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The probability of a new opponent. Sergei Zig Column
The destruction of Russian bombers of Su-34 Spring, today the 27 February Air Force beat down two Russian front bombers in Su-34. Both planes were hit in the east direction, the first at 10 o'clock in the morning, the second plane was about 14: 00. I'll remind you that an enemy uses Su-34 to waste a bomb. The Orient gift of dropping these bombs is about 70 km, in fact Kobbi creates a significant threat to our troops on the front line. It's already six and seven Su-34, which Air Force was beaten from 17 February. In addition, two Su-35 fighters have been shot at this time, and one plane of the remote radio intelligence-50U. At this loss of battle and special aviation, the Russians would have to think at least for a while to stop the aerial metting of clear storm. This is the 27 February Commander of the Air Force, Lieutenant Miro Olisauk today. And the other good news about building a rocket coalition was the result of last night's meeting in Paris by a rocket coalition announced by President of France. The Maracron adopted 20 European states supporting Ukraine in the fighting of the RF. This is the masterpiece of the Coalition in addition to the airline, the dance, the artillery. The President of France has explained that this coalition is designed to have more opportunities for Ukraine to invade the RF territory, and it also aims to transfer bombs, medium and high fidelity bombs. According to Macron, France is going to mobilize all the Hunters, all the countries that have the opportunity to provide such new equipment. What weapons the Maroon says did not say by clicking on a list of the countries in this initiative. But there are some explanations here that when they're talking about average and high-quality rockets, in high-grade estimates, that's what's giving more than 1,000 km. It's certainly not what Macron himself meant, but then the question is, which mobilization and supply comes to Ukraine? And the first thing to do is to support the opportunities available, and first of all, this is the supply of French and British wing missiles of SCALP and Starm Show, which is the number of tens of units. So far, this is the longest arm in the arsenal of our Air Force with a distance of 300 km and quite effective, if we remember that this critical missile was destroyed by a Russian submarine that was on repair. France promised that he would pass another 40 critical SALP missiles to Ukraine, Britain also annexed the additional supply of Starm Show in this year. Given the effectiveness of these missiles, you can be sure that the impact in Russian objects will continue. But the question is whether this third German missile of TURUS is going to fill in. We know that the insurer approved a petition to transfer these missiles to Ukraine, but the chancellor of Germany Olaf Sheltz, and he still thinks it's not time, and explained it before meeting Paris. We know that TURUS armed missiles in Germany are about 200 grand, and there are a lot of technical problems in Su-24 integration, and more on F-16 fighters. The Germans say it takes a year and a half to integrate TURUS into F-16. And I'll remind you that the days were signed with an agreement between Ukrainian defense industry and a German MBA concert division about the cooperation of Ukraine and Germany. Perhaps the Ukrainian side will be able to find ways to spread concepts to make cheap, but not less effective means of destruction based on the potential of Germany. In terms of this rocket-bomb coalition, France promises us to give us a huge amount of state-of-the-world production that has the ability to travel to 70 km, and in a long run up to 200 km. That is, it's important to scale and use the potential of this coalition to develop our national rays and scale, to transfer more rocket weapons to Ukraine. The situation on the Front is not easy on all regions, including Astadika and west of Aquila, where the second day is in a row that the enemy is counteracting our defense. We talked yesterday about Lastachina, we're talking about Stevus and Stephen. So basically, an enemy using its multiple advantage or some tactical features, still sells our defense. Viktor Kevker, the defense team expert, the ZW military commander told me that the enemy in the Astakka district had involved two armies, two armies and 41's, and almost in the full warehouse of the 1st army building, which is more than two armies combined. In summary, the recent pact of fighting days today is the 27 February Command of the Operations strategic group of the Tavaria forces made the decision to take troops from several positions. Two battalion 3, the storming brigade that provided the release of the garrison from the Aquarius, took the defense by Berdini, the Seminsk, the Yabatbrochka. 