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In Winnika, the public awards were given to the vulnerable to their families
this is Sergeant Drérro Arcahik, the elder soldier Michael Krazuk, the elder soldier of Roman Kusnir, the elder soldier of Vāma Nikolaev, the elder soldier Viktor Maetwchuk, the youngest Lieutenant Sergei Pastaschenko, the elder soldier of Igor Trachko
"That's an exaggeration." Why doesn't Parliament call the Bubiz case and what Zielinski was talking to the servants about, an interview with Krazczuk?
The National deputation of Ukraine from the county of the People, the assistant head of the Committee on the humanitarian and the information policy of Eugeny Krawichuk at Radio NV interview about President Vladimir Zielenski's conference, head of Bihus.Info and meet the head of the state of backgammon with his party -
"Assaurus" (writing) The Cybermen responded
This is described in the European Truth article. The management of the region seems to be dissatisfied with the latest decision of Moldova's government in the economy. An expectation of the so-called arrival of the parliament named Alexander Corshons told the press to reach the world, not just Russia. "The situation is complicated, and you have to go into all of the structures, including the European structures," he said, not to mention the idea. At the same time, the so-called "Sudetrol" parliament called Vasama Krazuk on the local TV channel, said the purpose of "go" was to confirm that Titian still wants to join the RF. "There's no point in doing another referendum, and the previous decision is relevant... I have defined a vector in 2006 with Russia, with the Eurasian Union. From "detriment of all levels, most likely to confirm our intentions," he said. And in turn, what we call the focused politician Henry Black, in his Facebook, wrote that the convention was assigned to February 28, while the 29th FFFFFFFFFFFFFFTN should speak to Parliament RF. In the Black Sea, the convention "has to be identified as citizens who live on the left side of the Dnieper," request the Court of Justice to the Russian Federation, and the 29 February Putin will announce it in his own initiative, and the federal fees in an accelerated order will make the decision. " Moldova government's response to the Reintegration of the Government of Moldova has said that it's following the situation in the Council, but it's not seeing the top effects of the situation in the region at the moment. "The Office of Reintegration is monitoring the situation in the region, while in constant contact with the region and other international partners. According to the information that we have, we have no reason to believe that the situation in the region can get worse, "is the comments of the domain. The President of Moldova Sanda has recently declared the probability of the Creomile intervention in the President's presidential election, which Kyiv has planned for the fall of 2024 -
The Council approved a law on voluntary lobbitions which was recommended by the EU
The Treaty of Versailles approved the whole bill of & # 8220; About the virtuous lobbying of & # 8221; (10337) This was reported by a folk deputation by Eugenia Krazuk in & # 8217; Friday, 23 February. Now all EU recommendations for further negotiations with Ukraine for introduction. & # 8220; Recommended for Europe's opinion of Ukraine from November 8, 2023 & # 8211; & # 8221; - She said. The deputation published a photo of the voting results: & # 8220; for & # 8221; given voices [# 8230; ] The post Council approved a bill on voluntary lobbying, which was recommended by the EU first predicted on noestnor - The Council approved a law on voluntary lobbitions which was recommended by the EU
welcome to the Ukrainian army. War economy. International front: threat support? TAT-FAE
ll soon begin a new episode called "Ukrainian Truth." Roman Cranach, along with the guests of the studio: Paul Clegane, the Foreign Minister of Foreign Affairs (2014-2019) - Maxma Moerov, Böron of the Legion Freedom - Alexi Gonzonenko, a folk depudent, "European solidarity" - Eugenia Krazuk, Assistant head of the faction of the "Serg of the People," by Déerra Nathanaha, the Committee of Economic Development, says the sum of two years of full war - welcome to the Ukrainian army. War economy. International front: threat support? TAT-FAE
Volunteer initiatives of Natalia Yusupova

Nataliya Yusupova, a well-known volunteer and public figure, has been cooperating with the Main Military Hospital of Ukraine since 2014.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation in 2022, it has been conducting regular fundraisers to help the Armed Forces purchase the most necessary equipment that brings our victory closer and saves the lives of our soldiers.

