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Russia destroys the cultural heritage of Ukraine in scale, unaccounted for since World War Il
Since the beginning of a full-scale invasion, Russia launched more than 10,000 missiles and drones against Ukraine. As a result, more than 1,700 objects of cultural infrastructure were damaged and over 870 cultural heritage objects. Dedicated or destroyed by libraries, museums, theaters, Philharmonic, art school, college, and cultural heritage in 230 territorial communities. The largest ones in Donsk (87%), Suumba (51%), Lugan and Mikolańsk regions (42%). At the same time, 37% of cultural heritage objects have been damaged or destroyed in the Heritonsk region, 36% in Kharkiv, 33% - in Zaporizhia, 29% - in Kyiv, 18% - in Dnieper, 16% - in Chernihiv, 12% - in Khandovsk, 8% - 6% - in Odevsky, 4% - in Octava,% 3 - in Cherkevov, The famous part of the Lugan, Herpine, Zaporozhye and the Danish regions are still occupied by Russia. It's not possible to count the exact number of cultural infrastructure objects damaged during combat operations and occupation. Espresso prepared the earliest known cultural objects destroyed or damaged during the Russian war against Ukraine. The Hagair Lapian Lavar is one of the most famous legal sanctions of Ukraine, located on top of the mountain in the city of the Holy Council. But during Russian aggression, the monastery became one of the victims of war. Photo: Getty Images at the beginning of June 2022, in less than four months after a full-blown invasion, the Russian troops came to the Spartan, and forced the French army to retreat to the southern coast of the Siverlands. The retreat troops blew up cities across the river, and the monastery was trapped. While fighting, hundreds of refugees of the Spartan and neighboring villages rushed to the monastery to hide from the artillery shots and threats of Russian occupation. The destruction and property of the Holy Roman monastery has suffered considerable damage during active combat operations in the region. According to Ukrainian military, the Russian bomb hit the monastery on March 12, 2022. On May 4, the Russian forces damaged the band by at least seven people. On May 30th, and on June 1, 2022, the result of the artillery fire has killed three monks and one nun, at least three monks, has been wounded. It was also damaged or destroyed by several buildings coming to the monastery including the wooden church of all the saints, the largest wooden church in Ukraine. Today, the Hagaorian laire, despite numerous damage, remains an important center of spirituality and culture, not only for the local population, but for all of Ukraine. It's a place where people find peace and peace where important religious events and holidays happen. However, unfortunately, you have to admit that a full-scale invasion of Russia in Ukraine had changed the mood for the Spartan laihr, which is one of the three Ukrainian monasteries used by the Ukrainian Monetary Church of Moskowska Patriot. Her visions are still remembered by the Russian patriarch Cyril during some gods' service, despite his active support for Putin and Russian invasion. However, the entire Ukrainian community supports the transmission of the convent Church of Ukraine, and the Danitka community aims to see the treaty with the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moskowska Patriot on the endless use of the Holy Sea. People's Believous Basque sculptures called "stone faces," are the tombstone statues of paintings, the seminal art of X for the 18th century. They symbolized their ancestors and placed themselves on a specially built path at the tops of the high barges or hills. At Donbsi, the number of slavers can go up to 1,000. Some of them have some ethnographical characteristics and therefore belong to some people. Since the beginning of a full-scale invasion of Russia in Ukraine, they have become more honored in the Dominican villages. People believe that they've always had a special meaning, and today they come in asking for protection as well as their loved ones. Photo: You can find these sculptures in Kharkiv Oblast. But the invasion of Russia in Ukraine puts them in danger. At the top of Silicon near Zurich, the Russian troops crashed a thousand years ago by a stone grandmother. 