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The French are destroying the red lines of Putin, the analyst of the State of Strategy
ku Taku thought of the National Institute of Strategy Research by Aleksei Jeijak as an Espo. The important thing about the industrial element in France is that unlike the American missiles, the French missiles can be used on targets in the RF, at least against legal goals like the Iranian rockets. This is a political leadership, and this is the most today of the blur of red lines, which Putin created in February of 2022. The French, in a political regard, is just a colossal blur, even the destruction of these red lines, which is very important, "he remarked. The NATO military talk in Ukraine is actually the beginning of a practical negotiation, the conditions of Ukraine in NATO, telling the hedgehog. "France has taken political leadership to unite Europe for certain purposes. France would like to unite European resources in his vision. What Macron said was naturally. Obviously, it's not about the NATO troops fighting instead of our troops. It's not about replacing the mobilization law and everything connected to it. It is likely to be about the deals that Ukraine now puts with Europe about the automatic response of our partners, if there is a danger to Ukraine, "he remarked. And he said, "It's about these forms of presence that will respond to NATO countries automatically." "It's not just a military presence, it's also a industrial presence, financial and political. At the same time, a military presence can be different: Special Forces, consultants, advisers, crew who serve engineering, engineering subdivisions. Not only is it possible that it already is. Now the question is, what countries are willing to increase this presence and take an extra liability, about the automatic response in case of danger, threats for Ukraine, "added the analyzer of the National Strategy. February 26, around 20 European leaders met in Paris to discuss the threat of the Russian president Vladimir Puttin. The president of Ukraine has returned to them by Vladimir Selenski. After the conference ended, President Emmanuel Macron announced that in the future, you should not exclude Western land troops to fight against Russian aggression. The Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Co has confirmed that some countries are members of the NATO and the EU are determined to be able to send their troops to Ukraine after signing a two-way treaty with Kyiv. The NATO Alliberg secretary and the leaders of the Alliance countries said that the general decision to send troops to Ukraine was not accepted, but in Russia it was called the war announcement. On the 29th Prime Minister of Estonia, Kaya Kallus said that the western leaders should not exclude the possibility of entering land troops - The French are destroying the red lines of Putin, the analyst of the State of Strategy
According to Mines, the likelihood of mobilizing rapists and murderers was given, but in one condition
Presenting this to has declared the deputy minister of Olena High. The journalist asked how to be with the convicted killers and rapists, whether they will be mobilized or not in danger to those who already serve in the army. "To us, there are various positions from the military. Someone's totally judging that idea. We're talking about the fact that we need help and we don't have enough people in the country to provide an army enough to grow and rest. We're going to learn how useful this step is, how many people can we mobilize when this process starts, "said the official. In her words, some commanders say they would take hundreds of prisoners and prisoners. The Chechen noted that the military's opinion on this subject is crucial: "If they don't want this person in the unit, fear her or want to work separately with her, we're just not going to make the first decision and apply it to judgment." High emphasis, there is no mechanism in Ukraine right now that mobilization is condemned by court, so they want to write it in law. She also noticed that there are 26,000 prisoners in Ukraine, part of whom would like to change the prison on the trenches. Earlier, Mr. Denis Pictures had to mobilize the damned. According to him, thousands of condemned men have discovered wanting to join the ZPD. It became known as the air defense committee on the mobilization of the condemned - According to Mines, the likelihood of mobilizing rapists and murderers was given, but in one condition
"European Solidarity" challenges power to stop speculation on international opposition, allegations
"European solidarity." "We've done, do and do everything we can to secure Ukraine's membership in the European Union and NATO as soon as possible. The European and Eurasian integration were still our credo and the strategic goal to achieve all of our actions and goals. For us, the EU and NATO have never been given a fashion, the self-assembly, the economic population, or the straw for their own political saving, and the foundation of our political and political programs, is a message. In the European Solidarity, the EU's association, the creation of the EU's deepened free trade zone, the infinite regime, the initiating of a series of sectional integration, the EU's constitution. "It is remarkable that" European Solidarity "completely share the European Parliament support for Ukraine, each item, including the one that is concerned about" selective constraints of popular activities, "including those who represent opposition." Because the EU members, according to very clear criteria, are open to countries where the rule of law, democracy, freedom of speech, etc. sustainable and unsustainable, we think of the response of power as a letter of the fifth President Peter Pelectaire to Europe's European Commission on an extension of Oliver Warglia and the rights of political oppresentatives. According to the logic of the European