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why the towers avoid direct participation in battle actions in Ukraine
The introduction of Mobile Tower is trying to avoid direct participation in battle actions to continue the city's free movement in the Balbakistan - why the towers avoid direct participation in battle actions in Ukraine
Bashkhuri is avoiding direct participation in fighting in Ukraine, Nussol
This is what the National Repetition Center tells you about. It states that due to the arrest of the ecosystem and one of the leaders of the Faian National Movement of Alcion, in a significant territory of the Barbathosstan, including Ufya, the capital of the region, there are protests that have mobilized towers trying to avoid direct participation in the war in Ukraine. Ukrainian supplies have been charged with the appropriate privileges of the ethnic sign in the Russian army. "The officers of the Tower of the National Union are transferring their countrymen to non-combat divisions and constantly encouraging awards awards. In particular, the towers were moved to the second elite in Silicon direction and near the Aquarius, only limited by logistics support and repairing subsidies of the Russian sector, "says in a message. Proteer suggests that this is the best way to protect mobilized towers, to continue a major, liberating movement in the Balbakistan, through the Russian military's regularly had conflicts with representatives of the Thai nationalists. It became known that in Bashkaria, thousands of people came out to protest over the court of local activist, accused of the governor's donor - Bashkhuri is avoiding direct participation in fighting in Ukraine, Nussol
"The Kuleba"
The Kulba's meeting calls for the protection of the national mentors in the Russian Minister of Kulikab called the Committee to give the priorities of the protection of national mentors in Russia and to make this question a key in its agenda by referring to recent events in the Balernistan, where the authorities are dealing with the interpretation of war -
Russian generals can offer the Putin scenario Chauczuk
The North Army is mainly low-trained people. Wounded to combat action after their best soldiers, mostly killed or wounded within almost two years of fighting in Ukraine. Russia loses its economic, political and military forces, and sends weakness signals. All you have to do is decrypt them. Because all of this is plus the popular protests in Baverton, the process of losing the Cuban Federation of the Russian Federation. And it's extremely dangerous for Moscow. Because when the uprising starts at the same time, there will be a 7 or 10 national RF monomons, Silicon won't be able to kill them all. There's no forces for Rossbury, there's just no way that the police can move their fireorder across Russia. And here you have to sync the action between all the forces that are interested in having the Putin regime finally breaks down, and that Russia can't win the war, and understood even invasions on the Skabyevsky TV show and Soplyoveva. And one of the main ideas of the Russian world, the CEO of the Diaspora Institute and Constantine Zutulin's integration, in fact, recently, was bad, and began publicly to recognize that it would take the whole of Moscow. The Throne under the Russian dictator has already begun to giggle. However, the Moscow elite will be very careful to support anyone who stands against Putin. Because from the beginning of his president, he made a very profitable deal with them. They're doing all of his instructions, and they're getting huge financial rewards, wealth and other referendum for that. Russian idolatry thanks to Putin's wealth and luxurious lifestyle. No one else on the political stage can guarantee them the preservation of all these dividend that gives them power in place and support for usurper. And the emergence of a new leader of the Russian Federation would be a dangerous battle between different political and economic classes that would threaten to preserve their lifestyle and the welfare of their families. Read also: Will Puttin's last bet work? The beginning of the national crisis of trust in Russia is capable of violating this business deal, made up of its time between Russian African criminals and Putin. If they start opening war with each other, in a single degree, all of the advantages of this sort of collective contract between those with the Putin would attract the Russian Fedture to their advantage, immediately disappear. Corrupt nomenclo-bureaucratic collapse, who, along with Silicon, sold Russian population stability in exchange for humility, can no longer fulfill his obligations to those who are in the interest of the United States. Now there's a situation where the olilic giant and all of his propaganda television service can no longer be so cynical to manipulate the anger of fear in society, because the gradual return to the life of the early '90s, in the last century, will be for most of the Russians with social economic water that they already lose nothing. The Moskowian population, which has washed their brains so that they can honor the king of Putin and his fear of oil, when they see that power system built in Russia since 2000, suddenly began to collapse, would not think of its protection and conservation. More like living alone in the dark times of the sadness that is already at the beginning of a failed state called Russia. The filmmaker wanted to enter the world history at any cost as a high school politician, which was able to revive the Soviets. Now he's going to walk into it from the back, like a person who has broken up, thanks to his thoughtless geopolitical ambition, the Russian Federation. If Putin wasn't able to liberate Ukraine from Ukrainians, Russia would still be in G8, successfully trading oil and gas with Europe, to prepare trade with many other countries around the world, including Ukraine, the United States, Japan, and Great Britain. Obviously, after losing Russia in the war with Ukraine, the word "Putin" will enter into the world's dictionaries, as a term that determines the policy that has been desperately trying to take geological resources and to non-human resources. And that was a total collapse. Read also: The game of the long war can be a disaster in the West and Ukraine is not only about the collapse of the Putin leadership and his Party of Eternal Russia, is about the collapse of the entire Russian system of power. Because the pointy regime, once it has all the tools that Kremlin has to support his own government, he shut it down. It worked for some time. But when we break a few chains in a well-established mechanism of transferring power to a place, the system will start to