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Alexander Beladdian Najeden
The argument there, of course, is conditional, the outcome is predictable. But the process of engineering electrical engineering itself provides a number of opportunities to convey something to the world from its bunker, as well as to its own citizens. So, the alternative to Putin was to have Boris Najedina. He, however, is not yet registered, is a collection of signatures to support his efforts and governance media, and controlled Creams and FlCA social networks, and also all of the "good Russians" spectrum has become simply "the celebration of democracy." And for the support of Najesta, in particular, and people from the political marriage of Aleksei Navavin, and Michael Ludwig, who is in the existent. And what's interesting about that is that the campaign of the system itself said, "The Civil Nazi's" Xenia Sobachak, who was able to get into the same skin of a springpartner in the last election... This is a joint office with what's called a liberal position, and it's also from the "picnic Jews" of both Russian capital, actually, depending on the history of this rather interesting system candidate. Najeddin is a real human system, and also a vivid pattern of Russian political fitness of Putin's time. In his service list, genetics from the "union of the right forces" by Boris Nimozov, through "The right case of" billionaire Michael Rourde to "Sergei" with Sergei Mirena and Zur Priiñi. " So if someone in Russia votes for an alternative to Putin, it's an inantiable adaptation, something like "what's the difference." The argument can become Ivan Zdenov of the Potions Foundation: "Najjeden is a politician with a large and ambiguous history. And put a signature on him -- why not? " Read also: In the President's intertime in the United States, Putin will attack NATO, while he's the naiven himself estimated his chances of modestly -- he says that they will vote "unfulfilled systems" which in Russia, 20 percent, it appears to be spread out in the background of the dominance of the Putin. When we look at the videos of collecting signatures for it, we can conclude that he hopes to support the citizens of Moscow and St. Petersburg. The effects of collecting signatures were expected by the activity of the voters overseas, the network just burned down the radios with the letters in Tbilises, Prague and Paris. It's a little bit strange, because Najeddin tends to borrow himself as an anti-war candidate, and both Russian capital, not to mention foreign, did not touch the mobilization of cannon meat on the Ukrainian front. The beautiful meat that Najeden's got behind Shendewicz thinks "our boys," and promises to protect them. "I am a Russian patriot. And I will serve my homeland and protect including those political leaders forced to go to the front. I think first of all, Russia, for all respect and understanding of the suffering of the Ukrainian people, is "hope of Russian democracy." In fact, I think Putin needed a peacekeeper. Silicon is actually working on getting a pause in a debilitating war against Ukraine, screaming at all the possible and unaccessible courses and Russian diplomats, and "king" and its fears, and "good Russians." In fact, a pause under Moscow. Read also: The United States elections and the war in Ukraine and here the Najedtian program gives the laws for all Russians the fighting. What does "Putin and" inefficiency "in Ukraine (and what efficiency does it expect?), it does not forget the territory taken out of February 24, 2022. We need to identify the fate of these regions as a referendum. And again for the fish money -- yes, remember, we've defined the fate of the godfather 2014, under the arcs of Russian machines. But ultimately, it's up to this. Najeddine relies on a constitution ("I'm going to address this question according to the constitution of the Russian Federation"), where Putin has already come up with mysterious land on the right of federal admirinites. A deal with Najeddin wouldn't be with Zielinski, but with... Okay, from the Aventine... Where's Putin? And Putin's on the side. He's running "democratic flashes" at the dictatorship's marmiil of his regime. He knows that Najjeden is a puppet called Sergei Quérienek, a Russian hero, the first deputy of the President's administration of Putin, head of Rosto. The only peacekeeper once was his assistant, and I'm looking at this bowl of medulla around the Russian election, and I remember the text above the Danish gate to hell: "Anyone entering here, leave all hope." On a special note of the author, Igor Golic is a journalist Editor, not always sharing thoughts spoken by blogs - Alexander Beladdian Najeden
Putin's twin army: We know about Russia and why Kremlin strengthens her capacity
