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Mr. Bassist of the legendary rega-band Bob Marley and the Warden Aston Barrett died at the age of 77
This says BBC. A musician's death told his family that Barrett went through a long medical battle. "With the heavy heart, we share the news of the death of our beloved Aston" The Barrett after a long struggle with disease, "written Barrett's son, Aston Barrett, the social network on Saturday, the third February. Help: Aston Barrett, known as "Tamily Man," was born in 1946 and raised in the capital of Jamaica, Kingston. Aston Barret, for the first time, got popular as a member of the Upsetters band, the back singer of the Pongie Lee group, Perry. In 1974, he joined Bob Marley's group. His bass party is the key in many hits of Wailers, among which I Shot the Sheriff, Get Up, Stir It Up, James, No Women, No Cry, no Cue. Barrett was the key figure in developing regi. He played almost all the Wailers albums, and also for Burning Spear, Peter Tash, and many other bands. "The boar is the heartbeat, and the bass is the spine, thought Barrett." After Bob Marley died of cancer in 1981, the Wadgers continued to speak, with numerous changes in storage and various singers that took place in Marley. In 2013, Barrett told me he had 23 daughters and 18 sons. On Thursday, 1 February, at 76 years old, Carl Weathers died, known as Apollo Creed in Rocky movies. He also took down dozens of movies and series from Hijak to the Mandarin - Mr. Bassist of the legendary rega-band Bob Marley and the Warden Aston Barrett died at the age of 77
Mayor Carl Withers, Rocky Circle Star
In the Budapest community in Kyiv, a social assistance program has been updated to the families of the victims of the military. And help also get warriors to treat
"Rocky" and "Hangul" and "Mandalorians": The actor Carl Wesers died in 76 years
That's what CNN tells us. His manager Matt Luber said the actor died peacefully in his home. The cause of death is not reported. "Carl was an exceptional man who lived an extraordinary life," says his family's application -- thanks to his contribution to film, television, art, and sports, he left an inexplicable one in all the world and in different generations. He was a beloved brother, father, grandfather, partner and friend. " At the time of listening to the role in Rocky's "Weathers" was a former football player who had never played a boxing game, and then became Apollo Creed in a fabulous movie and three of the following silkels. Being popular because of Rocky Weathers' movie, they took off in a bunch of other roles, including the fabulous battle of 1987, the Hijak with Arnold Schwartz in charge. Among the following roles is a comedy by Adam Sandler's "Happy Gilmore" and TV movies "Among the night," the show "Stalled Development" and the Consumption of Carl's fighting in the franchise of "Game History." "A real great man. Beautiful father. Beautiful actor. A big athlete. He's always been so much fun. Damn smart. Go to hell. To hell with fun. He loved his sons all over. What a man! They all loved him. My wife and I spent the best time with him every time we saw him. Love to his entire family, and Carl will always be known as a true legend, "wrote on his page in Instagram the words Adam Sandel. View this post at Instagram, the common Adam Sandler (@ adamsler) except this, quite recently, Wethers played a key role in the second plan in the "Star Wars" series of "Mandalorians," which received a nomination on "Amy" as an invasive actor in the Draney + channel as well as came out of one of the episodes. Help: Withers were born in New Orleans, playing football in San Diego, and then playing a professional level in the Oakland Rains team and in the Canadian football forest. He left football in the mid-1970s, and he started acting acting acting as two films in the genre of reverberation to his breakthrough with Rocky. Withers were married three times, he had two sons left. On Thursday, February 1, at age 64, died Mark Gustaf, co-op "Giloco del Toro." -
In 1977, a Hollywood actor named Carl Withers, the "Rocky" star and "Mandalorian"
Last 77 years, a Hollywood actor named Carl Withers, the "Rocki" star and "Mandalorian" by the American actor, Karl Weathers, the movie star "Rocky" and "Mandalorian," died at 77 years old - In 1977, a Hollywood actor named Carl Withers, the

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