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Spain has already prepared for the emissaries of Ukraine: which is known

In Spain, they start shipping 20 M113 passengers to Ukraine. They've already been uploaded to the ship. This is what Europe Press says. The details on the edition, loading the technique on the Fneco 1 ship, which is docked in Bibo, went on today, the 7 February, from 16: 50 to 17: 00 (17: 50 to 18: Hey, hey, hey, hey. The European Press claims that sending vessel to destination should begin soon. M113 drone: You know, this is a BRT M113 technique -- this is an American catarant armour of 1960. It's armed with the US military's mechanized forces and many armies of other countries. Locations at the base of standard army armor M113 can provide artillery mobility and security. The ability to send Spain to BP M113 was first mentioned in the summer of last year. Remember, the Secretary of Defense of Spain, Margaret Robales, noted earlier that Madrid was willing to provide the Leopard 2 German production tanks for Ukraine. The technique will be transferred after Germany has agreed on it - Spain has already prepared for the emissaries of Ukraine: which is known

Unexisting victories and Chog conflict with wagymen: At the GIB, they were responding to another cake shop

Російська пропаганда заявляє про захоплення окупантами низки українських населених пунктів. Водночас в українській розвідці заявляють, що ця інформація не відповідає дійсності.  Про це йдеться у повідомленні Головного управління розвідки Міноборони України.  Неіснуючі перемоги окупаційної армії Як зазначається у повідомленні, пропагандистська агенція країни-окупанта ТАСС повідомила, що міністр оборони рф Сергій Шойгу на селекторній нараді заявив про повний контроль з боку армії окупантів над населеними пунктами Соледар, Кліщіївка, Краснопілля, Благодатне, Миколаївка Донецької області та Підгірне, Лобкове Запорізької. Він також згадав про "успішний" розвиток бойових дій під Бахмутом і Вугледаром, наголосив, що всі зазначені "здобутки" є результатом дій зс рф. "При цьому, Шойгу свідомо не згадав той факт, що на всіх зазначених напрямках для ведення бойових дій активно залучено сили приватної військової компанії "Вагнер". Натомість кадрова російська армія має лише епізодичну роль "сил підтримки". Ця інформація замовчується російськими пропагандистськими ЗМІ, що свідчить про продовження конфлікту в середовищі військово-політичного керівництва рф", — зазначають в українській розвідці.  Також в ГУР нагадали, що з міста Соледар українські війська було виведено ще 25 січня, про що офіційно повідомляло командування ЗСУ.  "Щодо інших населених пунктів, то їхнє захоплення ворогом на даний час не підтверджується.  Українські Сили оборони продовжують захист на кожному зі згаданих напрямків", — наголосили у відомстві.  Кремлівська методичка для пропагандистів У ГУР нагадали, що на початку поточного року військове командування держави-агресора створило спеціальний документ, яким визначається, як саме кремлівським пропагандистам треба висвітлювати події на полі бою.  "Основний зміст "загальних рекомендацій" полягав у акцентуванні "видатної ролі" керівництва міноборони рф, зокрема Шойгу та Герасимова. Також документ фактично вводив заборону на згадку ПВК "Вагнер" та особисто Євгенія Пригожина", — зазначили у розвідувальному відомстві.  Нагадаємо, раніше у ГУР повідомили, що Україна отримує допомогу від США у протидії російським інформаційно-психологічним спецопераціям (ІПСО). Ця допомога надається як на рівні держави, так і від приватних компаній. Також повідомлялося, що Головне управління розвідки отримало достатньо інформації для контролю за окупантами. Аналіз отриманих даних надав ГУР інформацію про дислокацію і переміщення російських військ. - Unexisting victories and Chog conflict with wagymen: At the GIB, they were responding to another cake shop

Germany has allowed the Government of 187 tanks to send: details

The Finnish Germany gave the green light to send to Ukraine 187 Leopard tanks from the Rheinmetall and Flensburger Fuehrubau Gesellschaft - Germany has allowed the Government of 187 tanks to send: details

Meletosene calls pensionaries to evacuate

Denor Melenland, Henrivo, calls every citizen of the city to evacuate - Meletosene calls pensionaries to evacuate