8 of 9 statues survived, and one was destroyed by a direct missile. And before that, in May of 2022, there's a photo on the network that shows that occupying Russian troops attached to a sculpture by the Soviet flag. The problem behind conservation of canvas is that it's very acute now. Russian invasion, like time, ruins the priceless memory of the past. So all the measures are needed to further preserve the canvas culture that embodies customs, religious beliefs and unique art of people that do not exist anymore, and are an integral part of the history of Ukraine. Spas-the-Predicted Spas-Preverted Cathedral is one of the oldest and most beautiful cathedral of the Kyiv period, which has been made to our days in the Blackwater. The forester was laid up by the first Men of the Land of the Land of the Land of the City, the Lord of Vladimir, in the 1030s, and became the main sanctuary and beauty of the Blackwater-of-Siverlands. But he wasn't caught up with Russian aggression. South wall of the cathedral was damaged by traces of Russian Canadian projectile during the shooting of the 24-25 March 2022. A mobile bridge across Denny's was destroyed, only pedestrian. It was during the firing bridge of an architectural monument that was caught under the scope of Russian occupation. The projectiles have been corrupted by a plaster and a broken window. Kill in the black cathedrals - another confirmation of Russian ignorance. There will be no Russian crime against humanity. Hortius Island is the biggest island on the Dnieper, and his unique is a rare combination of one area of different natural complexes, geological, cultural and historical monuments. Its area is about 23.5 square kilometres, which is about 10% of the territory of today's Zaporozhye city. In 1993, he was given the status of a national commandment. On April 21, 2022, Russian troops were first struck by a rocket strike on the north island. The missile hit the Observers bridge. At the time of the train between Zaporozhye and Lviv were moving the evacuation train. The explosion of waves flew the windows into four cars and light cars moving the bridge at that time. Less than an hour before the Russians attacked the second attack on Horvath. The enemy released a missile through a building of its sanatorium. The next attack on Horvath happened in a few weeks. On May 12th, the Russian missile hit the scene of the island. No victims and casualties, but a big fire broke out. The fire burned about 500 square meters of the weather zone. Since then, almost two years after the beginning of the great war, the hidden island in Zaporizov, unfortunately, was not the last described in the Russian army. So, February 2, 2024, Russia bombed a "Hortac" header, damaged the monument of the Cultural Sych. In addition, the destruction of the Kachovsk dam on June 6, 2023 led to destroy a lot of ecosystems and a social sphere, which is different than an ecosystem. The Uspenian cathedral is the oldest legal temple of Kharkiv and has great historical and artistic value. The modern Baroque building of the hedgehog was called in 1771-1777 at the scene destroyed by an old single church that existed from the middle of the 12th century. A circular bell of the cathedral with twelve bells built in the 21st century, only ten feet below the call of St. Mark in Venice. This height right over here is 89.5 meters. He's in Lebanon under Harkow. Photo: The Getty Images during World War Il, the cathedral of choice, although many buildings around it were destroyed. But after 80 years, the Russians damaged the scenery of the cathedral, cut the windows, destroyed the stained glass windows. Although war is a great tragedy for Ukraine and the world, the Ukrainian people have shown their patience and courage to fight aggression and rebuild their country. It suggests that culture and spirituality of the people are the most important values that you can't even lose in the most difficult times - Russia destroys the cultural heritage of Ukraine in scale, unaccounted for since World War Il
The forces of defense have hit the RF attacks in eight directions, 64 warcollisions have occurred on the front
