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Dani Alves lost his status as "Barcelona legend" after his conviction
After reading Dani Alves' sentence, “ Barcelona” Removed it from “ Club legends” On his official website. The club had never made an official statement in a Brazilian case before. In the Barsa at Alves's: 431 Champions League 3 Champions League of Spain 4 Champions Spain 4 Super Bowl Spain 3 Clubs World Cup Communication Dani Alves lost its status as "Barcelona Legend" after his conviction appeared first on the FUTBOL PRO - Dani Alves lost his status as
Mark Musdrick played his first final for "Chelsea," RFF was finally kicked out of the car, and the shoulder-off LR was picked up. World sport news in a week
Chelsea and Liverpool were playing the finale of the 25th English League Cup and the Liverpool played the first English football trophy of 2024. They met at the finals of the League Cup in London at the Webley, and for Michael Murdrick, it was the first finale to show London for 100 million euros in January of 2023. The Ukrainian started a match in the west and came out for only 90 minutes when running through the end of the main meeting time. The Liverpool ripped out a victory for 118 minutes when the inevitable series of post-taggers appeared. The target hit Virgil Van Dyke. Jurgen Kupp team won 1: Zero and gained his first title today's season. Michael Mudrick lost his first ending at Chelsea. The second one, with eight titles, is Manchester City. The Chelsea has five of these wins. The Getty Images 23 February Army Court rejected the Russian Olympic Parliament's appeal to the decision of the IRF membership in the organization. CCS concluded that the International Olympic Committee did not violate the principles of legitimacy, equality, predictability, where the European Parliament was rejected. The Bank stopped the Russian membership because they included in the EFF membership of temporarily qualified settlers. And they ended up with the World War II comic books, the LNP, and the mysterious parts of the Gersons and the Zaporizan area. The CAS solution at the same time is not going to affect the RF-2024 PEARS. After the decision of the MIK, they can compete in a neutral status competition. Four first match 1 / 8 LT. "An actor" won Atlecako "with account 1: 0. Milan owned 79th minutes. After the impact, Laura Martínínec was able to do "Atlanco" by Jan Square, but the first thing to do was to get Marco Artowicz to put the ball into the marchore net. 1. Aendlewt has a 24-minute turnout by Dongnoel Manen. The VAT was played shortly after the break when Luke de Yong was able to introduce the letter "Barcelona" and the Italian "Naza" was also presented with a unified 1: 1. In Naples, the Barcelona launched Robert Levdowski for 60 minutes. "Field" has been played for 75 minutes by Victor Orochen. "" Port "has won" Arsenal "with account 1: 0. In Portugal, the English football player Alexander Zinenko did not enter a London match for injury. "The Port" has won the British for a busy time, the goal was to hit Galen, rematch at Barcelona's "Nusa" and "Arseal" is to be rebuilt on March 12. "Atlactic" - "Inter" and "Borusia" - "PB" refers to a quarter of the finalists of the 13th of March. "The participants were defined as 1 / 8 of the League of Europe and the League of Anatolia Trubin, Photo: The Getty Images 22 February have repeated matches of 1 / 16 European League finals. The main sension created asseryjan Carabak, which passed Portuguese Brag. "Karachi" in the first game wins 4: 2, but remeetings have entered their field 0: 2. In the extra time, the anarchists in the minority won 2: The first one came out to 1 / 8 of the finals, and the surprise happened in Prague, where the "Sparta" broke the big Turkish "Galatasaai" 4: 1. Fascarate was considered to be Stamble, who won the first game 3: 2. However, in Czech's 68 minutes of account 1: They were left in the minority and they were left three times, and they were in the most stable confrontation with this phase of Lian Rama and the Dutch "Feminine" and both match: 1. Who would go further into Rome in a series of postprints that were better at making owners, and by 1 / 8 of the finals also came out of Portuguese Bengkka, which protects Anatolia Trubin. The first game has won French Toulouse 2: 1 and preferred remeeting -0: As Ukraine's final representative of the Eurotopus has stopped fighting. After any 2: The first game 1 / 16 The Shahtar lost the Marseilles in France at the same time 1: Three came out of the tournament. 