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На Одещину насувається антициклон: якою буде погода сьогодні

Сьогодні, 8 лютого, синоптики прогнозують штормове попередження.  Слід бути готовим до сильного вітру та морозу.  Про це повідомляє Гідрометцентр Чорного та Азовського морів. Прогноз погоди в Одесі В місті сьогодні буде хмарно, але з проясненнями. Синоптики повідомляють, що вночі слід очікувати невеликий сніг, вдень без істотних опадів. Вітер північно-східний 9-14 м/с, пориви 15-20 м/с. Температура вночі 3-5°С морозу, вдень 1-3°С тепла. Прогноз погоди в Одеській області В області буде також хмарно з проясненнями. Вночі невеликий сніг, вдень без істотних опадів, місцями ожеледиця. Вітер північно-східний, 9-14 м/с, місцями пориви 15-20 м/с. Температура вночі 4-9°С морозу, вдень від 2°С морозу до 3°С тепла. На автошляхах області видимість під час снігу 1-2 км, місцями ожеледиця. Погода в Україні В Україні розпочався третій зимовий місяць. Хоча перші два не надто часто тішили українців сніговими кучугурами та морозами, народні синоптики пообіцяли, що у лютому погода кардинально зміниться. У середу, 8 лютого, в Україні очікується мінлива хмарність. Опади не передбачаються, лише вночі у Карпатському регіоні та на півдні країни невеликий, у Криму помірний сніг. На дорогах буде ожеледиця. Вітер північно-східний, 5-10 м/с. - На Одещину насувається антициклон: якою буде погода сьогодні

Mine: A storm warning is announced in Odessa

During the course of eight February on Odessa, and the region is expected to urinate northwest, 15-20 m / s. Due to a storm in the Black Sea there is a massive threat, and it is reported by the Council of Odessa. Minna is a high probability of opening sea mines with anchor and hitting shore, and their drifting along the coast. So, we need to postpone the walk to the sea. "We pay attention to the clothing and guests of the region, that the danger of finding in the beach zone is too high. And it's pretty likely that the uncontrollable mine, especially in storm weather, "says in a message," if you find a sea mine or objects like them, you can't touch them. We need an urgency to report at number 102. There are also minor danger trees, and you must be careful in the city. As a result of a strong porous wind, there is a falling of branches and cables. "The Midwest mayor refers to clothing and city guests asking to be gentle, as much restrictive as we move and travel, especially aged people, children and pregnant women. The effort is not to leave vehicles under trees and power lines, carefully navigate through trees, added in the city, and the rules of behavior are important to listen to information on television and to radio the circumstances (time, direction and wind), recommend order of action. Keep calm, warn the neighbors, help the disabled, children and elderly people. Remove the property from the yard and the tanks into the house, cut the dry trees that can harm your housing, the car in the garage. Close the windows tightly, doors, burns, and ventilation holes; Close the glass, if possible, protect the shutters or shields. Teach children how to act during disasters. Don't send them to kindergarten and school in such days. Go into a more stable capital building, hide in the basement. The cloud lines of the Target Medical Assistance Office are 103 PaleService of Ukraine in Odessa - 102 op City Center for Commonement, 15-01 Consider that since the beginning of year, more than 10 mines have been nailed to the shores of Odessa. But in the open sea there's quite a lot of mines left that during the storm could tear off and drift off on the waves. So even after the end of the war state, the country will continue to work on the size of the sea and the coast, and the ban of bathing will remain - Mine: A storm warning is announced in Odessa

The IPU will improve the energy supply situation

The financial infrastructure is alive. People have heat and water, and the repair work lasts all the time - The IPU will improve the energy supply situation

There will be less innovations in Odessa: construction permissions received eight times less than a year

