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Best 2023 cartoons for SWEET.TV
Because the small viewers in 2023 had the opportunity to see a lot of interesting, charming and bright stories. And if you missed anything at the cinema, turn it on to SWEETIV. A film that will last forever in the history of Ukrainian cinema. The baby's a universal heroine. There were three known personalities working on the Matkie's power. The move, the grace, the plastic of heroin, got from Katerina Cuhar, which acts as a party of Matka in the Ice Song Ballet in the National Opera. The head of the Coast Forest became an actress by Natalie Densenko. And you can call it the voice of Macha's heart, because those incredible songs that we hear in a cartoon, and we speak her heart. HOW Is a story about a way to dream and mix opposites. & mdash; From different worlds. Their friendship seems impossible. But the desire for adventure and knowledge of new ones is about & rsibreak; They do. The assignment for "Stevie," said Peter Sona, became the story of his family. "My parents emigrated from Korea in the early 1970s and discovered a popular grocery store in the Bronx. We were among many families who went to a new country with hopes and dreams of & mdash; We all mix together in one big salad of cultures, like beautiful little blocks. That's what brought me to Stychi, and he told me. A multi-movie earned more than $495 million. WHALE IN MAN 2: I'm sorry. So naturally, Keith got her own screen time and allowed her to tell her story to grow up and kids. With her adventures, Keith didn't notice how he lost eight lives, so to save the last one, going to a cat shelter. But the story of the Ring of Desire who can bring his life back is calling the hero again for adventure. The reporters said that the key inspired was a "good, bad, evil" tape with Clint Estate. A rental movie made more than $480 million. When you get to San Francisco, you get to the strange worlds in Brooklyn. Louisiana is described in the Dark Land that Boulder is ruled by. And Mario & mdash; In the Grigory Realm. Now he must save the kingdom, the Princess and his brother. It's good that there are also different bonuses. This animation has become the most successful video game adaptation ever. And even though the movie couldn't get the cash collection out of the street, the leader of the animated world by "Creepy Heart 2," that story still hit the record. Premium & rsibreak; on April 5, 2023. In the first four days, Mario's brothers collected $377 + million, which is the best result among all animation points. Until the end of & rsibreak; An era of a week, a cartoon has paid more than three times. He became the luckiest movie of the year. And then we have the first 2023 movie that took over $1 billion. What are you talking about? It must have been because of the magic rocks from the meteorite that patrol gets the skills. But Hamdinger's cursed enemy runs from & rsibreak; prison and & rsibreak; Lives his efforts with a mad awakening to steal a bowl of stones in a puppy. This is a continuation of the incredible 2021 movie. This is one of the world's most popular cartoons. So it's no surprise that heroes get a full meter. A bright, rich adventure from "Javid Patrol: The movie got positive feedback from critics and spectators. So the creators are preparing to continue the project a new film in development, and it's been planned for 2026. MAN [OVER PA] [OVER PA] Spider-Man: Around the Universe, "2018 film," got "Oscar" and other rewards. And five years later, the adventure of the animation Peter Parker went on. Peter gets to know the Spiderman and tries to stop the Pilem fever that travels between the worlds. But not long before the hero makes choices: Save the world or the family. The film received a prize from the American cinema institute and assembled more than $690 million in a rental. The third film, "Spider-Man: On the other side of the universe, "is already in the movie studio plans. But the date of & rsibreak; The era is not yet declared. The importance of this film is that every