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The "History with the Captured Crime" is exported to the Hemenese

Comment of the Crimars and the Ukrainian activists, concentration camps and torture, ban faith, freedom of self-identity & ndash; That's the situation in today's crisis and it's been on for almost nine years

One died

Add this day on the Wwok River fishing to the south fishermen

Meanwhile, there was an accident on the water

The sample of the dielectric remained without water. Until the end of the day, they promise to fix the network

The Yunkland, along with the Cossacks, organized illegal crossing of men's border to Moldova

The border border border border border of Chernivska has been breached by a group of people illegal crossing the Ukrainian-silent border

The Chicago coppers removed the false alcohol and tobacco for $1.3 million

Synchronized & mdash; About 500 liters of alcohol and over 600 bottles of ready to sell product, and 29 thousand packs of cigarettes without a stroke of actician tax. The total cost of the removed is $1.3 million

The waiting officer of one of the Hemevevsky community hit a man and ran away from an accident

The chief officials reported the suspicion of one of the city halls of Sheptiwski County for committing a deadly accident

The police are probably involved in a flying car accident

The guy in the clinic was poisoned by a bicycle. Car driving probably was a city head

Back in the Hemevsky region died tragically by a couple of border owners of Berjansn

The gentleman and the woman were leaving the front to see his 13-year-old son in the evacuation room

There are 35 security stations passed by Starlink

The citizens of the region received a free satellite transport station. sec

The officer from the Hemerevsky has been charged with extortion

The Worker at war time demanded a bribe in the director of one of the enterprises to the Ministry of Defense

Credits and learning from British paramedics: The helievists receive foreign friends

Officers from Britain have been handed over the emergency room to full-health equipment, and now it will be able to use the stewardship of the region

The pre-Civil Hospital received a few new school buses

Piter, from the beginning of the Hamterschwitz war, passed 84 school buses to the Lugan and the Danish areas

An expectation of the Hemery called to be especially free today: There is a threat to massive missile impact

ad of the Hamish Op turned to the region and asked the citizens not to ignore the 14th of January of air alarm signals

Miss Tactical bayonet for the Apo "Attack" has been transferred to the Hemevsky

& ndash; The dirt created specifically for hard warfare, able to overcome the unconventional terrain at high speed, has a big supply of roads, and will be repaired in flight conditions

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