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"Ukraine" does not want to return "Ukrainian military prisoners - fairy for 28 February
In the release, the analysis is distributed on the social networks of the fairy lists of Ukrainian prisoners, which Ukraine supposedly does not want to take. " These are the names and names of real people in a Russian plot, but the Russian side does not offer these lists to exchange. Like the Russians -
The Russians have published the names of prisoners who don't think they want to take Ukraine. The coordinate state has been reactivated
Communication center tells us that. In the coordinate state, they said that the Russian side did not offer these lists to exchange. "The exchange continues, the new exchange is ready. But in order for all Ukrainians to come back from the canvas, the Ukrainian society must remain united, not trust the enemy and its provocations, "emphasized the state. The 11 people reported that the CEO of the national director of the Kyiv-Pistra-Pisterra, Maxim Epenchenko is looking at the exchange of the traces of Stoicwin on the prisoners of Ukrainian fighters - The Russians have published the names of prisoners who don't think they want to take Ukraine. The coordinate state has been reactivated
The attacks of the Slayers were so much that it was impossible to bury them all -- the nitrogen Cyril Masilion told us about the protection of the Marauk and the terrorist in Onisnian
The son of Espresso spoke to the Kylene warrior, the Kirl Maslitic, the stories that would have lasted several lives ahead, wanted to become an evilist, then volunteer when the war started with Russia in 2014, Cyril was a 20-year-old student in the National Abbey, involved in the Gority Revolution in Kyiv and Dniada. The war never had anything to do with it. It turns out it's more like trying to avoid being in the military, but as they say, becoming an evasive. "I remember those days when the anquination of Crimea began. Then the first realization was that the revolution would continue. The methods of reaction to the authorities were completely pro-Russian. Because this is very typical of Russia: People out, they're all locked up in the hut. But it works in Russia, and we're not going to work and we're never going to work, "it starts talking about Cyril, and the man comes from the Goldie Plaans. The parents of the student's son's plans to go to war didn't even know. But they started calling from university and warning them about Cyril's intent. "In the summer of 2014 in the Dnieper, my friends and I started to get a little late. We went to school, and we went a little bit on weekends: Shot, tactics, to have minimal knowledge. If in the first month, I personally thought this was all going to end, It's not going to last for one year. " The Asna Battalion chose right away. But because they don't give a volunteer unit, they decided to close the winter session and then go at random, and then whatever happens. "Mother cried, my father took my choice, said, good boy. Of course, she was very worried. They refused, but were shocked, "adds a warrior. But Cyril's been engaged in total support for all his family in a few days. They're still supporting it. Photo: He gave Cyril Mazaltin 'to the Ase's lives to the military with respect to the Council, which at the time was another battalion, which was not picked by chance. For a guy, what was important is that in "Ase" to military lives, the highest respect. As an example, it reminds me of the same Iloways. at that moment the Battalion of The Attack was or not the only subsection that came out before they surrounded the city. For me, as a civil man, then it was a sign that the commander would look into the map and appreciate their special warehouse. They actually value human life. It took me 10 years to realize that it was not wrong, "said the fighter. In his youth, in the year 20, there was already a member of Paul-Shirley's offensive operation that occurred in February 2015. The first fight is remembered quietly and without emotion. "Well, imagine: The end of 2014, the beginning of 2015, my training is not at a very high level, relative to what you can now get. It was pretty difficult to adapt. You don't know what to expect and when it begins, it includes survival and just do what you have to do. February 11 was the second attempt on our side to storm the enemy's position. The plan was, but in the place where I was standing, things didn't happen much after the plan. We, in a large account, just to divert the artillery duel while it came from the sides to the side, heads were impossible to lift, "-- Camilo remembered. The Russians didn't work as hard for us as they destroyed a city from the face of the earth to a full war of nitrogen have been preparing for all of the years very carefully and responsibly. Sometimes