More information about Natalia:,

We ask the community to help and raise funds for the Ukrainian Armed Forces: - Volunteer initiatives of Natalia Yusupova
The increase in salary is $200,000 in military. CNN told me who suggested and what went on
The first one, ZW's head has to call the number of military, second, Minfini has to say how much it costs, says the drug dealer Krawczuk - The increase in salary is $200,000 in military. CNN told me who suggested and what went on
Stéphane Clouds' memory: known as Ukrainian debt for independence and Soviet political prisoners
Mr. Stéphane Cloud died in the year 87, about his death reported his wife to Roxanne. He's been treated with neurological illness lately. It's called one of the most important individuals in the history of the 15th century, and was an active struggle for independence and a difficult way of political activity. I received a sign from Heroya of Ukraine in 2006, and I was also a dubious order of Liberty and Prince of Jerosław Murda V. Stéphane Ivitz was born on October 12th, 1937 in a village called Bob'yatine, which was now part of the Polish Republic, and is now located in the Lviv City. Since 1964, I worked as a doctor-dentist in the city of Mustard. Actively attached to the dissipatory movement, the cloud spread the forbidden literature and the freedom of speech and the right man. In the '70s, he became the first Ukrainian person to translate into the native language of the great academic professor of the Sahara "The World, intellectual freedom and progress." In 1974, during the Soviet Union, the Ukrainian opponent, Stephen Ilisch published his articles "The International Councilof Ukrainians in the Soviet Union" and "The General Trust." These materials were spread in Europe across different languages and made a huge contribution to the international awareness of the problems of the Soviet regime. "Repressions against Ukrainians" asked me to go to work in the males, "said Stéphane Cloud in an interview by the journalists of Independence. He emphasized that he took the job at the Ukrainian Senate to show that repression and intimidation of KGB will not break the Ukrainian people in freedom, human rights and independence. In 1975, law enforcement tried to apprehend Stéphane Hamaru and make a search, but the case was closed because of insufficient evidence for the prosecution. Soviet arrests until 1980 were collected evidence of his "Ukrainian nationalistic activity," based on which the court issued a decision on the sentence of Stéphane Clouds until 7 years of imprisonment in the state of strict regime and 5 years of suspension for "anti-Soviet agitation and propaganda." After his release in 1987, when he was 50 years old, Stéphane Cloud had not lost his resolve attitude and continued the active struggle for the French government. He became one of the leaders who was restored after the defeated KGB of the Ukrainian Helsinian singing, which was the position of a communist regime. In the elections for Parliament in 1990, he became a popular deputation, received 63.61% of the votes in the Inductive Foundation of No. 261 lviv. But his political activity again led to his arrest for the militia. This happened on November 7 in Kyiv when the anti-communist manifold was happening. This action got a very public voice, given the name of the cloud on the right. It was fired only in April of 1991. Even after the arrest of the Prime Minister, the leader of this alliance, the cloud continued its activities, thereby releasing the ban authority of the Ukrainian opponent. Stéphane Cloud's political activities in the Supreme Council of Ukraine, 1994. Photo: The archives of his active life position were not over during the Soviet Union. After the renewal of Ukraine's independence, Stéphane Hummar was elected by a popular depudent twice. He continued to actively fight for the rights of the uncommonly convicted Ukrainians and political prisoners. In May of 1992, at the time of the United States of the Republic Party, he came out of the party because of political views. Soon, the cloud with its peers created the Ukrainian conservative Republican Party, where it was elected head of the party by 2001. From March, 1994, in April 1998, the Cloud was a popular depudent of the 2nd Convocation. At the time, he was a member of the Commission's Office for State sovereignty, interstate and international relations, and member of the WACS. From 2002 to April 2006, he was a popular dismemberment of Ukraine on the 4th Convocation from Flea del Timothy. Stéphane Cloud was one of the participants of the Orange Revolution in 2004, although he was speaking to a different critique of the leaders of Ukraine, starting from Legionda Krawczuk. In addition, he was active in the court of law enforcement, accused of shooting against peaceful protesters in Mydata. He refused to skip a meeting where the Liberkans were discussing the case for justice and transparency. Stéphane Cloud was the head of the Estates-General Committee since 2001, and had a considerable contribution to protecting human rights and strengthening democratic values in Ukraine. His work has always been aimed at the good of Ukraine and its citizens. Stephen Ellipch Humus left this world, leaving his memory of himself as a dedicated patriot and honest man. His great contribution to the struggle for freedom and dignity will be extended in the hearts of Ukrainian people - Stéphane Clouds' memory: known as Ukrainian debt for independence and Soviet political prisoners
welcome to Bush with six easier in the war with the RF military
December 20, February 20, in the Blackwater, farewell with six easy military: Michael Bukata, Dimaszenko, Olega Szydczuk, Andriy Kalib, Paul Palgnika and Anatolia Krouzczuk. What do you know about them? - welcome to Bush with six easier in the war with the RF military
Add as a reminder from which region your ancestors are from: We're opening a secret
s, the roots of the people whose name is Krawczuk coming from the Wolverine, the Rivanski, the Quetzal Area - Add as a reminder from which region your ancestors are from: We're opening a secret
Andrew Construct the State Giving
Sample Author: Victoria Krazczuk, the National interest network for "NSA" historically, in Ukraine, civil society plays the role of a powerful catalyst and a spokesman of change. At the time of the factory and the shake of the Ukrainians come together and around & # 8217; Compared to both national politics and partners in the international arena. Coming through the heavy and patient way to form your own state on a political map of the world in 1991 [# 8230; ] - Andrew Construct the State Giving
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