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These news items are translated using machine learning and machine translation technologies. We apologize for any inaccuracies or errors in the text. Switch to the Ukrainian language to read the news in the original.

online How Office works and support changes in the Minnesota system

The officer's support for change was set up in April as a playground to launch performance solutions in the Ministry of Defense. Under the mission of the Defense Minister, we form the most professional teams, like civilians and military teams

Charitable Foundation «Come Back Alive»

The "Come Back Alive" Foundation is close to the Ukrainian military. The front line of the Russian-Ukrainian war is not only the front. It is where the war for Ukraine is going on. In hospitals, in warehouses, landfills, in mass media, in offices. We supply and repair equipment, train soldiers and officers, help transform the Armed Forces, provide first-hand accounts of war and stem the flow of propaganda and disinformation. Provides the Ukrainian army with the most important tactical advantage. - Charitable Foundation «Come Back Alive»

Nick War Spews. Russia increases the budget of war and Ukraine plans to raise arms production

The last week (September 25th - 1st) in Ukraine has annexed the creation of an Alliance for weapons production. Silicon does not refuse the imperialist aspirations and threatens to take over new territory. For this aggression, we plan to put more than a third of the federal budget into war

See what the wounded veterans face in institutions and how to fix it

See the instructions that will be transferred to the stelanders responsible for providing services to armed warriors and veterans

The second time a child is diagnosed with a neurological diagnosis: As well as where to get medical care

The Great War has brought many battles to Ukrainians. And for a family with heavy, painful children, it's double trauma: What could be more terrifying than hearing the severe diagnosis of your child during the war?

Enter more problems: which means to exclude Ukraine's support from the US budget

Did the U.S. Congress approve of a temporary budget without mentioning helping Ukraine? No. But is this the beginning of the end for us? Not either

Ukraine needs a view of the oil fund in Ukraine

The recent rankings and studies in charities stimulate a new discussion about the role of a public sector in strengthening the resilience of the state

Do you really have voices in Parliament to ban the mosquito church?

The introduction of every week of the SBU shows the new facts of cooperation with the VC MP, who keep arms blind, spread the forbidden literature, pray for Puttin, are lists of patriots, and pass them to the occupants, have the RF reward, and work undercover in rows. It seems like what other facts do you need to permanently ban this Flash thing? The historic mission of the current Parliament is to stop the ideological organization in Ukraine

Sync-by-rocket attack: Why should Ukraine accept responsibility for the attack in Poland

The EESC-Siriello interviewed the world, whether the Ukrainian citizens continue to support Ukraine and how effective the RF propaganda in the West is now

Ukraine's financial funding has been paid by the United States of the War: new query wave results

The Russian dictator Vladimir Putin signed the Law on setting the remembering date of September 30 - "The Day of Reconnecting" RF with the four Ukrainian areas. Source: Russian Internet link to document posted on Thursday on official'license port 'of Details: According to an explanation, September 30, 2022 will enter into the new history

We need to think about returning home to our warriors now

The Treaty of Bahmurth (writing) Source: The head of the East Ewl Authority is on the national telecommporarian direct language: "The experimenter continues to fire the artillery arrows along the entire line of collision in the line of responsibility for the Eastern Group

Is it going to be $1.8 billion? Cratherbank's case is back in court

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister announced that more than 165 companies from around the world will be held in Kyiv shortly. Source: Interfax-Ukraine experiment and X (Twitter) Direct language: "In a few days we spend in Kyiv the Forum of Defense Force

important to know exactly how much it costs to break down the house

North of Tokmak's occupied city in Zaporozhye, they set up a new stable neighborhood. Source: A report of the Mayor of Melatfields by John Felicus Direct Language: "The Russians continue construction of reinforcements in Zaporozhye

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