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lack of consequences for the PRC to transmit RF's green light for Iran is expert
Triager, who would allow Iran to make decisions about the transmission of Russia ballistic missiles, could be the lack of West response to transmission similar missiles from North Korea to the RF - lack of consequences for the PRC to transmit RF's green light for Iran is expert
To save Ukraine may Norway She has everything to do with it
The Treaty of Congressmen from the Republican Party continue to help Ukraine expand the path of Russian Federation, China, Iran and North Korea to global domination. History is severely asked in the world leaders who watch Ukraine bleed on the side, and really little do so to end the Russian aggressive war. Many in the West, talking about helping Ukraine with a totalitarian monster, the Russian Federation, believe that they're helping enough. And here are the neighboring powers that are supposed to be helping more. This kind of rejecting responsibility to others has already led to this important moment of history, when the fate of the world civilization is actually resolved, someone in Europe is trying to stay behind NATO's walls, thinking that fighting for them has to be different. The Government of Norway has offered Parliament to order the proposal from the Kongsberg Federal and Aerospace (KA) to over 10 empty stations and 4 cents by managing the fire of NASMS systems. To pass them to Ukraine later. The trouble is it takes time to do this order. And the PO and another military technology need the Ukrainians not one day, but right now, so we need to look for more opportunities for Ukraine to quickly provide military assistance. And they exist. So today, the Norwegian national welfare Fund (NBM), which is a special subset of the Central Bank, is already worth more than one trillion 400 billion dollars. The public storage sector is just huge, especially if you think about the fact that it's almost half a year of Olympic forces in the American Congress that do not agree to eliminate Ukraine's 61 billion dollars earlier than the White House. Putin world of illusionism breaks down about the reality of the sociation that the Republicans provoked, you can identify as the rush. Because it's pretty clear that the President Joe Bayden administration, the Congressmen from the Republican Party, will not be able to unlock the aid of Ukraine. And the Republic, the House of Representatives by Mike Johnson, who is clearly consistent with Donald Trump's instructions, will not question Ukraine's vote. We need to look for other opportunities in which to solve the problem of Ukraine, as this question can reach the President's elections in the United States in November of 2024, and then on to an undefined term. In the past year, I was lucky enough to be in Norway in a small Ukrainian delegation warehouse, and I was struck by the level of life and social responsibility of Norwegian citizens. Because this little country, with a population of only five million people, thanks to its highly educated, rational and professional people, has been able to have such a huge impact on the world of commercial and energy markets. We can talk about the "Norwegian wonder," when Norway once was one of the poorest countries in Europe, where people in the 20th century often didn't have enough for the basic food survival, and the infrastructure of it was primitive, became one of the economic leaders of Europe. And if her only export product before was a fish, now, over the last 50 years, Norway became a conductive exporter of gas and oil. Oil, gas, salmon and lodgings became the basis of the national wealth of the Norwegian nation. But with the world's largest charity trust, they suffer from the threat of a possible foreign invasion. In the past century, it was a occupation of Norway Germany, and it is now a dangerous invasion of the uranium Russia, which is very good for someone else's money and resources. It's the border of Norway with Russia that's the most painful problem that hasn't been taken off entirely even when this state has long been a member of the defense alliance NATO. But during being in Norway, it was surprising how many specialists, not just in the foreign Ministry, or the Defense Ministry, were freely in Russian. Obviously there's a belief that your opponent needs to know all of the peppers. In many estimates Norway is a unique country. Now the Norse is laid down the fourth place in the world by the level of gross domestic product per capita. Norway also takes the second place in the rich world's rankings in cash, with the largest reserve of capital per capita among other countries and became a powerful external lender. Read also: Will Puttin's last bet work? Norway have huge oil supplies, especially with their population. Norway extracts about 2 million barrels of oil per day, while the United States is spreading 11 million barrels of oil. That's because the U.S. population is in 66 times greater than Norwegian. And the profits from oil have all the Norwegians, not the way in the Russian Federation -- Putin and the clitoris are most closely approaching the dictator of individuals, and the human rights and energy policy of Norway is a reference to the rest of Europe. During the Cold War, Norwegian leadership was very responsible for military threat on the side of the Soviet Union. The F-16 fighters flew low over water looking for Soviet underwater boats. Since the Norwegians had well remembered the occupation of their country as the Nazi Germany during World War Il. Norway is a well-controlled democracy, and they have accumulated money from oil and gas, investing it so that their citizens can benefit now and in the future. By creating a deeply thoughtful stabilization system and avoiding possible risks, the Norwegians carefully manage their sovereign fund of prosperity for intergenerative cooperation between the present and future generations of the Norse. But now the Norwegians sit on a huge pile of money, and it's a very nice piece for Moscow. So perhaps Oslo has asked himself a question no more whether Norway is going to be Norway, not the Kingdom of the Baltic, the next country that Putin will attempt to conquer so that he can control all the oil supply and gas in Europe? And that's not a rhetorical question. Because the situation of World War Il could be completely reverted, if Western allies continue to help Ukraine for the residual principle. When the German troops invaded Norway 9th April 1940, planning to take over King Hawking VIl and government to make the country surrender. However, the royal family, the government, and most of the members of the Smitharian have been evacuated