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business worth selling the state through Prozoro during the war

The government has made it very easy for entrepreneurs to buy it. How does that work and what most frequently buys the state?

Environment Unit: Why Ukraine failed in a field where we thought we were successful

The European Commission has underestimated Ukraine, or Cabmine has no right to understand what it is that it is necessary to impart the environment policy

Did the end of the gas crisis in Europe happen?

Олександр Мартиненко, голова департаменту корпоративного аналізу групи ICU - Did the end of the gas crisis in Europe happen?

The first asset confiscation in the United States for Ukraine: a signal for the world

On the right-hand side, Malaweva may be the first case, when the money is confiscated into Russian military aggression, will be turned to Ukraine

Key facts and figures 11 / 10 / 05 12: 55 Page 38 Ukraine's new economic strategy

In the meantime, there is a political discussion about participation negotiations, and we are working on Ukraine's economic integration and the EU

"Construction" involve donations overseas, not in Ukraine. And that's why

My name is Natalia Onipco, and I am the founder and president of the Potions Foundation since 2007. In 16 years, our foundation has increased the budget of 50,000 euros per year to 2.5 million. In my first column on the Silk Side, I'm going to tell you why, in principle, it's important for us to collaborate with foreign partners and why it's extremely [# 8230; ] The post "Conqueror" adds funds abroad, not in Ukraine. And that's why happened first on Shoo -

We're told: "Humanity is not in time." What if not now?

Do we have a nearly year full-time war? And over that time, we've been through a lot of trials and have changed a lot. We became volunteers who were collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars, we became heroes that are taking risks and giving their lives for the rest of us, and we took arms and threw our jobs to protect Ukraine, we became a ferocious Rugosco [# 82330;) ] The pose we're told: "Humanity is not in time." And when if not now? - We're told:

OWN Rebirth

The pre-training processes have ended in mid-1928. But it was only the beginning of the next year. He was on January 28th -- three February in one of the Vienna hotels on Canta Street

digital experts - Ukrainian solutions for the civilized world

The introduction is often seen in Ukrainian media and civil media organizations as a retraction of fairies and hostile outlaws. It's definitely an important job, and we're also doing it in public and non-public areas

How do we prevent the Russians at 2024 Olympics?

The Russians and the trucks want to go back to the world sport. After the year of war, after many thousand human victims, after wiped out the face of cities and villages, after crimes in the Bush, the Kramatarski, Issui, Hersons, Dniepi

Paperwork in Poland: benefits, gains, substones

What professions are most tortured in Poland and how do the transitions from Ukraine get a job in another country?

What results are we approaching?

On June 17th, 2022, the European Commission has confirmed our rights to be worthy of the candidate country to join the European Court. This is the right we have fought for years and especially bloody 2022. But we got this status given that we're going to start moving towards the reform that the European family needs

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