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festival GET Business Festival on the strategy of winning over 1,000 participants
The passenger of the meeting of the speakers and over thousands of participants, representatives of the entrepreneurial community, became the innovative space of Uit City. The main theme of this year's festival is the strategy of winning. The leaders were on three scenes in different directions: "Business Development and Investment," "Market, PR, and Digital," "Business Services," charity. " The "Road Business and Investment" scene was Yuri Gorbuyons leading "1 + 1 Ukraine. An opening festival opened by the Dizra Shumkin, entrepreneur, investor member of the board. GET Business Festival opened from the Dizra Shumkowski Talk on the scene of Andrew Schumkowski, founder and CO Corporation, told how the company opened up an international market during the war. As the artificial and human intelligence helps to interact effectively with 22 million users per month, the World Bank's Director for Reconnection and Central Partnership. Alexander Wolviez, the head of the Metropolitan Police Team, Anatolia Rader, the CEO of the International Cultural Company, International Psychology, Chair, Chair, Ukleton, Uklin, Oena Corporation, Central Agritia in Ukraine, Central Asia and Caucasus, Daniel Heritenese, the Committee of Finance, Tax and Social Policy. The metaphor is Mikhail Bno-Arriani, a representative of trade issues, the head of the European Federation Committee of employers. The speakers concluded that four stages of recovery are access to finance, maintain labor force, logistics and effective state apparatus. The panic debate about the programs and the ability to finance small and middle-business financing, the effective programs and the ICSB have fallen into the core of the panel discussion, with the head of the Mudgo, the head of the OTP Bank, the Belonchenko, and the head of the License Bank's reign, Serge Science, head of the Observation Bank, and Michael Madek, member of the AT Ukrybrok. The professor, Yuri Guusev, the chief editor About the expansion of UKLON told Vama Ishenko, the company's operating director, and the developed personal brand of owner promotes the growth of business -- Alexander Sokowski, founder of the TicStyle Company. Sergei Rajenko, YASNO Sergei Rajenko, YASNO marketing director, explained to the audience who is such an inducer and is focusing on brand marketing. How to build marketing and sales during the war, told the founder and the VIRO Consuming Nikola from Macalli and Head Oves Alterra Group Helenko. The sales increase tools also provided the Vodma Marcault, founder and leading partner trainer of the Conservo Sales. "If you can select 20% of the team resource for the hypothesis, you will always find a way out," --SEO GoITeens B "The Polynowski split the case of the company's growth against the crisis. In that crisis, it is a tramphible for development, a conviction of the board and a secret to the hero. What business it takes to successfully communicate with customers explained Victor Doe, head of R & amp; R & amp; We're in the middle of the Mechanapolis commercial shell. Which business windows will appear during the war and after the war, told Alexander Rudenko, the head of the group of investment IT, and Andrew Semenko, the director of the International Insurance Company. Moderator -- Sergei Comberin, President Lean Institutional. The general partner is OLX. Partners VBET, Internet, YASNO, License Bank, Kyip, Unit City and Academy DTEK, as well as Lantmanen Axa, Tarta, Kyiv, Mansinki, L 'OR, PepsiCo and the Morschnsky. More about festival, organizers and partners: https: / / - festival GET Business Festival on the strategy of winning over 1,000 participants
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