According to this, 22 February tells Genstaff ZC. In the zone of responsibility for the East North, in the War and the Polypolus, the operating environment remains unchanged. In the Siverlands and Slowhand, the adversary is holding a military presence in the border areas, conducting a deconstructed activity to prevent our troops from moving on threatening directions, creating a density of nuclear-explosive stations along the state border at the Belytown region. In the zone of responsibility for the Hortac, in Coop, the enemy has done three attempts in the regions of the Sinnocka and Tabka of Kharkiv region. In the Liman direction, the opponent attacked six times our subdivisions in the regions of the vast Terna and the Vision on the Danchis. In the Bahmurth direction of defense, two attacks of Russian invaders are reflected in the regions of the Cracow and Maorsk Dansk. In the zone of responsibility for the Tavaria, on Audevian direction ZW was hit by 19 enemy attacks in the regions of the steppe, Lasokione, Pervese and Neverland. On the Mer side of the Force of Defense continues to hold the enemy back in George's areas, the Prussians and the Night's Mystery, where the enemy 14 times tried to break the defense of our troops. On the New Year's Eve, our defenders took off the attack of the enemy south of the Golden Niv on the Doinchess. In the Zaporozhye direction, the Ukrainian warriors removed eight enemy of the west side and in the area of the Diet of Zaporozhye. At Odesa's responsibility zone, on the Hurscourt, the forces of defense continue to hold positions and reflection of the raids of Russian invaders. With significant losses, the enemy doesn't leave trying to kick our contractions out of their positions. Yes, within the last day, the opponent made four attempts to attack our troops at the west coast of Dnieper. RFF's army made 4 missile and 113 airwaves in Ukraine last 24 hours of combat collision. The total enemy hit 4 missile missiles and 113 aircraft hit, shot 105 gunshots from jet systems of intimidation on the positions of our troops and our population points. At night, Russian invaders attacked Ukraine using 10 BL like Shaked. The forces and anti-air defence tools of Ukraine have been destroyed by eight offensive BPA. Avious strikes have been identified by Milosva, Wilchnost, Colonika, Petrozalum of Kharkiv region; Makocka, Lugans Biold; Leman, St. Pokronsk, Siversk, New York, White Mountain, Chinatown, Nowachka, Nowachneka, Spongeanka, Steelanka, Senensk, First, Orcelka, Tatika, Krasnoakka, Canennika, Anticka, Pariculka, Cannikka, Cannikka, Pornikka, Pornikka, Pornikka, Pornikka, Pornikka, Pornikka, Ukka, Pornikka, Pornikka, Pornikka, Pornikka, Pornikka, Pornikka, Pornikka, Pornikka, Pornikka, Pornikka, Pornikka, Por@@ Robotic, Nowaendrix, Orises of Zaporizhira; Screws and Blackfish in the Germanic region. Under the enemy artillery fire, more than 120 populated fields of Chernihiv, Sumanski, Kharkiv, Lugana, Dhanka, Zaporizy, Dnipropetrovsk, Herpine, and Mikolav regions. The defense forces split two groups of PMM and 3 enemy management facilities over the past 24 hours of air-force defense force, hit 10 areas of focus on a special warehouse and 2 main rocket complexes of the enemy. Also, the forces and tools of the Air Force of Ukraine have been destroyed by the Su-34 drone fighter and the 3 intelligence forces. The missile troops reside in five parts of the mansion, arms and military equipment, 2 PMM warehouses, 3 management points, 8 artillery tools and 1 radio-local opponent station. On the evening of Wednesday, February 21, Russian terrorists launched "chess" to shoot Ukraine. We had explosives at the Zcentau - The forces of defense have hit the RF attacks in eight directions, 64 warcollisions have occurred on the front
So you have Russia entering seven directions. In the age of ZC, they hit 38 attacks
And this is what we're talking about in the 21st February evening Genstaff. For a day, there was 51 fighting. In total, the Russians had three rocket shots and 84 air strikes, done 71 shots from the RSD (jet systems of intimidation) at the positions of our troops and the population points. There are casualties among civilians. Ruins and damaged were filled with multi-story and private homes and other infrastructure objects. The situation is at the front and the firing of Ukraine in the Volinian and the political areas of the operational situation with no significant change. No sign of the formation of offensive groups. Detected subdivisions of the armed forces of Belarus are doing tasks at the border with Ukraine. In the Siverlands and Slovakia, the adversary maintains a military presence in the border areas, conducts decisively-intelligence activities, shoots the population points out of the RF territory, increases the density of MVP along the national border of Ukraine. The enemy has taken air strikes in the parts of Milona, Wilchbetka, the Magnifica of Kharkiv region. The Artilyrian and city shots have found over 20 populace, including the Black, the Grey, the Iron Islands; A bear, Wolfiine of the Summit; The veterinarian, the Red, the Luc, the Kharkiv region. In the Cuban direction, the enemy led two attempts next to Sinukka and Tabayka of Kharkiv