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What is Michael-3? How not to get on his hook
In the intelligence committee, they reported that RFF is preparing a special operation called Mayan-3, which is the essence of question to question the President's legitimacy after May 20, when the term ends. In addition, these modern-day shafts are confident that black forces will rip off French mobilization and spread antiUkrainian moods in Telegram. The term'mayan 'in a negative context is not once and twice used in the messages of the current authority. It was not the most important interview of President Vladimir Zielinski Bloomberg on November 2023 when the president of the state announced that certain forces were prepared for Mayan-3 to remove his power. Unfortunately, that happens when you hire yourself advisers, political engineers, deputies and powerful garbage managers from the Party of regions. The B is the same as the Antimana juice. It's not a secret that many of the former regimes in the liver have the original Mayan, who has been strangled, but today is his heart that holds us from the occupation. The original Michael was never an RF technology. It's a pure pulse of the kidney -- a pulse of change that has already come to pass. So obviously, in the office, the President is concerned about what happens next day after the war state was cancelled. When the question about Oman, Changgar, Marieville, science and baccinov questions are going to be too much. Russia is afraid of the term "mayan." Even when he was walking around in their media rhetoric on their protests in the early 2010 period, all of this went down quickly and wrong. Read also: A fight with Mayan-3 in power is led by people who were trying to defeat Mayan-2 Production Committee of the President who are the main directions and targets of the enemy. "Vote the Ukrainian mobilization." Unfortunately, we have to admit that no one has done more to fear before mobilization than the only telegrapher and hand-hand telegram, where the morning of the night is told about evelers and the insatiable arms of the military. But there will be very few stories about boys from various civil professionals without any fighting experience that has become the star of this war. In the same way, the mobilization of 4,000 jobs to the law of mobilization to the peak of the present Ref at Donbas. A separate note of the President's efforts, who is constantly afraid to say "mobilization" and tells us about the mythic million in the ZU, although it's not there. And he's also a lot of fucked up around here. Literally, on the other day, a glorious 110 crew protecting Austria, moved on to the growth. "For the first time in two years." Does Russian propaganda benefit and trained people from the World Series as well as our mistakes? Absolutely. Just to remind you of the video of the shooting of our men in the trenches and the joy of removing the Valerious of the Oblivion. "Explosion on the inability of Ukraine to win the victory." I'm wondering which faction David Arahama, who, not too long ago, was talking about Nathan Mossachuk, was talking about Istanbul, who could bring peace in 2022. But you had to just brush out an army and deduce the criminals? And that's what these words were referring to after a lot of western media. And this is the message that "Ukraine has been prepared for progress" that the British International Berpus in the equity comments of the Bild. Indeed, such errors in Ukraine's communications of Russia use for deputies and advance of awards that Ukraine is worthless and will not prevail in this war. So just give away the territory and take off the sanctions. "The spread of fairy tales from Ukraine." They help the Ukrainian people, not the authorities, whatever their names are. But the authorities are constantly forced to fall into the first palm, not as under the arrest of an investment banker named Igor Mazips for the "critique of power," so by the command of Swedish Sinai, or nou-hau-hara Tatava, who stops then bars of G7. Now, this is a very small, multi-month story of the Fawth and the Balkans and the previous part of Genessu is just high trust among the citizens. "For spreading anti-Ukrainian moods to Telagram, the Russians posted $250,000." It's even harder to hold on to hand telegrams for boggling on unconvenient journalists and political opponents. Some things for the "Center.No" level correction are always missing places at the President's press conference, but they're separately armor for the favorite telegram channels. Read also: The election during the war and the Russian IPO put under legitimate decision-making after May 20. I can lock up the test that the president and I have entered a full-blown war, and he will finish it. We're not talking about Zielenski, we're talking about the presidential institute. And a symbol of democracy. However, who is responsible for the "servant of the People" party, which is the position of the president's position on the landing, will interpret the scandalous antivacciner and the woman's worshipper, Yuri Kalicuk. It would have to have done a great representative and until recently, the president's representative in the Council of Theodila Venstein. However, after he declared that Mari "the Unsullied 'stay at the National Security and Defense Committee may become a real threat to national security" - for a while disappeared from the air. And even was dismissed from the representative's office. But even though the President himself can explain the text of the Constitution of the President's position under the circumstances of the election -- he comments again. And it's not the first time in Iceland that the article 108 Constitutions were properly commented. Does RF have a bad understanding of the laws of the election people? It's already full. But this isn't about Mayan-3 on the spike of Russian next to Donbas. And it's interesting to see who's spreading the statement about Maidan-3. Very often these are the individuals who worked as the lead and experts on the Bear Canal. Senducers and Yankees of Janek's age. People who worked frankly for the RF and Russian candidates at different times. Very often, it's just "talking heads," which is the same as where the envelope came from. And laughing and tears. Very often what comes out for Russian IPO is nothing but undesirable to communicate with its own society. Or direct refusal to hear society and correct mistakes. Our men don't go to Mayan during the war. But no one will forbid that form of protest after the war's collapse when necessary. Especially for the author's espresso: Marina Denicechus-Yaramyevev, a journalist Editor doesn't always share thoughts spoken by blogs - What is Michael-3? How not to get on his hook
