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16-year-old Ukrainian fetish woman won the national championship of Europe
The first award for the European World Cup was won at the World Cup among cadets and youth. The gold reward in personal cadaver competitions was received by 16-year-old Ukrainian, Anna Maximico, who in the final was defeated in the Spanish series by Lucia Abaho Salsa - 16-year-old Ukrainian fetish woman won the national championship of Europe
Spanish press: Lununa's having trouble communicating with Real
"Real" by Ukraine. Now, Relevo's statement says that our shimmerper in the locker room is mostly silent and is not really joking at all. Tells Football the newspaper. But the Spanish emphasizes that even though it's Lenin using "Real" a lot of respect. Are you curious about football? - Spanish press: Lununa's having trouble communicating with Real
Southern Ukraine Sugar repeated a personal record on Austrian Open and came out on the third round
The Ukrainian tennis player, Lisa Zsurenko, in the second round, has won the Spanish Rebekah Masarov in two sessions. Source: Share Details: Sugar was one of four Ukrainians who went to the second round of the Public Australia Championship - Southern Ukraine Sugar repeated a personal record on Austrian Open and came out on the third round
Audio Austral Open: The Ukraine countries, Jstramsk, Kostrzewa, and Tsurenka, have entered the second circle
According to the TV Express, 1 / 64 the final Gand Salm tournament in Melbourne was won by four Ukrainians. Elina Zololin, who was in global ranking 23, played by the Tyrell Preston (201) - 6: 2, 6: 2. Dājavńsk (93) was extremely defeated by this missile of the world, and by the end of the Wimbledon Marketus of Bohemia 6: 1, 6: 2. Martha's suit was an American named Claire Le (99) - 6: 3, 4: 6.6: 1. And it turned out to be more powerful than the name of Louis Bronze (56) - 3: 6.7: 5.6: 3. Another three Ukrainian tennis guys stopped fighting Australia after the first circle of the main round. 2, 2: 6.4: 6. Angeline Canon (28) lost the Dutch Ros (56) - 1: 6.0: 6. The Granted Tournament of the Grand Salm Julius Starnecva (152) failed from the Battle of Tunisia - 3: 6.1: Six. With whom Ukrainians play 1 / 32 the Asterian Open in the second round, the World Bank of Tonya (70) will play against the Bulgarians. The Zambian will meet with the Guard of the Grenade of France (39). A special suit will become a Belshaist named Heist Mertense (28). A game with the Spanish Rebecca Masrova (94). 1 circle of January 14-15 (Ukraine) - Taiwan Preston (Australia) - 6: 2, 6: 2 Danish Ystamsky (Ukraine) - Marketka Vanderronzva (Czech) - 6: 1, 6: March 2 (Ukraine) - Claire Le (USA) - 6: 3, 4: 6.6: 1 Leko Zendonko (Ukraine) - Lucia Bronzetti (Italy) - 3: 6.7: 5.6: 3 Dar "I Snowingere (Ukraine) - Arencia Parks (USA) -6: 2, 2: 6.4: 6 Angeline Calenno (Ukraine) - Arranta Rice (Netherlands) -1: 6.0: 6 Julia Starupsk (Ukraine) - Vince Jeber (Tunisia) - 3: 6.1: On the open training of Australia, the first time seven Ukrainian tennis players played - Audio Austral Open: The Ukraine countries, Jstramsk, Kostrzewa, and Tsurenka, have entered the second circle
Volunteer initiatives of Natalia Yusupova

Nataliya Yusupova, a well-known volunteer and public figure, has been cooperating with the Main Military Hospital of Ukraine since 2014.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation in 2022, it has been conducting regular fundraisers to help the Armed Forces purchase the most necessary equipment that brings our victory closer and saves the lives of our soldiers.