Union, the responses of the rights and the rights of the EU, for example, the European Union's authority, and the rights of the rights of Ukraine. It used to be a monologue and applause. She is humiliated by a dialogue with an opposition and a nervous response to a crisis, and she is deaf to a society, or at least misjudged and on this background makes many mistakes. " "Under these conditions we have no right to just remain silent. It's not just possible, but it's even necessary to draw attention to the issues of Ukrainians and our European friends. Why would a democratic country have a opposition, a silence? The European future of Ukraine depends on words, but on particular actions of power. We're not at war with Russia outside, so that within Ukraine it allowed metastases to be authoritarian, and so the moment is when we can no longer pretend to be such a threat exists, and we have a joint effort with civil society to eradicate it in the bud, "is a statement. "Our information and recommendations are consistently found in every annual report of the European Parliament, the resonating European Parliament, the decisions of the European Council and the Council of the EU - particularly in the context of preparation for the opening negotiations, where democracy issues are" alpha and seek "the whole process." The party emphasized that their position on this question was expressed and the European Commission in the report of progress in the expansion policy, and deduce the European Parliament to resolve the support of Ukraine, and the European Council in terms of the Ministry of Finance, and the management of the International Democracy and the European People's Party in the leadership of the country, but the power of this was not understood and said, "Going out of this European solidarity is like this: "First. The ultimate dialogue for power with society and the position of military and political situation, the regular meeting of the President with the leaders of parliamentary fractures, which were no longer two years old. Second. The full coordination of efforts in the international arena, both in military aid, and the EU and NATO. This process needs to remove anti-constitutional restrictions on parliamentary diplomacy, which is impossible in terms of illegal ban on international equipment that are politically motivated -- now, for example, punish those who have not voted for the anti-European law of WW. Third. Restoring freedom of speech, restoring live Ukrainian TV channels, disabled in spring 2022, opening authority -- returning journalists to Parliament meetings and broadcasting meetings in the "Council" channel. And at the same time, you close up the submersible telemarathine. It's actually funded by the cost of European taxpayers, and the standards are not European there. Four, stop the pressure of the siver pressure for media, business, civil activists, and position. Fifth. Parliament has control over Cabinet, regular days of government, and its accountability in society. " Europe's solidarity challenges the power to stop speculation on the ban on international opposition activities. "" Today, anything that hurts the wholeness and dissolves the political stability will hurt Ukraine, its international imitation and our survival as a democracy and a sovereign state. Only joint action, political coordination, maximum mobilization and mutual support, shared voice of power and opposition abroad, can ensure success and victory of our country as a series of long Russian missionaries, and on the way to the member of Ukraine in the EU and NATO. No politician should forget that the source of power is the people, and should be reported before it. " -
Assure to transfer from Poland and the EU to mobilization law: top events and decisions of spring-2024
The Infographics of the Word and business are the top of political events and decisions that Ukraine waits for in the spring of this year - Assure to transfer from Poland and the EU to mobilization law: top events and decisions of spring-2024
According to the mobilization bill, we're going to take out the license of electronic prostitutes and bills
The Committee of the Supreme Council on national security, defense and intelligence is considered 4195 jobs to the government's mobilization policy. As Forbes says, the debate agreed to exclude from the document of anti-constitutional norms. In particular, there will be no arrest in the law, no ban on going abroad after military command, an electronic summons. The electronic office of the military is bound to show up, but the citizens will register in it on demand, no obligation to do it. At the same time, the ban on managing the car for eveling has become a subject of discussion, a final solution to this rule is currently gone. The second reading can happen in March, but until this time, the document needs to work. It was about a series of contradictory norms in the subjects that were previously written and authorized by the Supreme Council for the Rights of Dérro Lobin, and T-clusters and the Association of IT Ukaine, as well as the European Business Association. Recently, DOU and the lawyers have taken over the most controversial and discussions about mobilization legislation -- the responsibility to register an electronic institution, only for graduate budgets, a resolution to LFC for some categories, increase responsibility for companies and others - According to the mobilization bill, we're going to take out the license of electronic prostitutes and bills
Volunteer initiatives of Natalia Yusupova

Nataliya Yusupova, a well-known volunteer and public figure, has been cooperating with the Main Military Hospital of Ukraine since 2014.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation in 2022, it has been conducting regular fundraisers to help the Armed Forces purchase the most necessary equipment that brings our victory closer and saves the lives of our soldiers.

