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The Gypsy's crew scored, but the "Jew" came into the Spanish World Cup
This is what the espresso says. TVV. The fat one's missed two minutes after the cuts at the center of the field. In the first scene, the cataclysm couldn't make any quality team play and could have missed more than one heads. The Jew was the best on the field, Victor Civili. It's no surprise that when the second stump of cataclysm dropped dramatically, he hit it and he fired the partner. Another Ukrainian, Artta Disak, has dissolved in the field among the awful game of most partners. The Jew was unable to develop success, or at least hold the result. And all again because of the errors, we missed two heads. In the 74 minute after a great attack, Eric Garcia was added, but he couldn't get more to the Jews. The Catalogs lost, but managed to save the second position. Even though they're being picked up by earthlings from Barcelona. The 25th tour of the 19th February Bilbao. San Momeos Atlinux - Diver 3: 2 Goths: Berger, 2, 56, Williams, 60 of the Gypsies, 49, Eric Garcia, 74 - The Gypsy's crew scored, but the
Commander Chavi continues to shake: The plane killed Barcelona fighting the King's Cup - a video review
The festival is one quarter of the finals of the King's Cup met by Atlebobo and Barcelona. The half-digit team has only been defined by additional secrets. Full News Text - Commander Chavi continues to shake: The plane killed Barcelona fighting the King's Cup - a video review
Public organization «Sprava Hromad»
The Mission of «Sprava Hromad»is the support of our army. The key to victory at the front is the support of the army in the rear! Now again, as in 2014, the army needs our unity in matters of aid! Starting with basic things like clothing, and ending with high-precision equipment, such as optical-radio-electronic surveillance complexes, our community buys and supplies the troops with everything they need, which forms a new, more advanced army! In this process, we, Public Affairs, take over all the routine processes from "understanding what the military needs to beat the enemy" and ending with handing him the keys to the dream equipment! However, we can overcome this path only under one condition: only together with you! - Public organization «Sprava Hromad»
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