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Mark Musdrick played his first final for "Chelsea," RFF was finally kicked out of the car, and the shoulder-off LR was picked up. World sport news in a week
Chelsea and Liverpool were playing the finale of the 25th English League Cup and the Liverpool played the first English football trophy of 2024. They met at the finals of the League Cup in London at the Webley, and for Michael Murdrick, it was the first finale to show London for 100 million euros in January of 2023. The Ukrainian started a match in the west and came out for only 90 minutes when running through the end of the main meeting time. The Liverpool ripped out a victory for 118 minutes when the inevitable series of post-taggers appeared. The target hit Virgil Van Dyke. Jurgen Kupp team won 1: Zero and gained his first title today's season. Michael Mudrick lost his first ending at Chelsea. The second one, with eight titles, is Manchester City. The Chelsea has five of these wins. The Getty Images 23 February Army Court rejected the Russian Olympic Parliament's appeal to the decision of the IRF membership in the organization. CCS concluded that the International Olympic Committee did not violate the principles of legitimacy, equality, predictability, where the European Parliament was rejected. The Bank stopped the Russian membership because they included in the EFF membership of temporarily qualified settlers. And they ended up with the World War II comic books, the LNP, and the mysterious parts of the Gersons and the Zaporizan area. The CAS solution at the same time is not going to affect the RF-2024 PEARS. After the decision of the MIK, they can compete in a neutral status competition. Four first match 1 / 8 LT. "An actor" won Atlecako "with account 1: 0. Milan owned 79th minutes. After the impact, Laura Martínínec was able to do "Atlanco" by Jan Square, but the first thing to do was to get Marco Artowicz to put the ball into the marchore net. 1. Aendlewt has a 24-minute turnout by Dongnoel Manen. The VAT was played shortly after the break when Luke de Yong was able to introduce the letter "Barcelona" and the Italian "Naza" was also presented with a unified 1: 1. In Naples, the Barcelona launched Robert Levdowski for 60 minutes. "Field" has been played for 75 minutes by Victor Orochen. "" Port "has won" Arsenal "with account 1: 0. In Portugal, the English football player Alexander Zinenko did not enter a London match for injury. "The Port" has won the British for a busy time, the goal was to hit Galen, rematch at Barcelona's "Nusa" and "Arseal" is to be rebuilt on March 12. "Atlactic" - "Inter" and "Borusia" - "PB" refers to a quarter of the finalists of the 13th of March. "The participants were defined as 1 / 8 of the League of Europe and the League of Anatolia Trubin, Photo: The Getty Images 22 February have repeated matches of 1 / 16 European League finals. The main sension created asseryjan Carabak, which passed Portuguese Brag. "Karachi" in the first game wins 4: 2, but remeetings have entered their field 0: 2. In the extra time, the anarchists in the minority won 2: The first one came out to 1 / 8 of the finals, and the surprise happened in Prague, where the "Sparta" broke the big Turkish "Galatasaai" 4: 1. Fascarate was considered to be Stamble, who won the first game 3: 2. However, in Czech's 68 minutes of account 1: They were left in the minority and they were left three times, and they were in the most stable confrontation with this phase of Lian Rama and the Dutch "Feminine" and both match: 1. Who would go further into Rome in a series of postprints that were better at making owners, and by 1 / 8 of the finals also came out of Portuguese Bengkka, which protects Anatolia Trubin. The first game has won French Toulouse 2: 1 and preferred remeeting -0: As Ukraine's final representative of the Eurotopus has stopped fighting. After any 2: The first game 1 / 16 The Shahtar lost the Marseilles in France at the same time 1: Three came out of the tournament. 23 February for the sum of 1 / 8 of Marseilles, the competition got to Spanish "Vistrell." The Bank will meet with the Scottish Rangers, in the League of the Conference, a surprise created by the "Dionmo" who beat the Spanish Beta. Horvath won in Seville 1: 0, and preferred in Zagreb - 1: One: unexpected problem facing "Ajax" which fails today season and in the Netherlands Championship goes only drunk. At Lue he was unable to replay Norwegian "is going to be Glimt" - 2: 2. The main time of the second meeting also ended - 1: 1. The Umsterians only added the opponent to their backs - 1: At 1 / 8, the final before Ajax is going to be a much more complicated task -- he'll meet with the English "Aston Wille." The Basster decided to release the main coach of Tuchle Thomas Thhal, Photo: Getty Images 21 February German football club "The Balloon" announced that after the end of the current season, a contract with Thomas Tuchlem's chief trainer. The Munich club made a deal with Thomas Tuchleum about the prehensive ending of cooperation after the end of the current season, although the deal was calculated until the summer of 2025. Last season, an expert led the Mumenki to win the Battle of Bundelia, and the future of Tehel's release was declared after three minutes of Bavaria, which was "Bavaria" (0: 3) and Bohum (2: 3) in the German championship and lost Italian "Lasao" (0: 1) in the first match is 1 / 8 of the League of champions. Only after that, the "Basket" interrupted