23 February for the sum of 1 / 8 of Marseilles, the competition got to Spanish "Vistrell." The Bank will meet with the Scottish Rangers, in the League of the Conference, a surprise created by the "Dionmo" who beat the Spanish Beta. Horvath won in Seville 1: 0, and preferred in Zagreb - 1: One: unexpected problem facing "Ajax" which fails today season and in the Netherlands Championship goes only drunk. At Lue he was unable to replay Norwegian "is going to be Glimt" - 2: 2. The main time of the second meeting also ended - 1: 1. The Umsterians only added the opponent to their backs - 1: At 1 / 8, the final before Ajax is going to be a much more complicated task -- he'll meet with the English "Aston Wille." The Basster decided to release the main coach of Tuchle Thomas Thhal, Photo: Getty Images 21 February German football club "The Balloon" announced that after the end of the current season, a contract with Thomas Tuchlem's chief trainer. The Munich club made a deal with Thomas Tuchleum about the prehensive ending of cooperation after the end of the current season, although the deal was calculated until the summer of 2025. Last season, an expert led the Mumenki to win the Battle of Bundelia, and the future of Tehel's release was declared after three minutes of Bavaria, which was "Bavaria" (0: 3) and Bohum (2: 3) in the German championship and lost Italian "Lasao" (0: 1) in the first match is 1 / 8 of the League of champions. Only after that, the "Basket" interrupted a terrible series and won the Battle of Leipzig "- 2: 1. In Munich, they go to the other countries' Championship and turn away from the leader, "Bauer" by eight points. On top of that, they flew off the German Cup of Sararbricku from the third division, 50 years old Thomas Tuhl also trained German "Augsburg," Mainz, "Borercia" from Dortmund and French PSD. From 2021 to 2023, led by Chelsea, with whom on the first season in the London Club won the League of champions. Original author of the winner of the CC-1990 Andreas Brem, Photo: Getty Images 20 February died the former German national football player Andreas Brem. He was 63 years old, and he played the left defense and the half defender. At the club level, he was speaking for German "Batherman," "Kaiser Gardens," "Barmbeck-Wallerhurst," "Sarbruckken," Spanish "Sarajos" and "Inter." With "The Curtain" and "Kaiser Breins won the German Championship," Kubby and Superman, along with the Muyanghandos to the finale finale of Europe. The German won the Seriah, the Supercube of Italy and the USFA Cup. In the Sargos warehouse, he became the hairy Spanish Cup. In 1990, André Brem became the world's champion in a collection Germany. In the finals against Argentina, he struck with a pungent winning goal. Along with the national team also was a XS-1986 finalist and Euro-1992. Alves's data has been sentenced to 4.5 years for the rape of the data of Allah, Photo: The Getty Images 22 February of the former Barcelona football player and the Brazilian data collection of Alves sentenced to four and a half years in rape. In January of 2023, a woman wrote to a police officer who accused him of sexual assault in one of Barcelona's night clubs. The court in Spain sent a Brazilian in custody with no bail. Aloz's data gave up the charges and announced that sexual act was supposedly followed by mutual consent. The court took his sentence in 4.5 years in prison. The Brazilian also has to pay $150,000 to the victim. The 40-year-old Alges data in 2008-2016 and 2021-2022 spoke for Barcelona. He also played the Spanish "Seville," Italian "Yustus," French PSD and Brazilian "San Paulo." The last club of Alves was a Mexican Flame who broke up with him because he was raped in January of 2023. In total, he won 43 titles and goes for their number as the archgenite of Liοnel Massey, with 44 trophies - Mark Musdrick played his first final for
German football player named Brem, who scored the winning goal at the CPU-1990 Final