53 brigades stepped away from the Tatika, avoiding the environment. The 47 brigades are holding the attack on the 15th bike brigade of the enemy. The enemy of the 30, 35, 55, 74 individual motorcycle brigade captured Lathochoff, Sivert and Tatika. Now, based on the positions of the Tatika, the Lakokov, and in the Cockhium district, started storming the Orcharts from east and south. The residual fights live near Nowabbaghoct, the Steppe, the Berdini, the Persian and the Nevada. The situation is heavy, but controlled. The Russian op-strategic group of Tavaria troops are going to act as an organized resistance, trying to reinforce the benefits to further implementation of the concept of the enemy's mission of maximum loss. The problem of fortification equipment in rubies and the position of the ZSU, is that the problem of fighting operations must be applied to system problems. In the process of reforming military forces in 2000-2010, almost all of the forces and equipment known as the CEO. So on a strategic operating level, these teams, or they don't have their powers or their tools at all, or they have a delusion, respectively, doing a task in the interest of troops, they have nothing to do. In 2014, there were several steps to solve this problem, but it was completely solved. Henry is currently in the portal and has to choose between restoring the combat brigage capacity and the backup formation, and resources are before human solutions to all problems. So the problem with fortification equipment in hand and positions in full volume has been solved by no force and means of operational and strategic level. And all of this stuff falls on the shoulders of warrants and special brigades, which are not right. The defense team expert said that defense planning and planning are two absolute processes. The second one comes out of the first one. All you need to know about defense planning is written in the appropriate country's law. The cutting point of this plan is a strategic defense ballot that's not associated with war or war. Another law on the defense of Ukraine sets the order of defense planning documents. This law determines that in order to organize the defense of the country, President of Ukraine by giving the Cabinet a plan for defense. Defense planning is a 12-section document that defines meaning, volume, resources, order and the amount of action of the state to defense. And there's one line of military action, based on the defense plan of the state, which is building Minooni, and coordinate Cabin, the military, getting documents from that plan, starting a strategic defense planning. And this is a completely different document, our legislation does not have any plans of war per year. Kevin's military auxiliary has given a comment about the military's search, and this is generally being performed as a defense review, which ends up with a new strategic defense ballot. But we have a situation where we don't have time to look, but we have to figure out the state of the military. He thinks it's very appropriate for a new head to look at the actual state of the farming that he's supposed to govern, so it's a positive step. The information the head receives from the results of this audience will help him decide who will continue to fight, and it will also have a complete, exhaustive picture of resources that are at his disposal. Perhaps our conversation about lack of strategic reserves is finally being transformed into the process of shaping and expansion. So autistic is the necessary step to spend, because it's been two years of war, and the painting needs to be converted. The new opponent's attack officer noticed the probability of a new opponent in summer, and today we see that the enemy focused on three tasks. The first one is in the Vulcan direction to break into Cuba, go out to the flank and take our troops back to the streets that are defending Carbon. In the Cuban direction, they don't care about Kuwinan himself, and they go out to the shores of the Ophell River. And there was a new direction -- Chess Yur, where the adversary is trying from the direction of Bahmuta, Constantine, Friends and Liman are going to go to Slovakia, Kramatsk. These are overcomplicated tasks that cannot be met before President RF election. After the election, Mr. Kevker, highly likely awaits an announcement of open mobilization in Russia. But, first, mobilization needs to be spent, and second, with a mobilized resource, do a bunch of things to create combat subdivisions. Not until May, nor June, this work is physically impossible to do. There's no hotel strategy reserves for an opponent today. The action reserves of an enemy are actually spent in the battle of the Aquarius and the Work Bank. So to say the opponent will be ready to perform the operation at least one operating direction, Mr. Victor will not expect it. There's no chance of success in the occupation. And then on September, October is quite possible, because in four to six months, it allows an escape to deploy reserves and to provide a fighting technique. It might not be a autumn, it might be an offensive, but it might not be June - The probability of a new opponent. Sergei Zig Column