Canada Espresso will talk more about Russian Guard, her number in the occupied areas of Ukraine and why Putin has actually turned this service into his private army. In the article you will find out: Ross-Guard Structure; Who's Victor Gold? What does RosGuard do? What Russian guardsmen do in occupied Ukrainian territories; As the RFF keeps RossGuard safe and fear of Putin. The Rose Guard's structure of the National Guard of the Conservation State Department is not very good at the RF army. The Rose Guard's structure is made up of national Guard's troops, a center of special purpose, mobile units of special purpose, management, and a subsection of the government's control of arms, private security and foreign security. The Polish National Guard is divided into eight countriesthat meet the Russian army military. Every district has its own objective subdivisions, special assignment, aviation, engineering, communication, medical service and all. The public also has educational institutions, scientific centers, sports institutions and other organizations. Director Commander Rozbury is General of the Gold Viktor. The Golden Victor is the constant friend of Putin and the principal victim of the Kremlin Photo: He is also the general of the army, former deputy minister of the interior of Russia and former chief of the President of Russia. He's a close friend and heir to President of Russia, the president of Russia, the Potin, who he met since the 1990s. He is also charged with numerous corruption schemes, illicit enrichment and participation in Russian aggression against Ukraine. He's under international sanctions since 2014. Putin's body guard is characterized as a cruel and cunning man. From the 1970s, there was a 9-year-old management of the USSR that was responsible for the control of the first people in the state and their families. 1991, the gold had been directed to St. Petersburg for the Anatolia Mospka security. And he started doing his duty, and he attracted to the wife of Sobacha and his daughter, the vertebrae of Putin Xsenia Sobacha, a private security company called Ballowa-Equierworth, closely connected to criminal structures that belonged to the Romanian Creusa. And 1994, St. Petersburg had a treaty on "public order security at the place of Putin V." at the time of St. Petersburg. Since then, the gold has been slow friends with President of Russia. More along, was his sparring partner with the bell. The gold also managed to build the Putin Palace in Helenjik, and he was personally controlling everything, always coming to place, and the gold was considered the main destruction of Silicon. "In the history of modern Russia, there are lots of episodes of shareholders, journalists and former FCB employees. They're all usually pretty rough and far out of the goal. But one of the loudest parts of them is the Navar poisoning -- literally directly linked to the Golden One -- writing TN. In April of 2018, the US Minfin included Victor Gold to the sanctions list. What functions are held by RossGuard Guard Guard Guard Guard Guard Guard Guard is a function of internal troops. Officially support for public order, fight organized crime, fight terrorism and extremes, land defense; Security for important public objects and special cargo; Help the FSB at the national border; Protecting weapons, monitoring privacy. Russia has various kinds of weapons and military techniques like: Autocraze, carabins, guns, tape guns, tape guns, sniper rifles, hand guns, mitts, anti-rocket complexes, etc.; Broadlers, armored cars, tanks, artillery, benevolent missiles, helicopters, drones; Special equipment to fight terrorism, mass riots, weapons control. In fact, the main tasks of this design are the protests, suppression of opposition, and everything about the immediate interests of Putin, including the participation of armed aggression in Ukraine. It's not surprising, considering what Ross votes for his loyal friend. For example: Anti-corruption protests in Russia on June 12, 2017, which were organized by a prominent leader named Alexey Navawa. Russia has used force and supported hundreds of shares all over the country. The test in Russia 2017, which occurred since September October 2017, demanding President Puttin and a fair election. The public also used violence and arrested many demonstrators. A provisional test in Russia, which lasted from November 2016 to April 2017, against the entry of the federal highway payments. The Guard blocked the roads, picked up the truck columns and kept the activists running. The test against the rising retirement age in Russia, which occurred since June June, September 2018, against the bill, which increased retirement age for men by 65, and for women until 63. The public also inspired them by using power and