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"Liverpool" led stones in a game with an outsider and strengthened leadership in the APL
According to the Liverpool Express, Liverpool started a home match with the Luton and suddenly missed out on the 12th minute of Chad Ogong, but, on a break, Jurgen Clop's team proved its advantage in class over one of the outsiders of England. In '56 minutes, Virgil Van Dyke rearranged the account. Almost immediately after that, Cody Hacero led the leader of the APl forward. And on 71 minutes, Lies Dees took advantage of Liverpool's "Inconvenient." 1, picked 60 points and ripped off from the nearest stalker, which is Manchester City on 4 points. The Terminator with 55 points goes on "Arseal." "Luton" with 20 points remains on the flight zone "on the 18th corner. 1 Gals: Van Dyke, 56, Haco, 58, Dice, 71, Elliot, 90 - Ogbane, 12 20 February "Manchester City" won "Brandford," and came close to one point to Liverpool -
How much does Mundek make? Chelsea promised a modest bonus to win a cup of English League
The CEO of London Chelsea added motivation to the players before the end of England, where the "blue" rival would be Liverpool - How much does Mundek make? Chelsea promised a modest bonus to win a cup of English League
Charitable Foundation «Come Back Alive»
The "Come Back Alive" Foundation is close to the Ukrainian military. The front line of the Russian-Ukrainian war is not only the front. It is where the war for Ukraine is going on. In hospitals, in warehouses, landfills, in mass media, in offices. We supply and repair equipment, train soldiers and officers, help transform the Armed Forces, provide first-hand accounts of war and stem the flow of propaganda and disinformation. Provides the Ukrainian army with the most important tactical advantage. - Charitable Foundation «Come Back Alive»
SUL: schedule and result of England's 26th World Series from football, the tournament table
The argument between Chelsea and Tongim has been transferred because of the famous English League Cup - SUL: schedule and result of England's 26th World Series from football, the tournament table
Petrithra Goldie, whose name is "Shahnor," the perforence of Lununa and the success of Harlan: The main news of Ukrainian sports in a week
According to the Middle East, the annual result of the CC of the aquatic sports class was the third place on the Cs of water sports in the world. February 10, in a 10-foot dive competition, the Ukrainian player won 52,65 pounds. For Ukrainian sports, it's the first in history the medal of the level of Cs in men's single jump from a 10-foot tower. I won Hao Jan from China who showed the result from 564.05. Photo: Getty Images Harlan won the World Cup of fencing Olga Harlan won the gold at the scene of the fencing world in Lima, capital of Peru. The world's sixth ranking number allowed Ukrainians to group directly with the main grid. Victory to the fourth finals over the current World Cup, Hungarian gymnasium (15: 11), guaranteed Olga for the reward. Next, in the semi-finals, Harlan won American Elizabeth Tarrensky (15: 12. The decisive fight in which Harlan stood up against Sugar Katka Baltai was repeated by the finalist cup of the world in Athens, but unlike March 2023, he ended up with a compelling victory for Ukrainian representatives (15: Six. Photo: tme / nocerte Drycako ended up at the top-eight individual race at CC on Biatol Tuesday, 13 February, a female individual race on CC from Biatol, which goes to New Mexico. The country was represented by Julia Jim, and the Avengers of Mercury, Christian Dryrono and Anna Creowos. The best result of the Ukrainian world has been shown by Drycoko. She was playing at 8: 00. Our battalion had a perfect shot, no error, but lost at speed and quit the winner for two minutes and one sec. I won the Italian Lisa Vitatzki, which traveled 40 minutes and 2.9 seconds. Photo: The Getty Images Manna recognized the best player in Leipzig match -- "Real" at LF The Most popular statistical resources recognized the Observers of Andriy Lununa as the best player in the first match 1 / 8 of the LSD in which "Real" won Leipzig "with account 1: 0. WhoSceed has set the gate to 9.2, and Sofascore is 9.8. During the game, Andrew Maninn has done nine seres, one step out, intercepted 3 broads, ran 49 daughters to the ball, 21 accurate transfer from 25 to 3 points of