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25th February: The day of Ukrainian woman and day of the engineering airline service ZPD. The more famous this day
The USC flight service is set to support the engineering aviation service for Ukraine, to mobilize engineering engineering engineering engineering engineering engineering engineering engineering engineering engineering engineering engineering development for successful task management of aviation, according to the Minister of Defense of Ukraine from March 19, 2010, 149 on setting the World War II. It represents 25 February every year. The state professional celebration was launched on March 19, 2010 by Michael Jella. Ukrainian air aviation service is involved in the organization and technical flight, supporting some kind of aircraft and air transport scheme. This service depends on the level of forced crews. The engineering aviary activities require a lot of responsibility and risk, because engineers first test the whole technique on themselves. The IPU is about raising service, increasing interest in quality duty, and raising patriotic plans in the military and the young generation. The Day of Ukraine is still 14 February 2023, a part of the Council's CouncilAssociation has proposed to pass certain changes concerning the installation of Ukrainian holiday laws. And there was an annulment of the state holidays of 8 Coast, 1 and 9 Time (Jobs Day and Day of Winner over the Nazis in World War 2). These holidays are associated with the period of the Soviet Union, they are very popular in modern Russia. The Lawgiver 9009 was registered in Parliament, but still working at the committee. Instead of this holiday, the debate is offered to create Ukrainian anlogists that will become public output: February 25 - The Day of Ukraine's woman (the date of the birth of Les Ukraine) 9 March - the birthday of Taras Shevchenko - the Mother's Day, however, has not yet been accepted. The angel's 25th birthday is celebrated: Aleksei Maria Eugen Anton Melleneti Nastenth for February 25: fog - summer will be a rainy February 25 - the summer will evaporate a lot of precipitation in the sky of stars - in which year it will be able to gather a rich crop of bulges of February 25 will hang out long - for a fine crop of vegetable streams; the fish will be well catching the cold day - the spring will come early and warm can't start new things or plan their journey to February 25 days in history: 1573, John Fedorovich, founded a printing press in Lviv 1831, the Battle of Gogochi, the largest for the free November of 1830, 1831, against the Russian Empire. 1918 - Small Council approved the power of the new Republic of the Ukrainian People's Republic of the New (Gregorian) calendar and the Middle European Time 2010 - an inauguration by Victor Janusz, devoid of President in 2014 by the Supreme Council of Ukraine - 25th February: The day of Ukrainian woman and day of the engineering airline service ZPD. The more famous this day
Serhiy Prytula Charitable Foundation
Prytula Foundation purchases military equipment, equipment, medical supplies and transport for the military. Another area of our work is humanitarian aid. All funds that go to the accounts of the charity organization go into the general volunteer fund of Serhiy Prytula together with money from his other accounts, from Patreon and PayPal. With all these funds, the fund purchases aid for the needs of the Ukrainian military. - Serhiy Prytula Charitable Foundation
Russia destroys the cultural heritage of Ukraine in scale, unaccounted for since World War Il
Since the beginning of a full-scale invasion, Russia launched more than 10,000 missiles and drones against Ukraine. As a result, more than 1,700 objects of cultural infrastructure were damaged and over 870 cultural heritage objects. Dedicated or destroyed by libraries, museums, theaters, Philharmonic, art school, college, and cultural heritage in 230 territorial communities. The largest ones in Donsk (87%), Suumba (51%), Lugan and Mikolańsk regions (42%). At the same time, 37% of cultural heritage objects have been damaged or destroyed in the Heritonsk region, 36% in Kharkiv, 33% - in Zaporizhia, 29% - in Kyiv, 18% - in Dnieper, 16% - in Chernihiv, 12% - in Khandovsk, 8% - 6% - in Odevsky, 4% - in Octava,% 3 - in Cherkevov, The famous part of the Lugan, Herpine, Zaporozhye and the Danish regions are still occupied by Russia. It's not possible to count the exact number of cultural infrastructure objects damaged during combat operations and occupation. Espresso prepared the earliest known cultural objects destroyed or damaged during the Russian war against Ukraine. The Hagair Lapian Lavar is one of the most famous legal sanctions of Ukraine, located on top of the mountain in the city of the Holy Council. But during Russian aggression, the monastery became one of the victims of war. Photo: Getty Images at the beginning of June 2022, in less than four months after a full-blown invasion, the Russian troops came to the Spartan, and forced the French army to retreat to the southern coast of the Siverlands. The retreat troops blew up cities across the river, and the monastery was trapped. While fighting, hundreds of refugees of the Spartan and neighboring villages rushed to the monastery to hide from the artillery shots and threats of Russian occupation. The destruction and property of the Holy Roman monastery has suffered considerable damage during active combat operations in the region. According to Ukrainian military, the Russian bomb hit the monastery on March 12, 2022. On May 4, the Russian forces damaged the band by at least seven people. On May 30th, and on June 1, 2022, the result of the artillery fire has killed three monks and one nun, at least three monks, has been wounded. It was also damaged or destroyed by several buildings coming to the monastery including the wooden church of all the saints, the largest wooden church in Ukraine. Today, the Hagaorian laire, despite numerous damage, remains an important center of spirituality and culture, not only for the local population, but for all of Ukraine. It's a place where people find peace and peace where important religious events and holidays happen. However, unfortunately, you have to admit that a full-scale invasion of Russia in Ukraine had changed the mood for the Spartan laihr, which is one of the three Ukrainian monasteries used by the Ukrainian Monetary Church of Moskowska Patriot. Her visions are still remembered by the Russian patriarch Cyril during some gods' service, despite his active support for Putin and Russian invasion. However, the entire Ukrainian community supports the transmission of the convent Church of Ukraine, and the Danitka community aims