In fact, they're trying to attack the school war

The enemy is still searching for ways to flood his army at the expense of a population occupied territory. In particular, in Herson, the occupants are encouraging students to enter the cadets' school classes with increased military training, and it's a matter of the evening leading by the HMU. Yes, in Skaddowski's school, there are local classes created with increased military training, "told in Hanstba, as stated in a message, Russian invaders promise that the graduates of these classes will be provided as an introduction to a contractual military service in order for sergeant's office. Genstein also reports that temporarily employed territories of the Hersons area are occupying filters. In the case of a local population in Ukrainian, a Russian government member has arrived at the PPS, and it is also noted that the enemy continues to have the necessary approval of the population for temporarily occupied territories. Right, in the city of Silicon Lugans, employees are so called the "public LSL businesses," which are not in line for getting a Russian passport, cut off their salary by 30 percent. The situation at the front of the enemy was five rocket hit and twelve air attacks. The 36 arrows from the firing systems of the fire, including the civilian objects of the Goyle City and Herson. Enemies of the projectiles damaged housing, there are victims among civilians. "" There is a high threat of further Russian aviation and rocket strikes across Ukraine "-- warning to Genstaff. It also reports that the defense aviation of the day has been nine hits around the basements of occupation and two shots of fuel-based missiles. Our rocket and artillery, their turn, measured two areas of focus on the enemy's forces. Remember earlier in Minnesota, they reported that in the areas of Ukraine under the rff control, mobilization continues to be mobilized to Russian occupation forces. Mobile Ukrainians are thrown into the front without training. And it also reported that in the occupied Crime, Russian aggression conducts a hidden mobilization to the occupation of the contingent. The focus on mobilization is done on local citizens of Ukraine. Let's add, to the Donchet, Russians are mobilizing men with disabilities at the driver's office - In fact, they're trying to attack the school war

The second year will be more terrifying: New York Times forecast for the war in Ukraine

The introduction of the early anniversary of the full-scale invasion of the American journalist in Ukraine and three-year-old Pulitzer Prize, Thomas Friedman analyzed what the next year of war would be. He also shared his thoughts which challenges to Ukraine, which he wrote in the New York Times article. The support of Ukraine is that most Americans still support arms and support Ukraine, even though it's threatened directly with Russia. "This is a massive change in the U.S. public mind. Of course, this is partially explained to the fact that Ukraine does not have the U.S. military, so it seems like everything we're risking right now is weapons and money, whereas Ukrainians carry the entire war burden, "said Friedman. He thinks Americans at a very deep level understand that the world, such as it is, has been made thanks to the American authorities and allies. "In a way, in which we wisely used our power and collaborated with our allies, we built and protected the liberal world order from 1945, which was extremely responsible for our interest -- economically and geotically. It's a structure in which autocratic large states such as Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, or modern fertility and China can't just devour their neighbors. And it's a disorder where free markets and open trade have ripped out more people than ever in the history of the world. It's not always perfect, but in a world where perfect never happens, this order has brought about 80 years without the war of large nations, the war that can stabilize the whole world, "wrote a journalist. Those who would stand before Ukraine and the allies of Friedman writes that during the first year of this war of America and its allies were relatively easy. They sent weapons, help and scout data to Ukraine, and also to create sanctions against mosques, and Ukrainians fought. "I don't think the second year will be as easy," the analyst is considered. As he said, Puttin decided to double his efforts by mobilizing over the last few months, perhaps up to 500,000 new soldiers. 'In fact, Puttin says to Bayonne: I can't afford to lose this war, and I will pay any price and carry any burden to guarantee that I will come out of Ukraine to justify my losses. And you, Joe? What about your European friends? Are you willing to pay any price and carry any burden to maintain your liberal order, thinking about the journalist. He thinks the United States is in a difficult situation now than ever after the Cuban missile crisis of 1962. Friedman emphasizes that Ukraine's State support in this war is not just a strategic interest in America, but also values. At the same time, the journalist realizes that in the West more and more people think about reconciliation with the Russians: "There are a lot of voices that say, Is it really worth risking the Third World War to completely expel the Russians from Eastern Ukraine? Maybe it's time we put "dirty deal"? The analyst was talking to a historian at the Brooks Institute Robert Kagan, who said, "Any negotiations that leave Russian troops in Ukraine will only be a temporary truce in front of the new Asian." "Putin is in the process of a complete city of Russian society, which also made Stalin during World War Il. He's betting on a long game because he thinks that the U.S. and the West are tired by facing the perspective of a severe conflict, "it's about publishing, and remember, the Russian dictator of pudding is about to come out with a message to the Federal Assembly. This is probably going to happen in the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Also, the Secretary of Defense of Ukraine of Aleksei Reznick announced that silicon is preparing for another advance in Ukraine. It's probably going to happen on a raccoon invasion - The second year will be more terrifying: New York Times forecast for the war in Ukraine