ball. Getty Images of Comonshire gained the gold from the heavy athletics on Wednesday, 14 February, in the Bulgarian Sofia, Camilla Connopta became the absolute World Cup of Europe in a category 59 kg. The country won a competition in all three ways. She was raised in a pound of 105 kg, and she was holding 125 kilos, and she gained 230 kilos, and she won the fuel to win Dora Chukatot from France (215), bronze, Sarah Regina from Finland (204). / worldweightingmedia Georgian retracted from a shared photo of the Russian in Chii at the Buchardrya Alexander Planci 13 had won silver and brought the first medal to the Greek-Roman style in category 63 kilos. "Bronze" in this vase has won the Russian Anar Allegory, who was allowed to compete in a neutral status, in the ceremony of the Georgia's award, has refused to take a picture at the first stage of the Piedville Pistalles from Europe Murada Maimidu champion of Azerbaijan and Edmond Nagoran of Bulgaria, since he was found in Alles. We're writing a civil position to our athletes, and military criminals don't belong in sports, "and they signed a photo of the award ceremony in Ukraine. / Pvestling Group Ukraine has lost two positions in the new FlFA rankings after the January and December coinception of Ukraine did not match the players, in February, she lost two positions and sank to 24. The next opponent of Sergea Rebrova in the Euro-24-Bonia and Herzon is 71. Of the two other potential game opponents above are Iceland -- 73 lines, Israel-75. Among the highest-eight rebels in the League - 40 places in Chhiah, Albania - 64, Georgia - 77, Georgia - 77. The Penalty to the FFFFFFF rangement rangean rankings followed by France, England, Belgium, and Brazil: Reers Coldenko brought the first gold to Ukraine from Cow-2024 of the Battle of the Mountain on the Battle of the Battle of Elma Zander, the Battle of Illinois, won the rise of the Ukrainian fighting school of Katerina Green, which is responsible for Romania. Before the World Cup of Europe passed on the path to the finale of Elma Zander, the Nusenberg and Alice Malawow, which represents the Spanish and the second day of Europe. Photo: Getty Images the League of Europe: Marsei's shalrine took the night off against Marseille on Thursday, the 15th February, the Chahtari, in Hamburg, Marceli, in the first match of 1 / 16 European League. Game exited with result 2: 2. The first mystery ended with a minimum number of Gothic moments. The second half of the team turned on the speed and started shooting. First, at 63 minutes later, Marseille's "Pierre Omeryak Obama." Almost immediately, the shaktarpiece was played by Miro Matvisenko. At the end of the match, the situation happened: 90 + 1 minutes ahead of it turned out to be "Marcel" -- the goal hit Nydia, but the mustard had immediately aligned the score -- thanks to Elena. The answer will be on the next Thursday. Photo: The Getty Images in Ukraine set historic achievement on the KS from the skeleton Friday, February 16, in German Altenberg, the seventh step of the World Cup from the skeleton. The country on the competition was presented by Yaroslaw Lavinek and Vladimir Climenko. The leader of Vladimir Herackiewicz skipped step through trauma. For a 16-year-old Lavinsk, this is the third stage KPS, and in addition to a 15-year-old Climoko was debuted at a competition of that level. Vladimir was the youngest in the story of a member of KS from a skeleton. He turned 16 in February 15. Lavinac and Climenko were unable to go to the second attempt, in the first place they showed the 26th and 34 places respectively. Photo: IBSF UV TV: In Ukraine, they will launch a new T-channel from the first spring tour of the 13 UPL clubs (prizes) -- except for "Dino-1," and "Star") joined in a telepool, which is an Oleg. Three slots are selected to broadcast to Ukraine's national championship match in the new season - at 13: 00, 15: 30 and 18: As the UPL leaders have reported, the EU has reached its international assistance in 1.5 million Euros from friendly European leagues, which are not called. It's not about profit at the moment. The first task is to create a product that will be available for as many people as possible. The PNL position is not to transact matches in the area of an aggressive country. Photo: Katerina Hanco, Espresso - Petrithra Goldie, whose name is
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