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Ukraine projected freezing and iron at night to -14 °

Ukraine is not projected on Tuesday, at night, in northern and western regions of 5-10 degrees, in the northwest of the country to -14 degrees, day 0-5 degrees. On the other side of the night to six degrees, afternoon from two degrees cold to three degrees of heat, in Creome and South Oedet 3-8 ° heat - Ukraine projected freezing and iron at night to -14 °
Charitable Foundation «Come Back Alive»

The "Come Back Alive" Foundation is close to the Ukrainian military. The front line of the Russian-Ukrainian war is not only the front. It is where the war for Ukraine is going on. In hospitals, in warehouses, landfills, in mass media, in offices. We supply and repair equipment, train soldiers and officers, help transform the Armed Forces, provide first-hand accounts of war and stem the flow of propaganda and disinformation. Provides the Ukrainian army with the most important tactical advantage. - Charitable Foundation «Come Back Alive»
Mayor Chercas reported a rejection of a 400% bonus

President Zacas Anatolia Bondrenenko responded to a critique of his 400 percent premium and reported her rejection - Mayor Chercas reported a rejection of a 400% bonus
Monday 4 December




-13° - -4°

10 %

1024 mm

2.16 m/s

  • 22:00

  • 01:00

  • 04:00

  • 07:00

  • 10:00


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