This is what Kicker reports. The information about Andreas Brem's death confirmed his partner Suzanne Shepherd. The causes don't vote at the moment. The Bavaria and the founded Germany were 63 years old. During the football career, Brem played the positions of the left protector and the central miner. The German also followed "Inter," "Kaiser Breins," by Barmbeck-Valerhurst, "Sararbrucken," and "Sarracos," from "Bacteria" and "Kaiser Breins," won the German champion, Cup, and Super Cup of the country, along with the Humanians, to the finale of European champions. Brem won with the "Sierra A," the Supercube of Italy and the WEFA Cup. In the Sargos warehouse, he won the Spanish Cup. In 1990, André Brem became the world champion in a collection Germany. In the finals against Argentina, the player scored a single goal. Along with the collection was also a finalist of CS-1986 and Euro-1992 - German football player named Brem, who scored the winning goal at the CPU-1990 Final
handful of Clop and Chawy and the end of Joffrey. World sport news in a week
President Jurgen Clop announced he was coming from Liverpool on December 26, the Liverpool fan had a real shock. The chief trainer in the English Club Yurgen Clop, whose contract was founded until the summer 2026 announced that he would stop his position - after the end of the current season. " I like everything in this club, town, and painkillers. But I'm running out of energy. I don't have a problem right now. But I've known for a long time that I'm going to have to announce this once, explained Clapp, and understand why Liverpool Liverpool is so easily adopted by a German trainer's statement. Under his leadership, the legendary club turned its former glory and won all the possible titles, the England championship in 2020, the Liverpool of England, the League Cup, the World Cup of the World Championship, the Super CFSA, and another 56-year-old Clapp took the Liverpool three times to the finale of champions. In 2018, in Kyiv and 2022, the British lost Spanish "Real." But in 2019, Madrid has won the Tutenham and won his sixth major trophy of European football. After the 21st, red lines take 48 points and go to England championship. Leavers are ahead of five Arsenal, Aston Will, and Manchester City, playing the west game. Also, Liverpool, in the current season, came to 1 / 8 of the League of Europe. Chawy leaves Barcelona Photo: The Getty Images of Chawy, another loud vacation was happening in Spain. And after the defeat of La Lisa from Wilrenil, the chief coach of Barcelona, Havi announced that he would leave the team in the summer. In June, I will leave the club. That's the decision we talked to the president of the club. Barcelona needs a change in direction. We've reached the point of no return. It's time for change, I think it's time to go. I'll leave the club on June 30th, "said Howie. Read also: EFA is afraid of the performance of Ukraine in Euro-2024, and the Yachamian tale is concluded: The main sports a week is one of the best T-shirts in the history of "Bar" who led it since November 2021. Under the leadership of 44-year-old catarakers, they won La Lang and Superman in Spain. In this current season, the Barcelona isn't the best way. In Spain's Championship, she goes to fourth place and she renders from the leader at 11 points. In the Spanish Super Cup, she lost the most principle rival, the Madridian Rial. In the League of the champions, Khavi's team, although it was the first time in his group, failed from Shakaltar and Belgian Antwerp. So at 1 / 8, the final team of Howie doesn't look like a negative favorat in front of the Italian Navar. Getty Images nowak josch 28 January in Melbourne met the first in 2024 the most prestigious episode of Grand Salm. His main event was the failure of the first missile in Nowaka Joschich's heart, which in the semi-finale, ended by an Italian Angel Sinner, which is in the ranking of tennis professionals on the fourth place, and for Jade, this failure became at the Open World Cup of Australia's first 2018. Every two years ago, the Serbians did not participate in Austrian Open because they refused to vaccinate themselves from COVID-19 and didn't get a visa. He's a record man for the number of titles at the AO and won this Grand Salm 10-time tournament, and it would be extremely unfair if the Angel Sinner lost at Australian Open, and also the Danish Bear in Melbourne in a neutral statue. And the Italian was close