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Зірка "Кварталу" принизив росіян у Туреччині

Актор і зірка "Кварталу 95" Юрій Ткач пригадав, як він з дружиною Вікторією, потролив росіян у Туреччині. Обраниця шоумена поїхала туди на відпочинок, а Ткач залишився в Україні. У програмі "Ближче до зірок" знаменитість розказав, що його кохана одразу вирішила показати, що вона українка. За його словами, вона дуже голосно розмовляла українською. ЧИТАЙТЕ ТАКОЖ: "Поховає" кар'єру шоумена. Нова жінка Остапчука зганьбилась на публіці А в день від'їзду вирішила показати росіянам ставлення українців до них. Вікторія подзвонила чоловіку й поставила телефон на гучний зв'язок. "Я їй кажу: "Все, сонечко. Чекаємо всією Україною. Слава Україні! Смерть ворогам! Путін - х*йло. Російський військовий корабель, йди на х*й", - пригадав Ткач. Додав, що росіяни ніяк не відреагували на це. Раніше акторка Наталка Денисенко показала, як проводила відпустку в Туреччині з сином Андрієм. Розповіла, що на відпочинку вона зустріла чимало росіян. За словами зірки, коли росіяни чують українську мову стають тихими і спокійними. - Зірка

Geometry in decorations and comfortable pockets: Jiji Hadaku came out on a mission from Chanel (photo)

Plus Paris ends with a fashion week, and designers and fashion houses continue to impress the public with diversity of their collections - Geometry in decorations and comfortable pockets: Jiji Hadaku came out on a mission from Chanel (photo)

Volunteer initiatives of Natalia Yusupova

Nataliya Yusupova, a well-known volunteer and public figure, has been cooperating with the Main Military Hospital of Ukraine since 2014.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation in 2022, it has been conducting regular fundraisers to help the Armed Forces purchase the most necessary equipment that brings our victory closer and saves the lives of our soldiers.

More information about Natalia:,

We ask the community to help and raise funds for the Ukrainian Armed Forces: - Volunteer initiatives of Natalia Yusupova

That's right. A new woman has lost herself in public

The son of Bear Vladimir Oppasek conducted the discovery of a child's kindergarten in the Cropeteer. Bogdan White said it was a scandal. He shared a video of a woman who told me that during the sunset, the girls wanted to take a picture of him, take him by hand, or hold him slightly. But every attempt stopped his wife Catherine Pollock. "When you're 36 and you're in a 22-year-old. I didn't realize you could ruin your impressions, but your wife's behavior. Maybe it's an Oppaschuk... "said the woman. Now, here we go. "Head ace," unshaved legs and walks abroad during the war. The most important scandal by Vladimir Oppaschuk in the words of the video authors Poltava called the other girls "the rabbit's ball." She told them to touch their husbands, not her. "Child kindergarten. At least these moms who wanted to take a picture of Vladimir -- they're replaced. That's why they have children. It's such a shame. I can't believe what it might look like in my head. Maybe she had her elbows dilated and said, "Hey, don't come up, this is my husband. You're a partisan bastard. " What does it look like? Cu, wasn't it funny for you? " The blogger thinks that this behavior of Poltava is "buried" in Oppaska's career. Oppaszuk went abroad to perform a concert. In the Ethiopian account, a portion of money will be counted as required by the Ukrainian army. The Troublens have been trained in another lead show. He found that Vladimir was traveling the world, enjoying his life. And the sales money comes into a bank map of Katherine Poltava - That's right. A new woman has lost herself in public

Now, meeting the 22-year-old grandson Rostara has improved in stylitic images on the streets of Paris

President Ounka, Sofia Rothar, the 22-year-old Sonya Yevomenko showed how she was resting in Paris. The blogger produced photosynthesis in a stylish way. The pictures were published in Instagram. Now, here we go. The motor was blinking in the leather mini-model found itself in the red saraphis length of the max. I also wore a white dress with a embroidery in a tone. The chosen one saved the mustard color boots. The European Union has lived for years and built a career in models in the United States. He was involved in the wake of his youth, filming famous glossy magazines. In 2015, the title "Best Model" was accepted at the Merceles-Benz Kyiv Fashion Prize. In 2018, the Dormouse opened in itself also a singing talent. At the beginning of a full-blown RF invasion, she supported Ukraine. Blogerics often transform their lives in America. She used to shoot in Italy. I called in a cashier with a delicate pink dress with a delicate back and a lace - Now, meeting the 22-year-old grandson Rostara has improved in stylitic images on the streets of Paris