The ships destroy the tanks and hit 500 kilometers: Why do the Tarus rockets become a terrible dream for Russia
The Treaty of Great Britain and the French of the distant Storm Show and SCALP-EG missiles changed the situation in the occupied Crime and other areas that Russia can no longer think of as a ceiling. Ukraine needs success at this time. We need a German missile for that. The positions of the Ukraine Zurus talk about since spring 2023. Originally these were careful assumptions in the press, [# 8230; ] Writing destroyed bunker and & # 8217; It's 500 kilometers: Why do the Tarus rockets become a terrible dream for Russia at first will show up at iTechura -- smartphones, guns and different daidies - The ships destroy the tanks and hit 500 kilometers: Why do the Tarus rockets become a terrible dream for Russia
The ships destroy the tanks and hit 500 kilometers: Why do the Tarus rockets become a terrible dream for Russia
The Treaty of Britain to allow Ukraine to shout at the Starm Show rockets not only initiated the NATO issue of this type of weapon but also launched a powerful flash gap in the West. The President of the United States is talking about ATACMS, the French are willing to pass their analog to SCALP-EG, and Germany is talking about their Torus missiles. And this is really good news for Ukraine. Full News Text - The ships destroy the tanks and hit 500 kilometers: Why do the Tarus rockets become a terrible dream for Russia
The following planes and helicopters will amplify the ZPD's Air Force, which will cause more problems. Sergei Zig Column
"Caesar Kunikov" is the main news of today's day, which is that on the night of February 14, it was wounded and drowned by a great deparant ship, Caesar Kunikov, the Black Sea of Russia. This has happened south of Alaska for now that the occupied Creome as a result of the joint civil power of Ukraine and the Head of intelligence. According to the inhabitants of the peninsula, the ship was attacked, and there was a clear series of explosions. Obviously, the ship was carrying the technique, and maybe even ammunition or chess, reported it. These BFC are usually used to smuggle drones from Novenian to Sevastol, nearby areas where these drones are released in Ukraine. But now, this BFC mission of technique or LPA, of course, did not. The CBI General has emphasized that the enemy ship has been in territorial waters and an attack has been done using sub-aircraft-carcase. The main intelligence management gave us a video where you can look at all the phases of this attack -- it was the attack of a pack, which is when a few waves of shock drones with a certain rate of impact on different directions. There's even a video where Russian sailors are trying to use the machine to hit off MAGURE V5 drones, of course, it didn't make much difference. Caesar Kunikov was drowned and this is a pretty good decision to use drones. We can talk about this already being the fourth great Airborne, who was destroyed by the Seacity War, head governance of intelligence or Air Force, because until now there were several of these great enemy ships destroyed. It limits the possibility of use for certain places, because they have now created a threat to disseminate themselves under Odessa and Mykolaiv Claus, and then when we have these anti-ship missiles, it has become an opponent of self-destructive missions and these ships have been used to pick up ammunition for now. Now the use of sea drones shows that this is a diet, realistic, asymmetrical, technological concept of fighting an opponent using just marine robotic platforms. A big expectation that this concept is already on the ground or the air platform will be scaled across the front line. Meeting Ramstein and transferring F-16 to Ukraine: We know that when we talk about drones, we forget ordinary planes. The Ramstein-19 meeting is now undergoing a range of countries that provide aid to Ukraine. Ukraine, of course, is eagerly waiting for our Air Force to get functional F-16 planes. Because before the meeting in Ramstein was said that in this event, there will be a coalition report for F-16 fighters for the Air Force of Ukraine. This has been reported by the head of Ukraine's mission at NATO Galileo during communication with journalists in Brussels. So far, the Rammstein meeting still continues and details associated with fighters we don't know, but we understand that this decision is already made and there are questions about these events. On the one hand, our representatives are talking about how we're going to get these airplanes somewhere in the spring and these are realistic terms, and that's what our representative in NATO says, and some officials argue that the terms might be transported to the end of 2024. On the