to losing, because the first two networks lost. But he was able to take the initiative and win the initiative -- 3: 6.3: 6.6: 4,6: 4,6: Three -- and my first career as the Grand Salm tournament, an open World Cup of Australia in 2024 was extremely successful for Ukrainian tennis. Dear Kocchenko in a duet with the Olena Efinpenchenko for the first time came to the Grand Salm tournament. It was managed by Olena Tartarka, who, in a couple of Marian de Wardt in South Korea, lost the confidence match in Wimbledon-1999, and the Orenenko and Katerina Bondrenenko, who won AO-2008. In the finals, she and Oppenka went into Alisa Mertence from Belgium and Sive Showei from Taiwan, and in the lonely place of Denmark, the first Ukrainians who went to the seminary of Austral Open. In addition, she's only a second tennis player from Ukraine who got to this stage in Greenland. She repeated the achievement of Elianna the World-Talent, played in the half finals of Wimbledon in 2019 and 2023 and US Open-2019. She lost at 1 / 2. The Chinese in the finals went into the Aryan Sobelenko, who spoke in Melbourne in a neutral status and protected the champion title. Getty Images Simon Indza of Supercube in Italy became known as the first title season of 2023 / 24. In fact, the winner recognized in Saudi Arabia, which is the expansion in the world football, and in that way, "buying" for its own venues such as the games. In January of the Er-Rijdi, there was a Spanish Supercube, now the competition for Italian clubs. 0, and "The other" with the same score, "Lazarus." On the final game of January 22nd, "The Inter" for 60 minutes was found in most of the fact that he was removed at Nassau for a rewarning by Giovanni Simeon. Milan took advantage of a number of advantages to a fixed arc of time. I'll get them the target Laura Martinez. "Inter" won "Naupoli" 1: 0 and the third row became the supercube of Italy, Simon Industries, now the most titles coach in the history of the tournament. He won his fifth trophy and convinced Marchela Lippy and Fabio Capela who had four super-cube victories. Getty Images (on the left of the Civic), followed by the Ukrainian T-shirts Arthus killed and Victor Cigians, continues to fight for the champion in Spain. In the 22nd tour of the cataclysm, they had to catch up with "Real" again, which ran his match on the day before, on January 27th. Andriy Leninus's Basilica at the gate won the Las Palmas race 2: And they took 54 points. The kill and the Gypsy people came out of the early warehouse and helped their team bring leadership back to La Lise. The winning goal in the first scene hit Porta. The Jew won the Salt One: 0, earned 55 items and went to the first place in the tournament table. As a matter of fact, "Real" has a match in the west. "Atlanco" and "Barcelon" have about 44 points, and they're significantly off competition - handful of Clop and Chawy and the end of Joffrey. World sport news in a week
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According to this, the Fabricault Insaire Romano. "In June I'll leave the club. That's the decision we talked to the president of the club. Barcelona needs a change in direction. We've reached the point of no return. It's time for change... I think it's time to go. I'll leave the club on June 30th, "said the boss coach," Barsey. A specialist announced after the defeat of the Wilrenil in the 22nd of La League. By 84 minutes the catacombs won 3: 2, but lost and lost 3: 5. In November of 2021, Havi became the CEO of the Spanish "Barcelona." Under the leadership of 44-year-old clergymen, they won La Lang and Superman in Spain. As Barcelona plays in this Bars season, it shows not the best results - Please contact me
Medical Battalion «Hospitaliers»
«Hospitaliers» is a volunteer organization of paramedics. It was founded by Yana Zinkevich at the beginning of hostilities in Ukraine in 2014. Then Russia annexed Crimea and started hostilities in the east of the country. The motto of our organization is "For the sake of every life." And Hospitaliers prove every day that these are not just words for us. - Medical Battalion «Hospitaliers»
Patrick Hutt-Trick Donak, the first sensation of Austrian Open and Dealing from Massey: World sport's top news in a week