in 2022, it was registered eight times as many times as a year ago by the shipping papers in Odessa. The State Architecture Department of City Council issued only 300 such permission. And the discussion was told by the head of the government architecture in the city for Alexander Audayev, in the past years, the government architecture department of the Odemian Council was given about two and a half thousand documents a year. So the military time was significantly reflected in the real estate market in Odessa today, and there are over 80 building objects. But I can't tell you how many of them work. Because they can't work today, and they've upgraded the job tomorrow. This has to do with a lot of factors. For example, builders commissioned building materials in another country, and they had a problem with logistics. We also have problems with electricity, "said Alexander Adev. In spite of the war, some houses were given to be exploited last year. And right now, at the end of the building block, there are several GFC building systems. The market of real estate at the beginning of the war was caused by the uncertainty and the closing of the registers. The big danners stopped things. Now the situation changed -- the demand for property went up again, and along with that and the price. How the market changed and how new state inspection regulations from architecture and urban building hit on the pockets of clothing, or tastes and gains changed when the housing was elected, learned by the New LIVE journalist. Meanwhile, in the Ukrainian secondary real estate market in the last months, a fixed price change is only in one city. It's about getting cheaper and cheaper and ready to colonize - There will be less innovations in Odessa: construction permissions received eight times less than a year

Italian experts will help Odessa in future work with UNESCO

ly was the most helpful thing to include Odessa to UNESCO's Main List. As of now, international experts are going to help and further work with the world's legacy. This is what the Odei City press reports. The Italian experience is important to Odessa because it currently has the largest objects in Italy in UNESCO's world heritage. In fact, many significant monuments in Odessa were created by the Italians. "UNESCO was the real battle of Ukraine and Odessa for our cultural heritage. The Russians tried to remove our questions from the agenda of the day, but because of the Italian delegation, we won! We didn't shoot in there with weapons. But we fought for our future. Everyone in their place today is getting closer to our victory. I want to thank you again for your support -- yesterday and tomorrow, "said Henry Trugs. Which falls under UNESCO's official copy of UNESCO did not find a public flag or a hermu of Ukraine, however there is a high heart which created the studio of the Russian designer Arteem Leixevsky, which actively supports rff aggression. And it's not the whole centre of Odessa, it's just a part, according to the planning of settling where Vollan is. The structure of the dossier entered the memory of the architecture that exhibits the multicultural naturalism of the city. In a security zone, except for part of the history center of the city, we have to enter the port. Including Odessa to UNESCO's list is responsible for the world. The security zone has more eyes on the memory status. Besides, the chaotic construction has to come to an end. Whether people believe it, they learned it. LIVEE - Italian experts will help Odessa in future work with UNESCO

The financial infrastructure is connected to the generators by the end of the week: How does that affect the life of the garment?

The financial infrastructure of Odessa and Odessa will be transferred to the generators. Oriental work must finish by the end of the week. After that, they can put some capacity into the apartment. This was reported during the briefing by the head of the Public Council at the University of Odessa, chief chief of the general military administration Sergechuk. "After that, we can release a certain amount of capacity and put it into the apartment. The only way to think about it is that first will be possible until the end of the week, two hours are electricity, eight is missing, and then perhaps graphics will become more suitable for the comfortable life of the garment, "said Brutchuk. And the other guy added that, at the end of this week, they felt that things would improve. But there's a high probability of new rocket strikes, and, remember, over 550,000 buggers from Odessa and the neighborhood has no electricity due to an accident. But almost half of it's been harvested. Due to a massive crash on energy infrastructure, hundreds of thousands of people in Odessa and Odessa are found without electricity. "The key thing is that 3 and 4 February literally during 24 hours, there were two accidents that grew up in a major accident on these objects that were Ukrenergo. These objects lived in the city of Odessa and Odessa, added Brautchuk, and in fact, due to the cold weather in Ukraine, electricity consumption increases. Kyiv and Odessa already had emergency shutdown. Remember, due to the electricity deficit, the cologne will rest by the end of the week. Meanwhile, the daycare will resume work tomorrow - The financial infrastructure is connected to the generators by the end of the week: How does that affect the life of the garment?


"The Council of Ukraine" (writing) Wonder what's on the French boulevard. His total cost over 192 million dollars, which is what the prosecutor's office says. Between legal and physical individuals, there was an agreement which caused the property to be a total area of 4528 meters of government property. That was the basis of the lawsuit. "The prosecutor has now committed a partial court decision. Ukraine's State Property Fund has registered state property rights for 3151 m per asset. The investigation takes action on the return of the last two objects in the sanatorium, which were affected by the three people in the case of the case, which is a message, and remember, in the Odejan Concert Board, the Court returned to the state property of the satellite and resort to the Cooper resort. His total cost is about $1 billion. In fact, the State Bureau of Investigation revealed a large-scale multi-million scheme of theft of union property. Without the necessary consent of the Defence, it was illegal to sell 80 major complexes in different regions of Ukraine -- among them, the "Kuklinski" sanatorium. Earlier, we have written that land in the port tank of the Seacity branch was illegally removed from public property. There might be four officers involved in the scheme that cost high seats. Let's say, in Ukraine's State property fund, there was a 90 billion dollar violation. There are risks of losing property for over 56 billion dollars. The report, inefficiency of governance and control systems, as defined by the state master of the actors running the Defence Foundation and its regional divisions, led to a disturbance. In particular, auditors detected a disturbance during the administration of the income part of the budget at about 42 million dollars - Luxembourg:

