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KSpread Belin: It was a pleasure to know Beckbauer himself
The former Ukrainian football player, Igor Belin, is very proud of this. "I had the pleasure to be personally familiar with Frank during my shows at the Bundelese," had the honor to play with him in symbolic Star and communicate during the golden ball ceremony. "I had a photo with this great man with this young man in Monaco, where we talked about our national football. Franz gave his shield away from the skill of Olga Flea, who was playing in international fights when "The Vampire" was dating "Dionyma," said Belin on social networking. Are you interested in football? - KSpread Belin: It was a pleasure to know Beckbauer himself
Public organization «Sprava Hromad»
The Mission of «Sprava Hromad»is the support of our army. The key to victory at the front is the support of the army in the rear! Now again, as in 2014, the army needs our unity in matters of aid! Starting with basic things like clothing, and ending with high-precision equipment, such as optical-radio-electronic surveillance complexes, our community buys and supplies the troops with everything they need, which forms a new, more advanced army! In this process, we, Public Affairs, take over all the routine processes from "understanding what the military needs to beat the enemy" and ending with handing him the keys to the dream equipment! However, we can overcome this path only under one condition: only together with you! - Public organization «Sprava Hromad»
Lautchka: I admired Beckenbauer
The introduction of the Ex-trainer, the Diuna Lucque shared his thoughts about the deceased Franz Beckenbauer. Tells Football the newspaper. "It's hard for me to realize that Franz Beckbauer is gone. I'm sorry. I was amazed, I was deeply fascinated by him. What he was doing was outside the football. Summer, not football. How easy he was running seemed to dance, swam. Pure elegance. Huge loss for football. So many unintended moments. These images remain forever: Beckbauer was playing the semi-finals of the World Cup against Italy with his right hand. He had a temper! He didn't leave his team, his horse. How he dominating the game, how he appeared in the field he needed, and how he passed the ball! He was wearing number 4, he started off with a defense position, but he had an offensive spirit. He's the best player in history at his position. He turned the position of the central protector, the battle zone, the podcast, the stiff into the space of football. He was running an assault defender. A legend that was critically influenced by football. " - Lautchka: I admired Beckenbauer
The German football player of the century died at 78
According to Franz Beckbauer, they called Kaiser by giving the shah the figure's magnitude
"He was a faithful friend of Ukraine." Vladimir Xenko responded to death by one of the greatest T-shirts in history -- photo
The former Ukrainian champion in the super-heavy vase of Vladimir Clenko responded to the death of the legendary German football player, the double emperor of the Golden Master Franz Beckbauer -
Blitkbauer, who lost "Golden Ball" by Oleg Flea
According to Kickstarter journalists, Kaiser Franz -- a lot more phenomenon than just the best German people ever went out on the field in shorts. He's one of three people who won the World Series as a football player and as a coach. In fact, after he was lost in Kyiv, he handed "Golden Ball" to Flea Bottom, but after a year of individual awards again - Blitkbauer, who lost
Ukraine's second friend with great heart: Vitali Kenchenko gave a shako Beckbaum
The former champion of the world from boxing and mayor of the capital Vitalie Xenko expressed compassion on the death of the legendary Franz Beckbauer. The Clikes and Kaiser Franz were old acquaintances. Full News Text - Ukraine's second friend with great heart: Vitali Kenchenko gave a shako Beckbaum
Wednesday 28 February




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