Pastilla on a motorcycle: Two men blew up in the Harlands

In a village in Kharkiv, two civilians blew up in the mini. The police have started criminal trials, and this is a message from the Office General's press, and details for the procession by the Iraqi county of the Kharkiv area are starting to investigate criminal law abuses and war practices combined with a reasonable murder. Two century. 438 K Ukraine. Bug reports, s. There's a bottle of Isim County 6 February 2023 about 15: Two men riding the bike blew up on the mini. One of the men died, another was wounded, and a series of civilians in the mines in Kharkiv City in Izomo, three February seven teenagers blew up on a fragment of the trench mines of the petals. One of the teenagers lifted it from the ground and threw it next to the others. Because of the explosion, all the kids got hit by glass wound. Their condition is satisfactory. But five of them were still hospitalized in Izummean hospital, and at the end of December, they were undermined by an unknown explosive device on Kharkiv land and a seven-year-old boy, and two children were also blown up in Saletska Harbor. Two boys 15 and 12 years in the bushes near the house found an explosive object that was here. The kids got hit by a glass wound, and in November, the anti-tank mini blew up the tractor. The explosion resulted in a mechanical tractor, and the tractor itself got burned. The event has occurred in the Barvsk community near the Pacific village, and remember, due to the violence of the rotations in Ukraine, it has been replaced by 250,000 square kilometers. So growth created the world's largest minefield in Ukraine - Pastilla on a motorcycle: Two men blew up in the Harlands

Poland will demand in Munich conference to provide fighters in Ukraine - a country ambassador

Poland in Munich's safe conference will demand the western leaders to provide fighters for Ukraine. We know it's going to happen in Germany by 17 February. This was announced by Poland Ambassador in Germany, David Paul, in an interview by RND. The details according to Dariusz Paul, his country wants to make decisions about the transfer of fighters for the ZW along with the allies. "As for the fighter question, Poland doesn't want to be in this matter alone, we believe that this decision should be made by Western allies unanimously," said the diplomat. He's convinced that you need to quickly use all the opportunities for appropriate consultations, which are dependent on aviation transfer issues. "Politics of hesitation and failure, as in the case of the major warlock of Looper 2, is counter-productive. We have a saying: If you give quickly, you give two, "said Paul. He added that the Munich security conference was only two weeks away. "We have offered that the head of the state and the governments that will come up there, not just discuss this question, but have made the right decision," he said. In addition to the Ambassador, it would be effective if the presidents of Poland, France, and the chancellor of Germany met together in the Weimar Triangle, showing that the European fans of Ukraine are assembled together. Remember earlier British edition of Financial Times, with a link to its own sources, said that next day, silicon is preparing an offensive to Ukraine. By transporting fighters, Ukraine would be able to efficiently reduce the occupation of the insurgents - Poland will demand in Munich conference to provide fighters in Ukraine - a country ambassador

"You'll die, and all the sweat and": The wife of the occupation complained about taking command to the soldiers

