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Lions' goal festival: Shakhtar smacked Krivbas at the Championship match
The Donetsk Shakhtar rose beautifully with Krivbas in a double-edged toss at the UPS. "The Guernics" beat Vernidoub's teams to the goal, while the take was recorded on Dmitro Krzykiv's own rag. New text - Lions' goal festival: Shakhtar smacked Krivbas at the Championship match
Optional train from Kyiv to Lviv
Forward Send from Capital 14: 58, arriving at Lviv at 20: 56, send backwards - at 08: 5.5, arrival to Kyiv -- at 14: 10 - Optional train from Kyiv to Lviv
The President of Radio Freedom Steve Coups for freedom of speech in Ukraine and as reporters survive in the post-truth era
In return, let's talk about the presence of Radio Liberty in Ukraine. Having offices in Kyiv, and in Lviv, can you say that Ukrainian offices become a kind of journalist house for Radio Liberty on an injured space? I think that's a very good description. Freedom radio works in Ukraine for 70 years. This year we celebrate the '70s. We are proud that Ukraine is a home for our biggest in Europe of Radio Liberty. Freedom's radio is now incredibly important for everything that's going on in Ukraine. We think it's very important to have representatives both in Kyiv and in Lviv with correspondents that cover the entire country. They are reporting from above and tell the story of Ukrainians, showing the resilience of the Ukrainian people, and giving some time information. For 70 years, they have created a vital partnership with the audience. Photo: And that's good, but the main office is still in Prague. Right. Our main office is located in Prague, in the Czech Republic. We work in 23 countries in Europe and in Central Asia by doing 27 languages, including everything that's going on in Ukraine, which is the biggest object that matters to us. Let's talk about freedom of speech, including in Ukraine. You've been here for weeks, and you understand the situation well. Can you tell me we have free words in Ukraine? The question is, because as you know, some Ukrainian channels are excluded from the digital network here in Ukraine, including our Espresso TV. So do you think we have freedom of speech in general? I think freedom of words is a vital part of any country that follows democratic principles. Of course, there's a lot going on here, and we realize we're in a war state. But in my recent meetings with President Zielinski and the US Ambassador in Ukraine, we emphasized the importance of the freedom of press. We believe that it is critical because Ukraine continues to seek the status of the EU member and continues to evolve as democracy. Despite the challenges of war time, we need to remember that journalists with respect to national security issues. But it's very important to stand up for freedom of press and be responsible for independent jobs without censorship. Photo: Ruth, thank you. As a reporter of world news, I know that freedom of press is in the western world. But what I'm interested in is what is the response to the situation in Ukraine, specifically Russian aggression and war. Did the attention to this problem go down? I've noticed that over the last year, some Western media have not been paying attention to so much in Ukraine. Do you think it happened? I don't have any other edits to cover the news. Yes, I noticed that some new organizations are paying less attention to Ukrainian tetmatics. In fact, we don't understand it, and this is the exact opposite of what our journalists do. We made Ukraine our most highlighted topic outside of the headquarters. Now the main thing is that we keep doing this. So while fighting and effort and all kinds of stories are happening, using a daily work of Radio Liberty is the total mix of the history of Ukraine. And it's not just on the radio, it's on all platforms. We're not going anywhere. Others might lose interest, but we think it's a game of fire, frankly, because of the seriousness of problems that are happening here. You've already talked about that a few days ago, when you were in Kyiv, you've had a meeting with President Vladimir Zielski in which you've been talking about Ukrainian journalist Yesensk. Yes, it's held in Crime who occupied Russia. It wouldn't have happened if Russia stayed away from Crime. This is part of Ukraine, and it is known to the world. But Russia has an illegal idea of who Creum should be. So they looked at a journalist who was telling Crime stories as a threat. And there he paid for that very high price. He's been in jail for almost three years. We discussed this with the president, and we were grateful to the president and the president's office for telling us what was done to release our colleague. It complicates a bunch of factors. But everyone will agree that he must be fired. And the President really told us that he was going to raise our questioning colleagues of this spring during the summit. So we hope that the questions and Crime and the apprehension of our distinguished colleague will be lifted right then. So the president spoke, and we were grateful that he shared this information. Have you discussed with President Zielinski's ability to exchange Ukrainian journalist on some Russian or just his release? We discussed this, but we didn't get any specific information from the president about it, and frankly, we didn't expect it. That's what he has to deal with, and we respect the complexity of the situation. But the point is that the Lord is civil, not military. His only crime is that he's a journalist and tells Chris stories. He must definitely go home. I was honored to meet not just the president this week, but also with the Lord's wife, Katerina. She's a very strong woman, just like the Lord himself. This family has to connect, and we're working on it. We found out the truth is a threat to Russia. Otherwise they wouldn't do such radical things. Russia is currently holding two of our colleagues, one in Crime, another in Russia, and this tactic of reporters arrest just because they're telling the truth has to stop. Photo: You mentioned your reporter Alice Kurdanva from Radio Liberty, who was held in Russia a few months ago. She was also convicted of crimes she never hid. Do you have any news or information about her current situation? We actively study all possible ways for her immediate release, and now we have several options to develop events. Mars is a valuable colleague devoted to his wife and to two children. Besides, what she is is the U.S. citizen has revealed other opportunities for us on the way to her release. As I mentioned before, we want to study all the possible possibilities to get home all our unfair patrons, including Alas and Power, and those that are held in Belarus. We think