Хет-трик Довбика за 6 хвилин вивів "Жирону" в лідери Ла Ліги  Український футболіст "Жирони" Артем Довбик проводить найкращий сезон в кар'єрі. А 21 січня він, напевне, зіграв свій найкращий матч. У грі чемпіонату Іспанії проти "Севільї" форвард зробив хет-трик за 6 хвилин - він забив на 13-й, 15-й та 19-й хвилинах. По перерві голом відзначився й інший український гравець "Жирони" - Віктор Циганков. Каталонці перемогли "Севілью" з рахунком 5:1, набрали 52 очка та повернули собі лідерство в Ла Лізі. Вони випереджають на 1 очки "Реал". Щоправда,  мадридці мають матч в запасі.   Артем Довбик став першим за 15 років українцем, який зробив хет-трик у європейських топлігах. У попередній раз це вдалося Андрію Вороніну, який виступав за німецьку "Герту".  Крім того, Довбик з 14 голами вийшов у лідери бомбардирської гонки в чемпіонаті Іспанії. Він ділить перше місце з англійцем Джудом Беллінгемом з "Реалу". А за системою "гол + пас" українець взагалі найкращий. На його рахунку 5 результативних передач, у Беллінгема - на 2 менше.  Перші сенсації на Australian Open Даяна Ястремська, Фото: Getty Images На жіночому турнірі Відкритого чемпіонату Австралії одна з головних сенсацій сталася ще у 1/16 фіналу. Перша ракетка світу Іга Швьонтек з Польщі поступилася чешці Лінді Носковій, яка посідає у світовому рейтингу 50 місце.     Тенісистка з Чехії сперечалася за вихід до чвертьфіналу з Еліною Світоліною (23). Українка провела на корті лише три гейми та відмовилася від продовження боротьби через травму спини.  Попри це, виступ українок у Мельбурні став найуспішнішим в історії. Вперше у чвертьфіналі зіграють одразу дві наші тенісистки. Спочатку до 1/4 Australian Open вийшла Марта Костюк (37). Вона впевнено перемогла росіянку Марію Тимофеєву, яка виступає у Мельбурні в нейтральному статусі - 6:2, 6:1.     Читайте також: Неймовірний результат українок на AO, футболістів "Карпат" не випустили за кордон і компліменти Усику від Ф'юрі: головні новини спорту за тиждень У ніч проти 22  січня до неї приєдналася Даяна Ястремська (93), яка здолала іншу "нейтральну" тенісистку - Вікторію Азаренко з Білорусі. Українка переграла дворазову переможницю Australian Open та колишню першу ракетку світу з рахунком 7:6 (8:6), 6:4.  В чоловічому турнірі перший тиждень Відкритого чемпіонату Австралії минув без гучних сенсацій. Усі головні фаворити турніру продовжують боротьбу на турнірі найпрестижнішої серії Grand Slam у Мельбурні.  Щоправда, перша ракетка світу Новак Джокович розпочав виступи не так переконливо та у стартових матчах віддав суперникам два сети. Спочатку партію у найтитулованішого тенісиста світу відібрав хорват Діно Пріжмич, який займає у світовому рейтингу 187 місце. Потім проблеми чинному чемпіону Australian Open створив Олексій Попирін (43), який представляє господарів турніру. Але наступні два матчі Джокович виграв "насухо". У третьому колі він пройшов аргентинця Томаса Мартіна Етчеверрі (32), а у 1/8 фіналу не залишив шансів французу Адріану Маннаріно.  До чвертьфіналу також дістався один з головних конкурентів Новака Джоковича - італієць Яннік Сіннер (4). На шляху до цієї стадії він не віддав суперникам жодного сету.  Мессі знову визнали найкращим футболістом світу за версією ФІФА Ліонель Мессі (праворуч), Фото: Getty Images У грудні 2023 року Ліонель Мессі отримав свій восьмий у кар'єрі "Золотий м'яч". У рішенні віддати аргентинцю найпрестижнішу індивідуальну нагороду світового футболу простежувалася певна логіка. У 2022 році France Football вручав свій приз до чемпіонату світу з футболу, який завершився у грудні, та не враховував його результатів. Тому "Золотий м'яч-2023" дістався Мессі за перемогу на ЧС-2022 зі збірною Аргентини. За це досягнення легендарному форварду віддали й трофей найкращому футболісту світу за версією ФІФА минулого року.  Тому перемога Ліонеля Мессі у голосування головних тренерів забірних, капітанів національних команд та журналістів з усіх країн світу в 2023-му виглядає парадоксально. Аргентинець за рік виграв з ПСЖ лише чемпіонат Франції. Влітку він перейшов до "Інтер Маямі" зі США з яким переміг у другорядному Кубку ліг, але у MLS (Головній лізі футболу) фінішував з клубом в регулярному чемпіонаті в Східній конференції на передостанньому - 15-му місці.  При цьому Ліонель Мессі випередив у опитуванні ФІФА норвезького форварда "Манчестер Сіті" Ерлінга Холанда, який у 2023 році став переможцем Ліги чемпіонів, клубного чемпіонату світу, чемпіоном Англії та володарем Суперкубка УЄФА і Кубка Англії.  