There was a 20-day show in Warsaw at Mariwood
In the capital of Poland, there was a documentary of 20 days in Marpoli about Russian aggression against Ukraine in the first days of war - There was a 20-day show in Warsaw at Mariwood
Public organization «Sprava Hromad»
The Mission of «Sprava Hromad»is the support of our army. The key to victory at the front is the support of the army in the rear! Now again, as in 2014, the army needs our unity in matters of aid! Starting with basic things like clothing, and ending with high-precision equipment, such as optical-radio-electronic surveillance complexes, our community buys and supplies the troops with everything they need, which forms a new, more advanced army! In this process, we, Public Affairs, take over all the routine processes from "understanding what the military needs to beat the enemy" and ending with handing him the keys to the dream equipment! However, we can overcome this path only under one condition: only together with you! - Public organization «Sprava Hromad»
welcome to Kyiv will be a charitable demonstration of Ukrainian nominant for Oscar 20 days in Mariavi
on Wednesday, on March 6th, in Kyiv, there will be a charity showing a documentary for 20 days in Maripoli, nominated for Oscar 2024 in the best documentary - welcome to Kyiv will be a charitable demonstration of Ukrainian nominant for Oscar 20 days in Mariavi
"20 days in Mariavi": Hurricane film was shown in Rome
The capital of Italy (Rome) has shown a documentary of 20 days in Maraupoli, which speaks of the attack of the Russian army in the Ukrainian city of the 24th February 2022
Back in Rome, the film "20 days in Mariavi"
The capital of Italy presented a documentary of 20 days in Marupoli that speaks of the attack of Russian invaders in Ukraine on February 24, 2022 - Back in Rome, the film
South Ryan Hofstadter will sing I'm Just Ken from "Barbie" live during "Academy."
According to this report, Variety. After months of speculation around this topic, it was known that Ryan Goering will officially play the song I'm Just Kyen live at the Oscar-2024 prize ceremony. Sources reported that the actor would sing a nominally on the prize of a song from Gregor Geering's "Barbie" during March '96 on March 10th, and since January, I'm told that I'm telling Ken that I'm nominated to "Oscar-2024," there was a question whether Goering is going to sing during the ceremony. At the beginning of the February Gawling insisted that the Academy hadn't asked him to speak out yet. "" It might be too much risk if I did. I don't know how this works. But I'm open to it, "I've ordered an actor before. Mark Rosson, who wrote a song with Andrew Watson, said Variety at the Grammy ceremony, that he dreamed that Gooping would be at the Academy Award ceremony. When they asked him if another singer could replace Gowling if he didn't want to play the song I'm Just Ken alive when he was "Oscar," Romson said, "No. I think if Ryan doesn't do it, we're going to present it live song. I'm Jay Ken -- one of two thirds of "Barbie," which were nominated by "Oscar" in the "Best Original Song" category. Another savant track of What kind of I Bird? " Billy Issch and Finneis O'Connell. "The Dark Knight of Nolan" movie, and became the dumbest tape of Warner Bros. "Barbie" also became the most accurate film of 2023 in the United States. It's been a month since Barbie became the world's most accurate movie of the year collecting $1.3 billion. The Ukrainian film is "20 days in Marpoli" by Mossiv Chernold nominated for "Oscar-2024" in the category "Best Full Document Movie." - South Ryan Hofstadter will sing I'm Just Ken from
The latest documentary. Which tape will compete for 2024 with the Ukrainian picture 20 days in Mariaville
The last night from March 10th to March 11th, the American Film Academy announced Oscar 96. The nominaries of Ukraine include 20 days' documentary footage in Mariavi Director Mosseław Blackwater. We're talking about the movies that he's competing with - The latest documentary. Which tape will compete for 2024 with the Ukrainian picture 20 days in Mariaville
The theory of the Hydra Revolution and the war. What movies have been made from Ukraine to Oscar nomination
The Ukrainian film is 20days in Marupoli Mshold Chernold nominated by Oscar 2024 in the best documentarian film category. A few more arrows from Ukraine have already been released into this nomination - The theory of the Hydra Revolution and the war. What movies have been made from Ukraine to Oscar nomination
"Shows the horror that Russia has made": The film of 20 days in Marvol calls a resonance with foreigners in Tikshk
This is a draft by the Ukrainian journalist Mosseław Black "20 days in Mariwood" will gain more recognition. It's already been debated by foreigners in TikTuck. They share their sincere emotions from the tape view, and they strongly recommend to view the tape -
Oscar 2024. When and where to watch the ceremony of the prize, which is nominated by the Ukrainian film for 20 days in Mariavi
CHAPTER 96 and the ceremony of the reward of the American Academy of cinema and Oscar 2024 for the commission of cinema in 2023 will be the night since March 10th - Oscar 2024. When and where to watch the ceremony of the prize, which is nominated by the Ukrainian film for 20 days in Mariavi

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