More information about Natalia:,

We ask the community to help and raise funds for the Ukrainian Armed Forces: - Volunteer initiatives of Natalia Yusupova
Ukraine has lost Brazil in the beginning of CC since the handball
According to the .T.V express, the clone has won a Brazilian victory with a score of 35: Twenty. The countries have given up at both times, and let's note that our team has been waiting for CE for the first time in 14 years, and the Brazilian has won the tournament in 2013. Ukraine's competition is Brazil, Spain and Kazakhstan, and in order to complete the main group, our team must be in the three top command of its quartets. In the second presentation, the CPS of Ukraine will meet the Spanish, the fight will pass on December 1st. The World Cup of the handball (Women) previous round 1 tour. G29th of November Brazil - Ukraine 35: 20 years in summer, Russia was taken away by the rights of the women's World Cup from the handball - Ukraine has lost Brazil in the beginning of CC since the handball
Keywords: a family tower that brought Shawkowski to
The English football team celebrated the talents of Andriy Shevchenko and Sergio Rebrova. Diuna's movie was playing at a group stage in the League of champions every year, a collection match gathered full stages, but there was no way our team could win the World Cup. The yellow ones were constantly stopping at the stock track. A new coach -- new hopes after several collections of Ukraine were predicted by a foreign specialist. But in September 2003, he led the legendary Oleg Flea. In the representation of this, he seeded supporters saying that he came into a collection to lead them to C-2006 in the first place. A lot of people laughed, Flea, of course, is a legend, but in the job of Ukrainians, we have reached the bronze medals of the World of the Turks, the Greeks and the mighty Denmark, and here also the first six match with Flea cannot win. However, a collection of mutiny in 2006, in Germany, the Zochin's paint was lost at a crazy speed. As the coach promised, our team first entered the finale and made it out of one place. The priest reported Ukraine in a group with Spain, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia. The fans believed that with that source we had to go to the tribe-of-the-off, thousands of Ukrainians came to Germany to support their collection. The first pancake -- glossy 14th of June 2006, the Ukrainian debutted at the World Cup against the pharaohs -- a Spanish explosion. Raul. The drone turned out to be a leech -- the stars of the Spanish beat down the Silk Road. The pattern became a cold-yellow shower. After I started playing from Flea, everybody got enough. But playing against Saudi Arabia was the world's first victory for Ukrainians. We have caught our curses, and they have put on all the tastes -- 4: 0. It was much harder with Tunisia -- the opponent didn't seem to be fighting. The game was tough, and it did the result, as well as the leader of the collection, Andrew Shuschenko. He earned the penalty that he invented. Minimum victory has guaranteed Ukraine to exit at 1 / 8 of the finals. We were expected by Switzerland, who won his group by defeating France, and the crazy series of historical victories both played very carefully, even though they hit the gate carcass. Everything decided a fantastic series of propane. I mean, the tension doesn't hold an iron man like Flea. The first shot of Ukrainians was trusted by the leader, the Chevy, but he was hit by a Swiss cat. Millions of painkillers felt and thought, If a leader bowed down, that means a wreck. But the case was taken by Alexander Shavkowski -- his nerves were old that night -- the psychobology of the winner of SSho was passed to the partners. After his first reflection, the penalty for the ball came to Arthus Milewski. "The hardest thing was to go to the gate. The stadium makes it sound like it's going 10 miles to the ball. What were you thinking while you left? Whatever it is to screw up. Why did you do that? Well, I thought a thief wouldn't think a young kid would fight like that. It's going to jump away anyway. " Milisowski scored a famous wife then, and Associates Arteetejoys would joke after a fight that would tear him apart if he hadn't hit him. Milissky's praise is hoarding the Swiss, and Shawkowski is becoming an unbreakable wall. The hero didn't miss a match in that series, but Rebrov and Guzev ended the case. When the semi-pretentious Flea returned to the field, the Ukrainians have gone crazy from the euphoria. By the way, April by December 2022 was the only thief in the world's championship was able to keep their gates untouchable in a series of golds. So the Ukrainian batter went to the fourth finals where the Italians got into was the future champion of the world, but that yellow-yellow happiness Championship was enough. Exiting to the eight of the best coincidences in the world is now the greatest success of our collection. However, we believe that Ukraine has greater victory. The "key moment" scheme for support of the VNT is stronger together - Keywords: a family tower that brought Shawkowski to
Keywords: How Spain was covered in haze
