dérro of the Danish military correspondent, captain of the 3rd PMS, was doing his professional and military duty. He died in February 16, 2015, in Decabilsk. He was the editor of a TV studio called Briose For Ukraine. A photo of the public sources from the beginning of AATO in the Danka and Lugan regions of military information media structures for the operating and objective intelligence of the public was carried out by active work, which was involved almost all the bodies of the leading military media, and the Day of Justice is a 16 February holiday in Ukraine. This is the Ukrainian unity Day against another aggressive act in Ukraine from Russia. Enrollment: knsu officially noted since 2022 in Ukraine. It is set in Ukraine to increase the consolidation of Ukrainian society, to strengthen its resilience in terms of increased hybridized threats, information-propaganda, moral-psychological pressure on public consciousness... according to the President of Ukraine's "Emergency measures" from February 14 2022 # 53 / 2022. On the same day, according to Vacas President of Ukraine, it is accepted to be held: To raise Ukraine's State Council to its homes and buildings in all populated measures of execution at 11.00 State Guinu, Ukraine has held foreign diplomatic institutions in the state of Ukraine, aimed at connecting and supporting Ukraine. How to celebrate Ukraine's partnership Day with 16 February on the Day, all state and housing buildings across the country can raise a Ukrainian flag. Ukrainians greet each other with a sanctuary and join the celebration in different ways. You can come to work or to study in the Ukrainian embroidery or attach blue-yellow tape to your clothes. Many parents also dress in their children's embroidered. Before the social media holiday, it's been launched last year by a flash drive. As part of this chapter, the participants had to take photos with the Ukrainian flag and use hashtag # UAAA, and then pass it to other people - G216 February in Ukraine: Connection and Day of Ukraine's military journalist. All about the holidays
the invaders hold Ukrainian prisoners in non-human conditions. This is how Russian prisoners live in Ukraine with new dining-room, medical and right to phone their family regularly. Photo report
Ukraine and growth hold thousands of prisoners in the military. The talks of freed Russian troops indicate that the conditions are brutal there, Ukrainians are regularly bribed, fed or hungry, forced to sing the hymn of stature or to watch the propaganda TV channels. Independent law protectors to Ukrainian commissioners usually do not allow, let alone journalists. Ukraine has a different approach: Honored invaders regularly visit, such as the International Committee of Red Cross. They leap into camps and press representatives who declare that the Russian prisoners in Ukraine eat well, are treated and without interference are called liquid. And some of them are so confident of their safety in Ukraine that they don't hide from reporters of their desire to return after exchange for the front. The German Hungarian journalist Christian Yellow Warg and the Spanish journalist Albert Lores were in one of the camps for military prisoners in the west of Ukraine. Here's a photo report based on what they saw there. For security reasons, we don't notice where this camp is located - the invaders hold Ukrainian prisoners in non-human conditions. This is how Russian prisoners live in Ukraine with new dining-room, medical and right to phone their family regularly. Photo report
The Russians at the hospital were asked about "biomlab" in Ukraine -- a fired defender of the World Cup
The Russians forced Ukrainian prisoners' defenders to shout "Heil Russia" and sing Russian hymn "and use them to fear and psychological pressure, and they were forced to accept Russian civil society and asked for" biolab. " - The Russians at the hospital were asked about
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