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few months ago, the European Commission complained that they would not let him abroad. The government called it the highest cynicism piece
• "The Commission," • "The Commission," • "The Commission," • "The Commission," • "The European Commission," • "The European Commission," • "The Commission," and "the European Commission," "the European Union's Government of Ukraine - few months ago, the European Commission complained that they would not let him abroad. The government called it the highest cynicism piece
"Eurosolidity" for irrigation complaints: Key facts and figures 11 / 10 / 05 12: 55 Page 38
"The European solidarity Party" explained that the leader of the faction of Peter Slightly wrote to the Hungarian European Commission on the expansion of Oliver Wargory about "discrimination," because Vladimir Zielinski does not go to the dialogue with an opposition -
Scoudal with a Iisette. Whether to complain in the EU to infringement of rights positions
Olga Stephinka has charged Peter the puppet in an attempt to overthrow the European integration of Ukraine. It's because of his letter to the European Commission complaining about not being allowed abroad - Scoudal with a Iisette. Whether to complain in the EU to infringement of rights positions
Medical Battalion «Hospitaliers»
«Hospitaliers» is a volunteer organization of paramedics. It was founded by Yana Zinkevich at the beginning of hostilities in Ukraine in 2014. Then Russia annexed Crimea and started hostilities in the east of the country. The motto of our organization is "For the sake of every life." And Hospitaliers prove every day that these are not just words for us. - Medical Battalion «Hospitaliers»
"European Solidarity" challenges power to stop speculation on international opposition, allegations
"European solidarity." "We've done, do and do everything we can to secure Ukraine's membership in the European Union and NATO as soon as possible. The European and Eurasian integration were still our credo and the strategic goal to achieve all of our actions and goals. For us, the EU and NATO have never been given a fashion, the self-assembly, the economic population, or the straw for their own political saving, and the foundation of our political and political programs, is a message. In the European Solidarity, the EU's association, the creation of the EU's deepened free trade zone, the infinite regime, the initiating of a series of sectional integration, the EU's constitution. "It is remarkable that" European Solidarity "completely share the European Parliament support for Ukraine, each item, including the one that is concerned about" selective constraints of popular activities, "including those who represent opposition." Because the EU members, according to very clear criteria, are open to countries where the rule of law, democracy, freedom of speech, etc. sustainable and unsustainable, we think of the response of power as a letter of the fifth President Peter Pelectaire to Europe's European Commission on an extension of Oliver Warglia and the rights of political oppresentatives. According to the logic of the European Union, the responses of the rights and the rights of the EU, for example, the European Union's authority, and the rights of the rights of Ukraine. It used to be a monologue and applause. She is humiliated by a dialogue with an opposition and a nervous response to a crisis, and she is deaf to a society, or at least misjudged and on this background makes many mistakes. " "Under these conditions we have no right to just remain silent. It's not just possible, but it's even necessary to draw attention to the issues of Ukrainians and our European friends. Why would a democratic country have a opposition, a silence? The European future of Ukraine depends on words, but on particular actions of power. We're not at war with Russia outside, so that within Ukraine it allowed metastases to be authoritarian, and so the moment is when we can no longer pretend to be such a threat exists, and we have a joint effort with civil society to eradicate it in the bud, "is a statement. "Our information and recommendations are consistently found in every annual report of the European Parliament, the resonating European Parliament, the decisions of the European Council and the Council of the EU - particularly in the context of preparation for the opening negotiations, where democracy issues are" alpha and seek "the whole process." The party emphasized that their position on this question was expressed and the European Commission in the report of progress in the expansion policy, and deduce the European Parliament to resolve the support of Ukraine, and the European Council in terms of the Ministry of Finance, and the management of the International Democracy and the European People's Party in the leadership of the country, but the power of this was not understood and said, "Going out of this European solidarity is like this: "First. The ultimate dialogue for power with society and the position of military and political situation, the regular meeting of the President with the leaders of parliamentary fractures, which were no longer two years old. Second. The full coordination of efforts in the international arena, both in military aid, and the EU and NATO. This process needs to remove anti-constitutional restrictions on parliamentary diplomacy, which is impossible in terms of illegal ban on international equipment that are politically motivated -- now, for example, punish those who have not voted for the anti-European law of WW. Third. Restoring freedom of speech, restoring live Ukrainian TV channels, disabled in spring 2022, opening authority -- returning journalists to Parliament meetings and broadcasting meetings in the "Council" channel. And at the same time, you close up the submersible telemarathine. It's actually funded by the cost of European taxpayers, and the standards are not European there. Four, stop the pressure of the siver pressure for media, business, civil activists, and position. Fifth. Parliament has control over Cabinet, regular days of government, and its accountability in society. " Europe's solidarity challenges the power to stop speculation on the ban on international opposition activities. "" Today, anything that hurts the wholeness and dissolves the political stability will hurt Ukraine, its international imitation and our survival as a democracy and a sovereign state. Only joint action, political coordination, maximum mobilization and mutual support, shared voice of power and opposition abroad, can ensure success and victory of our country as a series of long Russian missionaries, and on the way to the member of Ukraine in the EU and NATO. No politician should forget that the source of power is the people, and should be reported before it. " -
Mr. Stephinka has charged the irrigation for trying to unlock the European integration of the treasure in Brussels
"The European solidarity" • "The European and European European Union for the European and European Union integration by Olga Stephinka has been charged with the head of the European solidarity" by Peter Slightly trying to expose European integration through his letter to the European Commission with complaints about border imposition
The Hungarian European Commission writes that the Slightly request it to influence the "discrimination of the" Ukraine "position
"The European Commission," • "The European Commission," which asked him to influence the government of Ukraine and to stop "the discrimination of the European solidarity - The Hungarian European Commission writes that the Slightly request it to influence the
"The European Commission," the European Commission, "who asked him to influence the government of Ukraine and to stop the discrimination of the European Solidarity" (EFR) - Collaborate:

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