universe has its own visual style. Earth-65 & mdash; "Zionist Aquarius." This style had to be reminded of the Sper-Gwin comic covers. Mubattan describe this to Mumbai + Manhattan Earth-50101, based on a series of Spider-Man comic books: India. " Based on Noeva-York & ndash; The neo-futuristic illusion of Sid Mead. Lego centers helped create a 14-year-old blogger published in YouTube trailer movies in Lego. Spider-Punk & mdash; An alternative mixture of Spider-Man and original Broyfoot Universe (1969). In improvement, the unique visual collapse style Sper-Punk took over two years. RUSTABLE MENTS: --GOD MSTTO'S A alternate story of the tortoise, their teacher, an acquaintance of April and the beginning of the battle with Shredder. The tortoises live in sewers and dream out on the street. They're introducing themselves to a Superman mutant who wants to avenge mankind for violence. So heroes have to choose whose side they are: on the side of people like them, mutants, or on the side of people. 'Ninjans' diapers: The defeats the First Movie, which received the Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatos and 96% of positive reviews. Spectators and critics have especially marked the visual line and humor. Director Jeff Row wrote Jackie Chan himself asking for the Master Splinter to speak. And his films, "Polyculine History" and "Pictures in the Bronx," were influenced by the visual style of the film. During the original reverberation, actors worked in groups, not one way to amplify the interaction of their characters. SWEET.TV & mdash; The best online theater for the whole family in the national online cinema of the SWEET.TV theater is a special focus on children's content. Because small Ukrainians should only watch the best. Multiple movies. There are hundreds, even thousands of cartoons on the platform. They are in excellent quality and in Ukrainian. The latest & rsibreak; includes ier, except already named, & mdash; "Pretty Woman," "mammy." And you can also look at all of the parts of Schrok, the Ice Heart, the Monsters on vacation, etc. Toontown. The latest & mdash; The Ukrainian Worry "Brahraille." Brave Holesy "(BRAVE BUNNIES) & mdash; A multi-school 2D series for preschool children. "Brave Priests" showed over 80 countries in the world, including Great Britain, Germany, Finland, Italy, Israel, Italy and Italy. Now the makers are working on the "Brave Fighters," and they will soon be on the screen. Educational content. There are lots of movies for children on the SWEET.TV platform. But most important & mdash; There's content here that helps children all ages learn language. It's cartoons and courses. There are also special developed cartoons of Briko. Heroes of each series survey the world and do something interesting with their hands. SWEET.TV continues to fill in news with one of the best collections of children's content. So if you are looking for a travel cartoon, & mdash; come to SWEETIV. Select the history of & mdash; and turn it online on a convenient device. Or download it into the use of SEETTV to enable small ones when no Internet is available - Best 2023 cartoons for SWEET.TV
Джекі Чан потрапив до лікарні - ЗМІ
Всі новини про госпіталізацію артиста активно видаляються з китайських соціальних мереж, а облікові записи, які про це повідомляють - блокуються. - Джекі Чан потрапив до лікарні - ЗМІ
Krita appeared the first trailer of Panda Kung Fu 4 cartoons
The introduction of a cartoon shows the voices of actors like Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Jackie Chang, Lucy Lau, Dustin Hoffman, Viola Davis and King - Krita appeared the first trailer of Panda Kung Fu 4 cartoons
Volunteer initiatives of Natalia Yusupova

Nataliya Yusupova, a well-known volunteer and public figure, has been cooperating with the Main Military Hospital of Ukraine since 2014.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation in 2022, it has been conducting regular fundraisers to help the Armed Forces purchase the most necessary equipment that brings our victory closer and saves the lives of our soldiers.