an Australian fuel model in a transparent dress showed a luxury body

Like Australian supermodel Gabriel Epstein had a hot shot. A blogger with over 3 million followers in Instagram, posed in a transparent nude dress. She wet her hair and made a brilliant makeup. The star showed a major plan to raise its abdomen and oral breasts. Now, here we go. A 15-year-old daughter of Millie Yoweviewicz in her underwear was a successful swimmer. But because of the shoulder injury, you had to leave professional sports. Now the model is broadcast on social media the way life and travel is active. Epstein makes courses with social networking and Instagram advertising. The American model of Cindy Prado has taken off in a tiny bit with an abstract printer. The back dress was dressed with a deep cut on the back. In addition, the blogger showed pictures in a semi-transparent printer mini-dress. She put the hair in a high barrel and made a brilliant makeup. The image introduced a brand bag and massive gold jewelry - an Australian fuel model in a transparent dress showed a luxury body

The 11-year-old son of Xenia Mishu jumped out of the window - video

According to Mr. Maciek, the Mystery has shown her 11-year-old son Plato's son being filmed in a series that plays the ice line of Ficreta. The guy on the movie set did a dangerous trick -- jumped from the second floor of the house. The star mother pointed out it's Plato's first work. "The suit, the mushroom, and the first stage. My mother finally waited for my son to make money, "shared an actress. Now, here we go. Minus 12 kg in four months. Mitna shared a secret to the worst of Significance showed that his son first learned to jump out of a small height and then jumped out of the second floor. "My son is a midwife. They teach him how to do it right. I made my own decision. I don't mind. Everyone was afraid except me. I beg you, son, "said the Bridge. It was the first time that the ambulance broke up with Alexander Elerert, talked about his privacy. She told me she wasn't going to get married yet. In fact, it's not going to bring that into social media, because of the public court for the previous relationship - The 11-year-old son of Xenia Mishu jumped out of the window - video

Andriy Schlichiek showed us how the "penalties" on the front

The leading leader of the "The Tempest of the Bomb," which protects Ukraine on the front, showed how the Russian invaders destroy the Russian invaders. The artist is a pilot of the Punisher shock drone. In Instagram, he did a video that showed the work of Sofia. Now, here we go. Stitchy napkins, mice and guns. Kozłowski conducted a tour of the pale "As a singer, director, the sailors and a restaurant" financed the occupiers, "they signed the security tape. View this post at Instagram, the popular Bubosomball (@ boomxfamily) used to show how drones destroy ships and awards Russian invaders - Andriy Schlichiek showed us how the

"The Wild Europe Star" by Vick and Pritek, don't recognize it. Where did they go and what they're talking about war (photos, videos)

The President of Nastya sings the hymn of Ukraine and lives in the United States, and Vic is talking about war and she's talking about social networking -

"Miss Ukraine Universe" was monitoring the network of pure caradas

"Miss Ukraine Space 2022" 29-year-old Victoria Aparasenko showed sexual footage. The star has gone off in the blue-hand dress with deep carving on the thigh. The chosen one put gloves in a tone and a long necklace. Now, here we go. A dress-combination and a weed. The Spinger Star produced a gentle set of images, except for this Victoria, brought in a suit that consisted of shorts and jerseys. She spread out her hair and made a gentle makeup. And then the last model was to put on lingerie, which emphasized her sophisticated figure. View this post in Instagram, the common Viktoriia Apanenko (@ crystal.viktoriia) used to be taken into a black suit, which consists of a miniscule and a gilt with a deep gap. The blogger collected the hair in a low bundle and made a bright macro with an emphasis on the eyes -