More information about Natalia:,

We ask the community to help and raise funds for the Ukrainian Armed Forces: - Volunteer initiatives of Natalia Yusupova
Zelensk to mobilize: People need to explain that options other than protection are not available
The government needs to work with public opinion on mobilization in Ukraine. Ukraine needs to explain that there is no other choice but to protect the country. This report tells the RBK-Ukraine link to the adviser of the Presidential Office of President Mikhail Post-Office at & # 8217; & # 8217; I'm the Telegraph. As the receiver pointed out, mobilization is now in Ukraine, and the new law needs to improve it, including & # 8230; The post in Greenwich about mobilization: People need to explain that, apart from protecting, there is no intention first on the Natural Truth - Zelensk to mobilize: People need to explain that options other than protection are not available
Documenting from mobilization: The Supreme Council explained who would be able to receive it under the new law
The President of the Worldwide Committee of the Air Findan Ventures noted that there are specific jobs that are critically important for the functioning of state and society, so they will also spread the pamphlet, but the list has to approve the Cabinet of Ministers - Documenting from mobilization: The Supreme Council explained who would be able to receive it under the new law
The IRS Committee rejected the evasion of funds: I'm sorry for offering in return
According to Radi, the funds locking rate was rejected by the police bill. The dialogue in the committee will continue in the following stages of the bill. Full News Text - The IRS Committee rejected the evasion of funds: I'm sorry for offering in return
What is Michael-3? How not to get on his hook
In the intelligence committee, they reported that RFF is preparing a special operation called Mayan-3, which is the essence of question to question the President's legitimacy after May 20, when the term ends. In addition, these modern-day shafts are confident that black forces will rip off French mobilization and spread antiUkrainian moods in Telegram. The term'mayan 'in a negative context is not once and twice used in the messages of the current authority. It was not the most important interview of President Vladimir Zielinski Bloomberg on November 2023 when the president of the state announced that certain forces were prepared for Mayan-3 to remove his power. Unfortunately, that happens when you hire yourself advisers, political engineers, deputies and powerful garbage managers from the Party of regions. The B is the same as the Antimana juice. It's not a secret that many of the former regimes in the liver have the original Mayan, who has been strangled, but today is his heart that holds us from the occupation. The original Michael was never an RF technology. It's a pure pulse of the kidney -- a pulse of change that has already come to pass. So obviously, in the office, the President is concerned about what happens next day after the war state was cancelled. When the question about Oman, Changgar, Marieville, science and baccinov questions are going to be too much. Russia is afraid of the term "mayan." Even when he was walking around in their media rhetoric on their protests in the early 2010 period, all of this went down quickly and wrong. Read also: A fight with Mayan-3 in power is led by people who were trying to defeat Mayan-2 Production Committee of the President who are the main directions and targets of the enemy. "Vote the Ukrainian mobilization." Unfortunately, we have to admit that no one has done more to fear before mobilization than the only telegrapher and hand-hand telegram, where the morning of the night is told about evelers and the insatiable arms of the military. But there will be very few stories about boys from various civil professionals without any fighting experience that has become the star of this war. In the same way, the mobilization of 4,000 jobs to the law of mobilization to the peak of the present Ref at Donbas. A separate note of the President's efforts, who is constantly afraid to say "mobilization" and tells us about the mythic million in the ZU, although it's not there. And he's also a lot of