Saint Odei's animal asylum is full of: cats and dogs are there three times as much to war

In the clothes shelter, the Ark has 700 dogs and 97 cats. It's almost three times more than it was before the full-blown invasion, so now the orphanage does not take new animals. That's what the briefing told the head of the "Ark of Alien Lawyer" about it. "Now the situation is much more complicated than the war. We don't have room anymore, so we don't accept new animals. Before the war, many people came to pick up a cat or a dog, now there's not enough people, "said the zoo protection. She said that the owners of the dog simply don't leave a choice shelter. People bring adult dogs who live in families who don't know what a street is, if they don't help them die. The homeless dogs in the city in Odessa are a complicated situation with homeless animals. A lot of cats and dogs left the owners who left after a full-time invasion. And a lot of animals are also being handed over to a zoo of war zones. In 2022, in Odessa, they sterized almost 2,700 four-year-olds. The cats also sterilize, even though the funding of this program is stopped during the war. We make deals with clinics that are willing to work and wait for them to pay their money, "said the deputy director of the ecology department and development of the recretive zones of the Odean City for Valentina Dabk, and the animals are still rescuing shelter that were before the war they could barely make ends meet. It's even worse now. As the largest animal shelter in Odessa today was seen by Noes.LIVEe correspondent - Saint Odei's animal asylum is full of: cats and dogs are there three times as much to war

According to the report of the doctors, Ukraine's plans for court decision on Saakashville

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is disappointed in the decisions of the Tbilian City court, who will not be pleased to prosecute the legal exorcism of the court. The agency calls to stop calling political accounts with the Ukrainian citizen immediately, telling the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. "The court took no notice of doctors regarding the suffering of Michael Saashvili. He also refused citizens for protection. The authorities of Georgia must immediately stop bringing political accounts to the Ukrainian citizen, guarantee his rights and transfer it to Ukraine, it is in a message, and the Ministry of Ukraine has added that will continue to protect the interests of the citizens of Michael Saakashville. And he has to be fired. The health state of politics, remember, in Georgia, at the court meeting over former president and prosecutor of the Odessa of Michael Saachashvili, the politician tried to show his appalling physical state. But the video communication was broken. The health of the Georgian exformer President Mikhail Saakashvili has greatly deteriorated. The politician is in a chest clinic in critical condition, and also a politician called a probable customer for poisoning. He wrote a letter to the Russian supporter of Mark Feynman, where he said he was poisoned by the order of the pothina. Now, the number of Saakashvili diseases is difficult. They're probably TB and dementia. Also recently, a special Penitentiary Service of Georgia published surveillance footage from the former president's office. In the video, he blames and acts quite aggressive - According to the report of the doctors, Ukraine's plans for court decision on Saakashville

In the city of Odessa, they told us about the school and the daycare mode

Most schools will spend their holidays until the end of the week, but where there is light, education will recover early - In the city of Odessa, they told us about the school and the daycare mode

And he said, "You know what?" For the Patrol Division, the prime minister of Drüzhe Muzyko