Oblast. I was on a plane strike in Petropavilion area of Kharkiv Oblast. Under the artillery and urban fire, there were about 10 populated elements, such as the two-year-old, Sinnocee, Ivonka, the March Kharkiv region. In the Lymansk direction, our warriors removed four attacks near the Terna and the Dux of the Danika region, where the enemy tried to breach the defense of our troops. The propeller was taking air strikes in Makikakov areas, the Lugana Bithologists and Lehman, Saint Pokrovsk, the Sivernsk region. They suffered more than 10 populka, Nev Lugans, and Terna, Toric, the Middle Passage, the Honetary Region. On the Bahmutian side of the defense force was reflected in an attack near the Cenchins of the Danica region, where the enemy, for the support of aviation, tried to improve the tactical position. The enemy also hit an air strike in the New York Hospital. Under the artillery and urban fire, we found more than 10 populace, such as Orichau-Wasilka, the Grigorka, Ivanov, the Dune Clinic. On Audevsk, the Ukrainian troops were hit by a 12-way enemy near the Caucasus, Latvia, Pervayski, Nevevsky. The interpreter led air strikes in the areas of the people of Nowastra, Nowabachtocrat, Stesovsk, Orlok, Lasokik. He shot out of artillery and mimicries about 20 poppies, among them Berdiff, Semenka, Sivernna, the Inquient Dunction. On the Mar side of the Force of Defense continues to hold the enemy nearby to the George, the Cobide, the Nowaxi of the Danuka region. There were 10 times the occupation of our troops. Also, the opponent was taking aviation strikes in the areas of the Red-plain, Katernika, Antonnika, Parasnika, the Donoka border. Under the artillery and urban fire, the invaders ended up in the Red Keep, George, Nowamichka, Paracovsk. On the New York Way, the enemy did not do the offensive action, and the airline strike in the regions of Urozhan and the StarMajor Dunik region. The Artilyrian and city shots found about 10 populated units, such as the Predator, the Golden Niva, the Starodian, the Winnesian. In Zaporozhye, the Defense Force has seven adversaries of the west Basque and a district of Robotic Zaporizra. The Artilrian and city shots have found over 20 populars, including Poltaka, Malenka, Matique, Biology, New school, five-hangs of Zaporizra. In this area of responsibility for Odessa, the enemy refuses to take our subdivisions out of the plasters on the west coast of Dnieper. Yes, within the course of the day, two attempts to storm our troops' positions. The enemy led air strikes in the parts of the Crack and the Blackfish of the Hersons region. The Artilrian and city shots have found more than 10 populate units, including Herson, Screws, Ivonka, Tokard, the Hersons. Hit the Russians during the day of the Blue Defense flight, hit 10 areas of the focus of a special warehouse, 2 main rocket complexes of the enemy. The Air Force Unit has been destroyed by another Su-34 fighter and 3 Intelligence BlU. The missile troops have hit five parts of a special composition, arms and military engineering, two syringes of fuel-made materials, three management points, eight arches and 1 radio local Russian station - So you have Russia entering seven directions. In the age of ZC, they hit 38 attacks
The Greatest Greeting in Pictures of The Lord for Family and Friends
The new church calendar today, two February, is appointed by the Lord's Arrest. It used to be December 15. According to the people, this day winter meets spring. Full News Text - The Greatest Greeting in Pictures of The Lord for Family and Friends
Zapong 2024! Funny poems and beautiful postcards
December 2, from this year, welcome to church sacred in a new way: February 2 - Zapong 2024! Funny poems and beautiful postcards
English ban on the Lord's Arrest: I don't know why we shouldn't go on the far road today
On September 1st, 2023, the Orthodox Church of Ukraine and Ukraine's Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church passed on to the new Julian Calendar. So today, February 2, is one of the main Christian holidays. Full News Text - English ban on the Lord's Arrest: I don't know why we shouldn't go on the far road today
Volunteer initiatives of Natalia Yusupova

Nataliya Yusupova, a well-known volunteer and public figure, has been cooperating with the Main Military Hospital of Ukraine since 2014.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation in 2022, it has been conducting regular fundraisers to help the Armed Forces purchase the most necessary equipment that brings our victory closer and saves the lives of our soldiers.

