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The map of fighting operations during the 21st-28 February: The consequences of the Aquila occupation and war for control in the sky
The Astraiwski's front is dynamically changed after the occupation of Austria's front line west of the city is unstable, while fighting moves are stretched out by a 10 km. On the one hand, the occupants are trying to use their quantitative advantage and go as far as they can. To do that, they're entering this area of new forces. And on the other side, ZW is also dangerous to be close to Astadia, which is located on dominant high, where the villages are being shot well: Stefa, Lafchone and Siverton. In a week's week, the Force of Defense and the detergent fights were on the west, on a more profitable position that they would not be targeting. Now, this buffer zone is 3 - 5.5 km, and the temporary stabilization line of the front is built along the line of the Berdiachi, Ornish, and Tomoka. But it won't be that long. There's already a storm going on in the outskirts of the Berlin City and the Eagles. Despite the significant losses in aviation, the rff continues to overthrow the Cow of Ukraine's position. If we had about 50 Zs per day on our heads, now it's about twice. Even the use of PO does not hold Russians. Enemies recognize that they have an opportunity window that can never be found. The Bachymouth Front: The fighting for Chazii Yar and the shooting of Constantine was another consequence of the loss of the Aquila occupation in the neighboring areas of the front, including Bahmurat. The situation to proceed to the Time cloud has become dramatically more complicated. The invaders caught the eastern neighborhood of the Ivanov village and were trying to move deep. The village opens a straight road to the Chaja Yir. But now Ivanov has become a stumbling block for all of his mechanized enemy storming. The analogous situation was formed North, in Bohemian, where over a month, there's been a fight on the northern neighborhood of the village as well. The Bosnian occupation will allow you to go to the northern outskirts of the Chauca. In addition, the Russians anoint the Clinics from the north and south to complicate the logistics of the ammunition, and it's clear that the largest after the Danitka amidze of the city is Sloan, Romatsk, and Constantine, is a priority for the Russians, so they are now beginning to cook the soil for their future. To do that, they need to destroy the current center of the Danecznan. This is what explains the firearm of Constantine, where the enemy destroyed the railway station, 14 homes, 3 train stations, and a few administrative buildings, and a map of the Volovar Front near the Novemelics of this week, the Defense Force had completely shrunk the enemy's offensive to the Newmic station, despite the fact that the village attacked three sides. In addition, the ZW also stopped trying to get away from the Urca River south through the village of Pirada and get into our soldiers. A few days later, the Russians fully occupied the Pirada, but the Soviets did a counter attack, and partially kicked them out of the village. It's a little bit south, especially at the DMV, and it's also south of Woltines, in Trujek village, two days in a row in a row called HIMAU, and it was a hundred Russians who were idiots who had taken a look at it. A few days later, the same situation happened on Herson. In Zaporozhye News, in Zaporozhye a week later, Silo and the entire Rotisans are attacking every day and from the west flank, and from the south and south east. To do that, they got a powerful fist. So the other day, four columns of armor tried to break into the village from the right flank, but most of the technique destroyed the Force of Defense: 18 out of 30 cars in one storm. Although the foreshortening has already reported the second occupation of the Robotics, but the Force Defense is firmly held at the center of the village, although it has retreated from several positions in its neighborhood. The Air fight over Ukraine changes Ukraine's emphasis to obtain F-16. And at the same time, he's trying to scare out Su-34, which is the SuBs media, the bombardment of our positions. In ten days, Ukraine's PO was hit by seven Su-34 bombers and two of the newest Su-35 fighters who are one of the biggest threats for F-16, and one more seriously threat is to combine a plane of far-away radio tracking and managing A-50 from PO-300. This is probably why the ZIP and the allies started hunting this plane. If the first damage of A-50 in January was a unique historical phenomenon, the second was by the Hebrew side in the Krasron Mountains, in the knowledge of the May 23 February, led the Russians into shock. Because the event was 220 kilometers away from the front line, and the ZW shot was done with even