before the occupational forces reached Oslo. Then the Germans demanded a king to assign a government led by the Nazi's supporter of the Fowling. But the king rejected the German ultimatum. On June 7, 1940, the king, the responsible prince, and the government fled the city of Tromsz to England, founded the government in exile in London to lead resistance efforts. King Hacon became the main symbol of the fight of Norwegian people for free and independent Norway. And as examples of history learn, everything can happen if you don't do it in time, you need conclusions. Today, every nation that values democracy must fully support the efforts of Ukraine to protect itself from the bloody aggression of Putin, recognizing that it protects its future and its future. And this support has to include so many weapons, materials and finance, so that Ukrainians can expel the enemy out of their interspecies recognized territories and retract to Silicon every hope to build new lands. Read also: The most critical moment of Russian-Ukrainian war today Norway is one of the most democratic, most political and social-oriented nations on the ground, with smart leaders, gender-balanced representatives in parliament and long-term, unquenched devotion of the world's protection from potential aggression and tyranny. With all these factors, we can try to solve the problem of financing Ukraine in a slightly different way. By offering the European Union to act as a guarantee to Norway's loans. Here you can look at two options: the first is the release of Ukraine in the short-term loan until the issue is resolved by sending the Ukrainian side to the arrested in Europe and America with 300 billion Russian financial assets. The second is to provide long-term interstate loans to Norway, term for 10 to 15 or more years, which would dramatically change the situation with the Ukrainian people in the national free war with urban invaders. Nowadays there are so many that are needed in urgent order to deliver the idea of Norwegian assistance to those in Brussels, who make decisions in the European Parliament and its filtered committees; it would be significant to the Ukrainian side, through diplomatic channels, to go to their allies in the European Union, to Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia -- to offer Norwegian financial assistance to Ukraine. Starting negotiations with Oslo at the same time. Norway can resolve the fate of Russia's war with Ukraine. Only we need to quickly make the necessary decisions. Norway does a lot of right things. The decision to help the Ukrainian government in a very critical moment can determine further fate of Europe for decades, if not for centuries, the source of the author, Victor Kavaws, the journalist of the Composer does not always share the thoughts spoken by blogs - To save Ukraine may Norway She has everything to do with it
The United States's Soviet Union has imposed sanctions on the production area of the Chajid Anthologists in Russia
"Albuga," which is a large sanctum package on Russia contains measures against the special economic zone "of the Albuga, which is being produced by the production of Iranian drones of Shajd." Source: "European Truth" link to the U.S. Ministry of Finance Details: It is reported that the proprietary network of companies has contributed to financial operations, and has done industrial manufacturing to support cooperation between Russia and Iran with a single-sided destruction for the use of Russian military in Ukraine - The United States's Soviet Union has imposed sanctions on the production area of the Chajid Anthologists in Russia
e. g. Walker: The military co-operation of Moscow with Iran and PRC was not a huge Russian power
Now, this tells us that the war industrial complex in Russia doesn't work and they lack ammunition, they consider an American diplomat - e. g. Walker: The military co-operation of Moscow with Iran and PRC was not a huge Russian power
Ballistics missiles from Iran: How real a threat
The news is that Russia received a party of ballistics from Iran. In GSL, it's not yet confirmed as in the United States -- but it's not simplistic. The security of these shells is enormous - Ballistics missiles from Iran: How real a threat
Public organization «Sprava Hromad»
The Mission of «Sprava Hromad»is the support of our army. The key to victory at the front is the support of the army in the rear! Now again, as in 2014, the army needs our unity in matters of aid! Starting with basic things like clothing, and ending with high-precision equipment, such as optical-radio-electronic surveillance complexes, our community buys and supplies the troops with everything they need, which forms a new, more advanced army! In this process, we, Public Affairs, take over all the routine processes from "understanding what the military needs to beat the enemy" and ending with handing him the keys to the dream equipment! However, we can overcome this path only under one condition: only together with you! - Public organization «Sprava Hromad»
Common even more effective than Russian: what's the threat to Iranian ballistic missiles
In fact, they were able to get a large batch of ballistic missiles from Iran. They are different from Russian modifications and can become more dangerous for Ukraine. Full News + Video - Common even more effective than Russian: what's the threat to Iranian ballistic missiles
Meanwhile the White House does not confirm the transfer information of the Iranian rotations, -Polyico
The United States of America cannot confirm that Iran has committed ballistics to Russia. It was said by the White House John Kirby satellite coordinator, passing Ruben down to Polyticco. According to him, the United States has already warned us about trying to buy ballistic missiles in Iran in exchange for a huge military cooperation with Tehran. "We haven't seen any [# 8230; ] The post White House does not confirm the transfer information of Iranian reform, & # 8211; Polico happened first on Rubridge - Meanwhile the White House does not confirm the transfer information of the Iranian rotations, -Polyico
"The Treaty of Ukraine" (writing)
The minister of the foreign Foreign Secretary Hungary Petra Siysorto praised his visit to Iran, where he agreed on new areas of cooperation between Budapest and Tehran -
In the United States, you can't see the transmission of Russia by Ballistics. But I'm sure it will be
President Kirby announced that the United States of the next few days will have additional sanctions against Iran for the military help of Russia - In the United States, you can't see the transmission of Russia by Ballistics. But I'm sure it will be
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