other hand, there are optimistic pictures where F-16 of our Ukrainian recognized signs on wings. And that makes you very optimistic. A post-scientific co-op at Valerey Romanenko pointed out that before the fighters had to prepare the crew and engineering warehouse. "I think there will be some information that our swords are willing to exploit these airplanes, ready to fight them, they will come. The only thing we're gonna know about this is the last one. It would be a surprise for the Russians, of course, for the arrival of these aircraft. You mentioned pictures, I was very impressed that this plane was in the configuration right now, so to speak, for combat training. And they sat down the harbaric maquettes on the wing of the AMRAAM missile, and under the wings there were red mimics of the Sidewder missile strings, the main weapon. It means that the preparation is already at the last stage, going either a war, or even a tactical preparation, that is, flying and performing training, training, combat tasks, like an air battle in a couple or single, "explains Romanenko. Now there is a preparation for the navigation system, so that these planes can navigate over our territory, the airplane infrastructure, the place where they're placed and so-called fairy spaces to confuse the enemy. Ukraine is expected to receive one or two squadrons of F-16. Whether it is necessary for the Mirage 2000 months ago by the Air Force Commander, that perhaps our arsenal will increase French Mirage 2000 aircraft. Then there were two publication in the French press about whether or not this is the main question that will be broken during the visit by President Macron to Kyiv. He was supposed to be 14 February, but the visit was set aside. According to the expert, Ukraine is counting on one of the last French Mirage models. It's about 2000D -- the Starm Show, SCALP, and maybe if we get from Germany, TURUS. Now France has 65 of these aircraft in four squadrons that they're eventually going to take off weapons. "If they pass it to us, it's within some financial trance, which is kind of unavoidable, but it will be counted. Maybe we'd be more useful to get, for example, some of the last super-rocket complexes, the same SAMP / Ts, and they're fairly old, and they're interesting only as rock stone and not much more, because we have SYu-24 left not so much left, but F-16 we expect to be able to do or not, "- emphasized the scientific officer of the State Museum of aviation and added that if Ukraine had one shot-12, it was a good shot, but it would have been a good shot, and it would have been a good, and it would have been a good shot, and it would have been a real-12. Mirage 2000 has a rocket at a maximum of 60 km long, and the Russians shoot 120 kilometers, just like our G-27 rockets. In fact, we need to put enough restraining and carefully, because I see that we're going to get a bunch of logistics problems with low efficiency, and we're going to make ourselves a solution. The advantages and shortcomings of MRH-90 Taipan for Australian combat helicopters of MRH-90 Taipan, many experts want to keep them from being in Ukraine through a series of technological problems. Romanko said that some countries refused to use them and the first was Portugal, and then Norway, who planned to buy 10 cars, but made a bet on American Black Hawk as well as Australia. Sweden said that it also plans to replace NHIndudes NH90 on modernized Black Hawk. He believes that if other countries have problems serving helicopters, there's even more in military Ukraine. I'd still bet on American Black Hawk. Will the United States support the Mi-17 for Ukraine now yield to Ecuador Black Hawk, and Ecuador will kind of pass the full IPI-17 helicopters, but should we bet on them? "Given the cost of transporting them to Ukraine, we can only get a set of very expensive spare parts to our helicopters. You have to send experts to see what spade, reductors, motors, then it makes sense, and if the helicopters are only one in the ice state... and you have to watch the rest of the resource, "explained Romanko. The fall of the hypersound crystal rocket of the Circus, the Attorney Institute has already confirmed that a lot of detail has similar numbers to the cyclin. "It's most likely that this is just a test release. There was this tradition in the Soviet Union and individual samples were used somewhere in the military, probably in this case, some kind of test release. Because the GIB intelligence says that the launch was made out of a dry battery, not from a ship. I don't see it because it didn't fall, it didn't hurt. It's clearly a ten million-dollar missile, and it's not what the Russians expected of it, "he summed up the leading scientific officer of the state museum of aviation. He believes that the mass firing of the circus is just not going to happen anytime soon, because of the fact that this rocket isn't present and there's no actual serial production - The following planes and helicopters will amplify the ZPD's Air Force, which will cause more problems. Sergei Zig Column