fucked up around here. Literally, on the other day, a glorious 110 crew protecting Austria, moved on to the growth. "For the first time in two years." Does Russian propaganda benefit and trained people from the World Series as well as our mistakes? Absolutely. Just to remind you of the video of the shooting of our men in the trenches and the joy of removing the Valerious of the Oblivion. "Explosion on the inability of Ukraine to win the victory." I'm wondering which faction David Arahama, who, not too long ago, was talking about Nathan Mossachuk, was talking about Istanbul, who could bring peace in 2022. But you had to just brush out an army and deduce the criminals? And that's what these words were referring to after a lot of western media. And this is the message that "Ukraine has been prepared for progress" that the British International Berpus in the equity comments of the Bild. Indeed, such errors in Ukraine's communications of Russia use for deputies and advance of awards that Ukraine is worthless and will not prevail in this war. So just give away the territory and take off the sanctions. "The spread of fairy tales from Ukraine." They help the Ukrainian people, not the authorities, whatever their names are. But the authorities are constantly forced to fall into the first palm, not as under the arrest of an investment banker named Igor Mazips for the "critique of power," so by the command of Swedish Sinai, or nou-hau-hara Tatava, who stops then bars of G7. Now, this is a very small, multi-month story of the Fawth and the Balkans and the previous part of Genessu is just high trust among the citizens. "For spreading anti-Ukrainian moods to Telagram, the Russians posted $250,000." It's even harder to hold on to hand telegrams for boggling on unconvenient journalists and political opponents. Some things for the "Center.No" level correction are always missing places at the President's press conference, but they're separately armor for the favorite telegram channels. Read also: The election during the war and the Russian IPO put under legitimate decision-making after May 20. I can lock up the test that the president and I have entered a full-blown war, and he will finish it. We're not talking about Zielenski, we're talking about the presidential institute. And a symbol of democracy. However, who is responsible for the "servant of the People" party, which is the position of the president's position on the landing, will interpret the scandalous antivacciner and the woman's worshipper, Yuri Kalicuk. It would have to have done a great representative and until recently, the president's representative in the Council of Theodila Venstein. However, after he declared that Mari "the Unsullied 'stay at the National Security and Defense Committee may become a real threat to national security" - for a while disappeared from the air. And even was dismissed from the representative's office. But even though the President himself can explain the text of the Constitution of the President's position under the circumstances of the election -- he comments again. And it's not the first time in Iceland that the article 108 Constitutions were properly commented. Does RF have a bad understanding of the laws of the election people? It's already full. But this isn't about Mayan-3 on the spike of Russian next to Donbas. And it's interesting to see who's spreading the statement about Maidan-3. Very often these are the individuals who worked as the lead and experts on the Bear Canal. Senducers and Yankees of Janek's age. People who worked frankly for the RF and Russian candidates at different times. Very often, it's just "talking heads," which is the same as where the envelope came from. And laughing and tears. Very often what comes out for Russian IPO is nothing but undesirable to communicate with its own society. Or direct refusal to hear society and correct mistakes. Our men don't go to Mayan during the war. But no one will forbid that form of protest after the war's collapse when necessary. Especially for the author's espresso: Marina Denicechus-Yaramyevev, a journalist Editor doesn't always share thoughts spoken by blogs - What is Michael-3? How not to get on his hook

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