Welcome to the DMV of Drüzson Muzyko Maxim Trabinki with his cohesive. He came out for inspectors, and he sang some patriotic songs with them, saying, "The Patrol Police Service in the Garden. https: / / odesalivetv / 25946 which is known about the artist of the Duzhe Muzyko is a copyright-style "ethnic Drive" - a style based on Ukrainian tune and rock-music driver at the same time. The band plays its songs, and also songs for the words of great Ukrainian artists. The club's prime minister 2022 in the name of Art. Society support defenders for the clothing fighters who are fighting our peace in the east of Ukraine, visiting St. Washington. The archist at the front of Bahmuri sang for the Knights of the Winter's passage. And we also wrote that the designer who served in the fields of the ZU visited Herson after the occupation. We've gathered troops and local people in the central square to listen to a concert. Which of the stars protects Ukraine's land of the Ukrainian stars from the first days of the war joined the ZPD. So, for example, among the Regier's defenders and the former Kremme Olg Sensinger. The "Antibodies" of the Turoans and the collectivist members also joined the forces of territorial defense. The battalion in which the artist serves is doing tasks and in Ireland and in the Bush. The Freintman of the TNMK Oleg Party also received weapons and became protected by Ukraine. At the beginning of the war, the reformer Yarmak entered the timeline, and then joined the ZW. A month later, the celebrity's Office learned how to use AK-74, RPG, NLAW. In March, a column in which the singer was moving was caught under a copper shoot. And as a result, he got a face injury. After the wound was set up, he returned to the police officer - And he said,

In Odes, the most frequent people in the penitent virus are: how to protect the family

The introduction of 2023 at Odessa is registered with 601 lab confirmed case at COVID-19, which unfortunately is 14 fatal cases. They're most likely to detect infection in the adult population, and that's what the Odei City Service reports. "Dynamic spread of COVID-19 by age groups shows the biggest increase in disease among adult populations between 55 and older. Since the beginning of the year, population disease between 55 and older are 39.1 percent of the total cases of disease, "says the message, the intensity of disease depends on the consciousness and the simple prevention of the population. This is a fancy mode, social distance, use antiseptic, a kind of medical commitment to self-isolation and vaccination. The addresses of the cockpit are: Kyiwski district: Fountain North. 30 / 32; Fontaitan Hodor. 110; Ilf and Petrova, 63 / 1; Sorry. Oskock, 9; Shields, 48 / 1; Yeah. Geller, 43; Lavender, 62; Ac. Philadelphia, 7a. Malinowski district: Tithomir (Ac). Harkow, 2; Bulgarian, 38; I. And Yu. Lip, 1. Seaside: Observatory done. 8; Mm. Divine, 26; Pastor, 56; Trading, 29 / 31. Neighbor district: Here. Czech, 54; Ac. Robot, 5; Defense fighters for Odessa, 52; Ac. Paid, 59 / 1; D. Oosstach, 7; Baltic East. 40; Hudson Avenue, 32. Remember, we found the first patient in Ukraine on a new Covid-19 syringe. A staff member of the BAU Okazana Koshko, who discovered that he was not as deadly as he was before. However, Kushal explained, the anti-epidemialist norm doesn't cancel it - In Odes, the most frequent people in the penitent virus are: how to protect the family

"Zero initiative": in January the world got a quarter less Ukrainian agricultural products than in December

Canada's January from the Orient ports came up with 77 ships that exported three million tons of aerial arms to Africa, Asia and Europe. That's 25% less of December. This is what the Ministry of Infrastructure tells us. Suburban queues in the Shire, each month exports less and fewer agricultural products. In six months of working "grain corridor" the world got 19.7 million food tons, and had to get over 30 million tons if the corridor was fully operational. The vast majority of countries get a good deal with huge time delay due to a simple vessel in Bosnia. "The only obstacle to access Ukrainian agricultural products to global markets is the actions of the Russian side at the Public Coordinate Center, which is a message. The city's work now holds a critically low exit rate of 2.5 dries per day. The January port only worked 30 to 40 percent due to the navy deficit. Three judges a day in the proposed nine go through the inspection of the Bostrai and get permission to move to Ukrainian food ports. There is also a court registration for participation in the initiative: More than 80 reported by the Russians daily without explanation, only 2 or 3 ships are registered on average. Ukraine, France, Turkey and the United Nations agreed to unlock the export of Ukrainian grain. On October 29th, the country claimed to stop its participation in a deal that was based on "terrorism" in Ukraine against the Black Sea Rage. But it was November 2, without any reason to come back to the agreement, whereas from the Grain port of the Great Odessa continued to export the grain from Ukaine. Three bars of Ukrainian wheat are planned to send them to Africa. Where they exported the grain of the Treaty of Zealand read in the material -