without a weekend and a vacation, which is why 24 February 2022 met in full combat. "Our whole Special Forces force force was at the time of the wait. Everyone knew it was about to begin. At 03: 30 opened his eyes from the neighbor's room calling, and he was just another one. We got a team called "plan" on combat anxiety. At the same moment he heard an artillery Cananastada coming in the east, and as far as we can imagine, in our foreground, the village of Shioroke, the Comminin. And so my 24 February day began, "told Marla," and then was the Defense of Mariouka, all 86 days. Azopile was the last line of defense that we kept and he became a symbol. Before the soldiers went to Azopile, there was a half a month fighting for Mariaville in the very city and in its neighborhoods. On the right side of the river, the werewolf reminded me, it struck on April 15th. And on the left side of the week, they held a defense until they took me back to the factory. "I was struck as the Russians destroyed the city. As soon as they could get to the firewalls and planes to Mariavka, they started to wipe it off the face of the earth. Because it's clear when they work for us, and when it's just a convention square to destroy anything. They treated the land of people's homes. It was like how many civilian casualties were killed. I remember I drove across one intersection, and after a day I first saw three dead people lying on the road, the next time there was their mountain. I realized they were just being held up and put up there. It was buried in the yard, but it was so much that it was impossible for everyone to bury, "continued the story of nitrogen. You either walk through this, or you go mad after the heroic Defense Mariavi hundreds of our warriors found themselves in the hands of the rabies. Cyril Maslitian, too. He got into Olinka, and he was in that drum, where there was an attack that started to urinate. It's about 20 kilograms, although, he says, "I've never had a proper weight." After coming back from the prisoner, he weighed 55 pounds. Even though such insatiable memories, the warrior with humor remembers the recovery and the conditions of the Oenka barracks. There met his birthday and looked into the face of death. "I spent half a month with some guys living in the backyard because there was no room at all. Burn it where there was a free patch. And it was all over the barracks. They fed us: In the morning of the purple porridge, to dinner these hills, and for dinner, another porridge. We called it a duck with dolphins. The Russians were telling us all the time, "we feed you." "Once they arrived in the colony, they had some sort of conditional entertainment. There were books that guys took from the library in the Azodel. They did chess, they drew it on their paper. Macallanine adds that the physical torture personally didn't apply to it, thought it was very lucky. And moral abuse was always over and over. "You must endure this because you have no choice. So either you walk through it or you go crazy. It's impossible to prepare yourself, because there you never feel safe, never know what can happen next minute, hour, day. You just had to feel that reality had come and that it had to go. That's all. " The Russians were special about nitrogen -- hated and water was afraid, even though they didn't show it. It was clear because of their attitude, their meticulous and special. Cyril Marzlo believes that the behavior of the sharpeners was affecting their weakness. "Look what their logic is, or rather the absence is: If you're already in the military, it's like a wounded animal, you lose it, and it doesn't make any sense to be ridiculed. But they don't think that way. And as kids at school, when they feel weak, they start to get worse. We didn't have a weakness, but we were prisoners and a decent cut to give them no in those circumstances, "says the protector. Photo: Cyril Maslitin gave me no sense I was going to die. Not today. And on top of that, it really remembers the moment of the explosion that happened in that barracks, where it was and there were two hundred twats on the list that had just moved from three other barracks. He woke up from running enemy hail around the camp. The first explosion occurred near the cancer. At the moment of the explosion, stood and just stared at it, within a minute flew into the cancer itself. Cyril got an offended wound in his stomach, arms and legs. Two pieces are still on my feet. I don't know why, but at that point there was no feeling I was going to die. It was pretty clear what not today. I don't know how it works, "thinking a fighter. After the attack a few weeks later, he moved to Danneca Hospital. He was sent to the propaganda with cameras asking questions of prisoners under drug influence. And then Cyril returned to Olinka again, and he didn't