Prof. Malacron postponed Odessa and Kyiv visits, Media
This decision seemed to be taken for security reasons, "caused concerns among French and Ukrainian government and diplomats, reported on Sunday, February 11th, 2013, Parisian business edition of Challenges.Your Visited for 13-14 February. "Emmanuel Matron had to go to Odessa, partly built by the French of the symbolic city before he went to Kyiv," says Challenges.Your According to the publication, the visit program contained an important economic component associated with the reconstructive of the country (Ukraine is Red.) Read also: You need drones, artillery, events and VAT: Zielinski has decided to speak of the beginning of the Foundation for 200 million euros being adopted as donations to civil projects. "The President of the French State also had to issue the arrival of the French Development Agency (AD) as a French assistance coordinator in Ukraine," is the Balenges.Your material. On January 16, President Emmanuel Macron announced that he visited Ukraine in February, and was anonymous for 40 SCALP missiles and signed a security agreement - Prof. Malacron postponed Odessa and Kyiv visits, Media
In France, there are excess Merage 2000D fighters: Ukraine needed and agreed possible - Forms
journalists, Merage 2000D fighter bombers are fully compatible with SCALP-EG rockets and smart Hammer bombs. The first ones are used in Ukraine, and the others will soon appear - In France, there are excess Merage 2000D fighters: Ukraine needed and agreed possible - Forms
Volunteer initiatives of Natalia Yusupova

Nataliya Yusupova, a well-known volunteer and public figure, has been cooperating with the Main Military Hospital of Ukraine since 2014.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation in 2022, it has been conducting regular fundraisers to help the Armed Forces purchase the most necessary equipment that brings our victory closer and saves the lives of our soldiers.

More information about Natalia:,

We ask the community to help and raise funds for the Ukrainian Armed Forces: - Volunteer initiatives of Natalia Yusupova
The map of battle action during January 31 - February 7: I don't know if it's gonna be February for the last month of Avogadro's defense
The situation in Austria has dramatically deteriorated: A map of fighting operations of 10 February will start on the fifth month of defense by counting when Putin ordered the city to take the day before the elections. As a result, the Russians were unable to implement a thought. In the south, on the side of the Water and the Polite side, the front almost didn't move. If you don't consider small local changes, they didn't even get close to the arithmetic mean. At the same time, they went back to 800. With the sand in the direction of Pertrussum. Since the northern flank of the occupants, they were a little bit more successful. They took the Force of Defense out of the territory around the hernia, and they cut the railway in the area of the steppe village. However, near the stepfather, he's been stuck for over a month. His attempt to defeat our defense even more North, towards Novocative and Otheron, also caught an end. And more than that, Zosu had a little bit of fun with the occupants around Novocalist and Nowabbaccka. So the rabbis involved their favorite scenario were dug up and walked into our basement. And within the week, there were hell fights in the "kingdom hunt" and a few streets with one-story building on the south side of Austria. However, IT was unable to completely defeat the enemy beyond the city. But the main impact that the enemy had prepared for a long time was to break the occupation in the north of Avogadro's. This is where they beat our ribs and through the garden cooperol against a cocktail factory and a peak career, and expanded the area of their control east of their career to Cammie village. The situation is pretty menacing, because the Russians are constantly pouring new forces into their storm, trying to expand the killing of our defense wedge. The main task is to get out on the road of 00542, which goes to the streets of Jackson and Industrial Production. And they can also cut the logic for the military, which controls the strategic important position of the Zenith, and also the central and south areas of Austria. Henry obviously understands this threat and taking action to neutralize it. So in those days / weeks, it's going to take Austria's fate -- whether she can handle the occupation of the occupation until the election of Putin, or ZW's going to have to take the troops to the prepared position in the city. The Kup Offensive and Leman are running after Austria in the Luganary, the Russians have the largest group of troops - 55-60 points. Their attack continues since May. But he didn't have a