more distance. Now Ukraine is enough to target another plane to slaughter a hole in the national intelligence of a Russian who covers the least of Ukraine east of the Dnieper. Now the intensity of A-50 has dropped dramatically, a few days away. The air began a new stage of war, directed to the publisher of Russian aviation from the land of Ukraine, including occupied territories, a map of war with Russia: The gas station has been streaming through a short period of time in Russia, burning military factories and objects of the oil industry. There was a part of the Novelic metal combination burst into Lipsk. In Ijevsk, which is the center of the military industry, the great fire occurred in a building where the BPA produced. In a defense plant in the Bierica City in Altaya, powerful explosions caused a fire on a defense plant specializing in chemical technologies. Equally important were explosions on one of the largest Russian oil plants in Volgograd, and fire on the oil base in the Paris region. The footprint of the Ukrainian oil industry in Russia -- a country terrorist in half a year banned gas exports to be able to direct it into military needs, and export oil and oil is the largest source of currency that Putin buys arms around the world. Maps are based on information received from the Estates-General City of Ukraine, and from other open and tested sources. And at the same time, the cards are not as accurate as they are, and they're simply showing patterns in battle zones - The map of fighting operations during the 21st-28 February: The consequences of the Aquila occupation and war for control in the sky
The concert of Anna Aia was cancelled in Russia
According to this Russian propaganda by N.Ru. In the Russian lower city, a concert of the Chercas Annie Dzubby, more famous as Anne Asia. In the Exhibitive Cultural Framework, they reported that the transfer of Ukrainians is not relevant. The Atia Show was scheduled for April 1. The concert organizers have not been commented yet. The Mash TV channel emphasized that, except for the lower New Orleans, the speakers won't be able to find themselves in several cities - Volgograd, Sarara, Krasnobs and Toilati. The election was 13, 19, 26, and 30 March, but there are no sales tickets yet. At the end of December 2023, Anne Ava was cancelled at the New Year's Eve at the Barviha Langrey Village Concert Hall. According to Mash, the concert was missing because of the "naked party." It was reported earlier that, because of the participation of the "Anna Ava" party for saving Russian citizenship, they decided to give up the Ukrainian public coverage of public media and to express public support for war - The concert of Anna Aia was cancelled in Russia
?? Court of Chechnya, right up to the colon ♪
The entire District Court of Grozny has been suing six millennia of the 20-year-old Volgograd resident, an ugly Ukrat, Mikit Zhuravel, a man who is sleeping the Koran on camera - ?? Court of Chechnya, right up to the colon ♪
Medical Battalion «Hospitaliers»
«Hospitaliers» is a volunteer organization of paramedics. It was founded by Yana Zinkevich at the beginning of hostilities in Ukraine in 2014. Then Russia annexed Crimea and started hostilities in the east of the country. The motto of our organization is "For the sake of every life." And Hospitaliers prove every day that these are not just words for us. - Medical Battalion «Hospitaliers»
Sign on the right-wing: In Chechnya, they can plant a tetrarch in Ukraine who beat the bastard's son
Professor Mirbat is charged with the feelings of those who believe and the blasphemism of religious hatred. By the version of the investigation, the guy kind of paid for the bounty of Ukrainian secret services burned the Koran in the background of the Sports Mosque in Volgograd - Sign on the right-wing: In Chechnya, they can plant a tetrarch in Ukraine who beat the bastard's son
Exposed by Caesar Kunikov, beaten by enemy Sow, fire in Moscow and Izhska and explosion on Altaya: Where the Russians blew up and burned this week
This is more about cotton in Russia and temporarily occupied territories, in a weekly tour of Espresso. "Caesar Kunikov," in the morning of Wednesday, 14 February, in the Black Sea, "Ukrainian defenders beat up the Russian high-security ship" Caesar Kunikov. "The enemy ship attacked the offensive sea drones of Magura V5 by the coast of the temporarily smoky Creepy nearby of Alaska. The vessel received the critical breakthroughs on the left board and began to sink. A GSL Gray Qray Boudwanov expected the ship to be loaded. "The ship was set up by a cargo ship from the city of Noopsisk, the ship was loaded and the transition was destroyed by useless machines, five, if you are interested," said, "The ship was waiting for the GDR. It was noted at the time of the destruction of the land. Once the