The Udenian students went on vacation: How to work the town daycare

According to the electricity network deficit, the cologne will rest by the end of the week. Meanwhile, the daycare will resume work tomorrow. School Schools' work has lasted the rest of the week. After the administration's decision, they start the education classes that have light. Students will inform their parents about a situation in a specific school. How the daycare works from eight February children who work independently go back to the normal work schedule. The curious children will be provided. "For these two days, the preparation and shipping of those institutions, where the lights are, thank the colleagues for the operativity and ability to find a way out in an extreme situation," said the board of the Department of Education Department. The generators are currently able to provide electricity cities for every 2 hours in 8 hours. What it takes to know the students of school this year as an alternative to graduate students will do a national multi-action test again -- in improved format. In the same way, for the students of the 4th and 9th classes, they cut state-of-the-sum-atheist, and we'll also say that this semester, as well as the past, the dress students will learn in a mixed format that everyone chooses individually. The following decisions are made by the students themselves with their parents. At the moment, there are 56 schools in mixed form in Odessa. This has to do with the overall shelter in education. But their numbers have to go up if there's a need for parents and children. In fact, educators also help Ukrainian fighters in war with aggression. Some of the school students in the Voivodship were cooking in the hospitals of delicious vanniners, usurper, and scorched crooks - The Udenian students went on vacation: How to work the town daycare

iron in one of the areas applies crashes

Add to all distribution system operators (overreach) added to the limit of consumption that works during the course of the day - iron in one of the areas applies crashes

The second part of the cologne is stuck in Turkey because of the earthquake: You know, when the T-shirts come home

Left the hotel and went to the city of Antalya, after early training, The sailors were waiting on Antalya, Istanbul, the Kyiv. But the complete compound is players, coaches and staff -- they weren't able to leave because of the problems at the airport. The aircenter of yesterday's devastating earthquake in Turkey was about a hundred kilometers away from a gathering of many Ukrainian football clubs. Some players are still in Turkey. "Most of the team is already in Odessa. The players still are in Turkey, flying out in the afternoon. We hope the entire team will be in full storage in our city, and will continue preparing for the second circle at the Sowinese training base, "says in a message," Earth Earthbodies in Turkey of the Earth's magnetism of 7.8 happened in Turkey and neighboring Syria early on Monday. He stung entire houses, destroyed the hospital, and left thousands of people wounded and without a roof over his head. Almost 8,000 people have been rescued from four 758 buildings destroyed during the push of this lawsuit before. The number of death was over four thousand, and the earthquake felt in several regions -- Avalia, Antalya, Galazandish, Kaiser, Terzone, Urphi, after the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, the world became a new wave of land shocks. In particular, in Guatemala, in Cyprus, in Colombia and Poland, the data from the site All Quacks Earthake Monor. Remember, the Major Coach Diuna Lucsk told us that he had to survive the training headquarters and the gaming team at the time of the earthquake in Turkey. Also, a half-protected collection developer named Christian Atse was found alive under one of the homes in Turkey. The flu suffered due to an earthquake - The second part of the cologne is stuck in Turkey because of the earthquake: You know, when the T-shirts come home

van without work: A scandalous prefiler from Odessa has been released

Former Presidium of the Southern regional border management of Ukraine Ivanov, recently transferred to the Jews, but it did not work for long. Ivanov got back in the middle of the scandal and was released, and this was reported by the CEO of Andrzej Demenco, writing "Up." "She is now released from the laurel of the State Border Service of Ukraine according to the law of military duty and military service. Liberation happened at the end of January, "said the border chief. A failed comment by Yvan Platovsk after a long detachment published a new photo on the way of a brand bag. But the reason the scandal was because of her comment. She responded to one of the users: "You still don't have money," so don't try to count strangers, "in another person, Platatawska said that it would annoy people like her all her life. In particular, Ivanna showed beautiful photos from Paris on the background of the Eiffel Tower and different frames of the resort. Ivan also showed the car with his name on the license plates. After the published luxurious photographs of the press during the war, the managers were thinking about the possibilities of her coming through the service. "In the context of the situation, they reacted immediately. We're sorry that even though most border guards -- over 50 percent of their own community members -- do tasks from protecting the country, but there are also those who are more likely to be paying attention to their own personal lives, which at this point is morally unacceptable, "said the PEDS at Andriy Damenenko. Meanwhile, leadership of the border force has asked for provocative information about the chief of the clothing press. Read the details in the material - van without work: A scandalous prefiler from Odessa has been released