The "Sheikh ordered a cheap show" - Trixon cheated on "popcorn" clip

Deputy Biddan Besville has discovered a new video singer by Anna Thatcher's "eyes." On his YouTube channel, he said that he didn't like excessive sexuality. "Anna, I want to address you. You're trying to sell aggressive sex right now. Of course, this direction is always going to be demand. But it's too sharp a transition. You're still looking for yourself, and maybe in the future you'll find your copyright handwriting, you'll be different from the others. But now you're trying to "put" on your audience, but it's not the end, "said the blogger. Now, here we go. They don't play hormones: Thincher was frankly talking about the relationship with the Wolverine proved that when he saw the cage, he felt like he was a fucking Sheikh who ordered a cheap show on his birthday. "I don't want to insult you, I just want to say that maybe you need to decrease the number of sex, not make an emphasis on your appearance, but look inside yourself and give you a more suitable and honest product. I think that such a sharp transformation of the Thyncher is not effective, "said the Belize. In the past, Basil claimed that Thatcher and her husband, Alexander Lords, had separated a year after the wedding. He shared a message to a girl who's known to the close people of Thyncher. She says a couple don't live together long ago. Thyncher replied in the rumor about divorce. He claims that this information is not true. She says they're married to Alexander, though they're having a crisis now - The

Pint-combination and weed. The Spinger Star produced a gentle picture

Mr. Actor Anna Salawchuk has shared a canary from a new photo session. A star walks through the field with a lace dress. The chosen one sewered the wind from field flowers and herbs. The woman put two goats in it and made a gentle masquerade. It didn't cost a lot of sexual footage. Saladin had shown a gentle back, and brought down a veil, dragging his shoulders. Now, here we go. The bridge sparkled his feet in a leather minibar, the Observers made a woman a lot of compliments. "Beautiful, feminine," "so fragile," "Best," "beautiful," "Wow," written in comments. The Salashuk used to have an unpleasant situation in Kyiv Center. In his Instagram, she said that she stumbled upon a modified taxidermist. The man wanted to "throw her" for money and cheated - Pint-combination and weed. The Spinger Star produced a gentle picture

cold-hearted guy suspected of a novel with a famous model (photo)

The evening television television from the Myquan Secuine came upon the musical prize of Muzvar Awards 2023 with a well-known model and a "Tea Mountains" blogger. Hunters suspected of celebrities in a novel after they bought in front of cameras. Now, here we go. Three floors, technique and furniture. The flower company sells a house that has lived with the good and also, shocked actively commenting the photos of Charry in Instagram. She recently published a photograph made at the entrance of the subway to the Tetrut, and she wrote, "Careful, the door's closing." In the 1900s' comments, the joke was, "Don't be shy?" The woman answered him with a smiley face. In June of 2023, Sweenyn officially divorced with a blogger named Dana Kwevsky. Now, star parents support their friendship for the son of Levu. The blogger of Bogdan Burgers, referring to his sources, claimed that the family of Good and Flowers fell apart because of the unbelief of bloggers. It's like being married to the host she put her eye on the producer Eugene Teller. He attracted her as a more secured partner - cold-hearted guy suspected of a novel with a famous model (photo)

The first time, Ms. Dorowiev had a rumor about pregnancy

The Ukrainian singer of Nadia Dorowiv has responded to rumors of pregnancy. As you know, Bogdan Besville's blogger said they saw an artist at the hospital. And then Nadia kind of got to dress more self-restrained. In his Instagram, Dorowiev took a video that showed a flat stomach in a short tone. In response to the suggestion of an interesting woman's condition, Nadia just smiled. Now, here we go. "To his own," Mykolaiv Dimobulus changed the name of former Doropev, said she was ready to become a mother. In the air of "Our Radio" the host asked a singer which she would choose for the future, "Vladimir or Michael. Dorowiev chose another option. "To be honest, that's not true. That would be a name, Mark, I think. Never thought of it, just by chance now called, "she was kidding. In June this year, Dorowiev married a movie restaurant named Mikhail Katrionov. The joyful newlyweds had to hide the moon. This is what the producer of Zakwak told me - The first time, Ms. Dorowiev had a rumor about pregnancy

"Yours," native "-- Mykolaiv Dimobulus changed his name

Mr. Spielberg, Mykolaiv Dimobulis, has officially changed his name and his father's name. The artist has come to Ukraine for this. There was a document made by Christian Janisley Dimobulis. The star is now officially Santa. That's what Instagram said. Now, here we go. Mykolaiv Diompoloz surprised young selofi without "happy tears." Finally I am. I wrote myself into my father's family. I've changed my full name in short, my family, "shared Dimobulus. Used to tell Demonlos about a serious error in losing weight. It didn't look like it did before. The star thinks it's better to choose healthy, but a strong diet and parallel to the sport -