supporting thousands of people. In the occupied Ukrainian territories, this service is involved in the filtering of the local population and is identified by the members of the Ukrainian potion. In addition, the leaders were providing the surveillance of voters during the so-called "election," which was done on the year 2023. Now they're doing the pressure of Ukrainians in the occupation of the elections that RFF wants to spend on occupied territories in March this year. The Ministry of Justice in the occupied Ukrainian territory of the Bibles and staff are provided thanks to the call for military services and volunteers for the contract. The quality, according to the open source, is 340,000 people. In Ukraine, where the countrymen participate in the occupation, they have about 35,000. And as they report to Nzantu, they're doing occupied territories of the filtering work and the detection of subtractive movement. "Standing at this moment, about half the senior people are represented as brigades, five battalion groups and 44 tactics groups. "The other part of the Rossbury on the occupied part of Ukraine is more than 100 consecutive chapters that come from the RF territory on the birth base," says in a message. Putin established internal forces in July 2023, RFF began to support Roserand's heavy technology. Also, as British intelligence says, October 3 to the Guard entered the Wagner PFC, and on January 3, 2013 is the Volstock Battalion from what's called "HAD." The so-called "cadier," as well as part of the RF Guard. In addition, Russia is now working to form a "Cascade" outfit that specializes in operations using drones. It's also planned to engage in Russia, and it's about the fighting of the Babylonians and the Ukrainians' fighters who are well aware, and I'd like to talk more about Cascade. In 2022, Bihus wrote about these traitors -- the Cascade was directly involved in the destruction of the Mariavi, the murder of the city and the Ukrainian military. His members first stormed and methotically destroyed Maruld, and then, working on cameras, brought together a whole community of grocery sets and arranged "propaganda media." In the spring of 2014, he was intended to be the head of the struggle with organized crime of the Dunka province. But he betrayed the oath, and he captured the building of Wrestes, and crossed the side of the occupation. In Ukraine, the badlands have been sentenced to 12 years in prison. According to the Space Map, Deki is considered one of three Ministers who are accountable and assigned directly to the advisors in Moscow. It also stops an organization called the "Country Bowl" in Danecka, "the" contraband and making business with illegal stolen cars in a territory called "Hair." The Roznan is the private army of Putin on Rossbury Espresso told and Viktor Yaguan, the General Major of Security. "Roserand has begun to set up the tanks, and they will soon have their own airline. So some part of the military's function is passed to Guard. Why? Because the gold isn't the closest person to Putin and he's most likely trusting. This is happening because Putin fears social explosion before elections. Not political, there is no one to do something politically, "comment the general Major. He claims the Russians are currently concerned with the most social issues. From time to time, resentment goes into protest. And when Putin declares mobilization, it can grow into something bigger. And in such a dangerous moment, you can't rely on an army because it has to fight in Ukraine. There is RosGuard and Gold, the portrait of the Vitalian Portfows also analyzed the processes that are currently happening to the Russian Guard. Yes, he points out that RossGuard is supporting those who have war experience. "" That means that Vladimir Putin counted his own mistakes that had previously made the wagynites who had just formally obeyed Russian leadership and were de facto independent military formation, "said the Port. At the same time Putin couldn't help noticing that the army did not strongly resist the barbarians who went to Moscow. No exception, after his death, they will choose who will be the next leader of the RF and who will be heir to his sixth course, "comment on the journalist - Putin's twin army: We know about Russia and why Kremlin strengthens her capacity
FCB claims to prevent the Szynski and Spopchuck