serious success until the ZU started a major famine, and the Force of Defense started to lose some positions. Over the village of Tabaka, there's been a second week of fighting, and the village is in the gray zone. The enemy is also trying to attack and other directions to break the line of the front and enter our warriors into the rear. So, part of it is on the Kachlin directive, south side, and other north attack the village of Ivanov. Finally, the third group of troops is trying to break along the route of P-07, which leads to Cuba. So they want to cut off the Polyjuice Force, which holds the fight in the Citadel and the Cottalians. In a week, the Russians weren't able to do the thought, but a little bit south, in the Limans direction, the enemy continues to attack the village of Terna and Jamterka. Despite the fact that the Ukrainian brigades fighting on this side of the front, were praised by 40 missing nuclear units in the radius of 3 square kilometers, the enemy was able to resist the line of the front by a few hundred meters in the direction of Terna, a map of the combatants at the Vulcan Front Front, while under the Basmmouth, the positive cross-border fights without any change in the line, in the street direction of the occupation as the western occupation. A Vavandar breakthrough could be at least a tactical success for the occupation of the occupation of Aquarius. So on this part of the front, they also moved a lot of resources. And this week, their attacks were concentrated mostly north of Novohili's on the board on the Pirada and Parasovich. In addition, the Panada village began to attack and on the side of the occupied Maesta. And also, from the Mara, the slashes continue to storm operations on the side of the Buy More. Here they were able to push the Force of Defense to a few hundred meters north of George, south of Nowamichihih, an enemy came from Solomon on the Water. But here, in one of the arms of 72 brigades, it broke a column of 11 tanks and BMP. Counter-offensive: Crime's occupation of the night was attacked by a rocket catheter called Ivanov, which came out of Lake Ununbroken, and completely drowned with a team. At the same time, 3 SYL-24 Air Force released six Storm Show / SCALP-EG missiles on Belbeck. It flew into the command point, communication and flight point. He killed the commander of the squadrons of General Katarenko, 10 military forces, and 3 planes have suffered significant damage. And this day, Zosy led rocket strikes at the base of intelligence in Rivendell and the airfield of the Saki in the Newfedans. The EMS team in Ukraine has expressed confidence that the Crimeese city will not last until the end of 2024. The maps are created based on information received from the Armed Force of Ukraine, as well as from other open and tested sources. And at the same time, the cards are not as accurate as they are, and they're simply showing patterns in battle zones - The map of battle action during January 31 - February 7: I don't know if it's gonna be February for the last month of Avogadro's defense
"Starm Show / SCALP" which flies over the SRK C-300 / C-400 in the occupied Crima: "P # gift # brown flew." You got it
The online album has been published by an archived video recording on which the "Starm Show / SCALP" missile has been run over the SPRC-300 / C-400 in the cached Curve -
New crash rockets: Master will come to Kyiv this month for the armed agreement, media
Registration of journalists, Ukraine can get 40 Scalp rockets. In the Air Force, they believe that the Marage-2000D fighters will reinforce the opportunities of Ukraine's aviation - New crash rockets: Master will come to Kyiv this month for the armed agreement, media
The ZW will reflect the opponent's desire to move on to Austria's direction. Sergei Zig Column
Ukraine is waiting for F-16 planes and missiles to meet them shortly from positive airline news. The Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands increases the number of F-16 fighters that will be transferred to Ukraine. The Ministry of Defense of this country today announced that more than 6. So the total number of aircraft that the Netherlands will pass to will be 24 cars. And then 18 F-16 Netherlands goes to a new curriculum in Romania where our pilots are trained. In fact, all of its 42-16 Netherlands planes are transferred to increase Ukraine's air potential. And today, the optimistic statement of the team Commander of the United Polish General Sergeor Nawa, who said that in the next packets of military aid, Ukraine is waiting for an F-16 and a rocket for a maximum-500-mile target destruction. Of course, it's a little strange that Nagev is talking about planes, not the Air Force Commander. But also, it's worth noting that the principle of Lieutenant Nawa, we get planes and rockets, we can interpret differently. Because on the one hand, it could be separate planes and separate rockets, including the same ATACMS