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Supposed Vector - German drones for complex weather conditions used by the ZU and American Special Forces
Pope Espresso tells us about the features of the Indriers' Vector, their advantages, their features, and how the X-drone affects the outflow of events on the front. What's in the text: What is the BPL Vector doing in 2018, and in 2020, the Vector drone exploited. The Vectors were originally designed for industrial use, but they were soon interested in military drones that started to use it for observation and intelligence. Photo: Getty Images Vector is a real wing drone that can fly, and it can land vertically. So it doesn't require any kind of catapult, no landing lane. However small size (Vector wings are 2.8 meters), you can start it with your hands and you don't need a grid or a parachute to land. "Vector system is set up in a shipping bag, an 8.2 kilos that can carry one person. Quantum-Systems, which takes only two minutes to set up the plane. The ability to work under the most difficult area in combination with extremely low noise (engine shutdown mode) makes Vector suitable for air intelligence, "tells the portal to" Milo. " Vector can travel at 72 km / hour and wind speed to 12 m / s. Key facts and figures 11 / 10 / 05 12: 55 Page 43 quanta-systemsettings. The land system is integrated into a tablet that allows you to fully control the plane, and also store all the data obtained by sensors. "It's fitted with optical and infrared sensors and capable of working 24 / 7 with real-time information. Simplified to identify objects and transfer the operator data to a hidden distance to 15 km, while using the incremental station, 25 kilometers. In this case, the BPL developers put the video on the ground station in real-time, in terms of fighting missions, it's about Armian Inform's material. Also, the drone has an extended artificial intelligence feature for data analysis. They say embedded in Vector algorithms allow automatic identification of objects and transfer critical intelligence directly to the ground. How Bepila Vector Photo works: Major tasks for Vector are intelligence and readjustment to artillery fire. The drone engine provides almost unlimited assistance to the enemy. Vector is called one of the best BL of this type. It can be directed either way: Up, forward or down. Vertical slid, energy efficient long-haul flight to frozen ice and vertical landing: All automatically, no pilot or operator involved, "describes drone ArmiyInform. We also call the drone "2 to 1." It's about the ability to transform a drone into a multi-breather, allowing a range of hardware tasks to expand. You don't even need tools to convert, you have to remove wings and tail portion and set the krinstein and the screws to a vertical sub. And then you have a wire trapter called Scorpion, 1 kilogram easier than Vutter, which can fly 35 minutes at the maximum rate of 54 kilometers per hour. The drone is driving electrical motors and three turn rotors installed at the ends of wings and tail. In the unit configuration, the drone has two rigid wings and tail attached to a glass body and a kevlar. Two screws on wings and one on the tail allow the drone to fly and sit down, and during the flight, they can turn around, increase the subatomic force of the wing. The "Coponic" wings and tail are replaced with three vertical propellers, allowing the drone to run as a normal multiplexer. The technical characteristics of Vector Soluform - 2.8 m, the maximal heavy weight - 7.4 kilos, flight radius - 15 kilometers (with possible increase to 25 kilometers), the time in flight time - up to 2 hour, Crane rate - 25 m / s, Waga of useful load - depends on change - (% .28). The cost is 180-200,000 euros. Vector in Ukraine, the first vector drone appeared in the spring of 2022 with the initiative of the Dnipropetrov Military Administration, and then contact the manufacturers, then, helped Consul Dimra Shevenko. "The Vector, with a vertical cast and landing pilot, and an optimco-local station of HD-40L with a laser collar -- a modern drone that has the advantage of any Russian player who has this great authority. The hybrid competition for our "Lelka-100" and the Polish Fly Ee-3 "-- wrote then by the main editor" Centre.No "by Yuri Butuses. Later on, the Providers started with Kyiv. The first party in 33 drones was highly efficient in the battle field. The battle baptism of the German drones in Ukraine passed to Lugan, where Vector helped the overthrow in 2022 in the vicinity of the Bibaloids. The ZC has prevented the attempts of enemy to form the river and destroyed dozens of weapons and military equipment of Russian occupation. "Vantor was able to adjust the fire through the fat smoke in terms of radio struggle," said the business manager Quantum-Systems Mattiaz Len. "Since then, the system has been able to demonstrate unprecedented productivity in the most difficult conditions. Vantor was widely used and extensively tested on the Ukrainian battle field where he proved his advantage for military intelligence, surveillance and surveillance operations. His strong design makes it suitable for work in a harsh and extreme weather, "was reported by Quantum-Systems in the spring of 2023. The main intelligence management reported another match from 105 Vectors, which was funded by the German government, and also in 2023, Kvatum-System, went directly to Ukraine. The Germans reported an opening in Ukraine of service training, support and