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Draw hands that do not steal
Back in her arthritis, sometimes she was hurt, there were calluses, but it's easier for her to think about the daughter who's sitting with the kids in the lobby of a movie apartment every night. Her neighbor's day is on the second year's payroll: So for winter, for summer. In a stressful situation, hands require work. By day-to-day military stars will soon add our memories of the Celestial Age and the 24th February. I mentioned the locking of the military part in Lviv, like the first day we picked snow in a bag, somebody shoveling, someone with hands. Snow was in scarcity, had to go on and on and on and on and off with a shovel from the ground. Some boys, 10 years ago, went out in the morning and picked up snow with bare hands, and I tried to stop them. These kids should be throwing snowdrops, catching snowdrops, and they picked up snow with their red hands, trying to roll tires and bring boards. Read also: As the snow story shuddered, the sand would have been better, but the sand was a luxury in January of 2014. Wet snow at night was frozen and became like concrete. My barricades were called "Beton." She was the most disciplined. There were two mothers whose sons of builders could at any time send them to Maydan to shoot on demonstrators, a graduate of philosophy, a teacher, another mother of Sotnik, who could only come on weekends, a painful artist -- mostly women. We were changed in the evening by men. We were either sitting on an improvised bench, or standing around an iron rusty barrel, in which the fire was supported. Because our blockade were extreme, it had to go to the state tent, and the tea and coffee brought us in thermosses, because as you get from the state tent, everything would cool down. The Lord of Babylon came to us every day with his six-year-old son when she was not with whom to leave. He held his hand all the time. From time to time, the hair broke and drove to Kyiv. When Mike started shooting people, he was beaten and because of his injuries, he couldn't go to war that he was very sorry for. But I'm talking about hands. For about a year, I couldn't care to look at the tires; they were associated with barricades -- I understood their value. At the very beginning of the siege, I spent about a half a mile stump from a garage. About a week later, my hands were so cold that I bought myself hard gloves, very warm, that's the only thing I had left of Maine. The old noise was so lost by the smoke that had to throw it away. I don't remember the face of the worst traveller who appeared on the Arrow at our ice barricades, but his hands were red and blue from the cold and stuck out of his short sleeve. He lured them, went out into the pouring snow of barricades, and told them he was in Ukraine leaving his monastery and traveled from the city to the city, calling Ukrainians to fight evil. He was a prophet in his homeland, because he called God's voice. Not one of those crows who's called himself analysts and experts. I don't know what happened next to that monk, or did he return to his monastery in Kyiv, where he went without permission, or maybe drowned in the snow. Read also: As a story, I remember the hands of my volunteer daughter in the picture of Maine. As she touched them in a tavern with ropes, as if in a ship storming a storm. The artist's hands of Igor Bilyakov, who painted a whole cabin under the nose of Beric, the most comfortable of all our blockages, where he had been all the time with his wife, and at the end painted the trees "black shields and glasses and transferred to Kyiv. They were taken for protection from the bars of Baird and they would have defeated Goliath if they hadn't been shot by the sniper. But they took Goliath in them, and that's why Ukraine stood in the next few years. He must stand now. It's stolen, abandoned, mutilated, which is already there. We dreamed that when war is over, we would stay somewhere near the desert, burn fires and eat fried sausage and drink wine. We thought victory would be soon. But she wasn't all there was. If we ever get together, it's no longer the Lord of Babylon who was killed by the occupation of 2022. It's okay to be sad. But when you get your hands down from the disbelief, remember those baby hands, and they sit in cold hands, which take snow into the bags of barricades, where adults will stand, hands growing from your heart can't steal, especially for Espresso. About autopilot: Galina Paguecchia, a writer, a National Prize for Taras Schweenek. Edition does not always share the thoughts spoken by blogs - Draw hands that do not steal
The Greatest Greeting in Pictures of The Lord for Family and Friends
The new church calendar today, two February, is appointed by the Lord's Arrest. It used to be December 15. According to the people, this day winter meets spring. Full News Text - The Greatest Greeting in Pictures of The Lord for Family and Friends
Zapong 2024! Funny poems and beautiful postcards
December 2, from this year, welcome to church sacred in a new way: February 2 - Zapong 2024! Funny poems and beautiful postcards
Archive not allowed to be processed: Primary church ban
The Lord's shooting is one of the important dates in the church calendar that all those who believe. It's time to learn about Christmas ban - Archive not allowed to be processed: Primary church ban
Synchronizing the Lord: How to protect a home from grief and evil
What shall we do in the church at the firing of the Lord is the 15th February, and which orders shall be spent at home - Synchronizing the Lord: How to protect a home from grief and evil
Medical Battalion «Hospitaliers»
«Hospitaliers» is a volunteer organization of paramedics. It was founded by Yana Zinkevich at the beginning of hostilities in Ukraine in 2014. Then Russia annexed Crimea and started hostilities in the east of the country. The motto of our organization is "For the sake of every life." And Hospitaliers prove every day that these are not just words for us. - Medical Battalion «Hospitaliers»
Synchronizing the Lord: powerful prayers of happiness, health and luck
Last Thursday, 15 February, the kings celebrate a great celebration for the old calendar, the Lord's Arrest. This day goes to church to pray, to put the candles in the health of the family and the loved ones. Bridges, even reading at home, can help bring happiness, health and luck - Synchronizing the Lord: powerful prayers of happiness, health and luck
English ban on the Lord's Arrest: I don't know why we shouldn't go on the far road today
On September 1st, 2023, the Orthodox Church of Ukraine and Ukraine's Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church passed on to the new Julian Calendar. So today, February 2, is one of the main Christian holidays. Full News Text - English ban on the Lord's Arrest: I don't know why we shouldn't go on the far road today
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