over 300 km or the SCALP rocket, or the Storm Show. These missiles that have long been used by the U.S. Air Force are 370 km long, and the latest ones are 900 km away. In fact, these missiles will significantly affect the nature of combat action on the battlefield. But it's important that as soon as possible to be transferred to airplanes, trained by pilots, supported by infrastructure, so that our military can effectively use these airplanes on the battlefield. The situation on the front is Adidian, and let's talk about the situation on the front line, where we don't have dominance yet, and the enemy has an advantage in the living force, and where everything is held by our soldiers. The conductor remains the most intense part of the front. In total around the Abernika, there was 31 hit yesterday. Today, we're talking about 44 attacks. I think this dynamic is going to keep very high. Let me remind you of the statistics of the enemy's loss, because the British intelligence says the enemy has lost 25,000 people on this area. And the statistics for the loss of hostile technology. In particular, analysts have calculated that since October 9, 2023, in February 2, 2024, the opponent lost on this area of 608 units of military technology, which is dance, BMP, and other systems, including artillery. Ukraine lost 46, talking about tanks, BMW and artillery. So 46 versus 608, the ratio of 1 to 13 to Ukraine. But the enemy doesn't care about losing. The Ukrainians are now at war with everything they have against the opponent who has a number of advantage in technology and in the battle of people. There were reports that the enemy was in the north quarks of the Astadika himself. In the morning, the chief of Astrawian City administration of Valeri Barbaash asked this information. But what we do understand is that the opponent from the north of Austria on the side of the road, which provides the logistics of all the Adidian groups, is a very dangerous trend. Our military is currently reflecting on the desire of an opponent to move, but we understand that in all this half-arc from north to south, the enemy is trying to push on our defense. And now each area is very complex. Démaro Lazutken, the Head of Public Relations of 47 Maguar Brigade, who is now in the Adidian direction, told us that the situation is heavy, the enemy attacks mostly on infantry groups. Sometimes enemy infantry attacks support armored technique, artillery, and drug artillery work on the flesh. The enemy has taken many waste from FPV drones, including during the night. But the battle line, where the 747 bridge holds, does not change. The janitor is trying to put on the weak parts of the Avogadro perimeter to beat the logistics. Evacuation and supply are carried out, but it's hard to call them safe, because hostile migrants and artillery are shot, and also MacB is falling. The cox is kept under the control of the ZU military, but the factory is constantly overthrown by the Q@-@ B, and is also heavily working by artillery. Ukrainian defenders destroy infantry and opponent's technique. The military official noted that the enemy carried small infantry groups, not dare to run the technique, because in the area from railroads to the stepfathers, almost a graveyard of destroyed hostile technique. Literally, there won't be a lot of passing through there, too, and there are scattered Russian infantry that the Russians don't pick up, cropping or corpses, or past them. The head of public connection service of 47 Maguar teams added that FPV drones are now talking about a conditional balance with an opponent compared to the possibilities of both sides. And on the strikes and skill of pilots, he thinks Ukrainian boys and girls have a certain advantage. But despite the importance and urgency of FV drones, they will not replace the full artillery, so we need to do the most of the projectiles, and more FV drones. The number of occupants is enormous, our infantry are diverted when one wave of enemy is destroyed, starts a friend, followed by the second third one, which is where they are stimulated to go under the fear of death, often using psychopotropic substances. These are common facts, because they found syringe in enemy trenches, so much. But less with that, they go and go, and go. We need a lot of weapons and ammunition. Lazykin noticed that we shouldn't panic, because little ones, a few hundred meters of enemy advancement, don't say that the Aquarius are already surrendered and occupying it. Military leadership controls the situation that's being managed. If necessary, there will be reserves that are motivated and powerful. We need to look at dynamics, development. The fighter expressed hope that we will see yet bright and powerful solutions, and the Aquarius no one will surrender - The ZW will reflect the opponent's desire to move on to Austria's direction. Sergei Zig Column
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