about them every day. Recently, the general prosecutor of Russia declared Radio Freedom undesirable organization in the country. Does it change anything to Radio Liberty, considering you've been recognized by foreign agents before? If we're so clearly harming the Russian government, that means that our journalists are doing very well. Such a census can be bad for both journalists and journalists in general. They're trying to represent the profession as illegal activity, which is an absurd and dangerous concept. They can call us what they want, but we can clearly say that our work will continue. Even though we don't have offices in Russia anymore, we still continue to cover those events. Our reporters get into Russia every day, and we're going to continue this effort. I'm really astounded that while they do these terrible crimes, when the Navar has silenced forever, when we get these labels when the bombs fall on Ukrainian civilians every day, the levels of despair within Russia goes up. Because it's all against free people, against those who want freedom, those who want to live in a sovereign country, those who want to express themselves as a journalist, those who just want to be able to go back to Russia to visit their sick mother, as it was in Mars. So I want to make sure we're not stopped, and we're going to continue doing our job. As the death of the Russian adviser, Alekcia Navawa may affect global journalism generally and perhaps even Russian journalists like that? It emphasizes how I said that truth is a very powerful tool. I don't call it guns because we're not at war. We're not trying to use force. We're just trying to tell the truth. Of course, they want to spread a certain effect of intimidation. They want the journalists to shut up. Journalists kill inside Russia, journalists are imprisoned. You know, there's a Wall Street Journal, and it's almost a year now that he's been arrested and unorthodox in custody. And yet there's a lot of journalism that focuses on what's going on inside the country. You mean Russian journalism? I mean a journalist that highlights what's going on inside Russia. It would be wrong to think that they could just seal Russia from the curious eyes of the journalists. It won't happen. Does it have a true journalism in Russia, or is it only propaganda? Well, I'm talking about the external focus on these events. It's external, not internal. I believe there are still brave people who do everything they can to bring the truth to people. Despite the difficulty, they keep doing their job. But we're dealing with well-funded public media that often promote propaganda and ignore basic facts. For example, Russia has made illegal use of war words to describe what's happening to the Ukrainian civil population. It's absurd and dangerous. Healthy people see this tactic everywhere and know the truth. Photo: getitimages Mr. Capace, you mentioned that Radio Liberty journalists are actively reporting from the front to give an accurate picture of the situation. But my question is other aspects. Should we consider Western journalists in some cases the possibility of reporting from the front line on the side of the Russians, considering that these cases happen? This is a very interesting question. I'm not sure it's safe now. I think Russian officials and Russian troops view Western journalists as enemies. They look at them as target. We can see in our own eyes the consequences of Russian military action. I was in the Bush and Irpence yesterday, and I witnessed it myself. We don't need to report into the rear occupied Russian territory. How does a journalist survive in an age of post-truth? Maybe I have an old-fashioned idea of what's really going to win. There's so much to be done to contaminate an information environment, much in many ways due to deinformational information. So one of our missions on Radio Liberty is to fight deportation, to do whatever it takes to cover true information, to separate facts from fantasy. I'm just saying that journalism is a noble calling, and now we need people who want to tell the truth. We don't have to give up just because there are forces that don't want the truth to express, spread or see. You and I are witnessing what's going on. We know what's true, and I think as I said, that journalists are now in an incredibly important position to tell the world about what's going on, and especially what's going on here in Ukraine. It's very important. We don't have to give up and give up. Don't give up - The President of Radio Freedom Steve Coups for freedom of speech in Ukraine and as reporters survive in the post-truth era
Note not opening the breast: A lung was removed from Lev patients, damaged tumor
The reduction in lung is a very traumatic operation for a patient, so the loss of the operating injury is accelerating recovery - Note not opening the breast: A lung was removed from Lev patients, damaged tumor
Charitable Foundation «Come Back Alive»
The "Come Back Alive" Foundation is close to the Ukrainian military. The front line of the Russian-Ukrainian war is not only the front. It is where the war for Ukraine is going on. In hospitals, in warehouses, landfills, in mass media, in offices. We supply and repair equipment, train soldiers and officers, help transform the Armed Forces, provide first-hand accounts of war and stem the flow of propaganda and disinformation. Provides the Ukrainian army with the most important tactical advantage. - Charitable Foundation «Come Back Alive»
Brazil Denmark sets up nearly 1.5 million dollars to restore Ukraine
"The Caucasus" will be aimed at working between the commie and Copenhagen and Ukrainian city of Lviv, Kyiv and Mikolas - Brazil Denmark sets up nearly 1.5 million dollars to restore Ukraine
Brazil Denmark extracts US $1.45 million for Ukraine
"The Caucasus" will be aimed at working between the commie and Copenhagen and Ukrainian city of Lviv, Kyiv and Mikolas - Brazil Denmark extracts US $1.45 million for Ukraine
Kids are our future: How past World-Class and Stajowski's master in Lviv
Pusco in Wednesday, 28 February, a tennis star, and Sergeykowski, did a master class for young tennis boys. The event was on the feed of the Leoland complex in Lviv. Full News Text - Kids are our future: How past World-Class and Stajowski's master in Lviv
KPhotoAlbum will be 6 local locations: In the middle of Lviv, they're grazing free of fresh animals
After a leave at the center of Lviv dog with rabies in the Galale district, there will be a free domestic vaccine. In six locations, doctors will work for Lviv City Hospital of Veterinary Medicine - KPhotoAlbum will be 6 local locations: In the middle of Lviv, they're grazing free of fresh animals

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