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Favorite homes, businesses and park: Bannets were undertaking rocket hits in Kharkiv

The coin night at 8 February, the invaders attacked C-300 civilians in Kharkiv. There was also an area under the enemy fire that died among peaceful citizens. It informs the head of the Kharkiv Oleg Singuok. The arthropods in Kharkiv City report to Kharkiv Ores, Russian invaders hit C-300 missiles in the civil industry, and a massive fire occurred. Also fixed impact on land in Central Park. Fortunately, no one was hurt. The shooting from the scene published the town's head of Harkor Igor Therese. / / icon _ terekhov / 597 Apart from where the fire was. The occupants were massacred by Warski, Cubeansk, Two-year-old, Sagittarius, veterinarian, and other people who were approaching the collision line are populated by the Chaguevsky, Kupian and Kharkiv areas. "The warrior had an injury and had a hospitalized girl 16 years, a 74-year-old woman, unfortunately she died," says Oath. It was known that a recurring damage was obtained by the shooting of the city hospital, Volovian. Also, one of the shrapnel hit the ambulance that was driving the patient. Also, in Kupeńsk, six garage attacks were destroyed from the rff side, 10 were damaged. In fact, early in Kharkiv Oath reported that in the night of February 7, the occupants attacked the center of the C-300 missile. It assumes that during stabilization activities in one of the homes where the occupying state of the occupiers was found and found a package of documentation of 138 motorcycle brigades armed Russian Federation - Favorite homes, businesses and park: Bannets were undertaking rocket hits in Kharkiv

The Russians shoot the Kharkiv

The local citizens called to take cover and stay there until the enemy attack stops - The Russians shoot the Kharkiv

In Hark, they were detained by gangsters who had been beaten with lost debts

The chief of police officers arrested three men and women who demanded money from the residents of Kharkiv. To gain the wanted, the assailants beat the victims and their relatives. This is what the Kharkiv report is about. Medical investigation material established that 30-year-olds have not worked before a convicted man is back in crime. In November of 2022, he proposed to his friend -- a 34-year-old man who had already had problems with the law, "kick money out of the food, and they also involved two more long-term convicted people -- 44-year-old man and a 25-year-old woman. The contractors demanded money from the Hark in the cause of an unexisting debt, beat their relatives, and threatened to apply violence to the victims themselves and their surrounding environment, and the officials kept all four members organized by an organized group while receiving more non-existing debt. The court investigation is conducted by investigators in the HUNP in Kharkiv region for the operating escort of staff of the CBU in Kharkiv Region and State of strategic investigations in Kharkiv PNC. We also wrote that in Kharkiv, we delayed the export that reached the enemy's side. And they also said that the SBU was exposing an entrepreneur to provide supplies for sub-boats - In Hark, they were detained by gangsters who had been beaten with lost debts

In Kharkiv, they were detained by the export that reached the enemy's side

Following the 26-year-old employee of the National Police, who at the beginning of armed aggression, the rfiff held the position of the intelligence support in one of the CNP police stations in Kharkiv region, at the end of May, agreed to serve Russian-occupational forces. This is what the Kharkiv report is about. She wrote an application from the law enforcement department on her own for the occupation of the aggression, and she made it out of her head of the labor contract and was appointed as the "Senior Inspector for analysis, planning and" illegal law enforcement "-so-called" Internal Affairs Office of the Kharkiv Association. For confirmation, the invaders gave her the ID and the police uniform from the fairy boys. "By the investigation, after the capture of Russian invaders. A 12-year-old cop went to work with the invaders. At first she did the bill of crimes in the occupation of the police. It says, "This position is reported to be reported. The attacker was taken from the population of statements and reports of illegal infringement, formed documents that created the conditions for illegal law enforcement, provided the establishment and strengthening of Russian power to temporarily occupied the Cuban area. With the occupation of the attacker cooperating in September, getting $45,000 of money per month from the National Police Department of Ukraine, a woman has been released in June as part of the implementation of the disciplinary commission. After liberating Ukraine's military forces, the Kip district of Traitor started hiding out because they couldn't go with the invaders. To keep the collapse from the SBU's staff detained a traitor in his league. Ancient Kupian Square. After deoccupation the city's forces of defense, Ukraine has been suspended by the Ukrainian justice of the private house. She's currently reported the suspicion of a crime premeditated crime. Two century. 111 (state treason, learned in the state of war) the financial code of Ukraine. The clue has been selected as a safety precaution. For such a crime, treason threatens imprisonment for 15 years or a life sentence of confiscating property. And they also said that the Slavic government is sending rumors about the evacuation of the state-of-the-law - In Kharkiv, they were detained by the export that reached the enemy's side

In Hark a week, more than two thousand people were affected by flu

In Hark's flu and acute respiratory infections of 30 January, February 2132 people, 38 percent of them are children. This tells Kharkiv City council, the Epiemiological situation in Kharkiv Report Kharkiv Full Control and Discussion Profiles, last week, 120 lab cases of coronary disease confirmed in COVID 19. In the center notice that, compared to the last week, the flu and the GVI went down by 2%. The disease statement is 150.7 per 100,000 people below the epidural threshold at 63.7% and represents a low-intensity epidemic process. The state of flu and GRAY disease in the region in Kharkiv City is a relatively small decline in the control center and disease prevention, a week in the region was 4566 people, with 1514 (33.2%) children under 17 years. In comparison to the previous week, there is a slight decline in disease at 0.3 percent, due to a reduction in disease among adults at 4.4%. This child shows an increase of 9.1%, compared to the previous week, the number of hospitalized ones have dropped. "For the last six weeks in the area, the intensity of an epidemic process confirmed by a compatible flu virus circulation and B. Also, the combined flu virus and respiratory group, and SARS-CoV-2, will contribute to further increase rates of disease among the population, "says the Kharkiv community of control and disease prevention. The highest rates of disease are registered in the Lizevsky district - 299.48 per 100,000 people, the lowest in m. Kharkiv (156,75 per 100,000). And we wrote that they recommended that kids can be vaccinated with flu. And they also talked to Dr. Komarov, why we often get sick in the winter - In Hark a week, more than two thousand people were affected by flu