capitalize, and they will be able to fix it in practice in Moscow. It's not hard to see that starting a huge war in Ukraine, Putin proves the Russian economy to bankruptcy. By directing all the new and new crowds, there are bad retractors in the meat of the war that they don't believe, the motto has broken the Russian connection with the rest of the world. And you can hardly write that down to the achievements of silicon. The RF distribution grows every day, and the financial security of any Russian that keeps their savings in rubies goes down as a devalation of Russian currency. The situation is that in the future, Putin won't help even though he surrounds himself with thousands of security officers. And not to protect ourselves from Ukrainians, but from their own people. And a recent uprising in 2023 showed, a mistrust of a real president and military administration reached the highest level, and there are serious doubts about his capacity to survive in this position. Using an army of its state propaganda, the tyranny of over two decades was able to demonstrate the Russian population of an alternative reality. But it couldn't have happened indefinitely. Which did not count the ideologists of pointilism when they created a system that seemed to be based on millennia. After the Russian terrorist troops were about eight years occupied by a part of Ukrainian Donbas and Crime, he believed that he was able to win a quick victory over the entire Ukraine. The Russian leadership became so engaged in the creation of the Russians, the myth of its undefeatable, believed in something that never really existed. Read also: The most critical moment of Russian and Ukrainian war, Formul was victorious to test the form of failure, and the vision of the Putilitarian place in which they were wrong. Because the defective structure of governance in the Russian Federation is an impossibility everywhere, and the army can't be the exception here. Prepare to execute any criminal order of political leadership, led to a higher Russian general in the shower situation. They've already realized that they can't win the Russian-Ukrainian war, but they're still not mature before Putin needs to be thrown into the top of the pyramid of power. Because it's already in their strategic interest. Until we try to sell Russian nonsense, that this whole West united against us, and we are the strength of good, along with our closest allies in North Korea, Iran, Venezuela and China, fighting for the new fair world order, they will be condemned to repeat their failures over and over again. All of the attempts to re-create a new Russian empire by bribing territory that once popularized the Soviet Union, initially failed, so the Italian Empire needed to change its imperial thinking as much as to replace Putin. The faith of the Russian elite in the power of the Putin is diluted and failed at the front of the war. Because they're creating long-term political problems for a country that depends on the "cool guy," which ended up being a geopolitical failure. Which has long ceased to represent power and stability. The collapse of the Soviet Union was "Russian Spring." This didn't last longer by President Boris Holtzmann. Yylin handed the chairman of Putin, and he recovered from the vastness of his power over the population of the Russian Federation, and he imagined himself as the leader of the world, decided to grasp this world under himself. The beginning of the implementation of these intentions was to invade Russia in Ukraine. Putin plan is absolutely clear: Or control the entire Ukraine, or destroy it. He will not stop until he is taken away, he will not die alone, he will not be able to remove the President's office or he will not reach his goal. Diitters don't go away like that, and they know it from history. Time to show if the Putin will survive in Kremlin. So now the balance of forces in the silicon coalition of the Putin changes much faster than in all of its time in power. The weaker the dictator position, the stronger the positions of those closest to his imperial throne. Also read: The Russian Federation does not have any chance of entering the Collective Putin turns into a major factor of Russian politics today. Which, of course, doesn't reduce the discrete component of modern silicon power. The Tyranan has weaken and become dependent on the higher nomenclature and generals. It is not possible to invade Ukraine and support the Ukrainians of the West, it has no choice to make major decisions through consensus. But Putin has made so many strategic and tactical mistakes that even the former educated Russian rulers almost look intellectual. It is time for Ukraine and the West to use this weakness of usurper. Because what's more obvious is that not everyone in his closest environment wants to carry with him responsibility for all the crimes and crimes that he made in Ukraine. One of the possibilities is that the generals reiterate the experience of removing the power of the Romanesque dictator Nikolai Chouchenko. And this opportunity Russian military should have been used while it exists... the source of the author - Russian generals can offer the Putin scenario Chauczuk
The Russians complain about mass meetings in the Internet
Place in the center of RF is being locked in a series of mobile operators and providers: do not open many sites and plug-ins in .ru. On Tuesday, on January 30, wrote RCK with a link to the members of the telecom market. At this point, most meetings are fixed in Moscow, St. Petersburg, the Red-Danish edges, the Boburton, and the Costrom region. In & # 8220; operators & # 8221; Megon According to RBK, who places down traffic amounts, but the problem [# 8230;] ] The post Russians complain about mass difficulties in Internet First happened on Newnnyn - The Russians complain about mass meetings in the Internet
Charitable Foundation «Come Back Alive»
The "Come Back Alive" Foundation is close to the Ukrainian military. The front line of the Russian-Ukrainian war is not only the front. It is where the war for Ukraine is going on. In hospitals, in warehouses, landfills, in mass media, in offices. We supply and repair equipment, train soldiers and officers, help transform the Armed Forces, provide first-hand accounts of war and stem the flow of propaganda and disinformation. Provides the Ukrainian army with the most important tactical advantage. - Charitable Foundation «Come Back Alive»
"During transport to judgment": one of the protestors died in Barsorstan,
According to the reporters, the previous cause of Rafta Duyou's death is a supplant alcohol poisoning, but the sister of the deceased claims he didn't drink -
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