"I still feel like a student" -- Andriy Danika turned 50

Written by the Ukrainian actor, the singer, the writer, the TV manager, Andrew Daniko's composer declares 50-year-old. The number of jewelers across the street doesn't get upset. "To me, all these passport numbers don't matter. Only the inner senses are important, and I still feel like a student in my mind. We love Nina to mock and mock each other. And after 50, nothing changes. I've got a lot of work and plans, creative and not just, so I don't have time to fall through, "said the noun. has prepared the most interesting facts from the Ukrainian city Biography. Since Daniko's childhood, he's been able to find talent for painting and music. In 1984, he went to art school. The Taliban of the future are early in other areas: Andrew was captain of the KFC school team. And also, at school, the theater was interested. In seventh grade, I went to a local theater studio. After finishing school, I went to school in technical training, but I didn't do any of my interests in theater and esophagus. In his stage staff, the Serdans showed up the first time at the KFC in Poltawy in 1989. The classic name was borrowed from my classmate, not Serdank. First, Dr. Serduk was sold, but then Andrew changed her amplia and made the wire. Now, here we go. Daniko contacted and took a photo with "good Russian" by the sun 1993 at the Guuminina Conference in Poltava Andric for the first time introduced by Mr. Kirk to a great audience. She immediately started to use her popularity. The real popularity of Serdka appeared after one of the companies made an ad on her participation. In 2001, Daniko radically changed the image of Serdica -- from an untrained wire she turned into a popcorn. And this time also comes out of the first drains of Andriy with songs that were very popular. The song collection "Ha-ra-Sho" got the title "diamonds." Despite numerous awards, in May 2017, Andrew Daniko announced that he decided to "bury" a stage image. The artist said he doesn't want to go on a big stage like this. And after the beginning of a full-scale invasion, in May 2023, at the invitation of the contest organizers, came out in the account of the Serdka Vierka in the final Eurology with the Dragon Lasha Tumbai song. During the World charity tour, repeatedly repeated the renaming of Lasha Tumbai song on Russia, gooodee. Daniko's not married. A personal life doesn't comment while making jokes about being married on stage. He ended up having novels with his partner on stage with Raj Schozhevsky. Danilko came to Miami before. The Musicians played the song of Winter Goosdabe and right out of the scene cried, "Putin to die." The audience began to applaud. In addition, a large screen concert shows a photo of General Valence Zalanek, who shows his hands a heart -

Anna Ascia's passport was received by the company

Brought to you by WITH S2 Written In The Heavens Subbing Squad As you know, an artist has long been living in a country of aggression and is actively developing her career there. The RF passport was able to get quick because she was married to a Russian Stanisław. This is reported by propaganda. The singer used to say that he didn't rush to change citizenship, especially after he got permission to live in Russia. Then she filed an I.D. At Xenia Suzacca's interview in 2021, she noticed that the whole family in Ukraine has lived in Ukraine, so she wants to come to her homeland quietly and visit her mother. Now, here we go. "You and Annie Lake," Maruv, thank you on the net for helping the ZU, "but a full-fledged war accelerated the process of getting sport RF. It's probably associated with her silent position and a willingness to make money as much as Russian rubles. On top of that, Anne opens up in Russia the beauty salon, the bars and pays taxes, from which and funded to catch the invaders. Ukrainian traitor nor Loras spoke frankly that he pays money from concerts in Russian fund, which helps "deported Ukrainian children from Zaporozhye and Donbas." - Anna Ascia's passport was received by the company

The momentary gleamed with splashing feet in a leather mini-shirt

"The Ukrainian actress" Xenia Miża, " The star came through the capital in a leather mini with a belt that drew her perfect legs. The picture was put in Instagram. Xenia coached the image of the boots under wearing long white socks, sad and sunscreen glasses. Now, here we go. Minus 12 kg in four months. Missile shared a secret to the Observers' poverty department made a celebrity a lot of compliments. "Beauty," "Wow," "You," as usual, "" God, what a beautiful image, "" How do you have such thin legs? " It was the first time that the ambulance broke up with Alexander Elerert, talked about his privacy. She told me she wasn't going to get married yet. Moreover, it will not prosecute this topic in social media, because of a public trial for previous relationships - The momentary gleamed with splashing feet in a leather mini-shirt

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