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"She wants to see normal life": World olin told me about the grandmother who stayed in Odessa
"The Ukrainian tensioner" which comes from Odessa, "told us about the families left in Ukraine. In particular she remembered her grandmother. Full News Text -
Medical Battalion «Hospitaliers»
«Hospitaliers» is a volunteer organization of paramedics. It was founded by Yana Zinkevich at the beginning of hostilities in Ukraine in 2014. Then Russia annexed Crimea and started hostilities in the east of the country. The motto of our organization is "For the sake of every life." And Hospitaliers prove every day that these are not just words for us. - Medical Battalion «Hospitaliers»
Rating: Spherolina has risen to 17
"The First missile in Ukraine" has shown progress in the updated series of the Women's Tennis Association (WPA) rankings. The three leaders of the temple - Rating: Spherolina has risen to 17
Ukraine's World Bank is approaching the top 15 world tennis rankings
"The First missile" in Ukraine by the third circle in Dubai has risen to the 17th place in the World Jam (+ 3 steps) - Ukraine's World Bank is approaching the top 15 world tennis rankings
Over 30 world stars have returned to Ukrainians with said support
This tells UNITED 24. To Ukrainians, according to support, were addressed to the team of Imagon Dragons, leader U2 Bono, Lauri Yolen, and musicians Brad Paisley, Oliver Sykes; The actresses, Katherine Winner, Ivan Sachino, Gabrielle Cartels, Kathryn Denis, Glyra Swank, Emma Thompson, and Mystery actors, Robert Nico, Mark Strong, Pierre Rérisen, Viggo Mortensen, Liviv Schraybert, Mark Hermit, Jared Patyky, Steven Frye. The video was recorded by the Berer-Larry and Francis Fuumu, the entrepreneur Richard Branson, the astronaut of Scott Kelly, the Duchess of York, the founder of WCK Jose Andreres, the Nobel Prize member of Paul Nubs, and the director of Agnes Holland, Michelle Arenchus. Words of support and love for Ukraine have expressed our stars to global sports and ambasadores of UNITED 24: President of UF Andrew Schvenenko, a tennis player for the world, by the boxing of Alexander Usik, a football player named Alexander Zinenko, "Thank you everyone who was with Ukraine for these two years. Thank everyone who stays with us, "says UNITED 24 - Over 30 world stars have returned to Ukrainians with said support
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