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"You in Zulasac, Billecki," says: New Pasnian film
In the case of the former Office Office, the President of Serg of Pachensky came up with new details. It's about film where the official officials express their true relationship to Ukrainian defenders, particularly. Full News Text -
"The number of Ukrainians who are killed on the front," help from the Valyrian miners and the artistic reality of the military Ukraine. World Media 26 February General
not only about this, and it's not just written to the media in the morning of February 26. Zielinski called the number of the dead Ukrainian fighters in the war photos: Jujoys / AFP one of the most important themes in the last day became the President of Vladimir Zielski, where he named the number of deaths from Ukrainian military for the first time during a full-blown invasion. In particular, POLITICO says that you can compare the number in 315,000 Russian military, killed or wounded, a highly established U.S. Ministry of Defense at the beginning of this month. Numbers could not be verified independently. Its turn at CNN emphasized that the answers to Zielinski sounded at the moment that his country faces losers in the battlefield and is trying to get more help from its Western partners in the United States. So the Ukrainian leader claimed that his country is counting on the actions of Congress. "They know we need their support," said Zielinski. Journalists also say that over the entire major war, Kyiv called how many soldiers were killed, the former Secretary of Defense of Ukraine, Aleksei Rezinski, in June, claimed that he believed that many thousand Ukrainians were killed in February the same year. Two months later, Valerious Zurvant, who then was the head of Ukraine's military forces, claimed 9,000 troops were killed. American officials' estimates were killed around 17,000 soldiers and about twice as much wounded, including the Washington Post, emphasizing that "last year the numbers had increased dramatically, because Ukraine fought against Russian troops, and several battles came into a stalemate." The whales carefully guard the victims, not to blow up the moral spirit of society, and the numbers given by the Greenlands on Sunday, cannot be verified independently, the president also argued that Russia had suffered 500,000 casualties, including 180 thousand military casualties killed in battle. "The published Pentagon document," completely secret "from 21 February 2023, included the military casualties during the war, according to US official personnel, was killed from 15500 to 17,000 Ukrainian military, and from 106.500 to 110 500 had been wounded. The same score was killed from 35,000 to 42 Russian soldiers and from 150 500 to 177,000 were wounded. Ukraine is faced with pressure to get new soldiers and to allow others exhausted after the intense fights, demoblisation. Thousands of resists have been made to the proposed parliament on mobilization law, and are now checking to determine the military that were mobilized, but have not yet served on the front. Also, the media says that in the conversation with journalists in the corner of the military intelligence conference, Cyril Budans confirmed that a small number of Ukrainian military remains in Avogadro's previous weekend retreat, but tried to report that the total number goes to hundreds or hundreds of thousands of troops. Help from 1984 Photo: A team of miners from South Wales / BBC published text under the heading "War in Ukraine: The Welsh miners in the country to repay for helping 1984. " They tell the story of the Ukrainian Ministers of Basil Yavaria, who sacrificed his salary to an insurance worker in 1984. Now the Vallians have decided to give up on a man. Citizens of Wales, who suffered from the miners' strike in the 1980s, had a very important support from the former Soviet Union and from all over the world, two years after the invasion of Russian troops, the convoy has provided such support for the miners who are at war on the forefront. In Ukraine, it's hundreds now, unless thousands of miners fight the war ahead of Russia. Wayne Thomas, who organised the trip, said, "Never forget" about supporting Ukrainian miners during the strike. "I was one of those who executed 40 years ago. I was a young man, I had a wife and child, "said the head of the National Anti-Commonwealth at South Wales Thomas. In 1984, the miners from around the world, including Ukraine, Germany, Italy, came to Britain to support strike, one of whom affected their visit to Great Britain, was Michael Wolin, now the president of the independent peace of Ukraine's miners, who greeted the Uel convoy in Kyiv. He said that talking to British miners about their struggle during visiting in the mid-1980s made him understand that he was "living in a country without truth." He succeeded in 1989 leading the strike over a million miners in the Soviet Union before the collapse of the Soviet Union. "We appreciate you standing with us, we're grateful, because you're miners, brave people who are not afraid to come to a country where you can lose your life," he added. Art that represents war in Ukraine in Photo: A 20-day-old film clock in Maruld Director Mossebe Churchill At The Guardian published a column called "Art shows surreal reality in military Ukraine as it has never been possible to make news." The company says that Russia aggression is an event of an amazing scale in every individual person's life in Ukraine, and also in other countries's lives, and war is not just on the front, but also in homes and hearts, and people have to abandon things like love or children's school buildings. "What we don't see in the headlines, is this talk at the kitchen table -- seven people are discussing, for example, how much fuel they need, if they suddenly have to run to Warsaw," said the Doctor of the pulpit in Ukrainian and East European culture of Wille Black, to get close to the feeling and facade of the war that she lives behind the line -- and behind the incoming door -- you have to go to the creativity of Ukrainian artists, writers, strivers and filmmakers. The author draws an example of "The Girl Death" by "Take the garbage, Sasha." In 2014, the story tells us about the family that is experiencing death in Dongbar Sish -- father and man. The play begins after his death, and then the ghost of the man begins to speak on the wall, and then the ghost of the man begins to speak. "The British author of Dharrah Levi once described that the human reality is not just about the world's external, but is about the way of our own, and our own history, and our own, but also about the story, and our own, and our own. Last year there was a new turn in the Ukrainian theater. Some dramaturges used comedy in their creativity, some fantasy forms, some even form of science fiction. The playfulness of Oxna Gricico told me that it writes a piece about the overthrown Pushkin's monuments coming back alive to join the Russian army. When life turns upside down on their feet, surreal and metaphor can be the only way to express it. Such a wonderful situation: It is a means to express how violence explodes with meaning; The way it hits and unfolds the sequence of stories of individual people's lives. It reminds me of a Colombian and the Avenge of Churchill, who puts the viewer right into a crowded city -
"We will win": Valerious Zulu has returned to Ukrainians
Former chairman of the Council of Valerious, returned to Ukrainians. "Iron General" said an opportunity for the anniversary of a full-blown Russian invasion. Full News Text -
The obvious statement of Syrian and Zaporin is "News Time: Summary "(Video)
The researchers developed 3D printing technique of multi-dynamic colors with one ink. Engineers at the University of Illinois at Urban Champin and Beckman Institute have developed a 3D print method to create different colors about & # 8217; With one ink. In terms of ultraviolet oil, oil polymers change color in print process. Traditional colors come out when using chemical light & # 8230; The Engineers' article developed a color 3D print that works like a chameleon originally on curiosity - The obvious statement of Syrian and Zaporin is
Volunteer initiatives of Natalia Yusupova

