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pregnant woman fell in the ice

Mr. Woman got almost out of the scream 35 meters from the shore

The Lifesaver of Winnichland illegally cut down 13,000 trees

Three years in a row, there was an illegal vehicle that brought $87 million in damages

According to the Influence Dot Winnichins passed 45 Starlink

First Party in 45 terminals already separated & # 39; She went to 40 communities

What is an anomaly and how do you wear it?

Anonymous is a piece of vodka that is subject to its head. And that's the form of a jacket with a flat sleeve in front of it, which was a sketch from the cold. Although it's a little bit light, it's actually made up of dense materials. A cake can protect you from cold and save thermoidal properties

In addition to the authorities arrested property for over $2 million in the Janovich education world

Senior Ditra Tabontan, suspected of treason. In the investigation, he was actively involved in the organization of the pseudo referendum in the occupied regions of the Hersons and Zaporizan regions

The division in the grant competition was the beginning of a major change in hospital on Winnichey

The Bar community has solved the problems of the city hospital. It's not just local public organizations and entrepreneurs that have joined the case, it's also the displaced

Mr. Winnsky band "TIK" recorded a moving song about the Heirs's dead

Video Clip comes with two stories: The first band plays for those who don't hear music anymore, the second one shows the people who wait for Heros home and can't accept their doom

In Ladivani, on Winnechsky, an extraordinary war situation: Eighteen thousand people without heat

Raising the ATS missile fired was an accident in the heat chain. The city will expand the heating items

SBU has reported new suspicions of the transplant - a racial propaganda (FATO)

the Security Service continues to expose new facts to extreme activity by one of the EEV at the WACP

The Russians have shot an object of critical infrastructure on Winston

Russian invaders have been gunned down by the Netherlands. The object of critical infrastructure has been reported by the head of the Virgin Air Administration by Sergean Bassans. Now, here we go. On Winnichus, the missile debris has been destroyed by the victim. All emergency services work. "November 11th began with anxiety. Again, there is a connection to one of the objects of the critical infrastructure of the Vincent region, "says the message. On November 5, Saturday, Vinnichus was attacked by chess. All of the drones were able to destroy the anti-air defense forces. There's a dangerous situation at the border of Chernihiins because of the local border lines. In the zone of the risk of the New City, the Greenhorse, the Semensk, the Snowsk community, the air of the telemarophone announced the head of Chernihiv Osiesław Chaus - The Russians have shot an object of critical infrastructure on Winston

The Roads of Ininsons are ready for winter trials

complex weather conditions, other than autotrack techniques, it is possible to attract and operate of contractual organizations

Mr. Winnard was attacked by firewood-stone

Mr. Vinnichus was attacked by chess. The military works, wrote to Mr. Winter Military Administration Sergean Bassans. Now, here we go. Russia can hide Iranian drones and missiles at the Cuban Air Force and do not ignore personal anxiety and stay in the shelters. Be careful and careful. "Air alert. Attack of the Shashid. Military works, "he wrote. Russia can get from Iran to 2.4,000 drones of Shaked-136 for the war against Ukraine. In the first batch of Iran, he handed over about 300 drones. The invaders were almost used by them by the Secretary of Defense Aleksy Rezow - Mr. Winnard was attacked by firewood-stone

approve of the Russian aggression

According to the accused, having an active Russian position, spread on the internet and in the jams of Russian invaders, magnifying a country of aggression and distorting the Ukrainian realities

We got hit by a missile on Winnichini

The effect of falling debris is destroyed by & # 39; civilian debris object

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