know about the layoffs, and they just built it out of the list, and they took it out in the morning, and they left the Malenka at 6: 00 or 7: 00. The first phone call that maybe we were exposed to something that I heard the names of our wounded boys. I knew they were severely injured and there was no point in sending them to another colony. Although it was clear that the Russians and logic were incompatible, they hoped that this was an exchange. Then we were taken to CampaZh in Tanangyang, and we were transplanted on a plane. It became completely unclear what it was like to be flying or very far away or home, "it reminds Manzlo. The three components of the good military are discipline, preparation and motivation for Cyril from his own experience know how important it is to work with the cadaver, have seen the way from battalion to the brigades in 2015. " Then it became clear that the only way for us to exist is to develop and professionalism. The unit has chosen this path and all this way has evolved, trained, fought. We've been trying our best to do this. The Mariavi defense later showed in practice that what we were preparing was not easy. In those conditions that we were in during defense, if the unit was badly trained and unmotivated, the defense would end very quickly, "says Mastel. He remembers the situation where the brothers ended up surrounded in cities, and in fact, each one of them has only two sets of shops left. So the whole point of fighting is to get to the last set, and he says that most of the guys who are fighting, and they don't want to release somebody. So often warriors exhibit heroism not immediately. "In my practice there were people who at the training stage who couldn't tell whether it would be a brave warrior or a strong warrior and so on. But when they start to fight, you realize you were wrong and you didn't see a warrior in it for nothing. And it's the opposite when people before the fighting starts to look like they can free Ukraine with one stroke. And there it becomes difficult for them to adapt quickly. So you can't pick up the recruits for specific rates. But there are three ingredients that should definitely be in any military service. These are three fundamental factors -- discipline, preparation and motivation -- "he emphasizes. Cyril Maslitian believes that Ukrainian military can succeed in this war. Although banal phrases want to be avoided by trying to get near a victory, not by words, but by their own actions - The attacks of the Slayers were so much that it was impossible to bury them all -- the nitrogen Cyril Masilion told us about the protection of the Marauk and the terrorist in Onisnian
Medical Battalion «Hospitaliers»
«Hospitaliers» is a volunteer organization of paramedics. It was founded by Yana Zinkevich at the beginning of hostilities in Ukraine in 2014. Then Russia annexed Crimea and started hostilities in the east of the country. The motto of our organization is "For the sake of every life." And Hospitaliers prove every day that these are not just words for us. - Medical Battalion «Hospitaliers»
The officers on the behalf of the Ombudsman offered liquid "include" prisoners in their lists in exchange
The meeting of Shadrys was by breaking the pages of the officer's employees in social media was addressed to the families of the prisoners, offering money to include their families in exchange lists. Source: Dmitro Lububon's ombudsman at Telgeram domino: The builders refer to the families of the prisoners, offering money rewards to include their families in exchange or to accelerate the process of trading a particular military service - The officers on the behalf of the Ombudsman offered liquid
The officers of the commando had money coming from the prisoners in ZPD and promised to trade. They're 12 years old
The North Security Service treated another supply scheme of funds in the close relatives of the Ukrainian military. In Kyiv & # 8220; on the hot & # 8221; Two girls who claimed 60,000 dollars in the relations of two prisoners of the ZU. The technicians promised to give money to the participants of the occupation of the RF to include prisoners to & # 8220; & # 8221; share lists , tells the SBS 20 February. Supported information the attacker had connections [# 8230; The pose of the girl with ties among the combatants forged money from the prisoners of ZPD and promised to trade. They'll be "12 years early on Newnnyn." - The officers of the commando had money coming from the prisoners in ZPD and promised to trade. They're 12 years old
The promise was to return Ukrainian troops from the canvas: There were two crooks in Ws