More information about Natalia:,

We ask the community to help and raise funds for the Ukrainian Armed Forces: - Volunteer initiatives of Natalia Yusupova
Chikey Chan suddenly declared his ignorance to the Kardashian family (video)
Video, recorded six years ago, suddenly viral again, and users are kidding that the person who doesn't know who the Kardashians are needed to grow up - Chikey Chan suddenly declared his ignorance to the Kardashian family (video)
Math again about Johnny Depp: Thanks for watching the weekend
The problem is, when it comes to all the unrest caused by the war, it's added to an unthinkable spirit, when the brain melts from heat and thoughts, it's the time of an unspoiled movie. So the traditional video block for the weekend from "Espresso" Paris. On August 13th, one of the best of this summer European premiere is not because for his director, Jacques Odia, it's already a 5-face film on "The Golden Laptop" in the Canal Film Festival for his entire career. And it's not because there are two priors of the BATA, the Silver Forest in Venice, and many other awards that are recognized by the World Film Festival. And because Jacques Odia is a filmmaker who makes films about ordinary people and what they do, because his tape always sounds like a heartshot. The 13th district is a black and white shrapnel story from the lives of Paris's lives of parisian migrants living in the centers of the 13th district. Jacques Odia peels in the houses and tells us some random stories from their residents' lives. In the center of his focus, the mystery of Emily, who has been experiencing a complicated period in life, the seductive intellectuals of Kamil, who have broken up not one heart, and a student of Nora, who is missing from his very popular website. In the face of the movie, there's sexual adventures, trying to get lost in the narcotic cracks and desire love, and also worrying about the problems of learning, work, housing and family. Lucy Chang, Makata Samba, Nomy Merlan, Jenny Beth, Ossian Kerati, Mission on two "Mission on two" in theatrics since August 17, the New Tape with the high winner of "Oscar" for the greatest merit in Jackie Chan's movie games in charge will certainly not be without consideration. A full-blown film in China by Scott W, where the U.S. and China collaborators of the creation of this popular Hong Kong actor and movie producer are waiting since 2018, when all of the comedy scenes were asked to be taken off. But it took five years for the film to finally come to the viewer. So outside Baghdad there's a road called "death highway." They hired an ex-special guy named Lao Fena for the escort. Here he met Chris. Very soon both realized that the criminals used Chris, and so together they make decisions to act together. And the drinking can't be lost for a second, because every step is in danger. By provoking peaceful people across conflict zones, you can always get into a situation that some of the fighting parties will take over an enemy. In main years: Jackie Chan, John Sinek, Pil Aranek, Max Hup versus Herd, from the 16th of August on Netflix Documentation series from three Serbians, which highlights a real lawsuit between the former movie-star girlfriends, Johnny Depp and Ember Gerde, who pushed Hollywood down and caused an incredible reaction on the Internet. The first evidence of both sides is parallel. In this case, the series of filmmakers - the nominations by Emmy and BAFTA Amy Cooper ("Merlyn Monroe"): "For those interested in secular life and love to break up in someone else's underwear." So the star of the Caribbean was sued by Gerd for a sticker in the Washington Post article of 2018, where the ex-wife was called the victim of domestic violence. Despite the fact that Dupp was not in the article directly named, he claimed it cost him a lot of profitable roles in different films. The lawsuit that was broadcast online literally blew up the Internet. And he essentially won Dupp: The jury made the decision to pay him $10 million of compensation and $5 million a penalty sum for Gerd. Johnny Depp, Amber Gerd, who was the first in the list of 10 top American science fiction writers in America. But in the province where he's going to go, there's strange things going on. After the Ashley Kent students disappeared, the guy with the new pals is using the discovery of local secrets. And as always in Kagana's work, the audience has been waiting for an exciting course of events with countless unexpected turns, as during the shooting, commented the scene of Jefferson Michael's main role: "If you like a show full of featherness and secrets, but you also want something that has a little bit more depth than most of the school drama, then" Prick "is for you. Especially if you want to feel something and learn something. " Aidan Michael, Conil Zimmer Adrian Greenworth, Abby Corrigan, Tva Foldhox, etc. "Blue beetle" in a theater from the 17th of August, the Fantasy Battle of Blue Beach, "the work that started in 2018 should be 14 movies in an extended movie universe DC. The first time the comic books showed up in 1939. In general, they become different people at different times. Tom Reyes is the third superpower of the bug. His first emergence into comics was in 2006. On the subject he lived in El Paso, Texas. To inspire the atmosphere of the city, Paul Weather operator lived there for a while. So events are being deployed in Palmer's fictional town. This is where Hyram Riees comes back after school and lives with his parents and younger sister. Suddenly, he gets a rabid beetle connecting to his body and giving the guy a powerful exoskeleton. This opens up an opportunity to fight crime in our hometown at a level that was unattainable to any man in charge: Krola Mariduenov, Adrian Barazi, Damien Altarr, Elpidy Carriyo, Susan Serendon - Math again about Johnny Depp: Thanks for watching the weekend
Jan Di: The final track of the comedy commando with Jackie Chan and John Sinh, the punishments are on August 17
The Executive Company prepared the final Ukrainian film trailer "Mission for two." This is a fantastic comedy game with Jackie Chan and John Sinh in charge - Jan Di: The final track of the comedy commando with Jackie Chan and John Sinh, the punishments are on August 17

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