In Ukrainian intelligence, the wife of a military servant tells me that it is dissatisfied with the commencement position. The wife is poor that command alone doesn't value the lives of soldiers, and the grab of the phone conversation has published the main intelligence management of Minooni, and the details of the conversation "Rerealistic, all posts and, you know? You die, and all the sweat and, like this. It really doesn't matter about human life. Well, actually, just non-human people. Why couldn't you let her go home for a week? "-- grounding the wife of the occupation. She's asking a man who's fighting in Ukraine, not continuing the contract. "You have to write something, because that's not how you do it. You have to complain, I don't know, call somewhere. I just don't know what to do. They just... so to speak, and no more to go on. Can't we continue the contract? "said the woman. Remember, the previous GWR has released the capture of the telephone conversation in which the wife of Russian occupation was shocked that her husband was murdered by Ukrainian children. In addition, the capture of telephone conversation shows that in terms of occupation troops, false cases of drug abuse of the Russian army. Because of the use of forbidden substances, the occupants often enter dangerous circumstances. We also wrote that Russian invaders are firing each other again. The invaders told my father how their unit accidentally blew up the van tank -

From Belarus border to Ukraine, the 12 Russian helicopters, Gaiin

Monday, February 5, on the frontier of Belarus and Ukraine, they've taken 12 arthropods of armed arms - From Belarus border to Ukraine, the 12 Russian helicopters, Gaiin

The European Union (2008). named terms

The United States of Ukraine will now get from France and Italy to the SAMP-T Air Defense complexes - The European Union (2008). named terms

There is no update: The State Border Service for a situation on the borders of Ukraine and Belarus

The advent of Belarus is not to indicate that there are offensive groups of the enemy who would be willing to commit an attack to Ukraine - There is no update: The State Border Service for a situation on the borders of Ukraine and Belarus

Sebastian is still drawing the winner of Bahmuta, ISW

According to the "Wagner" group, probably overcompensates for its impact going down, continuing to represent a single winner in the Bahmura area - Sebastian is still drawing the winner of Bahmuta, ISW

United Kingdom Minostares have shown how the CBI exercises the Challenger 2 tanks

Coming this week, Ukrainian dancers quickly learned the control of the Challanger 2 tanks. Soon Great Britain will send this technique to Ukraine. This is what the Ministry of Defense tells us. The details are known that in Great Britain, Ukraine's military training on the Challenger 2 tanks. This week, our dancers quickly managed to control these tanks. Soon, a party of 14 combat cars is going to defend Ukraine. Dank crews from the Armed Forms of Ukraine have been quick to master the controls of the mighty Challanger 2 this week. The UK is proforming Challanger 2 tags to Ukaine to help them define their home and retake eritation. @ DefaultU stands for # StandWikaine / iHiOMqR14U - Ministry of Dederderity (DefaultHQ) Frugate 4, 2023 "The U.K. provides a message of Ukraine to protect its homeland," Now, we know about the Challinger 2 Challenger 2, the head of the United Kingdom Air Force. The Chellenger 2 has been used to combat action in Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq (since 2003, on September 1st, 2010). An projectile 120-mm sharp L30A1 cannon. This cannon, the reference method of the electrocationary weapon, is the only weapon of this caliber. The main cannon kit is 52 shots. On the left side of the main cannon is set to be burned with a gun 7.62 mm of L94A1 machine. The bomb supply is 45,000 rounds of valar 7,62 mm. The digital fire management system has a 32-bit processor, remember, in January Great Britain officially declared that Ukraine sends squadrons from 14 tanks of Challanger 2 and 30 direct artillery systems AS90. We know that a few days ago, Ukrainian dancers came to the Great Britain to study Challanger 2. Ukraine has previously been informed that Ukraine will benefit from partners of modern German tanks of Leonard 2. Germany has officially confirmed its intentions. Vladimir Zielenski thanked the chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholtz for passing the London tanks to Ukraine. According to the guarantee, this step is a green light to all other partners on similar weapons. And then the President of Joe Bayden, who declared about 31 Abrams tanks for Ukraine - United Kingdom Minostares have shown how the CBI exercises the Challenger 2 tanks

The company knows when France will pass the Mamba PO system to Ukraine

Central France and Italy will be transferred to Ukraine to the Bank's anti-air defense system - The company knows when France will pass the Mamba PO system to Ukraine

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