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Paredes can go to Latio
Leandro Paredes, who left Youth this year, may return to Italy. According to a well-known insider, Janluki Di Marzio, Lazio is interested in this paralegal. PSW is prepared to sell the Argentinean at a relatively low price, given that his contract expires in 2024. The footballer's salary is 5 million euros a year. Previously, Paredes was in favour of Roma with [… ] Paredes' message can go to “ Latio” They're starting with the FUTBOL PRO - Paredes can go to Latio
"Latio's human rights defender noted a very rude statement about Roma."
Louis Alberto's "Latio" playmaker decided not to choose the words by commenting on the outcome of Derby della Capitale. The Eagles defeated their main historical rival, Romu (1: 0. "What can I say? We're fucking and Rom. They kept talking about the derby before the game, and now they need to shut up. Roma wasn't gonna play football. They only came to the derby to provoke us. ] "Latzio"'s message was noted by a very rude statement about Roma first appeared on the FUTBOL PRO -
Latio 1: 0 Roma. Italy. Series A. Video
ly. Series A Latio 1: 0 Roma Video Review of the 19-03-2023 match: (1: 0) 65′ Mattia Zackanya Cards: 8′ Roger Ibanez (Prevention) 25′ Luis Alberto (Prevention) 32′ Roger Ibanez (Red, Second Warning) 71′ Brian Kristante (Prevention) 80′ Janluca Mancini (Prevention) 90’ +2 Tom Basic (Prevention) 90’ +7 Adam Marusic (Red) 90’ +7 Brian Kristante (Red Red) More video reviews [… ] Communication Latio 1: 0 Roma. Italy. Series A. The video first appeared on the FUTBOL PRO - Latio 1: 0 Roma. Italy. Series A. Video
Friday 23 February




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