UTF-2 in 8: What's the situation in the energy system of Odessa?

after the missile fire of the Orient, which happened in the morning of December 26, all over the region continue to act on extreme lights shut down. The generators are currently able to provide electricity cities for every 2 hours in 8 hours. This tells the DFC of the Odeese power network. The 5 February GE delivered Odessa 15 powerful generators to critical infrastructure. Also yesterday, six February for the city, 82 generators arrived, but they are now being installed. This will allow you to upload the electrical network. "Full capacity is enough to provide video-based customers in Odessa and Odessa every 2 hours in eight hours without light. Now, this is the maximum that all is available and effective energy equipment in the region, "says in a message," Today, 7th January, the transport work will not be able to use transport. So they try to save electricity. The only available city transport now, just like in the last few days, is route cabs. As the whole passenger stream is now pointing to them, the number of passengers has grown. So you have to plan a trip in advance, because sometimes you have to stand on a 10-15-minute train, where you have to charge up the demand to visit the infraction points dramatically after the rocket shots or an avatar in the energy system. Right now, there are over 300 items in the city, so to dress when the lights are shut down, they can easily work and charge phones in these centers. All items can be found on an online map, which is always filled with photos and information. The initiatives join more and more stores, restaurants and trade points - UTF-2 in 8: What's the situation in the energy system of Odessa?

There is no rocket science in the black sea at this point: Russians were forced to take them to the bars bridge

Today, January 7, the Russians were forced to return to the missile tanks items. But despite the strong storm in the Black Sea, there are still two enemy ships collecting information about the supernatural situation. The national marathons reported this to the head of the station in the South of Nakala Guumenak. "There is still a very powerful storm in the sea. As for the Black Sea, it's as powerful as it has never been before -- it's 5-7 points. And that's why the cortical organization of the enemy is almost completely hidden in the accounting points. There are two ships left, but they're not rocket-based -- they collect information about the supernatural environment, and they told Natalie Gumenychek, and because the number of missiles in the Black Sea went down, things might change pretty quickly, as the number of Kalebras did. Also, the enemy's battle wastes can operate directly from the silos near the temporarily occupied Sevastol. So the probability of rocket strikes is high, and the threat of Minth is that there's no rocket science in the sea, there's no danger anywhere. The sea waves are getting higher, so we have to wait for surprises. So there's no danger on the beach. "There's a high probability of open sea mines with anchor and nailed to shore, and they're drifting off the coast. We pay attention to the robes and guests of the region that are too high on the coast. It is perfectly possible that uncontrollable mines, especially in storm weather, "says the city. When the sea mines are detected (mines) or things similar to them, they cannot be touched. We need an urgency to report at number 102. Remember, Russian troops continue to run intelligence in the south of Ukraine. But the critical changes in the enemy's behavior were not happening at the same time, the Russian occupational forces were released under Marieville by 30,000 people. This contingent is a kind of reserve that an enemy can use based on the development of a situation on the front. This was the opinion in Nobl.LIVE comments by the Swedish military expert of Distiro Sincessans - There is no rocket science in the black sea at this point: Russians were forced to take them to the bars bridge

Orange and ice cream: what will be the weather in Odessa and region today

Today, June 7, February 7, Synonyms predict the day without significant rainfall. But it has to be ready for wind and freeze, which tells the Gromeitte Center of Black and Azov seas. Weather forecast in Odessa in town will be cloudy today, but clear. Synoptics report that during the day there must be no significant danger. Wind North 9-14 m / s. Temperature at night is 3-5 ° freezing, day after 1 ° freezing to 1 ° heat. Weather estimates in the Hadean region in the region will also be cloudy with clarity. At night without significant rainfall, day-by-day temperate rainfall mostly like snow. At night and in the morning, there's an iron. The wind is north, 9-14 m / s, and at night you get 15-17 / s. Temperature is at 2 ° C freezing, day after 3 ° freezing to 2 ° heat. On the highway, the visibility is good, places are iron. The weather in Ukraine started the third winter month. Even though the first two of the first two didn't get too many snooze and ice-cream, the folk synonyms promised that in February the weather would change dramatically - Orange and ice cream: what will be the weather in Odessa and region today

Wednesday 8 February





-5° - 0°

85 %

1037 mm

3.36 m/s

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