Nataliya Yusupova, a well-known volunteer and public figure, has been cooperating with the Main Military Hospital of Ukraine since 2014.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation in 2022, it has been conducting regular fundraisers to help the Armed Forces purchase the most necessary equipment that brings our victory closer and saves the lives of our soldiers.

More information about Natalia:,

We ask the community to help and raise funds for the Ukrainian Armed Forces: - Volunteer initiatives of Natalia Yusupova
he's a hero anyway, - Zielinski replied why he fired Zulasac
Commander of the Council's military leadership and the release of Zuraski is overloading, rebuilding, and updating command management. However, moving to management doesn't mean that it's going to change the course of action. Full News Text - he's a hero anyway, - Zielinski replied why he fired Zulasac
Mr. Rourke had a lot of video spread out from Valerious Conjury and called for assistance to Ukraine
Deputy Mr. Mickey Rourke published a tape from an exterminator named ZSU Valerious Concert. He's got a general signing on it. Full News Text - Mr. Rourke had a lot of video spread out from Valerious Conjury and called for assistance to Ukraine
MS TN News online: 12: 1,21 February. Near the border, hit by the RF fighter and hit on Kramatarsk
Ukrainian news and world status 12: 00, February 21, 2024, visit TAN specifically for YouTube viewers: - Seventh in seven days Russian prosecutor will never fly - where the Ukrainian Polish border intercepts can be passed today - the DASS of the DPU, Andrew Demenco, with the latest news - will sentence in Poland a tractor who called Putin to to investigate Ukraine - Ukraine is ready to cooperate with the economic requirements of Polish aviation. The meeting of the government is scheduled today, says the deputy of Taras High Law as an interview by the TSN - the Ruchaic Tribunal. People suffered. Part of town without water, the Arthur Kozenko Basketeer died at the hospital. The German police are looking for witnesses of the assassination of Ukrainian athletes, the Conversion of Greenski and Zuranian have spent years in Silicon -- investigating The Washington Post -- another execution of Ukrainian military prisoners. Where did that happen? The longest word in Ukrainian! - MS TN News online: 12: 1,21 February. Near the border, hit by the RF fighter and hit on Kramatarsk
Hope Maesiwa met with Valerious Salesman and his wife: touching photo
Pope Vihome, the leader of Hope Mageiva spread a photograph of an exterminator of the Council Valerious and his wife Olen. Full News Text - Hope Maesiwa met with Valerious Salesman and his wife: touching photo
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