logistics. They taught the operators how to use Vector systems and technically serve them. Also, support centers are designed to buy spare parts for drones and repair drones. By the way, it took four days to study the BPL Vector operator. If in 2024, Ukraine will generate spare parts for Vector drones, then 2025 will plan a full collection of these BPL's already in our country. "To implement these plans, we rent a flat room of several thousand square meters for our production team, research and development team. We're planning to work on this object with about 40 specialists, which were described by the Quantum Company. In the summer of 2023, Ukraine has ordered the largest batch of reconnaissance drones at the moment called Vector 300 systems. The exact amount of BPL has already been transferred to the State of Defense - this information is classified. How the Vector improved and who uses it to use drones in Ukraine also helped improve the drones. So the New York Times was writing about that at some point the Vectors began to fall out of the sky on the battlefield. The vendor found out that it was happening because the Russians were mocking the signals that connected drones and satellites, because the machines were hit and fell on the ground, and as a consequence, Quantum-Systems created new software based on artificial intelligence. It supports and allows browsing without use by GNUSS. It also has Vector added manual management options. The German company even built a service center, which is going to be "monitoring the RF electronic attacks," writing NYT. The Misplane portal also reported that the Inventors' quality was highly rated in the United States. So the U.S. Department of Defense chose the American German child company Quantum promising U.S. intelligence manufacturer. The United States Police team has allocated $20 million to build the power of a company from the production of Vector drones in the U.S - Supposed Vector - German drones for complex weather conditions used by the ZU and American Special Forces
NASA is going to place a nuclear reactor on the Moon
According to Science Alert. NASA has taken 12-month contracts with three U.S. companies: Lockheed Martin, Westinghouse and IX. Each partner had to offer an object of the reactor and systems to transform energy, heat transfer, as well as governance and distribution of electricity. The ultimate goal was to create a system that could maintain monthly base for decades. Things would also be the basis for planning and creating similar systems on Mars. "The nuclear source of energy on the moon is needed to show that this is a safe, clean, reliable version," said Trudy Cortez, CEO of demonstration technological missions in NASA's cosmic technology missions. "The Moon Night is complex from a technical perspective, so there is such a nuclear reactor that works independently of the sun, a favorable option for long-term research and scientific efforts on the moon." Scientists pointed out that the advantage of nuclear reactors is that they can work independently whether there's sunlight or not. It's a big plus for energy needs for a 14-month-old night. Consumption of solar and nuclear equipment is likely to provide needs for housing power and scientific laboratories. According to a further report, NASA wanted to see the reactors' plans that could work for at least decades without human intervention. This reduces any threat from random radiation rays and allows the researchers of the Moon to focus on their top scientific and research tasks. The technical characteristics of the reactor suggest that it will weigh less than six metric tons and produce 40 kilns of energy. The second stage of the signal will begin in 2025. The agency expects a system to be used at the Moon in the early 2030's. In the far future, once the system is going to cross fire on the moon, NASA is probably going to try to find a nuclear dilation reactor specifically for use on Mars. On Friday, the 9 February, SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft, with four astronauts on board returned from the ISS to the Earth and landed in the Atlantic Ocean near the east coast of Florida - NASA is going to place a nuclear reactor on the Moon
Charitable Foundation «Come Back Alive»
The "Come Back Alive" Foundation is close to the Ukrainian military. The front line of the Russian-Ukrainian war is not only the front. It is where the war for Ukraine is going on. In hospitals, in warehouses, landfills, in mass media, in offices. We supply and repair equipment, train soldiers and officers, help transform the Armed Forces, provide first-hand accounts of war and stem the flow of propaganda and disinformation. Provides the Ukrainian army with the most important tactical advantage. - Charitable Foundation «Come Back Alive»
Underneath the higher power. Five signs of the strong guardian angel standing behind your shoulders and protecting you
The argument is that every man in her entire life is protected by a guardian angel who appears after carrying a series of baptism. Let's look at the five signs that may indicate that the guardian angel is next to you - Underneath the higher power. Five signs of the strong guardian angel standing behind your shoulders and protecting you
Church restrictions. A lot of people don't know who to avoid being elected by their parents for their child
The idea of the baptism of the baby is an important ritual in Christianity, where the baptized parents act as future spiritual leaders for the child. But not everyone has the opportunity to gain this great recognition - Church restrictions. A lot of people don't know who to avoid being elected by their parents for their child