More information about Natalia:,

We ask the community to help and raise funds for the Ukrainian Armed Forces: - Volunteer initiatives of Natalia Yusupova
the Kyiv-Pistra's assistant has been released in permanent use of land land for almost 32 ha
The Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine. Kyiv City Council has made a decision to provide land stations in the Zassk district of the city with 31.76 units and .15 grams in permanent use for exploiting and maintaining objects. Assigned that there were several attempts to convey a record of the corresponding areas. But with his decision, the 8th city council of the capital has completed sorting of land documentation. "Over 30 years, the land where the mother of national and world values is placed, has not been formed according to the laws of Ukraine. Laura suffered serious losses. In particular, as a result of illegal construction and unintended use of land, "is a message. It is now meant to be released to the World Bank of UNESCO, the National Conqueror in Kyiv-Pistra, will be more secure. The situation in Kyiv-Pelcerur, March 10th last year, became aware that Kyiv-Pistra breaks the treaty about building buildings from the UPC, and demands to free the premises. On March 29, the UPC (MP) should have left Kyiv-Pisterra. On the territory of the commandment, there were visionaries, there were Launchers, there were also patriarchy, and the patriarchy were sued because of the breaking up contract. In Mincult, they said that until the Lord's court has made the decision not to prosecute the IRS, its representatives have no right to remain in Laire's territory. The next day, it became known that the Mancurite Commission, who was supposed to test two buildings in Lavara, are interfering with the horses: The members of the USC did not leave the commandment, but Paul's minions called in. I also had a job with the KFC. In addition, Paul Lebeko was trying to kill the microphone in Espresso's correspondent. The police reported the inviolability of journalists near Lavara. And on the same day, the Chief's Court Kyiv rejected the request of the CFC to the Kyiv-Pisterra for one-way violation of the treaty. And this day, the government recognized that it was lost by the importance of 2013, that they were able to use the convent [CC] buildings and buildings in Kyiv-Pistra. The next day, the parish and representatives of the USC (MP) did not go to Kyiv-Pistra's Ministry of Culture. Also, they said there was no legal agreement to consider an illegal use agreement, and then Paul Lebej's motel church got suspicious. After that, in a local neighborhood near Kyiv, the transplant residence started to open. And the Chevy district court of Kyiv, which resulted in a private meeting in the case of the Moskowska, the patriarchy of Paul, (Petra Lebeas) came up with a decision about his home arrest in the healing regime. After the arrest continued for two months, the 12th of June in Minculya reported that the CC (MP) did not fire 79 objects in Kyiv-Pistra lairs for the three days, now they're going to be sued. On July 1, Mincult has decided to limit the access of the CCDs (MP) to the Laire's room, as well as the seal of those buildings where there are no monks. On July 4th, Minculus's commission arrived to check and seal the released members of the Lower Laws, instead of the representatives and the patrons of the USC. July 5, in Lavara, entered a login constraint. On July 9, the police allowed the VFC visas only for passports. On July 4th, the Belarusian Orthodox Church announced that it was ready to take the U.S. monks from the Kyiv cave Laws in case of violence. On July 13th, SBU uncovered new facts of the opposite activity of the deputy Kyiv-Pistra-Pistila Luslai. And on July 14th, the court has changed the safety of the USC to maintain custody. Then, July 28th, to the Cyiv of the district administrative court in the interest of Saint-Upsk Kyiv-Zaspora PraC (MP), it is a direct statement of the Ministry of State of Ukraine from the Ethics and Freedom of Justice of Justice of the State Department on the State Department (MP) for the Church's Cathedral. On August of 2023, the Council. Kyiv has acknowledged the rightful decision of the Treaty of the NPP. The CBI has reported that a precautionary event is bail on the Moscow Moskowska, the patriarchy of Paul Lebia will not affect fair consideration. From August 11, the suspension of access to the lower part of Kyiv-Pistra, due to the system impairments of the Annunciation. The same day the paraphians were painted in several tablets by the Kyiv-Pistra. On August 13th, the Kyiv-Pelcerra was able to return 11 buildings in the lower lairs. On the other hand, about 30 rooms remain in use of Moskowska Patriarch, which is known as the "Kyiv-Pistra" by the 15th of August, along with the law officers examined two of the three blocked proponents of the station. On September 12th, the wording committee sealed the hull of 363, 64, which was used by the VAT (MP) as an educational administrative office - the Kyiv-Pistra's assistant has been released in permanent use of land land for almost 32 ha
December 2 February 2024: Interesting facts, traditions, nameday
Welcome to the Buddian New Year Sagajan, day of self-upgrade and reading out loud -- the most interesting events of the 2 February on - December 2 February 2024: Interesting facts, traditions, nameday
Album candle: What protect the "grotesque" from which the adjectives are
According to the Holy Arrow of the Lord, which is rightly faithful to two people who have many faith and receive. Especially falling in the City of Streets, which was called "grotesque." She's accompanied by all aspects of human life from birth to departure into another world - Album candle: What protect the

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