Читайте також: Кінець епохи Мессі та Роналду, ганьба МОК і Ф'юрі та революція у футболі. Спортивні підсумки 2023 року Таке "пограбування" Холанда у виконанні ФІФА та Мессі - ще один аргумент, який примушує погодитися, з тими, хто каже, що головні індивідуальні нагороди світового футболу вже давано не варто сприймати серйозно. Схоже, так їх не сприймає навіть сам Ліонель Мессі. Аргентинець навіть не прилетів на церемонію нагородження ФІФА до Лондона та пояснив, що більше заклопотаний передсезонною підготовкою з "Інтер Маямі".       Моурінью відправили у відставку з "Роми"  Жозе Моурінью, Фото: Getty Images Італійський футбольний клуб "Рома" 16 січня оголосив про відставку Жозе Моурінью з посади головного тренера. Португалець працював в Римі з травня 2021 року та відзначився доволі скромними досягненнями. У 2022 році він виграв з "Ромою" третій за статусом європейський клубний турнір - Лігу конференцій, а минулого сезону довів італійців до фіналу Ліги Європи, де вони програли іспанській "Севільї".  Моурінью залишив римлян на ганебному дев'ятому місці в чемпіонаті Італії, з якого команду належить витягати Даніеле де Россі.  "Рома" стала ще одним невдалим етапом у кар'єрі одного з найкращих тренерів світу, який вигравав Лігу чемпіонів з "Порту" та "Інтером" та, окрім португальців та італійців, приводив до національних титулів англійський "Челсі" та іспанський "Реал".  Проте свій останній чемпіонський трофей Моурінью виграв із "Челсі" ще у 2015 році. Після цього були переважно лише "страждання" - з англійськими "Манчестер Юнайтед" і "Тоттенгемом" та врешті "Ромою".   Та португалець на прізвисько The Special One навіть невдачі перетворює на великі гроші. За дострокове розірвання контракту з клубом з Риму він отримає 3,5 млн євро. Після цього сума таких компенсацій за кар'єру Моурінью сягнула неймовірних 100 млн євро.  Відбувся останній перед ЧС-2024 етап Кубка світу з біатлону Йоганнес Тінгнес Бьо, Фото: Getty Images У італійському Антгольці 19-21 січня відбувся шостий етап Кубка світу. Він став останнім перед головним стартом сезону - чемпіонатом світу, який з 7 до 18 січня відбуватиметься у чеському Нове Место.  В Італії першу у 2024 році особисту перемогу здобув лідер загального заліку Кубка світу Йоганнес Тінгнес Бьо. Норвежець виграв коротку індивідуальну гонку на 15 км. Срібло отримав його рідний брат Тар'єй Бьо. Бронза дісталася Йоганнесу Кюну з Німеччини.  20 січня брати Бьо разом з Юні Арнеклейв та Кароліне Офігстад Кноттен здобули золото у змішаній естафеті. Срібло виграла Італія, бронзу - Швеція.  На наступний день у гонці з масовим стартом усі три нагороди забрали норвежці. Золото - Ветле С’ястад Крістіансен, срібло - Йоганнес Дале Ск'євдаль, бронзу - Вебйорн Соерум.  У загальному заліку з 806 очками лідирує Йоганнес Тінгнес Бьо, другим з 714 балами йде Ск'євдал, Тар'єй Бьо (708) - третій.  Жіночу коротку індивідуальну гонку на 12,5 км в Антгольці виграла Лєна Хеккі Гросс з Канади, срібло та бронзу отримали француженки Жулья Сімон та Лу Жаннмоно.  Переможницею мас-старту стала Сімон, яка випередила Жанмонно та Хеккі Гросс.  У загальному заліку лідирує норвежка Інгрід Ландмарк Тандреволд, яка має 719 очок. Слідом за нею розташувалися Жустін Бреза Буше з Франції (689) та італійка Ліза Віттоцці (671). - Patrick Hutt-Trick Donak, the first sensation of Austrian Open and Dealing from Massey: World sport's top news in a week
Keah and Lenin both are wrong
Even though it's hard to argue with this. "Voratires are wrong, as Kep and Lenin did," said Carlo Madrid Xtra. Tells Football the newspaper. How do you know that Kevin missed "Atltico" in Spain 3 naked and Lenin in in Spain? - Keah and Lenin both are wrong
The introduction of the incredible result of the BAU Ukrainians, the Carpathians, did not miss the border, and the compliments of Section F: Major sports in a week