"The Fukuru Resin," the Stilean Tap, "and the Ukrainian fornication - five books of habits and skills
© Francis Fuumu. Liberalism and his contradictions. Our format, 2023 "Fukuu Rice" -- you could call it a book, because it has a leading world intellectuals and a hunter tracking radical polarization within a liberal camp and associated with it with risks. Moreover, in his study of Liberalism and his contradictions of Francis Fukuu, rethinking historical and philosophical inventions, finds both the causes of failure and the current self-destructive liberalism, and the strong arguments for it in the future. So this book is useful for understanding the political, economic and sociocultural map of the world, the benefits and vulnerabilities of popular social-political theories today, as well as underwater rocks that occur on the feet of democratic nations. Because old compromises in the developed world are destroyed in our eyes. Many have considered a liberal society an ideal to seek, but today there are global challenges. Neberals turn economic freedom and free market into religious culture, progressions impose the priorities of the interests of individual groups and global income redistribution, extended to the right and left populations. "However, the liberalism stood before these challenges and at the end of the 20th century became a dominant organizational principle of most of the world policy," conventified by the author. This doctrine is not "old," as Vladimir Putin said, but still needed in our present world a diverse and interconnected world. That's why we need to reformulate the principles of liberal policy, but also to identify the reasons why modern people think it's incomplete. " Michael Micelo. Looking for a scapegoat: The spirit and Liter, 2023, preparing the book with the documents of Michael Micelle's "Looking for a spire of Production: "The late proscenism in Ukraine (1944-1953)" The Jewish minority of Ukraine has been in the tragic time of the great war against the Russian nation, which has inevitably led to think about a typological coincidence between the late period and the putism. Demonstrations of the Jews during Stalin and frankly the anti-Ukrainian propaganda of cutism have the same totalitarian roots. Tubular regimes exist on the basis of finding enemies as a mobilization tool. The book is talking about xsenophobic atmosphere of the last decade of the Stalin Mode (anti-Semitic incidents of 1943-1945), migration and migration, chasing representatives of creative intelligentsia, understanding Jews in mass consciousness and mythology, about doctors, etc.) So we're looking at a documentary of an isolated society, the embodiment of imperial, Stalin's dream of the only people. "Putinicism, which serves for the purpose of destroying Ukraine, is not a new phenomenon in the history of Russian authority, is like the author." His lineage is graphic and is based on the needs of the ideas today and the practices of the totalitarian dark past. For the most part, to justify external imperialism, he uses the Third Ascension rhetoric, the major borrowing motive: Our great and great people of God is the greatest divided people. The Czechs (read - Ukrainians) are subject to the language and development of the German minority; We've been forced, we have nothing but left to do before we hit the Preventory, the war has been solved by anthropologists and Zionists; In English (read -- Ukrainian) the government can stop the suffering of the British from bombing, and it needs legal demands for Germany. Instead, the excuse of aggression against Ukraine, of its own population, of pointillism is mainly based on the legacy of late-term stability, where the quest for the ethnic enemy was a state policy. Demonstrations of the Jews during Stalin and frankly the anti-Ukrainian propaganda of cutism have the same totalitarian roots. A legacy of the state anti-Semitism of the Soviet era, which was raised by a shell provocation, is still emerging from the surface, and from time to time, the number of mosques, and the Putin and Lazavu, the eradication of the multinational aggression, is expressed as a shameful xenophobia statement. Ukrainian and absurdly antiWestern hysteria, which Russian propaganda has been blowing up for the past years, and is too much like the products of the late Stalin's agitopope. " Alexander L. Chapman, Kim I. Greatz, Matthew T. Tull. Acoustic behavioral therapies to overcome anxiety. A working notebook. & gt; & gt;: The teachings of the Roseglory of Burlka, 2023, "Since you read this book, it is possible that you or some of your people are struggling to get rid of the anxiety you're trying to get rid of. If it is, it is important for you to know that you are not alone in this struggle. " Mostly in Alexander L study. Chapman, Kama L. Greater, Matthew T. Tula "Contemporary behavioral therapy to overcome anxiety. The working probe briefly describes the causes and symptoms of disorders and tells us about the skills of the dialectic behavioral therapy that allows us to solve the problem. Here you can find exercises to help you identify their experiences with anxiety and their trigers and successfully deal with them. The book is based on readers who want to get rid of different kinds of anxiety, and can be used as a self-help manual. "The anxiety issues so widely that in the last three