Mr. Kupian authorities are sending rumors about the evacuation of the state-of-the-law

Over the past few days, the enemy is constantly sharing information about the evacuation of public organs, the removal of property and institutions. And also, it's sort of like calling for evacuation of local residents in the background of the future of mass advances in the city of Cubeansk. It is reported on his Facebook page by the first deputy head of Cubean Rhaiarardovia Kanovich. Kanacovich writes that local military administration, CBU, National Police, prosecutor of Kup is at work places, and they continue to do their function properly. "The armed forces of Ukraine hold the situation under full control. Don't give up the information attacks of the occupants and don't spread the information. Observe official sources, "adds to Andre Kanovich. We've already reported that the Hartonia police are not calling for Russian provocations, and they've also written about how the Russians spread the fairy as if they were in Bahmutha - Mr. Kupian authorities are sending rumors about the evacuation of the state-of-the-law

June in Kharkiv is one of the most complex demolition situations

In the business of combat action, the most complex situation in the Danica, Hersons, and Kharkiv regions. This is what the Ministry of Energy reports. The energy efficiency situation thanks to increasing energy production, despite cooling, this deficit is significantly lower than last Tuesday. On the account of why the 7th February number of consumers in Ukraine is 42% lower. "Due to capacity deficit, the largest cut-off consumer in Odessa and Lviv areas and in Kyiv," said in a message. But at the same time, there's a difficult situation with Odessa and the Odeka airstrip over the network constraints, caused by an accident on one of the transmission system's substations. As of the morning, a fraction of the people who have exhausted the city and the neighborhood is about 58% of their total amount. The power of critical infrastructure and voltage delivery on other consumers is protected according to the complex graph. The energy takes all sorts of steps to stabilize the situation and restore the power. The energy consumption limit carried out by the Ukrenergo by adding all systems of distribution (OECD) of consumption that take place during the day. Each OECD within the proven limeat within its region is the graphs of time-lapse and inform the consumers about it. Improving elite applies to crashes of electricity. We've already written that the main cause of a live crash at the station at the Odessa is called large network load and so small substations. And they also wrote when the lights are turned off in Kharkiv - June in Kharkiv is one of the most complex demolition situations

Pastilla on a motorcycle: Two men blew up in the Harlands

In a village in Kharkiv, two civilians blew up in the mini. The police have started criminal trials, and this is a message from the Office General's press, and details for the procession by the Iraqi county of the Kharkiv area are starting to investigate criminal law abuses and war practices combined with a reasonable murder. Two century. 438 K Ukraine. Bug reports, s. There's a bottle of Isim County 6 February 2023 about 15: Two men riding the bike blew up on the mini. One of the men died, another was wounded, and a series of civilians in the mines in Kharkiv City in Izomo, three February seven teenagers blew up on a fragment of the trench mines of the petals. One of the teenagers lifted it from the ground and threw it next to the others. Because of the explosion, all the kids got hit by glass wound. Their condition is satisfactory. But five of them were still hospitalized in Izummean hospital, and at the end of December, they were undermined by an unknown explosive device on Kharkiv land and a seven-year-old boy, and two children were also blown up in Saletska Harbor. Two boys 15 and 12 years in the bushes near the house found an explosive object that was here. The kids got hit by a glass wound, and in November, the anti-tank mini blew up the tractor. The explosion resulted in a mechanical tractor, and the tractor itself got burned. The event has occurred in the Barvsk community near the Pacific village, and remember, due to the violence of the rotations in Ukraine, it has been replaced by 250,000 square kilometers. So growth created the world's largest minefield in Ukraine - Pastilla on a motorcycle: Two men blew up in the Harlands

Three civilians blew up in Harbour while riding a motorcycle

Professor Thergact has occurred in the Isoman area. Three civilians suffered due to the explosion, the cycle they were moving on came into an unknown explosive object. It writes about this in his Telegram chief of Kharkiv military garson, Sergei Melnick. He also writes that one injured person was transferred to doctors. A man has an insult to the right nude, and at the moment, people are working in a pyrology. Sergei melnick remembered that Kharkiv region is one of the most dangerous in the country not only through regular shots but also the presence of mines. All residents of the area only have to move the roads that are already being used and tested by related specialists. And just as a reminder, we've written the story of the military report of the site of Kharkiv Oblast, and also that ZW has shown up as Bozena-5's Slovak system working on Kharkiv - Three civilians blew up in Harbour while riding a motorcycle

На Харківщині на невідомому предметі підірвалися троє людей

Харківська область є однією з найнебезпечніших у країні не тільки через регулярні обстріли, а й наявність мін. - На Харківщині на невідомому предметі підірвалися троє людей

they began to bury exhumed bodies of death

The channels of the funeral are held in the city cemetery where it's safe. One of the cemetery has a separate area for bodies to be buried - they began to bury exhumed bodies of death

women were killed on the Harlands

Philips suspects waiting for & # 39; imprisonment for 15 years or forever in & rsibreak; imprisonment

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