to see the treaty with the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moskowska Patriot on the endless use of the Holy Sea. People's Believous Basque sculptures called "stone faces," are the tombstone statues of paintings, the seminal art of X for the 18th century. They symbolized their ancestors and placed themselves on a specially built path at the tops of the high barges or hills. At Donbsi, the number of slavers can go up to 1,000. Some of them have some ethnographical characteristics and therefore belong to some people. Since the beginning of a full-scale invasion of Russia in Ukraine, they have become more honored in the Dominican villages. People believe that they've always had a special meaning, and today they come in asking for protection as well as their loved ones. Photo: You can find these sculptures in Kharkiv Oblast. But the invasion of Russia in Ukraine puts them in danger. At the top of Silicon near Zurich, the Russian troops crashed a thousand years ago by a stone grandmother. 8 of 9 statues survived, and one was destroyed by a direct missile. And before that, in May of 2022, there's a photo on the network that shows that occupying Russian troops attached to a sculpture by the Soviet flag. The problem behind conservation of canvas is that it's very acute now. Russian invasion, like time, ruins the priceless memory of the past. So all the measures are needed to further preserve the canvas culture that embodies customs, religious beliefs and unique art of people that do not exist anymore, and are an integral part of the history of Ukraine. Spas-the-Predicted Spas-Preverted Cathedral is one of the oldest and most beautiful cathedral of the Kyiv period, which has been made to our days in the Blackwater. The forester was laid up by the first Men of the Land of the Land of the Land of the City, the Lord of Vladimir, in the 1030s, and became the main sanctuary and beauty of the Blackwater-of-Siverlands. But he wasn't caught up with Russian aggression. South wall of the cathedral was damaged by traces of Russian Canadian projectile during the shooting of the 24-25 March 2022. A mobile bridge across Denny's was destroyed, only pedestrian. It was during the firing bridge of an architectural monument that was caught under the scope of Russian occupation. The projectiles have been corrupted by a plaster and a broken window. Kill in the black cathedrals - another confirmation of Russian ignorance. There will be no Russian crime against humanity. Hortius Island is the biggest island on the Dnieper, and his unique is a rare combination of one area of different natural complexes, geological, cultural and historical monuments. Its area is about 23.5 square kilometres, which is about 10% of the territory of today's Zaporozhye city. In 1993, he was given the status of a national commandment. On April 21, 2022, Russian troops were first struck by a rocket strike on the north island. The missile hit the Observers bridge. At the time of the train between Zaporozhye and Lviv were moving the evacuation train. The explosion of waves flew the windows into four cars and light cars moving the bridge at that time. Less than an hour before the Russians attacked the second attack on Horvath. The enemy released a missile through a building of its sanatorium. The next attack on Horvath happened in a few weeks. On May 12th, the Russian missile hit the scene of the island. No victims and casualties, but a big fire broke out. The fire burned about 500 square meters of the weather zone. Since then, almost two years after the beginning of the great war, the hidden island in Zaporizov, unfortunately, was not the last described in the Russian army. So, February 2, 2024, Russia bombed a "Hortac" header, damaged the monument of the Cultural Sych. In addition, the destruction of the Kachovsk dam on June 6, 2023 led to destroy a lot of ecosystems and a social sphere, which is different than an ecosystem. The Uspenian cathedral is the oldest legal temple of Kharkiv and has great historical and artistic value. The modern Baroque building of the hedgehog was called in 1771-1777 at the scene destroyed by an old single church that existed from the middle of the 12th century. A circular bell of the cathedral with twelve bells built in the 21st century, only ten feet below the call of St. Mark in Venice. This height right over here is 89.5 meters. He's in Lebanon under Harkow. Photo: The Getty Images during World War Il, the cathedral of choice, although many buildings around it were destroyed. But after 80 years, the Russians damaged the scenery of the cathedral, cut the windows, destroyed the stained glass windows. Although war is a great tragedy for Ukraine and the world, the Ukrainian people have shown their patience and courage to fight aggression and rebuild their country. It suggests that culture and spirituality of the people are the most important values that you can't even lose in the most difficult times - Russia destroys the cultural heritage of Ukraine in scale, unaccounted for since World War Il
Zizhizi and kids. Where you can eat traditional Chinese food in Lviv: top-5 institutions
midnight night from 9 in February 10, the Chinese New Year will be celebrated under the Green Tree Dragon. We were preparing to eat fish and other traditional dishes at the feast - Zizhizi and kids. Where you can eat traditional Chinese food in Lviv: top-5 institutions
Welcome to the International Day dentist in poems and cards
The International Day of the dentist marks 9 February every year. It's time to congratulate your loved and friends - Welcome to the International Day dentist in poems and cards
International day dentist: funny and original welcome pictures
Today's annual professional celebration is the International Day of the dentist. In tradition, nine people celebrate the memory of St. Apollonian. She was deeply arguing of Christian faith, which was due to torture. Full News Text - International day dentist: funny and original welcome pictures
25th 9: The church holiday tonight, which of the Jewish saints to ask for recovery
What holiday they celebrate is nine lounders for the new and old styles, ban the day and whose name is - 25th 9: The church holiday tonight, which of the Jewish saints to ask for recovery
An Unsullied reputation and results! Welcome to the Dom dentist
The International Day of the dentist. Beautiful greeting for colleagues in poems and postures in the material - An Unsullied reputation and results! Welcome to the Dom dentist
Ten-23-beautiful greeting, postcards and poems
The Day of the dentist 2023 indicates February 9, INNAN collected a beautiful card - Ten-23-beautiful greeting, postcards and poems

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