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June Video Awards Image Dragons Group Clip shot in Ukraine - among the nominations of the MV Music Award
The nominal list is published on a premium site where votes go on. In particular, in the "Video for Good" category, the Crackled Picture Dagons Clinic County. His hero was a 14-year-old boy, Sasha, who lived through the occupation. The machine is a joint image of Dragon and UNITE24 platforms, an ampardor of which is a musician (direction of medical care). Ukrainian director, Tania Muño, was nominated for a prize by an Attention for Doja Cat. It's also a competition in the "Video Year" and "Best Artificer" category. Last year, Tania Muyño got two awards for an As click It Was who took off for Harry Stiles. In the best actor category, for the first time in the history of a premonition, only an artist is celebrated: Beyoncé, Dodge Kat, Karl G, Niki Minata, Shakira and Taylor Swift. Doja Cat -Autection Miley Cyrus - Flowers Nicki Minaj - Superer Freaky Girov Rodrigo -Vamire Sam Smith, KyPetras -Unholy SSA - Kill Bill Taylor Swift - Anti-Herno Artist: Beyoncé Dodja Ket Karol G Niki Miñata Shakira Taylor World Song: Miley Cyrus - Flowers Olivia Rodrigo - vamire Rema, Selena Gomez -Calm Down Smith, Kym Petras - Unholy Steve Lacy - Bad Habit SSA - Kill Bill Taylor Swift - Anti-Herero's best new artist: GladRila Isa Spas Kalii Peo Pinkaterera René Rapp is the best director: Doja Cat - Attention Drake - Falling Back Kendard Lump - Count Out Megan Stone - Hans Smith, KyPetras - Unholy SZA - Kill Baylor Swift - Anti-Hero Best Building of the Year: I'm Good (Blue) - David Guetta & amp; ebbe Rexha I Like You (A Happier Long) - Post Malone ft. Doja Cat Gotta Move On (Queeens Remix) - Diddy, Bryson Tyler, Ashanti, Yung Miami TQG - Karol G & amp; Shakira Creepin '- Metro Boomin, The Weeknd, 21 Savage, Diddy Calm Down - Rema & amp; Selena Homez Video for good: Alfia Keys - If I'm not Hot You Bunny - El Apago del Dami Lovato - Sun Drive Cameroon - Breakfast Image Dragney - La Reina Video Music Awards - a annual award for making video clips. A built-in MTV cable in 1984. The beneficiaries in different categories choose the audience by voting on the site. The award ceremony will take place on September 12th, New Jersey, in the Pradinal Center - June Video Awards Image Dragons Group Clip shot in Ukraine - among the nominations of the MV Music Award

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