a terrible series and won the Battle of Leipzig "- 2: 1. In Munich, they go to the other countries' Championship and turn away from the leader, "Bauer" by eight points. On top of that, they flew off the German Cup of Sararbricku from the third division, 50 years old Thomas Tuhl also trained German "Augsburg," Mainz, "Borercia" from Dortmund and French PSD. From 2021 to 2023, led by Chelsea, with whom on the first season in the London Club won the League of champions. Original author of the winner of the CC-1990 Andreas Brem, Photo: Getty Images 20 February died the former German national football player Andreas Brem. He was 63 years old, and he played the left defense and the half defender. At the club level, he was speaking for German "Batherman," "Kaiser Gardens," "Barmbeck-Wallerhurst," "Sarbruckken," Spanish "Sarajos" and "Inter." With "The Curtain" and "Kaiser Breins won the German Championship," Kubby and Superman, along with the Muyanghandos to the finale finale of Europe. The German won the Seriah, the Supercube of Italy and the USFA Cup. In the Sargos warehouse, he became the hairy Spanish Cup. In 1990, André Brem became the world's champion in a collection Germany. In the finals against Argentina, he struck with a pungent winning goal. Along with the national team also was a XS-1986 finalist and Euro-1992. Alves's data has been sentenced to 4.5 years for the rape of the data of Allah, Photo: The Getty Images 22 February of the former Barcelona football player and the Brazilian data collection of Alves sentenced to four and a half years in rape. In January of 2023, a woman wrote to a police officer who accused him of sexual assault in one of Barcelona's night clubs. The court in Spain sent a Brazilian in custody with no bail. Aloz's data gave up the charges and announced that sexual act was supposedly followed by mutual consent. The court took his sentence in 4.5 years in prison. The Brazilian also has to pay $150,000 to the victim. The 40-year-old Alges data in 2008-2016 and 2021-2022 spoke for Barcelona. He also played the Spanish "Seville," Italian "Yustus," French PSD and Brazilian "San Paulo." The last club of Alves was a Mexican Flame who broke up with him because he was raped in January of 2023. In total, he won 43 titles and goes for their number as the archgenite of Liοnel Massey, with 44 trophies - Mark Musdrick played his first final for
"Beel" after three seconds of failure decided to get rid of the coach
According to the Bavaria website, the Munich club has arranged a deal with Thomas Tuchlem about cutting off the contract after the end of the current season. The deal was calculated until the summer of 2025, and Toulal is training "The cook" since March 2023 when he replaced the main coach Julian Nagasman. Last season, an expert has led him to win the Battle of Boudezhsky. 3) and Bohum (2: 3) in the German championship and lost Italian "Lasao" (0: 1) in the first match is 1 / 8 of the League of champions. In Munich, the others go to the Bundeles and turn away from the leader, "Bauer" -- eight points. In addition, they flew off the German Cup of Sararbricken from the third division, who is Thomas Tugel 50-year-old Toulle trained German "Augsburg," "Mainz," "" Borusia "from Dortmund and French PSD. From 2021 to 2023, he led the English "Chelsea" with whom he won the League of champions on the first season of London Club -
You know what? The match results of the 20 Mondehoids tour
The German Battle of Mondehows, "The Treaty of Germany, the Battle of Mondecharg20, 3rd February Babel, War 3: 1 (1: 1) Goly: 0: 1 - 35 Elven, 1: 1 - 45 Pavel, 2: 1 - 70 Kane, 3: 1 - 86 De LigtBoham - Augsburg 1: 1 (1: 0) Goly: 1: 0 - 33 Bros - You know what? The match results of the 20 Mondehoids tour
"Basel" in the result match "Augsburg."
English Muunchenese "Badiba" returns from the head of the Boundezhen "Bayer" by 2 points -
Written by Fiasco and the hero Noiser in the Augsburg video view - Baspool - 2: 3
Marc Babel held a victory over Augsburg (3: Two, in the 1900s of the Battle of the Mondehoids. Look at the video of the heads and view the game on Football 24, - Written by Fiasco and the hero Noiser in the Augsburg video view - Baspool - 2: 3
Medical Battalion «Hospitaliers»
«Hospitaliers» is a volunteer organization of paramedics. It was founded by Yana Zinkevich at the beginning of hostilities in Ukraine in 2014. Then Russia annexed Crimea and started hostilities in the east of the country. The motto of our organization is "For the sake of every life." And Hospitaliers prove every day that these are not just words for us. - Medical Battalion «Hospitaliers»
Phillip Schutgarth took care of Leipzig, the cook beat Augsburg: the results of 19 Mondehoids
The Treaty of Tilsit (2008) 3 (0: 2) Goly: 0: 1 - 23 Pavel, 0: 2 - 45 + 5 Davis, 1: 2 - 52 Demirowicz, 1: 3 - 58 Kane, 2: 3 - 90 + 4 Demirowicz (available) Verder - Fraiburg 3: 1 ( - Phillip Schutgarth took care of Leipzig, the cook beat Augsburg: the results of 19 Mondehoids
Mr. Bauer plays with the War M, the cook will meet with Augsburg: the Battle match schedule
Today, on January 26th, there will be 6 matches of the 191st German Battle of the 19th Budenworynevich. Schedule of the Battle of the 19th century: 16: 30 Augsburg - Baby16: 30 Verder - Fryburg 16: 30 Goffenheim, Geidenomm 16: 30 Volfsburg - Green16: 30 Skutgart - RB Leipzig - Mr. Bauer plays with the War M, the cook will meet with Augsburg: the Battle match schedule

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