says about it, "A Night." It means that the FSB and the law officers have prevented the murder of the general editor from killing the Russia group today and RT Margaret Synoski and Xenia Sobachak in Ukrainian special services. According to the Russian propaganda, earlier in Moscow and Rosevansk, they were apprehended by members of the neo-Nazi Group of Paraguay-88, who conducted surveillance in the jobs and living of Siemian and Spasac. "During the investigation, they confirmed that the SBu job was paid by 1.5 million rubies each homicide," says PBB. And they also add that, while tracking operations, the Kalashnikov machine was removed, 90 shots were removed, knives, castrates, jackets, handcuffs, and flags of Nazi symbolism, Nazi literature, as well as communications and computers with information that confirmed their criminal intentions. There is a criminal abnormality of extreme and terrorism. Who are the Simon and Spozk, one of the main and most famous Puneful propaganda of 43-year-old Margaret of Simon, is the central editor of the RT television channel, the International Research Agency today, and Sputnik's information agency. A career of propaganda began with a warning, naturally, in the right light, in the Chechen War. She continued to cover the tragedy in Bemini. From the beginning of the Zero Simon, they move to Moscow, and they get to the President's group of journalists very quickly. Apparently, Margaret's propaganda showed a lot of skills at this point that allowed her at 25 years to lead a newly created DCC channel every year, after the year of Simon lying about almost everything: It creates facts, it manipulates, it twists, it takes everything in the right authority of the key, and it gets huge money. More than that, it's not only getting paid for its propaganda, it's still being actively stolen from the pockets of Russian taxpayers. From January 7, 2023, Simon is under the DSL sanctions on anti-French activity. Since 2022, Armenia declared her own non-civil play for propaganda and is forbidden to go to the Republic of Armenia. On March 11, 2022, the President of the United States of Ukraine announced suspicion by the Russian propaganda of Margaret Simon. Another Russian propaganda, daughter of the first mayor of St. Petersburg Anatolia Sobacha and Ludwig of Naruszov, member of the Russian Federation - Xenia Sobachak. It was known that in October of 2017, she reported an election on the President of the Russian Federation on March 18th, 2018. The fourth place was placed, taking 1,68% of the votes. It is believed that Ksenia was president Vladimir Putin's godfather, but not her godfather's godfather. In 2004, Spopchuck was elected by the host reality show "Dom-2" on the NT TV channel. The object became the longest reality reality show in history and was included in the Book of Guinness High School, and his leader Ksenia Spashak became famous for the entire country, and in January of 2019, the propaganda launched the YouTube show "Careful, Snapchat." He's got a journalist interview with famous people. After Putin began a full-scale invasion to Ukraine of the 24th February, Xenia Spasac along with the five-year-old son of Plato flew off to Israel. Since 2018, the propaganda made to the City Hall list as an anti-Ukrainian propaganda for the excuses of Russian fascism and Nazi, a aware systematic violation of the State border of Ukraine for entering into the Russian Creum. It states that it is an accomplice to Russian crime against Ukraine and is involved in humanitarian aggression against Ukraine - FCB claims to prevent the Szynski and Spopchuck
Captain Petrified in the murder of Russian propaganda of Tartaric Proclaimed
We are suspected of the murders of Russian propaganda and military correspondents of the Taliban. Woman 26, tells the Internet, sending its own sources to the RF law enforcement. The statement says the suspect was apprehended. However, later in the MoMA, they reported it was reported wanted. According to the statement, there is reason to believe that Travis brought the Bar at the Street Cafe in downtown St. Petersburg with a box of Tatar's bra that was mounted by an explosive device. Now, here we go. In minutes before Tatar died, the video issued "Fountain" was published by a photograph provided by one of the participants of the meeting. "The girl gave her bra and goes to her place, but Vlasta stopped her and asked her to sit down beside her. She said she was embarrassed, but she went "tell the chicks." The Tegram Channel in Xenia Sobachak reports that the Third Estate has already been delayed by 24 February at an anti-military rally. Then she was accused of administrative law. April 2 in the middle of the Russian St. Petersburg was an explosion at the Street Bar. He killed Lord of Tatar, and dozens of people were wounded. Tatar supported the RF war against Ukraine. In the past, he fought in a state of pro-Russian forces at Donbas. And before that, there's been punishment for robberies. Later it became called yourself a blogger and a writer. It's been online with 500,000 followers - Captain Petrified in the murder of Russian propaganda of Tartaric Proclaimed

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