decades, there have been a huge increase in research in the field of disturbing disorders -- remind the authors." But even though we know a lot about these conditions, what's causing them, and the successful treatment practices, people continue to suffer because of the feeling of anxiety. For example, a survey of about 10,000 U.S. respondents showed that, except for disorders related to using psychoactive substances, anxiety disorders are the most common mental diagnosis. In fact, almost a third of the question of people at least once was in this state at some point of their life. " Anyway, the book, as you can see, is more than relevant to the Ukrainian reader. Olga Zhurenenko. From Snake to Macha: Ukrainian beliefs in myths and fairy tales. The publishing group on top, 2024, many in our modern lives can be explained by ancient things. For example, Ukrainian Blud. "Have you ever gotten lost, like in the woods?" asked the author of this strange book. The old lady would have said it was a blouse. Who is he? This is the forest of a dangerous spirit that possesses the gift of transgressions and calls to assist the lazy man. "The evil spirit of wandering that didn't land in heaven, but howls in the air." The book generally contains 28 illustrious stories that have known from the childhood images of Ukrainian tales, myths and legends in a new light. It's shown that because of belief and legend, ancient Ukrainians have documented understanding of the world and their place on Earth. And there's also a unique way of representing some of the fabulous images described in the book, because even the heroes of evil weren't even for the Ukrainians of 100 percent bad. The fairy tales and legends describe also the norms of behavior and self-perception of our ancestors, and the key thing is their unbreakable connection to the present. So, the book will teach "decrypt" long-known figures and symbols, value the story of their people, be proud of his wisdom, full of imagination, respectful of nature, by force, of man, of invention. "And the world of Ukrainian fairy tale is the world of infinite transformations, representing changes in society and human thinking, like a car wash. If Christianity is a major thief in fairy tales: He was a saint, so after the fall of Rodi's palm, he intercepted the devil, and then later -- to have a devil, or just a Macha. These were all so-called thieves, who were all offended, so they were always fighting the welfare people. " Bad Mamama (Angela Yermenko). Go without fear. It's because of the one who has failed. Yakaboo Publing, 2023 -- this book -- tells you that divorce is okay when you don't like your life. The key is to realize this choice and to take the first step. And with the next help, this book is going to work out. Haven't you ever been here before? The months had stood on line to get married, hardly suspected that soon we could get separated online. You may not even look at each other's eyes, especially when the man is in Ukraine, and the woman is abroad. I mean, it's completely, as they say, not a question for the present life. Instead, in the book of Bad Mamama (Ange Yemenko), "Go without fear. The experience of the one who has been ventured is others. What do I do when the idea of a happy marriage didn't work? How do you plead for a divorce? Don't you feel guilty about the kids? Understand how to make relationships work after breaking up so that everyone's happy? How do you get back to your profession or make a new one? Don't you feel guilty? The whole divorce topic is relevant, but unfortunately, it's still quite open in Ukrainian, and it's full of condemnation and prosecution. Because "long and happy" are often different for men and wives. Instead, a car in your own experience tells me that divorce is okay when you don't like your life. The key is to realize this choice and to take the first step. And with the next help, this book is going to work out. "This book about a woman who had completely changed her life strategy," says the author. getting married, having a baby (maybe not one), being a wife, having a good relationship. Maybe today it's not very fashionable, but my generation of women -- the ones that are now thirty (older) -- they wanted that. It's probably because the cultural, religious, socially, the person in the life of women is putting the main place, and this is the highest summit that a woman has to conquer, and only after that think about how to make her new life. But many of us standing on this top, at some point, realize that this is not at all a top, just plain plain plain, maybe even a hole that you have to get out of. " -
2006-05-09: Nice greeting in poems and postcards
According to Friday, the 19th of January, who believe Christians will celebrate the old baptism of the Lord. This day Jesus entered the waters of a holy river of Jordan and received a baptism from Saint John - 2006-05-09: Nice greeting in poems and postcards
the baptism of the Lord! Nice cards and warm welcome to the Saint
In Ukraine, under old style, the 19th of January, is the baptism of the Lord, which is one of the most important Christian holidays -- this day, the kings celebrated the baptism of Jesus Christ in the river of Jordan - the baptism of the Lord! Nice cards and warm welcome to the Saint
althy heart and a strong faith! ♪ On the Gate of 2024 ♪
Красиві листівки-привітання з Хрещенням Господнім 2024 - в матеріалі. - althy heart and a strong faith! ♪ On the Gate of 2024 ♪
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