Cuban Sea is destroyed, there are only five units in the Black Sea ships. In the morning of Saturday, February 17, the Air Force of Ukraine destroyed three enemy planes -- two fighter bombers by Sioux-34, and the Sud-35 fighter. Radio intercepting, one pilot found, and the others kept searching instead. "There's such an international satellite search-rescue system called Comspas-Sarslat. At the crash, it tells us where the pilot's personal radio is. Four cosas-Sarsan worked on the photo. Look for brothers in the area! Don't thank me! "-- mentioned Commander Air Force in Ukraine, general Lieutenant Miro Olisauk. And it also reported that one of the beaten Russian Sur-34 pilots led to a populated site of the Antrazantine community at the site occupied by Luants. The number of victims now is unknown. The Lugan Op Artta Losgor expected the citizens of Dessan village to see "as this Russian prosecutor killing civilians." The next day, on Sunday, February 18, the Air Force was reported to be another beaten by a Russian Sur-34 fighter: • "The Urgent of Fire in Moscow, Ijevsk, Volgograd, and Kuvira region on Thursday, February 15, in the RFF region burned the oil base." As a result of the attack in the Ukrainian Navy in the Cuban area began fire on the oil base. According to previous information, there is no casualties, "said the governor of Roman Starvart. Also on Thursday, the 15th February, Moscow burned in a fire at the Hotel House and Lookin Rooms on the Punic Square, and burned fire by the Ishtar of Hall. 30 local practices failed - the fire continued to spread. Due to the fire, there was a blocked movement on two key roads of the RF capital. The metal dome hit the inside of the building. A few buildings were burning in the backyard. On the night of Saturday, 17 February, in Russian city Ijevsk, there was a major fire on an industrial object where the Russians could produce drones, and the official data of Russian rescue, the factory that hit fire, specializes in peace means and means for disinfection. At the same time, there was a chemical operation called Izhsynth-KhImpium, and TCDC, which is the New House, which, according to the media, was given under the production of drones in 2023, the area of fire at night was 3500 sq. m. The Russians say that it was identified and disrupted, over 70 people and 33 tech units were involved in the treatment. According to the Russians, there are no casualties. The 18th February shows that the guerrillas ran a diversion on a railway station at the RF station, and it resulted in some time was able to suspend the Russian invaders, and the agent of movement was made by a distillation at the Maxma Gorydie station in Volgograd, giving the distillation to the Ateash version of its agent. Photo: The TTCA explosion in Bilgordi, in Altaya and temporarily occupied Marisaire in the morning, the 13th February in a temporarily occupied Marius of the Doinka region was heard of an explosion. Probably flew down the positions of the occupants. The detonation is still heard in Manhattan. The Mangushski part of the Mariavski district, to position the occupants, the fastest ones are about to roll the veil. A chicken in Maraul, "wrote in a telegram advisor to Mayor Mariavov Anrishenko. And almost an hour after "cotton" he added that "the process of placing warsets continues." On Thursday, the 15th February, the defense enterprise district in the Altarlands, the explosion exploded. But the government said "technological process." It means that the locals first heard a loud explosion, then a powerful shock wave, from which they say they ran the windows. Later, the mayor of the city Viktor Szczevev responded to the situation and announced that it was associated with the technology process. Also on Thursday, the 15th February, the Russian authorities accused Ukraine to strike trade center at Beltown. Instead, the RFF Minoremnants are talking about the damage of 14 "jet shells," according to Governor Viassełozhsky, five people died in Bilgordi, including a child. In addition to this 18, we received wounds five of which are children. "In the city of Beltown, different destruction was found in seven private offices: The beaten windows, damaged butles and fences. In five apartment houses, in several apartments, beaten windows, about five cars broken insults. There was also a corrupt store and territory of one of the industrial enterprises, "wrote Glecks. And the Russian PO buzemite destroyed 14 jet shells over the Beltown region. Attack of the Presidium of the Bieltown, Kalzizik, Belenek, Eninek, and Kurdish region, and also on the Black Sea trading in Wednesday, February 14, in the morning, Russia claimed to attack the Bells at 2 regimes and the Black Sea Act. According to RF, Ukraine was supposedly trying to attack 9 unmanned by the Bielese, and also by the Black Sea