According to this, the SWAT press tells us. The girls were detained in Kyiv for hot, and demanded $60,000 from the relatives of the two prisoners of the ZU. Photo: Ukraine Fierrinth Security Service has promised to convey money to the participants of the occupation of the RF to include prisoners in the "exchange lists." "The dictators had connections among combatants and remotely received information from them about Ukrainian prisoners. When they return to the ZW soldiers, they don't come back to the "scheme" home, "they report to the SBI. To be convincing, to communicate with the families of the prisoners of the Ukrainian girls, they gave themselves up for police officers. Security has delayed rogue agents during passing the last "trench." Photo: The Ukrainian security services had fake ID of law enforcement, a business card for a Russian "non-governmental" organization, "values" for confidential information about Ukrainian citizens. The CBI investigators reported both of them suspected. One century. 111-2 of the Penal Code of Ukraine. He's investigating. The kidnappers are threatening to 12 years of prison with confiscating property. In the SBI, it reminds us that the issue of the liberation of the prisoners is particularly in the capacity of public power. March 30, the Security Service and the National Police were treated at the Ravin Square of the fraudulent money collection in the relatives of the destruction of Ukrainian military. 19 February of the suspicion of fraudsters reported to be citizens of over $12 million to help children with disability - The promise was to return Ukrainian troops from the canvas: There were two crooks in Ws
$60,000 to return prisoners: In Kyiv SBU, she's been detained by two members of the scheme
Mr. SBU held two men in Kyiv demanding money from the prisoners of the ZW. They promised to give money to the participants of Russian occupational groups to include military prisoners to the "exchange lists" - $60,000 to return prisoners: In Kyiv SBU, she's been detained by two members of the scheme
Wells that RF declared dead in ll-76 continue considered military prisoners, --Yaii
According to this, he said, "Espresso" on the phone. "Ninety-five: We can confirm that this is really the name of Ukrainians, the werewolves who have been to and are now in a formal state in a Russian plot, we haven't changed anything in this statue. Yeah, they were added to exchange which was canceled when the RF plane fell. The same plane that is the Air Force. The fact that there seemed to be an outpost of Ukrainian prisoners, no one warned anyone. Silence mode did not spread at the time, as opposed to other exchange, when everything was organized correctly, was informed that the plane was transferred to Ukrainian prisoners, "said Yaies. If it turns out that on board, for example there was a gun, a C-300 missile, and it was carried along with the Ukrainian prisoners, this is another RF military crime, saying to the SAM representative. "The Ukrainian side requests RFF for returning bodies of the military officials. There is currently no response, but such requests will continue to apply. Of course, Ukraine is conducting its own investigation. The SAS has opened up a case, the investigation is on. In the same way, Ukraine is responsible for the initiative of an independent international investigation. But, oddly enough, the state-of-the-force put aside that offer, "he added. On Wednesday, on January 24th, in the Belarusian Corn, the Ila-76 military transport plane of Russia claimed that on his board were supposed to be Ukrainian military prisoners carrying in the Beltown region for exchange. The Russian Presidium announced that RFF was invited to the United Nations by the fall of the plane that Moscow was accused of the destruction of. France has rejected the meeting meeting, in the head of the intelligence department of Ukraine has confirmed that on the 24th of January, the exchange of prisoners has to be exchanged. GWP noted that at the moment, the US cannot confirm Ukrainian prisoners in Russian Iill. The president of Ukraine, Vladimir Selenski, claims to insist on international investigation of the White House John Kirby's military transport plane in Russia. President RF Vladimir Putin said the Il-76 plane was hit by the Patriot system - Wells that RF declared dead in ll-76 continue considered military prisoners, --Yaii
Assigned 100: [WRlTING]
Place Railors and close to Ukrainian prisoners gathered and published a list of loose exchange on Thursday, eight February. This is the third day since the beginning of the year, the exchange of prisoners, in which Ukraine returned 100 werewolves. How it informs the coordinate state of the military, & # 8220; To their families return to the member guards and border guards and workshops and defenders of & # 8220; & # 8221; Asolals (Sighs) Among [# 8230;] ] The post was set up by a hundred: The AIDS was released from 8 February 2024 first came on Newnnyn - Assigned 100: [WRlTING]

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