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handful of Clop and Chawy and the end of Joffrey. World sport news in a week
President Jurgen Clop announced he was coming from Liverpool on December 26, the Liverpool fan had a real shock. The chief trainer in the English Club Yurgen Clop, whose contract was founded until the summer 2026 announced that he would stop his position - after the end of the current season. " I like everything in this club, town, and painkillers. But I'm running out of energy. I don't have a problem right now. But I've known for a long time that I'm going to have to announce this once, explained Clapp, and understand why Liverpool Liverpool is so easily adopted by a German trainer's statement. Under his leadership, the legendary club turned its former glory and won all the possible titles, the England championship in 2020, the Liverpool of England, the League Cup, the World Cup of the World Championship, the Super CFSA, and another 56-year-old Clapp took the Liverpool three times to the finale of champions. In 2018, in Kyiv and 2022, the British lost Spanish "Real." But in 2019, Madrid has won the Tutenham and won his sixth major trophy of European football. After the 21st, red lines take 48 points and go to England championship. Leavers are ahead of five Arsenal, Aston Will, and Manchester City, playing the west game. Also, Liverpool, in the current season, came to 1 / 8 of the League of Europe. Chawy leaves Barcelona Photo: The Getty Images of Chawy, another loud vacation was happening in Spain. And after the defeat of La Lisa from Wilrenil, the chief coach of Barcelona, Havi announced that he would leave the team in the summer. In June, I will leave the club. That's the decision we talked to the president of the club. Barcelona needs a change in direction. We've reached the point of no return. It's time for change, I think it's time to go. I'll leave the club on June 30th, "said Howie. Read also: EFA is afraid of the performance of Ukraine in Euro-2024, and the Yachamian tale is concluded: The main sports a week is one of the best T-shirts in the history of "Bar" who led it since November 2021. Under the leadership of 44-year-old catarakers, they won La Lang and Superman in Spain. In this current season, the Barcelona isn't the best way. In Spain's Championship, she goes to fourth place and she renders from the leader at 11 points. In the Spanish Super Cup, she lost the most principle rival, the Madridian Rial. In the League of the champions, Khavi's team, although it was the first time in his group, failed from Shakaltar and Belgian Antwerp. So at 1 / 8, the final team of Howie doesn't look like a negative favorat in front of the Italian Navar. Getty Images nowak josch 28 January in Melbourne met the first in 2024 the most prestigious episode of Grand Salm. His main event was the failure of the first missile in Nowaka Joschich's heart, which in the semi-finale, ended by an Italian Angel Sinner, which is in the ranking of tennis professionals on the fourth place, and for Jade, this failure became at the Open World Cup of Australia's first 2018. Every two years ago, the Serbians did not participate in Austrian Open because they refused to vaccinate themselves from COVID-19 and didn't get a visa. He's a record man for the number of titles at the AO and won this Grand Salm 10-time tournament, and it would be extremely unfair if the Angel Sinner lost at Australian Open, and also the Danish Bear in Melbourne in a neutral statue. And the Italian was close to losing, because the first two networks lost. But he was able to take the initiative and win the initiative -- 3: 6.3: 6.6: 4,6: 4,6: Three -- and my first career as the Grand Salm tournament, an open World Cup of Australia in 2024 was extremely successful for Ukrainian tennis. Dear Kocchenko in a duet with the Olena Efinpenchenko for the first time came to the Grand Salm tournament. It was managed by Olena Tartarka, who, in a couple of Marian de Wardt in South Korea, lost the confidence match in Wimbledon-1999, and the Orenenko and Katerina Bondrenenko, who won AO-2008. In the finals, she and Oppenka went into Alisa Mertence from Belgium and Sive Showei from Taiwan, and in the lonely place of Denmark, the first Ukrainians who went to the seminary of Austral Open. In addition, she's only a second tennis player from Ukraine who got to this stage in Greenland. She repeated the achievement of Elianna the World-Talent, played in the half finals of Wimbledon in 2019 and 2023 and US Open-2019. She lost at 1 / 2. The Chinese in the finals went into the Aryan Sobelenko, who spoke in Melbourne in a neutral status and protected the champion title. Getty Images Simon Indza of Supercube in Italy became known as the first title season of 2023 / 24. In fact, the winner recognized in Saudi Arabia, which is the expansion in the world football, and in that way, "buying" for its own venues such as the games. In January of the Er-Rijdi, there was a Spanish Supercube, now the competition for Italian clubs. 0, and "The other" with the same score, "Lazarus." On the final game of January 22nd, "The Inter" for 60 minutes was found in most of the fact that he was removed at Nassau for a rewarning by Giovanni Simeon. Milan took advantage of a number of advantages to a fixed arc of time. I'll get them the target Laura Martinez. "Inter" won "Naupoli" 1: 0 and the third row became the supercube of Italy, Simon Industries, now the most titles coach in the history of the tournament. He won his fifth trophy and convinced Marchela Lippy and Fabio Capela who had four super-cube victories. Getty Images (on the left of the Civic), followed by the Ukrainian T-shirts Arthus killed and Victor Cigians, continues to fight for the champion in Spain. In the 22nd tour of the cataclysm, they had to catch up with "Real" again, which ran his match on the day before, on January 27th. Andriy Leninus's Basilica at the gate won the Las Palmas race 2: And they took 54 points. The kill and the Gypsy people came out of the early warehouse and helped their team bring leadership back to La Lise. The winning goal in the first scene hit Porta. The Jew won the Salt One: 0, earned 55 items and went to the first place in the tournament table. As a matter of fact, "Real" has a match in the west. "Atlanco" and "Barcelon" have about 44 points, and they're significantly off competition - handful of Clop and Chawy and the end of Joffrey. World sport news in a week
"Inter" won "Naupoli" to the Final Supercube in Italy
The final Supercube in Saudi Arabia, where there were semi-finals and a critical match. At 60 minutes, the Inter was found in most of the removal of the Navar for a rewarning from Giovanni Symeon. Milan took advantage of a number of advantages to a fixed arc of time. I'll get them the target Laura Martinez. Het-Trick Donak, the first sensation of Austrian Open and Robbing by Massey: World Sports main news for a week "Inter" won "One: 0 and become the supercube of Italy, in the semi-finals of Navar, won Firentine 3: 0, and "Inter" with the same score lost "Lazarus," which was the result of the Supercube of Italy as the Ear-venom, Saudi Arabia 22 of January "Nassau" - "The Inter" 0: 1 Goal: Martinez, 90 + 1 Delete: Simeon, 60 ("Naval") -
sterday's name is Firentina 3: 0: Review the match
"The Treaty of Tilsit" (writing) 0 (1: 0) Goly: 1: 0 - 22 Simeon, 2: 0 -84 Skerbin, 3: 0 - 86 Skerbbit Sign on our TV channel to - sterday's name is Firentina 3: 0: Review the match
Serhiy Prytula Charitable Foundation
Prytula Foundation purchases military equipment, equipment, medical supplies and transport for the military. Another area of our work is humanitarian aid. All funds that go to the accounts of the charity organization go into the general volunteer fund of Serhiy Prytula together with money from his other accounts, from Patreon and PayPal. With all these funds, the fund purchases aid for the needs of the Ukrainian military. - Serhiy Prytula Charitable Foundation
The Lady Champion is waking up. A supercube of Italy went to the finals of Italy
In addition to the semi-finals, a team named Walter Marzur defeated a finalist in Italy by a Festina - The Lady Champion is waking up. A supercube of Italy went to the finals of Italy
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