Act. In turn, the Russian PO Buzemoto destroyed all the drones: 2 BL's in the Bilttown, 1 in the Ennesian Islands, and 6 over the Black Sea Organization. And in the morning of Friday, February 16, the Russian Defense Department accused Ukraine of another five drones of the attack. There was a Russian PO again last night. On Saturday night, February 17, they reported about losing 33 drones over five regions in Russia. The attacks traditionally accuse Ukraine. According to the president of the Beltown area of the RFF Viistenzław Gladwwwwakov, the Spondowsk county near the morning came up with a PPO system -- kind of a loss of 2 BL in the village of Paul Dubru. Besides, they hit the drones and hit the Kallus area. According to Governor Vladimir Shappish, at night in the territory of the Ludinsky district, the software of PO was lost as if 4 BL was lost, and then another one was there. He also charged the "Ukrainian terrorists" at the BL attack and announced 5 damage to five drones of the Five drones of the flying machine the flying machine was destroyed over the Battle of the Savage, Clinch and the Belgian areas, and later the attack was declared by the enemy of Alexander Guusev. According to him, Russian PO was destroyed by three drones. The RF mind has confirmed that the WPA debris area has damaged the roof of a private house in the Turkmenian passing to the Eninice, but the victim seems to be missing. gettyimages of experts in the opinion of Vitali Portc, whose fate of the Black Navy RF is once again reminded that if you have a modern weapon, Ukraine can seriously influence its political and military leadership. "This is another great loss of the Black Sea RF navy," which reminds the serious decline of its capacity in the Black Sea pool and the theft plans of President of Russia Voivodship Putin to transform FF RF into an important element of stabilization in the Black Sea and the Congent to promote further attacks of the Russian Federation to the south of our country. In a large account, the destruction of the features of the Black Navy of the RF put on the question of the occupational occupation and the anquination of Crime, which is still considered in Russia one of the greatest successful special operations during the President of Vladimir Puttin, "says he. In the Civil States, the U.S. government has estimated that the destruction of the Force of Defense according to the Russian Black Sea Navy has greatly limited the opportunity for occupants at the Black Sea Conservatory. By menting the treatment of Ukrainian defenders Russian D.K. Caesar Kunikov by applying marine drones, the timeless noted that "these droughts of drones in the Black Sea are a serious thing." In addition, he added that it was made out of creativity, supporting the allies and partners of Ukraine, of course, but really thanks to the selected Ukraine's creative and technological advanced approach of the asymmetric way to change the security balance in the Black Sea. The British intelligence believes that the destruction of the Russian great Airborne, Caesar Kunikov, will limit the RF resources in the Black Sea and affect the shipping logic. "The loss of the vessel is almost certainly more likely to reduce limited Russian resources available in the Black Sea, and make the QF RF chain vulnerable to new attacks," says in intelligence and add: Ukraine's exile is most likely held by Russia from free action in the western part of the Black Sea and allows Ukraine to intercept the initiative in Russia in the sea. " It's also important to note that Russia lost 1 million tons of oil exports from Ukraine after the largest NFs hit, which is about 10% of the total volume - Exposed by Caesar Kunikov, beaten by enemy Sow, fire in Moscow and Izhska and explosion on Altaya: Where the Russians blew up and burned this week
There are more problems in the occupation: Russian guerillas conducted a diversion on the railroad, photo
An example of an AUTS action agent ran a diversion in the Volgograd area: He set fire on the top of the Maxim Horsky station in Volgograd. It stopped pushing off the military technology for a while - There are more problems in the occupation: Russian guerillas conducted a diversion on the railroad, photo
Military warehouses travel to Crime and Rostova: Ateash's guerrillas ran a diversion on a train station in Volgograd
Paul Partisan move by Atez has set fire on the Maxma Goryonov station in Volgograd, where military warehouses go to Rosova and Creusa. The partisans called it a payback for Ashitaka
ASTES reported a diversion on the RF railway station
Now, one of the agents of the movement has set fire on a locker station in Volgograd. This has been a while to stop flipping the military technique - ASTES reported a diversion on the RF railway station

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