The introduction of this game against Spain for 20 years is among the most dramatic in the history of the national collection in Ukraine, one of the ones that was actually won tribuns. Ukraine was difficult to adjust to the game. Spain, after two dry victories, has been charged with the group, and our team has been unbarred with Armenia and Northern Ireland, has made it difficult to get out of the World Cup of Europe in 2004. At that point in the world championship game and Europe, she's only lost one match in ten years! And in the yellow-yellow Leonda Burza, there was a cash problem -- a violin injury, Rebrova, a game practice deficit in Luana. The sandwich suddenly invited everyone into a collection of 33-year-old central quartermaster Alexander Gordon, who knew on the cologne's cologne. And this decision became meant for blue and yellow. Kyiv was ready to show the world again that we, brothers, goat-like tribe. The tradition was formed in Ukraine by the most patriotic support of the team # 1.29 March 2003, 83 thousand viewers filled under the Olympics. All the tickets were sold long before the game. There were a lot of national flags on the tribuns, gangs with priors coming from. The National hymn, accompanied by Alexander Pommarova singing the entire stadium. Chopin, Heavenly, Theodosius, Timothy, Cormilese, Jamotelin, Chemenka, Shemenka. Main trainer: Leonda Buriak. Spain has led the following fighters: Casrias, Mitchell Salhado, Alransabahal, St. Martin, Albelda (Chavi, 65), Raoul, Baraha, Gaius, 65, Visente (Tristan, 77), Echendria. Main trainer: Neither Saes. In response to a slender of support, both teams were given in Kyiv by a real treller. Millions of Bolivians have experienced polar emotions several times during the match. Ukrainians have been demoralized by the rotisans by 11 minutes. Andriy Shvenchka from the flank used another Andrie - VEninine. The Anical Spanish ran off and began to collapse the lace at the door of Shawkowski. Our original guests were really pressing our guys in the middle of the second time, and still at 83 minutes in the Ukrainians, there were three points in their hands, but less than 300 seconds, Ukraine had dreamt about nothing, because the Spanish had hit twice by Raoul (83) and Echoria (87). A 20-foot Debusant caught the ball and rolled into the right six of the Star Box of Caslias. "Equally the score was fortunate after the attack by which Andre Glyin, the kingdom of heaven has made a transfer from the flank. It went a little bit back, and I hit it successfully, and the ball was going to the exact same angle. The joy of all the people has gripped innocent! The finest premiere could not have been! "he remembered later Alexander Hornet. Ukraine has been saved and continued to fight for the guns to Portugal. In the Ukrainian group, the third was met, passing forward to Spain and the Greeks, who later became European champions. But that thing in Kyiv versus a World-shirt grant was called victory, and Gordon's goal was one of the best in the collection history - Keywords: How Spain was covered in haze
Spanish football head announced a resignation after scandal with a kiss of football
The head of the Confederation of Spain's soccer team, Louis Rubiales announced his resignation decision. At the interview of the British television leading by Pierce Morgan earlier, he announced that the cause of a frail of criticism was made by his kiss of the Spanish Spanish national finale. 46-year-old Rubilos held tight and kissed the 33-year-old Ermo at the lips during the gift ceremony of the December 20th of August. Epiode entered the broadcast ceremony. She told me she didn't like it. Reuben used to joke about getting married to her now. His actions immediately condemned by many athletes, athletics, and sporting unions. A few days later, the Spanish soccer team came forward with a statement saying that Rubicales had rented a shameful gesture one of the biggest benefits in Spanish sports history. Organization called an incident of an unprecedented international disgrace. "When the world had to pay attention to our football player, the President made the world focus on its masquerade," was an application. Rubiales, 90 days away from duty for the international FFA Federation. His residency demanded a lot of Spanish politicians and known parson. He claimed Ermos didn't mind kissing, and he himself was a victim of "false feminism." Ermos answered and turned to the police. The private function is threatened by prosecution. The director's office leads a previous investigation to determine if there is a sexual incident - Spanish football head announced a resignation after scandal with a kiss of football
$2024 The European Defence. All results of the game day
There's been a selection match on Friday at the Europe championship. Tells Football the newspaper. Spain got rid of his breasts, and the faithful took one eye on the Turks. Portugal, Scotland and Croatia have won. Euro-2024Group AgGeorgia Group - Spain - 1: 7Gals: Changtaze, 49 - Morata, 22, 40, 65, Quizhilia, 27 (ah), Olga, 38, N. Williams, 68, Jamal, 74Kepr - Scotland - 0: Three Goths: Music, 6, Port, 16, Mcginn, 30Group Davaria - Latvia - 5: 0 Goths: Pocket, 3, 44, Ivanicziewicz, 13, Krumesha, 68, Pachalina, 78Turkey - Armenia - 1: 1Goths: Junction, 88 - Dashan, 49Group JSlovakia - Portugal - 0: 1Goal: Fernando, 43Luxembourg - Iceland - 3: 1Goths: Shana, 9 (available), Borgers, 70, Sinai, 89 - Harashson, 88Bosnia - Liechtenstein - 2: 1Goths: Joco, 3, Luchinger, 18 (ag) -- Volfinger, 21you are interested in football? - $2024 The European Defence. All results of the game day

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