June Moninek won with "The Supercube of Spain" in the week Andriy Luinne played in the Air River (Saudi Arabia) for "Real" at the World Cup of Super Spain and helped the Madrid beat Barcelona with a score of 4: 1. Goldman won the seventh title from the Spanish club. Among the Ukrainians who won the trophy of the club from the five highest leaders of Europe, more titles only in Alexander Zinek. He won 10 tournaments with the English Manchester City, and the moon repeated the achievements of Andre Shevchenko, who won with Italian "Milan" and the English "Chelsea" family titles. At the same time, it's important that the three barrels of Leen got without playing "Real" with no match in the tournaments. Getty Images said no to sell George Sudakov for 40 million Euros, but signed a Brazilian for 12-15 million CEO of Shakard Palkin. "We rejected the offer yesterday for sale of Sudakov for 40 million euros. And today we buy a bright player, the future of the world star for 12 million and more likely three million bonuses, "said Palkin. The owner of the earthtop club also explained why worse men spend millions of euros on a Brazilian player called Kevin during the war. Last season, we paid $15 million taxes and added after the sale of Madrid funded an APB for the Mariavi Service of Azobli for $25 million. So the simulation of Ukraine and the development of Ukrainian football is the main principles that we run. But today it's impossible to develop football without investment. We have to invest, become stronger, raise Ukraine's ratings, make money, help and pay taxes, "is a statement. Photo: Getty Images This photo: George Sudachi, the father of the Feari had greeted Usika and warned his son from the defeat of John F'arii, the father of the WBC in the greatest vase of Taiwan F'arii, fell asleep by Alexander Usika compressor. "The style he used in three battles with Wilder will not defeat Usika. These are two different people. He's a great boxer. He's cunning, he's got good coordination, he's good moves, he's getting hit, and he's hard to catch, "said John F. The father of the British champion also warned his son before fighting Alexander Usyek. "If you don't know how to make traps and make problems to someone like Alexander Usak, he'll just make you stupid. In the end, that front style of Kronk, what Taiwan did against Francis Nagan would not work against Usika, said F "young elder." Fight for all the names of the havitha are now 17 February. Photo: Getty Images Biatlon: A good week for the Ukrainians of January 19th, in Italian Antholle, there was a female brief on the sixth stage of the World Cup. The country was represented by 5 battalion, and then 3 went into the top-20 Goths. The best part of the Ukrainian world was Asia Mercury - 13 position, Julia Jim - 17, and Irina Petricako is 18. But we have the greatest success among men, and the Arthish Prima became nine in a short "individualese," and he showed the best result of the Ukrainians in personal competition in the season, and so it belonged to Aspasius Mercury, who became ten in the pursuit race of the World Cup in Lansgodge. At the distance of 15 kilometers, House made one fine minute and resigned from the winner - Norwegian Johannez Tuno for 2 minutes 38.8 seconds. Carpathians didn't allow you to go to a meeting in Spain by Lviv, and they planned a meeting in Spain, but they got rejected from Minnesota. The lions don't play in UCL, so in the Ministry, they went to the absence of the legal basis for solving this question, what was going to happen was that the training meeting was going to start on on on January 22. Lev was planning to play a community tournament in Spain. Photo: The "Karow" success of the Austrian Open Now queue for the most successful Ukrainian athletes this week. Without doubt, these are our tennis boys! For the first time in history, three Ukrainians will play the 1 / 8 Grand Salm tournament. To the fourth circle of Austral Open came out of Denmark Ywarmsk, Elianna of the World, and Martha Kostrzewa. Previously on Ukraine's sports were two representatives at this stage of the Grand Salm. On January 21st, Keszek is playing against the "neutral" Mary Timophea. On Monday, Elliot World will be competing with a hat by Linda Nokova, and the Ystramysk will be waiting for a fight against the neutral Victoria of the Aventine. Photo: Getty Images - The introduction of the incredible result of the BAU Ukrainians, the Carpathians, did not miss the border, and the compliments of Section F: Major sports in a week
Back in Thursday, on January 18th, Madrid Atletico took a rematch in Red's pendulum in Spain. Carla Ancholati's crew kicked out of the King's Cup. Full News Text -

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